tagIncest/TabooSchool Lovers Ch. 3

School Lovers Ch. 3


Marge sighed as she turned towards the kitchen. "What would you like for supper?"

"Anything we've got." Then with a chuckle; "The appetizer just left."

Marge found and began heating a can of soup while Jo made cold cut sandwiches. Then, still naked, they sat down to eat in an anticipatory quiet. As Jo begins to wash the dishes Marge breaks the silence; "Jo?"

"Yes mother."

"I know it's a bit late to do anything about it but I am curious about when you first let Bob fuck you. Or wasn't he the first?"

"No" Jo softly answers. " Bob wasn't the first boy I let fuck me." Then as the last dish went into the drainer; "Let's go into the living room Mom, this is going to take a while." As they sit next to each other on the couch, Jo begins her narration.

"After this afternoon I guess it's silly keeping any secrets from you. My first introduction to sex as more than a difference in gender was ten years ago at that 'Girls Summer Camp' that you and dad sent me to while you went on that cruse the year before he died. I was unhappy that you had sent me to camp instead of taking me with you. I do understand now, and have for the last eight years."

Then recognizing the look of comprehension on her mothers face; "Yeah, it was Uncle Ralph who finally made me understand; but he didn't do anything but hold me and explain until I really did understand. Back to sex. I resented being excluded from you and Dad's cruise and was not enjoying myself at camp although I had made tentative friendships with a couple of girls, one was named Ann but I can't remember the name of the other. The first Saturday one of the phys-ed councilor's boyfriend came to see her and when they headed out one of the nature trails Ann, the other girl, and I followed. I guess I thought we would see them necking and could tease her later about it. Ann and Jesica; yeah, that was her name; weren't as naive as I was. When the councilor and her boyfriend left the trail and headed for a clearing behind some heavy brush Ann motioned Jesse and I to be very quiet and follow. We found a viewpoint just as they clinched in a kiss, both holding the other's ass. They hadn't even broken the kiss before he had her shorts off and she had his around his knees. I really didn't know what was going on and when I turned to ask Ann, I got a second shock; She and Jesse were finger fucking each other while they watched.

"Baby; if your father and I had even a hint of that we would have had the police after that councilor." Marge almost exploded. Then, more calmly; "I didn't even think to explain sex to you before you began puberty at twelve. Guess you already knew most of it by then."

"Not the way you explained it to me. I still had a lot of misconceptions even then, though I was still technically virgin at the time. I didn't loose my cherry till the second year of junior high. Remember Jake? The Hudson's boy? You never thought anything about his taking me and his sister out to the beach. The first time anything happened it started quite innocently; we were playing tag and Betty tripped just as she was tagging Jake and caught his shorts as she fell. They wound up around his ankles. I really don't think he remembered that I was there when he blurted out; ' "Not here Betty, wait till we're home."

Then they both realized I was there and both of them began pleading with me to keep quiet about their involvement with each other while Jake pulled his shorts back up. I was still virgin at that time although I had let a couple boys feel me up. I had given one hand job to a boy who wouldn't take no for an answer. I wasn't at all confused about what Jake and Betty had been doing. After about five minutes of their pleading I gave in and told them I wouldn't tell on them if I were part of the secret. After they moved away I didn't really have any sex till I met Bob. Even then it was almost six months before we did more than neck and a little feeling up. It was the night of the Senior prom that we did anything more. That strapless dress let his hand get to my nipples too easily, I wound up giving him a hand job while he sucked my tits. Things progressed a bit faster after that and we went sixty-nine the third date after the prom. He kept begging me to fuck for three more weeks before I 'borrowed' your PILL prescription and the week after that I sat on his prick after sucking him off. I don't think it took more than two minutes for him to get back up, in me, and off. It takes a lot longer now."

"Bob's the only boy I blow or let screw me but I have let one or two feel me up. There is one girl that I think would like to get into my pants but Bob is all I want or can handle at the moment." Then leaning back and smiling at her mother;"How about you mom? When did you start fucking around after Dad died? "

"I quess you're right about no secrets, baby. OK. As you know ; your fathers death hit me pretty hard even though we both knew it was inevitable. It was almost a year before I felt able to go back to work and I couldn't even look at a man that way for another year after I went back to work though I got a few requests for dates. Then I got this position as district sales manager and had to attend quite a few dinner meetings, as you know. And as you also know, they can get more than a bit alcoholic on occasion. One of those alcoholic meetings I had more than usual and one of the salesmen that knew I was a widow made a pass in the car on the way home. I turned him down firmly but began to remember how it felt to give and take pleasure with a considerate man. Soon after that I accepted a date with him and refused the motel offer but did, as you and Bob, gave him a hand job while he fingered me. It was almost a year before I let him screw me though I had given him a couple blow jobs. We usually stopped at his apartment for a quickie. We were lovers for over a year before he got transferred to the east coast office.

About six months after that I met Jim. We've dated on and off for over five years now. Our first dates were about as uneventful as possible; he didn't even make a verbal pass. About two years ago I began wondering about it and asked if he didn't like women. He told me that he liked women very much but never pushed a relationship. When I jokingly asked if that didn't leave him frustrated sometimes, he matter of factually told me that he had many friends who were swingers and that he never needed anything not freely offered.

The next day I got the Pill prescription and the next date told him that I was freely offering. He was very gentle and much more attentive to my desires than Frank had ever been; even more so than you father had been. We spent at least part of every date in his apartment for the next three or four months. One night I asked about his swinger friends and he told me of some of the orgies he had been to with his friends. I had been working up my courage and asked if he would take me to one. Like you and Bob last night, I was quite nervous on meeting the other six couples that were there; but I soon got so turned on that I really can't remember how many times I got fucked or how many cocks I sucked. Since that first orgy Jim has taken me to one every other month or so. I've learned to enjoy doing things with men and women both that I would never even have considered as pleasurable three years ago. Last orgy we attended I took three men at once; Jim in my vagina, another man with a fairly small cock in my ass, and sucking the third. I don't remember who came first but Jim was still in me when I finished my climax. I've learned that there is more pleasure to giving pleasure than I ever imagined there could be."

"Mom; I'll be nineteen next month and Bob's nineteenth is only next week. As a birthday present could you and Jim take us along to the next orgy?"

"I don't know, Jo. All the parties we've gone to were people in our age group; I've never seen any young people at any of them. You and Bob might feel uncomfortable and inhibited. Your presence might even inhibit others."

"I'd like to try , and after this afternoon I think Bob might like to as well."

"We'll ask him next time he's over."

"He wasn't the least inhibited this afternoon, neither was I once we got started." Then standing and facing her mother; "That reminds me; you never did answer my question this afternoon."

"What question, Jo?"

"The one about going sixty-nine with me."

"Didn't Bob tell you how our flavors compared?"

"Yes. But all this talk has me hot again, and I did like the taste of you on Bob's cock. Then using both hands to spread her vulva to expose a very wet and erect clit; "Finger fucking myself wouldn't be nearly as much fun as sharing."

"Come to mama, baby. I would love to go sixty-nine with you. I got a taste of you off Bob's face and liked it too." With this Marge rose and led Jo to the bedroom and directed; "Just lie out and let me lead. You do me as I do you and I think you will enjoy this more than with Bob."

"Teach me, mom - I want to learn everything about the pleasure of sex, all kinds."

"Just enjoy." With this last verbal instruction Marge begins softly kissing Jo on the lips while softly caressing the sides of Jo's breasts. Soon Marge begins dragging her nipples over Jo's breasts. Jo responds by gently guiding them into contact with her own nipples. Following several moments of continued nipple to nipple stimulation Marge slowly slides a hand down Jo's side and over her belly until just the tips of her fingers rest on Jo's mons. As Jo's hips begin to hunch into her mothers hand she duplicates Marge's motions.

As soon as both have established a firm caress of the others mound, Marge twists around to a position where she can begin sucking at Jo's nipples as well as positioning her own nipples for Jo to suck. Each continues softly caressing the other's Mons and gently sucking at the others nipples untill Jo, again, begins hunching up to her mothers hand to signal approaching climax. During this time Marge had slowly turned 'till she was ready for the next stage and at Jo's indication of heightened levels of stimulation, Marge abandons Jo's nipples and rapidly moves into a full sixty-nine position. As soon as she is fully repositioned, Marge uses two fingers to spread Jo's labia and with middle finger wipes much of the accumulated lubricant onto Jo's anus. Then she begins to use just the tip of her tongue to tickle Jo's clit, and slowly inserts her thumb into Jo's vagina and middle finger into her anus.


"We're just getting started, baby. Do me too." And returns to licking clit while slowly stroking in and out of both vag and ass.

As soon as her short but very intense climax subsides, Jo does as directed and is rewarded with a much more subdued orgasm from her mother. Both continue the simultaneous stimulation of the other for over ten minutes; climaxing singly and together until even Marge is whimpering and gasping. With a final simultaneous climax, Marge moans; "No more - that's all I can take today." and roles off Jo and slowly removes finger and thumb from Jo. "Did Bob or Jake or Betty ever send you like that, Jo?"

As she disengages her hand from Marge she answers; "No one has ever sent me like that! They've always gotten too rough on the clit, even Betty always sucked it too hard. Bob is only the second boy to eat me and is more genital than either Jake or Betty but still sucks it like a third tit. No one has sent me that way altho Bob came close the other night; he double fingered me while licking clit but did lick too hard."

Marge stands and heads toward the bath; "Go shower and get some sleep. Tomorrow is Monday."

As she heads for her room, Jo comments; "Ok Mom. Whew but I'm weak! I hope I recover by Saturday, I wouldn't want to miss the four way with Jim."

"Get to bed, you'll recover ok."

Except for one mutual bedtime finger fuck on Wednesday neither Jo or Marge engaged in any sexual activities for the week. Friday morning after the breakfast dishes had been cleared from the table, Marge mentioned that Jim would be over about eight-thirty that evening and asked what plans she had made with Bob.

"He won't be here tonight; his parents are taking him out for his nineteenth birthday." Then smiling at her mother; "I told him he would get my present in bed tomorrow." Then laughing; "Want me to go to a movie tonight?"

"Suit yourself. I'm sure Jim wouldn't mind sharing and after last Sunday you know I don't. But I think he is planning to take me to an orgy in Mayport tonight. It's what we usually do on a Friday date." Then seeing the wistfully look on Jo's face; " Ok. You shared Bob with me, it's only fair for me to share Jim if you are horny enough."

I'll let you know when I get home this afternoon." Then heading out the door for school; "Maybe Bob and I can sneak in a quickie this afternoon. We eat lunch together and I will find out then. See you later."

The morning passed very busily for Jo and she didn't have time to think about that night. When Bob sat beside her for lunch he reminded her by asking; "You and Marge going to miss me tonight?"

"I don't know about mom, she'll have Jim, but I sure as hell am going to miss you. She offered to share him with me but I think I'll just go to a movie and masturbate."

"Hey - If you're aching, go ahead and join in. Jealousy is for the insecure types, I don't mind if you help your mother entertain without me once in a while." Then gently squeezing her thigh; "Just don't make a habit of it."

"Well -- if you don't mind."

"Sure, go ahead." Then giving her thigh another squeeze; "Thinking about you and Marge doubling up on Jim will keep me from getting bored tonight." They finished lunch quietly and one handed.

The afternoon went much slower than the morning had since thoughts of Jim's big cock kept intruding into her thoughts. By the time she got home her panties were more than just damp from arousal. She had even been tempted to masturbate on the bus ride home but had been scared of being noticed. Once the front door had closed behind her, hands flashed to tits and crotch, and even before reaching her room she had stripped off the wet panties and had a finger buried in her vagina and another scratching at her anus. As she calmed down after five minutes of furious finger fucking, Jo retrieved the panties from the hallway and rinsed them out before showering to wash off the now sticky vaginal secretions she had spread from asshole to both tits.

By the time Marge arrived home from work, Jo had the house tidied up, supper cooking, and had done a load of laundry.

"I'm going to take a quick bath before supper Jo." Marge called out as she hung her coat in the hall closet. "How was your day?"

"The morning was fine, but the afternoon was lousy. Take your time in the tub, supper won't be ready before six."

Changing direction Marge stepped into the kitchen asking; "What went wrong?"

"Nothing actually went wrong, It's just that Bob said that he wasn't the jealous type and I should help you entertain Jim tonight. After that all I could think of was that big cock of Jim's, and what I would like to do with it." Then breaking into laughter; "I damn near tore my crotch out as soon as I was home. I haven't masturbated that hard since just before I started letting Bob screw me." Then almost pleading; "Please share Jim with me tonight, mom; I don't think my fingers would be enough even if you didn't stay home."

"We were going to one of his friend's house but I don't think he'll object to staying here and sharing. I know I won't mind as long as I get at least one good climax." Then as she headed back towards the bedroom; "Between the two of us we'll probably get Jim off three or four times." Then to herself; "And each other at least once or twice. I had thought my lesbian days were over when I left the dorm at college. Oh well, I enjoyed it then and enjoyed letting that woman eat me at the last party Jim took me to."

Marge indeed took her time bathing, both inside as well as out. She first gave herself two enemas incase Jim wanted to ass fuck her as he had on occasion, then thoroughly douched out so she would be fully edible. Then a thorough shower. "I'll have to ask Jo if she douches regularly, She tasted clean enough Saturday, but if Bob starts fingering her ass she'll need better hygiene than just washing off, and more precautions than just the pill if she lets him ass fuck her. Damn! This is developing problems I hadn't considered." Her thoughts were interrupted by Jo calling that supper was ready. She quickly pulled on a sheath dress and sandals, no bra or panties since she knew that they would be coming off soon anyway.

"Mom; I've been doing some thinking while you were in the bathroom. When we were both on Bob last Saturday my orgasms were about twice as intense as any I've ever had before. Even where Jake , Betty, and I went three way, my climaxes didn't have the intensity they had Saturday."

"I can't say for sure but maybe it was partly psychological. Last week was the first time you ever performed any sex acts knowing that I was watching. With Jake and Betty you were still doing it in private, so to speak; not in front of your mother. Knowing that I was there may have added something; I know that the first time Jim took me to an orgy my orgasms were more intense than with him alone."

"Maybe I'll have some more like that tonight with you and Jim."

"We'll see. But right now let's get the kitchen cleared and the dishes in the washer; I don't think we'll have the energy to do it after he leaves."

"OK mom. Then I want to get into something easy to get out of like your wearing."

"If you want to. Oh; you better douche out good and wash off your rectum in case Jim wants to lick ass as he sometime does while eating crotch. I doubt he will want to try ass fucking you so you needn't take an enema."

"That sounds like fun; the tongue part, not the other. I don't think my anus would stretch far enough to let that monster cock of his in me there. I'm not even sure I can take him in my cunt with out some pain." Then looking at the clock which showed eight-fifteen; "Don't start without me if he gets here before I'm done."

Jo's timing was almost perfect. Jim knocked on the door just as she walked into the living room wearing a snug sweater and loose wraparound skirt. As Jo let Jim in; Marge entered from the kitchen with a tray of snacks and drinks which she set on the coffee table.

"You both look very good in those outfits. The food looks good too."

"All for you lover. All for you." Marge cooed as she cuddled up for a kiss and caress.

"What time is Bob picking you up, Jo?" He asks while holding one of Marge's ass cheeks.

"He isn't! As mom said; It's all for you."Then she also cuddles up; pressing her tits into his arm and kissing his cheek. "Bob couldn't make it tonight and I asked mom to share you."

"I couldn't say no since she shared Bob with me Saturday."

"I guess I can handle it if Bob could." then squeezing an ass cheek in each hand; "What did you two have in mind? One at a time or three way."

"Three way!" both answered together.

"Let's have the snacks and drinks first, before they get stale. Then just let it happen." Marge suggested, patting at the bulge forming in Jim's pants.

"What went on Saturday?" then smiling at Jo, "From the sounds coming from your room Friday night I didn't think you would be in any condition to do any fucking for three or four days. At least Bob should have been pretty well fucked out."

"He was but mom and I got him into the pool and started a water fight after planting the suggestion of a three way."

"Yeah, all that tits and ass rubbing over him charged him up enough to give us both a good time." Marge finished.

"Had you planned it together, or just you Marge?"

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