tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSchool Grounds Ch. 03

School Grounds Ch. 03


The rest of the day went by in a flash and soon she was finding herself getting organized to leave once the children were to leave for the day. Not long after the ringing of the final bell than her e-mail began chirp notifying her of a new message from him. It briefly stated that he enjoyed the picture she sent him, and that he was to be there to pick her up in a half hour. She passes the time by getting her room set up and organized for the following week of school, knowing that her master would have some ideas arranged for her this weekend. In no time at all he arrives and knocks at her door. As she opened it to allow him in, he immediately gives her orders to follow.

"Strip and on your knees slut."

She promptly follows his command and soon finds herself naked on her knees in front of him, just on the other side of her classroom door. Once she is in position he begins to unfasten his pants and fish out his growing erection. She instantly knows what is expected of her and eagerly awaits his next command.

"Get to sucking."

Erica quickly grabs a hold of his stiffening member and soon dips her mouth down to engulf its throbbing head. His penis is long and thick, which even though she has had enough practice at it, Erica still struggles to get her mouth completely wrapped around its girth.

She uses long, forceful strokes of her hand to get him at full attention, and quickly begins to slide it further into her stretched out mouth once it is. With every stroke of her lips, she pushes his cock deeper into her throat. She knows he doesn't want her to take her time; that she is to be a true whore and suck him off hard, fast, and sloppy. In a matter of seconds, she is deep throating his massive tool; making all types of muffled gagging sounds and spewing up a bunch of saliva. It is just the way he likes it; messy and rough. Sticky spit begins to coat his shaft as well as run down and coat her chin and breasts. However, he doesn't hold out for as long as he normally does, rather he quickly reaches his point of climatic pleasure and dislodges his piece from her gaping mouth with a pop. He then begins to spew shot after shot of thick, gooey cum across her face and hair. Though he normally shoots rather large loads, this one is exceptionally large. Her entire face is covered; she has ropes of sperm across her nose and forehead, dangling from her chin, lying across her left eyebrow and cheek, and piled on the top of her head in her hair. She looks like a version of a glazed donut. Once he finally stops spurting, he spouts off more orders.

"Get up and get dressed, we have to get going; and don't even think about wiping my come off of your slut face."

Without hesitation Erica is on her feet and getting her dress put back on. She has to fight the urge to wipe away the cum that is dangling on her eyebrow. While she is getting dressed, he makes his way over to her desk and picks up the camera as well as the hand cuffs and ball gag that were in the drawer, and puts them away inside his black bag he has brought with him. When he returns to where she is he informs her that they are going to dinner and that she is to follow him out to his car. His instructions immediately make Erica concerned about the cum that is covering her face. There are only two ways to get to the front parking lot; through the front office where others would more than likely be gathered, or by going around the side of the school with the mural on it.

His first steps out the door make it apparent to her that they will be exiting through the front office. This makes her extremely nervous, there will be no way she will not have to pass by someone going that way; and from how much goo she is coated with, it will be hard for anyone who might see her not to know what it is on her face. Fortunately, for her, he positions her on his left side by wrapping his arm around her waist, making it so she will not have to be on the side closest to the receptionist's desk; she will be able to walk alongside the wall meaning the only clear view of her face would have to be from directly in front. His pace is rather rapid, as though he is moving quickly as to not be interrupted by anyone. If that is indeed his intent, it is working, for they are able to make it out of the school and into the parking lot without anyone stopping them, or even seeing them for that fact. As they make their way towards their cars, he lets go of her waist and then hands her the keys to his car, stating that she is to drive them to dinner.

Erica is thrilled to be able to drive her master; she has never had the opportunity to do so. She has already forgotten about the spunk that is beginning to dry on her face, and is completely caught up in the thought of her new responsibility. As they drive, he gives Erica directions where to go. It only takes five minutes to get there, and at first Erica is confused as to why he led them to a fast food restaurant. It isn't until he tells her to go through the drive-thru that she realizes what his plan is. She immediately becomes aware of his cum on her face, and how she must look. He wants her to go through the drive-thru so she will have to be seen with cum plastered all over her face; this too is the reason he had her drive. She will be clearly visible by the fast food clerk at the pay window, as well as the pickup window. Since she knows she can't get out of it, she sucks up her worries and pulls up to the order box. As they stop, and before they are asked their order, he explains to Erica what she is to do; she is to order a number one small with a coke; she is to at no point attempt to wipe any of the spunk off of her face; and if asked what it is she is to tell them that it is indeed cum on her face. Erica understands his instructions and does as she is told.

After ordering and pulling forward, the clerk at the pay window, a middle aged woman, is somewhat flustered by what she sees, but in no way tries to act like anything is wrong. From the look on her face however, it is clear that she knows what is going on. At the next window, they are helped by a younger looking male, and have to sit and wait a bit longer for the fries to finish cooking. The whole time, the young clerk just stares at Erica, and is transfixed on what is coating her face. Before he hands over the fries he asks what it is, and Erica responds as she was instructed to do, simply telling the server that it is cum. The clerk's jaw drops open as Erica pulls away.

He complements her on her ability to perform to his liking, and then instructs her to drive to a coffee shop nearby while he eats. This order confuses Erica, for she can't understand why he wants to go to a coffee shop; he already has a drink and food. However, she soon understands why once he finishes his food just as they pull into the parking lot and then dumps the small drink down the front of her white dress, staining it brown and making it near transparent. Because it is ice cold she lets out a loud shriek and instantly begins to shiver from the cold while her nipples stood out, rock hard against the fabric of the wet dress. He explains that they are going to go inside so he can get a replacement drink and so she can clean herself up a bit inside the coffee shop's restroom. He also details exactly what he means by "cleaning up" by instructing her to go into the co-ed restroom, after asking the clerk for the key. Once inside side she is to lock the door and remove her dress to begin washing it out in the sink; getting as much coke out of it as possible. She then must ring it out before inserting it into her vagina, leaving only the spaghetti straps that normally hang over her shoulders exposed outside of her slit. With that completed she will then return the key back to the clerk and meet him back at his car. She will have to exit the restroom, and the coffee shop completely nude, and it is after he explains her task to her that she remembers the message written on back; it too, just like her entire nude form will be completely visible once she goes to leave.

Lightly put, Erica is stunned, and can't believe what he is asking her to do. Never has he ordered her to perform so openly in the eye of the public; today is for sure the start of a new level to her submission to him. Though she is scared by the thought of doing what he has instructed her to do, she has no intention of disappointing him; she will do whatever, whenever, and wherever. Fortunately he did however allow her to wipe his spunk from her face with the now ruined dress.

After clearing her face of the dried gunk, Erica, like a good submissive, follows her master into the café and confidently asks the barista, a young, good looking female, behind the counter for the restroom key. Since it is apparent that there is a spilled drink on her dress the clerk immediately hands over the key and asks if there is anything else she can get for her. Erica simply shakes her head and tells her that the key will be plenty. The barista is flabbergasted, from both the sight of woman with a soda drenched dress, as well as from the fact that the dress had become completely transparent and she could easily make out Erica's erect nipples.

Once inside the restroom, Erica locks the door and peels off the sticky dress. Using the sink as she has been instructed she begins to rinse out the dress; trying to get as much off the coke out as possible, especially since it would soon be lodged inside of her sloppy, wet pussy. It amazes her that through this entire day, with everything that has gone on, she is still very much aroused. After rinsing out the dress multiple times and scrubbing it together to better remove the stain of the cola, Erica does her best to ring out as much liquid from the dress as she can. She rings it out at least a half a dozen times before becoming satisfied that she is unable to get any more water out of it. With the first half of her task completed, she begins, in a state of complete fierce arousal, to insert her now damp dress inside of her extremely wet twat. With her leg propped up on the toilet see slowly but surely begins to slide it inside. It takes a bit of effort to get the dress completely stuffed inside of her, and once it is she feels completely filled up, considering she still has the plug wedged in her ass as well; she feels completely slutty. She then turns look at herself in the mirror and can easily notice the two straps hanging outside of her vagina, she know that others will notice too once they get over the initial shock of a nude woman walking through a coffee shop with a lewd and inviting message written on her back in permanent black ink marker.

Adjusting herself, Erica takes a deep breath, reaches for the door, and pulls it open taking her first openly public, nude step. Through the restroom threshold, she turns the corner, and walks done the side hallway bringing her to the middle of the coffee shop's dining area; even though she wants to turn around and hide, Erica stays strong and continues up to the counter to return the key to the barista. The look on the clerk's face is the same as the one on the face of the drive thru attendant, complete shock, as if in disbelief that the woman who had just been in with a cola soaked dress is now leaving completely nude with it stuffed up her twat and displaying a message on her back. The café is not too busy but still has a handful of customers sitting at the tables; all with looks of disbelief on their faces. One of the patrons whistle and a few others let out statements of disbelief before she exits the coffee shop to return to the relative safety of her master's car. She can't believe that she has actually just walked through a semi-crowded coffee shop, in the middle of the day, without a stitch of clothing covering her body. The thought that so many strangers had just seen her naked, only lit her arousal more; also the thought of people reading the message written across her back helped to build up her excitement. She still has no idea whether the site exists, if it is ever going to exist, or if it is just merely a clever ploy by her master to fuel her passion further. Whatever the intent of the message, Erica is sure it is having the desired effect on her.

As soon as Erica is inside of her master's car and they are pulling out of the parking lot, he once again complements her on the compliance of his commands as well as informs her of what their next fun activity would entail. He lets her know that they will be heading back to her school, but only to pick up her car. As they drive he explains that their time together is up for the day and that he will be unable to visit her this weekend. However, he does let her know that she is not free from his commands; he will be expecting her to complete some assignments for him over the weekend, and that upon dropping her off at her car she will still have to remain naked. He specifies that she is not to remove either the dress or the plug from inside of her, she is not to retrieve her original clothes for the day from the trunk, she is to drive home naked, and that once inside her car see will find and read his instructions that are taped to her steering wheel before starting the car. Of all the tasks she has had to complete today, this final one seems par for the course. Even though she will be, once again naked not only out in public, but in front of her school, Erica is not nervous or scared; she is more put off by the knowledge that she will have to go the weekend without seeing her master again. With that thought running through her head, she knows that she will have to be extra compliant to any commands she may receive from him this weekend and being confident now will be a good show of obedience on her part.

Just as he has explained to her, they pull into the parking lot of her school and continue in, stopping just behind her parked car. The way in which they have stopped the passenger side of his car is furthest away from her car which means Erica will have to walk around his car in order to reach her car. Even with the extra exposure, Erica still remains calm and keeps a confident posture as she reaches for the handle to open the door. Without hesitation, she pushes the door open, swings her feet to the right, setting them on the asphalt of the lot, and lifts herself up without taking time to look around before exiting the car. Her first step is the most nerve racking for her, but she does not let it show; she stands straight and with a look of determination struts around the rear of her master's car towards her own. As she clears the back bumper, he pulls away, leaving her completely exposed without any cover. Flustered a little, she stops momentarily to watch him drive away, but not wanting to stay out in the open too long; she shakes herself out of her frozen pose and continues on to the relative safety of her car.

Inside the car, all of her composure is gone; she begins to shake and take short heaving breaths. She cannot believe everything she has gone through today, leading up to a point were now she is sitting inside of her car, which is parked in front of her school, naked. The effects of her dangerous tasks hit her all at once and she is paralyzed as she sits staring at the next set of her master's instructions taped to the steering wheel in front of her. The instructions are contained on a single sheet of paper that is folded over once and labeled "For Erica, the Teacher Slut", in dark black ink. She wonders how long they have been attached to her steering wheel, for anyone passing by her car could have easily looked in her window and have seen the obscenely labeled note. Erica hopes that her master placed them there when he came back and picked her up, but for all she knows he could have taped them there when he left in the morning.

Again, she shakes herself out of her trance, as she reaches out for the instructions, peeling them off of the wheel. Flipping the note open she reads her master's words silently to herself:

"Well my slut our day together has come to an end and as I have already informed you, we will not be able to play together this weekend, for I have other business to attend to. However, this does not mean I won't expect you to perform for me this weekend. In fact you will begin a new task once you finish reading this note. As you know, you are to drive home naked and while doing so you are not to touch yourself. Once arriving at your apartment, you are to retrieve your clothes from inside the trunk, but do not put them on; you will then proceed to walk to your apartment with them tucked under your arm. On your welcome mat you will find a camera which you will use to snap a photo of yourself standing naked outside of your apartment door and with the plug once again in your mouth; making sure to get your apartment number in the shot. With the picture taken, you will then go inside and send it to my e-mail as proof of your compliance before you will be able to remove either the plug from of your mouth or the dress from your snatch. I expect you to complete this task by 6:30p.m.; any later and a stern punishment will be given out."

Upon finishing the instructions, Erica quickly directs her eyes to the clock on her car stereo and sees that it is 6:05. With only twenty five minutes to complete her master's new task, she has no time to think about what she is expected to do, she must get going in order to finish on time. She knows that it will take her ten minutes to reach her apartment from school, which leaves enough buffer room, in case any of her neighbors may be outside, for her to pick the best moment to get the difficult part of her task done.

Not knowing what to expect at her apartment complex, and understanding that she can't sit in the parking lot of school for too long, Erica inserts her keys into the ignition and begins to back out. Soon she finds herself traveling home, completely nude with a sundress and butt plug stuffed inside of her. Though both were causing a bit of discomfort it is not enough to get her mind off the task at hand. She knows that soon she will be pulling in to her apartment complex, and during her drive she keeps mulling over ideas of how exactly to get her task completed with the least amount of embarrassment. What she is able to come up with is the simple, but brave idea to just get it over with; no matter how many of her neighbors may or may not be around.

Just as she expected, Erica pulls into her assigned parking spot in front of her building at exactly 6:15, and just as she planned to do immediately jumps out of her car and retrieves her clothes from the locked trunk. It isn't until she closes the lid of her car's trunk does she actually take a look around to see if anyone is outside. To her relief no one is in sight, and with that hurdle cleared she begins to head in the direction of her door. Erica lives at an apartment complex in which each resident has their own door that opens to the outside. What this means to Erica is that she will have to complete the final and most difficult step of her task while remaining completely exposed to the public. Anybody who happens to come outside will be greeted with an excellent view of her retrieving a plug from inside her anus. Even though she understands this risk, Erica powers through and makes her way to her door; finding the camera her master has left for her on the welcome mat. Not wanting to waste a moment of her fortunate luck of being alone, she quickly removes the plug and then inserts it directly into her mouth. She takes no time to dwell on the tangy taste of her own ass on the plug as she snaps off a picture making sure to capture here apartment number plate that is on the wall next to her door into the frame. Before finally going inside, Erica checks the picture to make sure everything came out well; not wanting to have to be penalized for something small. Happy with the picture, she unlocks her door and hurries inside to her computer.

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