tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSchool Grounds Ch. 04

School Grounds Ch. 04


After a few minutes lying on the bed she begins to drift off from feelings of exhaustion, but is soon brought back to reality by the familiar chirping sound of her e-mail. She already knows that it is her master, and shaking herself from her daze she gets up to see what his message contains.

Opening the e-mail she reads his message and immediately understands that this weekend is not going to be some walk in the park when she reads the subject line that says "Tasks to be completed". She notices the attachment that he has included but decides to instead read the message and then open the attachment. The message is as follows:

"I'm very happy to see that you made it back to your apartment safe and sound. It is just too bad that none of your neighbors were around to see you; maybe next time. The next thing I want to go over is the message on your back, which I am sure you already have read. The site doesn't exist yet, at least not publically, but with a simple click of the mouse and any disobedience on your part can easily make open for business. Just a little bit of incentive for you to keep in mind this weekend I guess. Speaking of this weekend, there are a few tasks that I wish for you to complete; six in fact. Once you complete one and provide me with proof, I will send you a message detailing the next. The first task I want you to complete must be done by the end of the night and will take some courage on your part. You will be going to the gym this evening to have some fun. I want you workout wearing only the items I have left for you in the gym bag in the hall closet; you are not to wear anything else and will wear the items to the gym, using the bag only to carry a towel. Fortunately, you can shower before you go to wash off the message written on your back; leaving it however will result in extra brownie points. Once you have put on everything in the bag you will go to the gym and begin your work out; doing whatever it is you normally would. When you finish I want you to call me from the locker room. Also, as may already know, there is an attachment with this e-mail of which I think you will enjoy, have a good workout."

She finishes reading the message and opens up the attachment. It is the picture she took in front of her apartment, and she look like a complete slut. She had not noticed at the time, but in the picture she could see some drool slipping from behind the plug inside her mouth. She I really thankful none of her neighbors had witnessed her acting like a true submissive. Closing the picture and still naked Erica goes to retrieve the bag her master has left for her. She had given a key to him a month earlier so it wasn't unusual for him to leave things for her to play with.

Within the bag, she found out what he meant for her to need courage for this task. The bag contained only five items; a pair of running shoes, a pair of ankle socks, a tight white sports bra, the smallest pair of work out shorts she had ever seen, and a large black butt plug. She is shocked at what little she finds, but instead of becoming scared and nervous, she instead figures that it is just another task and that the quicker she can get it done the better. Leaving the bag on the floor next to her bag, Erica gets up and strolls towards her shower, because she knows, brownie points or no brownie points, she does not want to go out into public again with the message on her back.

Her shower feels extraordinarily good on her worn out body, but she does not linger under the water for long. Instead, focuses on getting the message on her back washed away and her body freshened up. Once she is satisfied, she gets out, drying off and getting ready for the gym. Leaving her hair a bit wet she enters her bedroom to retrieve the items she is to wear from the bag. Puling the sports bra over her head and in to place, she becomes aware that it is smaller than one she normally would wear and because it is white her nipples will most certainly become visible once she starts to sweat. Reaching into the bag she pulls out the plug, which is a bit bigger than the one she wore all day; at least two inches in diameter compared to the inch and a half for the pink plug. From her nightstand drawer she produces a bottle of lube to make for easier insertion. With a liberal amount of the slick stuff spread into her anal entrance, and an equal amount dripped onto the plug she slowly inserts the intruder into her sore rear. Since she has already spent the entire day with the other plug resting inside her, she is able to get this one in with little effort, and once the plug's flat base is securely pressed against her asshole she retrieves the tiny shorts from the bag. It takes her a bit more effort to get the shorts on because of how tight and small they are. They hug her skin tightly and only do the job of covering the top half of her ass. The crevice of her pussy is blatantly obvious, but fortunately the base of the plug is not visible except for when she bends over. Though the clothes she has been provided by her master are tight, they aren't too much different than outfits she has seen others wear while working out. Slipping on her socks and shoes, Erica grabs a towel from her linen closet and stuffs it into the bag before grabbing her keys and phone, and heading out to the garage to her car; her only wish is that her master would have let her take more clothes to change into after working out.

The club she works out at is a large co-ed athletic club that is usually rather busy doing the evening hours of the week, and this evening is no different. As she pulls into a parking spot a few rows back from the front entrance, her breathing starts to quicken and her hearts begins to race. She is all of a sudden nervous, but in no way intends on backing out; she is determined to complete her master's request of her. Grabbing the bag from the passenger seat, Erica exits her car and makes her way to the entrance of the club. She stashes her keys in the pocket of the bag and pulls her club ID card from inside her bra where she stashed it before leaving the house. Inside she presents the ID to the girl working the front desk, getting a slight, bewildered look from her as she did. Not being put off by the odd look she was given, Erica confidently strolls into the main section of the gym and glances around the facilities before entering the women's locker room to lock up her bag. With her limited belongings secure, she makes her way back out to the main section of the gym to go about her usual workout of a run on the treadmill, some reps with the light free weights, a hike on the stair master, and finally a cool set of crunches. She figures that if she stays focused on her workout, she will forget about how little of body is covered and just melt away into an intense sweat. As she begins her jog on the treadmill however, she realizes that it is not going to be that easy to forget; the pressure of the plug with each step is a constant reminder of exactly how she is dressed and hiding.

Fortunately, she does manage to somehow put aside her sluttish look and merely concentrate on the motions of her workout, and after an hour she is done. She did notice she got plenty of stares from the other people there, but in no way felt that she looked out of place. Also, from what she could tell, she managed to hide the fact that she had a rather large butt plug stuffed inside her ass, which made her more confident as she returned to the locker room drenched with sweat. Entering the room Erica immediately walks over to full length mirrors near the sinks to see exactly how she looked now that her workout was done and was covered in sweat. A small gasp escapes her lips as she views herself; for the sweat has drenched her sports bra and made it practically transparent. Her nipples and areolas are completely visible, and for how long she hasn't a clue. Also, the shorts are drenched in sweat and as she turns to look at her backside, it becomes apparent that a distinct line of moisture from the top of the waist band straight down between her ass cheeks has also appeared and allowed for the outline of the plug's base to become visible. Though she is startled by how she looks, Erica feels assured that at least she is in the relative privacy of the women's locker room, were currently only a few middle aged ladies are changing to get ready for an upcoming aerobics class. Erica knows that once that class begins, the locker room will be left empty except for the occasional women coming in to get changed to leave. Thankful for this knowledge, she heads back to her locker to retrieve her phone and call her master as he had ordered. He answers after just the first ring, and from the tone in his voice she can tell that her fun is only just beginning.

"Hello my pet, I'm guessing you have finished with your workout and are now ready for further instructions. Did you enjoy your new workout outfit?"

"Yes, master."

"Excellent. Well I'm sure you have most certainly worked up a good sweat and could use a good shower about now; so what I want you do next is to go ahead and take a shower but you must first remove your clothes and lock them inside your locker with the bag and towel. With that complete you are to then walk to the showers, finding an empty shower stall that will provide you with a bit of privacy, but not too much since you will be leaving the door open. Once inside the stall I want you to bend over, with your ass facing out, and remove the plug, setting in upright on the shower floor at the entrance of the stall; it must remain there until you have completed your shower. You must then go about rinsing you body and hair of the sweat without once looking back at the plug. When you are good and wet from the water, shut off the shower, and go retrieve your phone from your locker. Do not pick up the plug; it is to stay on the ground until you return with the phone to capture a picture of it, of which you will send to me. As soon as you have sent the picture, you will pick up the plug and return to dry off at your locker, but the plug must be visible the entire time and not stashed away in the locker. Once you are dry you may leave with the towel wrapped around you and carrying the plug in your left hand. Leave your clothes inside your bag and carry it over your shoulder, making sure it hangs behind you. When you arrive home, an e-mail will be waiting in your inbox with instructions on what your next task will be. Are my instructions understood slut?"

"Yes, master."

"Very good; now make me proud my pet."

He hangs up and she is stunned; frozen still as she goes over everything he expects in her head. There is no way she will be able to do everything and not have the anal intruder, that at the moment making a home in her ass, seen by any number of women you will eventually be making use of the locker room as well. Erica, after standing in front of her locker with the phone still up to her ear for a few moments, finally convinces herself to go through with her task; knowing that if she does it will prove her complete submission to him as her master. She takes a deep breath after setting the phone in the locker and pulls her top up and over her head, placing it inside the bag. Following her top, she rolls the saturated shorts down her legs, stepping out of them before setting them next to the top; immediately she feels as though the plug which is nestled between her cheeks is blatantly exposed to the room. Not allowing herself to get to overwhelmed, she closes the locker, locking it shut, and turns towards the shower area.

The showers are located on the far, left side of the room, and she finds them vacant upon entering. The way the showers are set up there are a row in the middle of twenty open shower heads for use by attendants not bashful about cleaning up in front of others. Surrounding the middle shower area, lining the walls of the room, are fifth teen individual shower stalls to provide people with more privacy which seems silly to Erica now consider what she would be doing inside of one shortly. At first, she thinks about using a shower stall right next to the entrance to make for a shorter back and forth journey, but changes her mind when she realizes that anyone coming in would have to pass by her stall and would almost certainly see the plug sitting on the floor. She instead decides on a stall in the back corner of the room, though it was still very open to the room, it seems more tucked away. Once inside, she wastes no time pulling the plug from her stretched anus. She takes another soothing, deep breath and with a trembling hand retrieves it, holding in front of her for a moment before turning and setting it on the ground as her master had ordered. Before she stands back up to rinse off she stares at the imposing piece, knowing full well that anyone who might see it sitting there will understand exactly what it is and what it is used for. She shakes her head of these thoughts and pushes on with the remaining pieces of her objective.

As the water splashes onto her face she closes her eyes and simply enjoys the feeling of the heat on her skin; letting herself forget about the plug standing up only a foot behind her. The moment she runs her hands through her hair to rinse out the sweat, she hears voices of other women entering the shower room. She freezes, not knowing what to do, but knowing enough not to turn and look. From what she can hear, there are three women, and they seem to be using the line of open showers closest to the entrance. Erica knows that if they look over to her stall they will easy see the plug, but decides not to worry about that and finishes rinse out her hair. After a minute or two, she finishes rinsing off and turns to make her exit from the stall. Just as she is about to step out, she one of the women say something that causes Erica to blush deeply and the other two women to start talking as well.

"Hey look over there, what is that?"

"Oh my, I think that is a, uh, you know."

"Is it a butt plug?"

"Yes it is, and quite a large one too."

"How gross, who bring something like that to the gym."

"It probably belongs to one of those strippers that are always in here flaunting around like they are hot stuff."

"Well whatever, I still think it should have been left at home."

The women keep talking about the plug that is sitting in front of Erica, as she thinks of what she can do to make for a not so embarrassing exit. She knows full well though that the only thing she can do is hurry up and finish her task while at the same time just enduring any catty remarks she may receive. The worst part for her was that she was going to have to walk past the women to get back to her locker while leaving the plug behind. Mustering up all of her courage, Erica takes the initial step forward and out into the open shower area. The women go quiet as they watch her walk past them and go towards the lockers.

Erica hears one of them say that she had forgotten something as she exits the showers, but doesn't respond. She instead keeps her stride and walks as confidently as she can to her locker which luckily has no one near it when she arrives. Unlocking the door, she reaches in and grabs the phone, and as she turns to head back doesn't even bother to re-lock it; she is focused on getting this over with. As she gets closer to the showers, Erica can hear the women talking about her, but as she re-enters they go quiet once again. Erica simply acts as if they are not there and strolls over to the left behind anal toy. She enters the stall once more and bends done to capture a picture of it with her phone to send to her master. Once she successfully sends the picture off of the large toy, she picks it up and makes the trek back to her locker. Passing the three women for a third time, one of them says something to Erica which sort of startles her.

"So, that thing was yours."

Erica turns to respond, but unsure of what exactly to say; "Yes, I didn't realize I had left it." She turns back to keep leaving but the woman asks another question that makes her stop once again.

"Hey, is that really what we think it is?"

"Yes, it is."

Erica starts to feel a bit more uncomfortable standing in front the three women wet, naked, and holding a butt plug. The three women however, at least the one doing the talking don't seem to be uncomfortable, for they have just finished drying off and are wrapped with towels. The woman asks yet another question, which keeps Erica standing in front of them.

"Did you get a good work out with it?"

Feeling unsure about the confidence that the woman asking the question had, Erica responded, "I guess you could say that."

I don't believe that you can actually fit that inside you; how bout you show us you can."

Now Erica realizes that she better get going before things get to carried away, and she replies to the woman's statement nervously, "I don't think so, I have to go; I have someone to meet shortly." She then turns and walks out of the showers towards her locker. She hears the woman behind her tell the other two how big a slut she is, but chooses to ignore it and finish with her orders.

Reaching her locker she sets down the plug on the bench and grabs her towel to dry off. Since she has been air drying for a while now, Erica focuses on trying to get her hair dry and simply wiping any remaining water off her body with the towel. When she is done she wraps her body with the towel, tucking the corner into the top part under her left arm, and instantly wishes she had brought a larger towel. The one she has only reaches to about an inch or two below her rear end, and when she walks, slides up her legs exposing the bottom of her cheeks. Fortunately, her pussy says more or less hidden unless she takes large steps. Figuring that there isn't much she can do about it, Erica grabs the bag, throwing it over her shoulder, bends down to pick up the plug, and begins to walk towards the exit doors. She knows that it is in her best interest to make it out to her car as fast as she can, and not worry about whether or not the towel is covering her sufficiently. Reaching the exit door and pulling it open, Erica unfortunately runs into a group of women walking in and is almost knocked over. From the collision, her towel loosens, and she loses her grip on the plug which falls to the floor with a bounce, hitting one the other women's feet. Erica apologizes and instinctively bends down to pick up the fallen plug, but as she does her towel comes loose and drops off behind her; she freezes once this happens and with the plug in her hand. She is now, once again standing naked in front of a group of woman holding the anal device, and this time the women start to laugh right in her face. Erica is completely humiliated, and bashfully apologizes while she retrieves her towel and wraps it around herself. She pushes passed the laughing women who watch as she scurries across the main lobby and out the front entrance.

Back at her car, Erica can't stop shaking and begins to hyperventilate a bit. She just sits in her car waiting to regain her composure and reliving not only everything from the night, but for the entire day. Her submission to him has dramatically gotten deeper in the matter of a day, and though she is hysterical right now, she knows that it is the way she wants it to be. The only thing that she is unsure about is just how far he is willing to take her down this new path.

With her breathing under control, she inserts her keys into the ignition and pulls out of the parking lot, heading directly home and to her computer. The drive home is a blur to Erica, as she can only focus on opening up her e-mail to read about the task he has prepared.

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