tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSchool Grounds Ch. 02

School Grounds Ch. 02


The next few hours go by normally, considering the fact that she is not wearing any underwear, there is a butt plug inside of her, and that she has to teach fifth graders all day. Throughout the morning she has a hard time concentrating, but is able to get through it and eventually begins to become more comfortable as her lunch break nears. While her students are working quietly on a worksheet at their desks, Erica sits down at her desk to log some grades into her computer. As she sits the plug presses deeper into her rectum, making her pussy become moist. With this feeling stirred she decides to check her e-mail before entering grades to try and focus herself. When she logs into her personal e-mail account she immediately sees that her master has sent her a message. She nervously opens it, not knowing what to expect. The message reads:

"Just checking in to see how my slave's day is going. Did anyone catch you this morning, or was it business as usual?"

Erica immediately responds, and tells him that other than a little scare when getting the keys, everything else went by pretty smoothly and that also she has had a hard time concentrating. Sending off the message she minimizes the screen to begin logging grades, but before she can get too involved in the grades a notification pops up on her screen letting her know that she has a new message in her inbox. Shocked at how quickly her master has responded, she opens the window and reads the message.

"It is a little disappointing to find out that nothing interesting has happened, but I think we can change that. If I am not wrong, I believe your lunch break is in a few minutes, and I have a task for you to complete during it. Once your students have all left for lunch you are to go to the restrooms at the far end of the school. Once there, you are to enter the last stall and remove your dress; leaving it on the floor at your feet. When you are naked unlatch the stall door and turn to face the toilet. You are then to bend over at the waist and remove your plug. With it out you are to stand up straight, push open the stall door, and move within its threshold. Then insert the plug into your mouth and take a picture of yourself with your digital camera that is in your top desk drawer; making sure to get at least one of the mirrors behind in the frame. Once you have taken the picture, re-insert the plug into your ass and put on your dress. The door is to remain open until you have re-dressed. Finally, return to your classroom and send me the picture as proof. Also, I have attached some pictures for you to look at while you wait for your break."

In complete shock Erica opens up the first attached picture to try and help process what she has just been ordered to do. The picture pops open onto the screen and it is the one he took of her standing naked in front of the white board to start the day. She is amazed at how submissive she looks standing nude in a spot where normally she lectures students on the different topics of the school day. It is that moment that she realizes just how deep into this new life she is, how she no longer cares what happens, as long as she is serving her master, she is happy. Erica clicks through the remaining pictures her master has captured of her throughout her adventurous morning. All of which are of her in different positions, naked and looking like a complete slut; she loves everything about them. With the pictures having the desired effect on her that her master was hoping for, the lunch bell rings and Erica leads her students out of the classroom to lunch.

On her way back she can feel the dampness of her sex begin to coat her inner thighs. She stops at her classroom to retrieve her camera and with it in hand she makes her way towards the restrooms on the other side of the school. He has chosen these restrooms intentionally because they are the only ones on the property that require having to go outside to access them. They are normally used by the students when they are at recess so they don't have to come inside; meaning she will have only about fifth-teen minutes to complete his task before the students are released from the lunch room for their lunch recess.

It takes only a minute or two for Erica to reach her destination, and she takes no time to ponder her situation prior to entering the "girl's" room. She needs every second of time she can get to safely perform what her master is asking of her. Immediately, Erica goes towards the stall her master has instructed her to go to, setting the camera down on top of the toilet's tank, and removing her dress once she was within the confines of the stall. She feels no need to shut the door only to open it again to continue with her task. Without hesitation, she positions herself in the threshold of the stall doorway and bends over while reaching back behind her to pull out the plug buried inside of plump rear. It takes a bit of effort, but within seconds the hot pink intruder is dislodged from its resting place. Following her master's orders to a tee, Erica takes the plug and instantly inserts it into her mouth. Knowing it had just been inside her ass only turns her on further; making her feel like the true filthy slut she is, spurring her on to continue. With the plug secured inside her salivating mouth, she reaches out for the camera and angles her body to try and get the mirrors over sinks in the shot.

After the first attempt, she realizes that in her current position such a task would be unachievable; she will have to step out into the open area of the room in order to successfully capture both her and a mirror in one shot. Determined and brave, she steps out further into the open area of the restroom and takes a picture of her making sure, this time, to get a mirror in the background. She returns to the stall, but before getting dressed she looks at the picture. Her exposure in the shot seems only to ignite a flame inside her body because upon seeing herself looking like a true submissive, slut she wants to press her luck further with another, more risky picture. This time she decides to get real brave and take a picture of herself, with the plug still in her mouth, next to the door leading out of the restroom. Since she knows that there is still some time until lunch recess, and that most of the other teachers are usually in the faculty lounge or their classrooms, she is confident that her risk is not as bad as it may seem. She hurries to set herself up and at first decides the best way to get the shot will be to shoot her reflection in the mirror, but then decides against such an approach; figuring it would be easier, sexier, and more dangerous if she shot it from in front of her while she holds the door open, capturing a mirror behind her head as well as a reflection back of her looking as if she was exiting the room. After taking a moment to reassure herself of her decision, Erica successfully takes the picture, and scrambles back to the stall and her discarded dress. Filled with a buzz of nervous excitement, and pleased with her new picture, she takes the plug out of her mouth and reinserts it into her ass before getting dressed in order to make it back to her room with enough time to upload and send the picture to her master.

As she walks back towards her class room, she fells a sense of accomplishment; her body fells electric, and she can't believe what she has just done. Her pussy is practically flooding down the inside of her thighs, coating them with arousal. Never has she felt so proud of herself before, due largely because of the fact that the task she had just completed was her first ever done on her own, and away from the safety of her home. Erica smiles the whole way back to her classroom, knowing she has served her master well.

Once inside her classroom the bell, indicating that lunch recess has begun, rings letting her know that she has approximately fifth-teen minutes left to get the picture to him. She calmly sits down behind her computer and begins to upload the picture. Upon completion of the upload, Erica notices that at the angle of which the picture was taken, the message her master wrote on her back is visible. With a quick edit job to reverse the picture, she is able to clearly read what he has written on her. She is shocked at what she reads:

"My name is Erica Reeves. I am a teacher. I am a dumb slut. I love to be humiliated. See me at teacherslut.net."

Reading the message gives her mixed emotions; she is both sexually excited and scared as to its meaning, at the same time. She knows full well that the first four lines are in fact true; for she has stated those exact phrases many times of her own free will. It is the last line that has Erica confused; the line stating she can be seen at teacherslut.net. As far as Erica knows no such site exists, nor does she have any knowledge that see can be seen on such a site. Her master has always warned that he might post pictures of her on the web; was it a site he started to showcase his inventory of pictures he had of her? If so why would he write such a message on her back if she was to wear a dress covering it up? Was he planning on exposing her in public later? These are all the questions that where running through Erica's mind as she continued to gaze upon the picture she took for him. Also running through her head, were worries about anyone seeing similar pictures on the site listed on her back; if it existed. The one thing Erica is sure of however is that she has to finish her task and send the picture to him, or else risk harsh punishment. Pushing her thoughts and worries aside, she continues with the rest of his instructions and sends the picture to his e-mail.

For the rest of the lunch break, Erica just sits and ponders the message scrawled across her back in black ink. She is lost in a state of all most shock. However, before the break is over, she is able to come to terms with the message and whatever it may eventually entail. By understanding that whatever her master has in store for her, it is to be for the best and that she will in turn become stronger for it.

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