tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSchool Masturbation Policy

School Masturbation Policy


Note: The following first-person account details a specialized junior college. Students have already reached age 18 and exited high school, but attend the facility as they are not yet ready for standard higher education. Some are simply not capable of paying for college yet, while others failed their senior year of high school and are attempting to improve their grades before college application. To better ease these students in the transition to university, the school is set up like a standard high school. But be assured, all of these students are of legal age.


Let's start off by establishing that the guys at my school are all massive horndogs, myself included. Nearly every male there would admit to masturbating on the premises at least a few times, and those who wouldn't admit it would be lying. Just a few months ago, on any given trip to take a leak, you'd find a couple of boys' room stalls occupied, aroused grunts being emitted by the occupants. In the case the stalls are full, you might have even found yourself pissing right next to a guy tugging his tool into one of the urinals. I myself preferred the privacy of a stall, but I won't lie that I couldn't help watching some of the more confident students.

As I said, these actions were common a few months ago. So what changed, you ask? Well, there was a certain incident involving a substitute teacher. You see, one of the reasons us students were so confident in our exhibitionism was that no teacher EVER used the students' restrooms. They had their own fancy teachers' lounge lavatories, presumably sparkling clean. Off-limits to students and always locked. Said substitute teacher didn't know where to get a key and, quite unfortunately, he decided to use the second floor boys' room.

He entered to find the bathroom at full occupancy and every occupant had his hand on his penis. Every stall full and five guys standing at the urinals. I wasn't there to witness the event, but as told to me by a friend of a friend who did, four of those guys were smart enough to stuff their boners back into their jeans and act natural. Unfortunately, the fifth - and closest to the entrance the substitute stood frozen in - was beyond the point of no return. He apparently froze, his mouth and eyes both wide upon as he noticed the sub, and gasped for air as he pumped his load into the urinal.

I hear it was a pretty nice load.

Now, the masturbation habits of the student body were the school's worst kept secret. Everybody knew what every guy was doing, but nobody really talked about it outside of hushed gossip. Honestly, the school board cared far less about the indecency of the act and more about the class time guys missed while they were busy pleasuring themselves.

With the substitute naively ranting about the apparent problem, the district decided they needed to finally take action.

The school's public decency rules were relaxed. Masturbation was now allowed in classrooms.

The policy was pretty easy to handle at first. If a guy asked to use the facilities, teachers were required to ask if the trip was to deal with an erection. If so, the teacher would permit said student to remain in his seat and relieve himself under his desk. Protocol varied on whether the student was to simply slip his member out of his fly or if he could drop his pants to ankles. There was also some debate on how discreet students should be. Some guys would self-consciously lean forward, slowly stroking themselves on the edge of their seats in order to keep their crotches as far out of view as possible. Others were major exhibitionists, dropping their jeans AND boxers and leaning back to display themselves in full view of their neighbors. Some teachers would even allow some soft moans and groans, and even a bit of thrusting into the air if the guy enjoyed a good fistfuck.

The policy change was a massive success. Class attendance and grades shot up as students no longer needed to rush to the bathroom every time they pitched a tent. Notices went out to parents, trumpeting the success of the district's pioneering in the sexual health field. Parents were also requested to send an adequate amount of tissues to school with their sons.

Alas, this period of stress-free masturbation was not to last. It was a Tuesday afternoon in Mrs. Brown's Honors English class. One Jackson Price was beating his meat in the back right corner of the classroom and misjudged how close he was getting to orgasm. Though he had a tissue prepared in his right hand, he just wasn't fast enough, and he proceeded to glaze the bottom of his desk with thick gooey seed. Embarrassed by his mistake, Mr. Price failed to report the mess and left it up to the janitorial staff to deal with it at the end of the day.

The following period, one shy Haley Morgan sat in the back right corner of the same room to transfer her notes onto her laptop. She had only just gotten comfortable when she felt something drip onto her bare leg. A rather curious and innocent girl, meek little Haley Morgan swiped up some of the mysterious white substance with her index finger and licked it off. Still unable to place the unfamiliar taste, she ducked down to look under the desk, and was met with an eyeful of dripping man juice.

The masturbation policies were amended dramatically the next week.

Due to Jackson Price's mess, students were no longer allowed to pleasure themselves at their seats. Rather, a new more rigid system was put into effect. If a student expressed the need to stroke himself off, the following procedure was to be followed:

1. The male student will bring his notebook, writing utensil and tissues to the front of the room.

2. The student will remove his pants/shorts and any undergarments.

3. The student will sit on the teacher's desk, legs off the edge, facing toward his classmates.

4. The student will pleasure himself at a reasonable speed, while continuing to listen to the lesson and take notes with his free hand.

5. When the student is on the verge of climax, he will announce as such to the class, so that he or a designated class representative may ready a tissue to catch the student's semen.

As you might guess, only the most exhibitionist of students were excited about this. Students willing to inform their teachers of masturbatory needs quickly dwindled. Boys would waddle around with massive bulges in their jeans, barely holding in their urges until lunch, the only time you could jerk off in a bathroom without a monitor telling you off. Soon there was actually a line to get into the cafeteria men's room, and as soon as you did, the place was crowded. Never mind jerking off into urinals being obscene. Three guys were squeezing into stalls at a time: one sitting down, two standing and aiming for the space between his legs. They missed quite often.

Some guys were too desperate to unload to even get a urinal, and you could spot young men leaning against the far well, pumping their peens indiscriminately. Sometimes they'd last until a urinal freed up, and they'd rush over to finish. Sometimes they weren't so lucky, and whatever unfortunate dude was in line in front of him got spunk on his hoodie.

Some guys didn't even make it that far. It wasn't uncommon to suddenly hear gasping moans in the middle of class, then turn to see a guy gripping the sides of his desk for dear life as he pumped his hips into the air, a dark patch appearing in his crotch before expanding to his legs. Most guys simply weren't used to holding it in, and the friction between their dick and their pants would finish them off without any conscious effort.

Furthermore, teachers were noticing that, even if a student didn't ask for a chance to relieve himself, simply having a boner would disrupt the class. Guys and girls alike would constantly turn to check on him. Was he still hard? Was he touching it? Would he give into the pressure and raise his hand or would he lose control and cream his jeans?

Altogether, these problems led the school board to amend the policy a second time. Masturbating would no longer be a voluntary action.

From then on, any time a teacher notices that a male student is aroused, that student is REQUIRED to follow the steps listed in the previous amendment, and jack himself off at the front of the class. Needless to say, the girls (and quite a few guys) were happy with this new system.

It wasn't even a week before every guy had blown his load in full view of his classmates. As every class would start off with at least two boners present, it became standard for the teacher to schedule a ten minute span at the start of the period for "free study" AKA staring at a dude jerking his gherkin. And of course, watching this kind of show tends to turn more guys on, so soon even more guys would have their boners outed by classmates, and up to the front of the room they'd go.

Teachers started setting up chairs next to the blackboard, so there'd be enough room for up to five students to pleasure themselves at once. Within a couple of weeks, there wasn't a moment of class time free of a dude fondling himself. It's become customary for guys on display to even help with the lesson when the teacher needs an extra hand.

It's been a month since phase three of the policy went into effect and pretty much every guy has gotten used to being a sex demonstration for our female counterparts. It's almost second nature to waltz up the front of the room, drop my pants and pump out a load these days. Some guys are even gutsy enough to strip totally naked, though we're technically supposed to "preserve as much modesty as reasonably possible" in class.

While a good 85% of the male student body has embraced public masturbation by now, there are still a few hold outs whose prudishness has led to some pretty humorous incidents.

One strategy those shy dudes practice is holding out until gym class. Since you have to change in the locker rooms before entering the gym, you can deal with your boner in the relative privacy that is "in front of every dude in your gym class" versus "in front of both guys and girls in any other class." So if you're clever enough to be able to hide your arousal until phys ed, you can relax a bit, stroking your dick on a cushioned bench between a bunch of guys too busy changing to pay you much attention or even under a lukewarm shower if you're quick enough to grab a spot before they're full.

This isn't a foolproof strategy though. On at least one occasion, no less than a dozen guys marched toward the locker room ready to release some pent up cum only to find that the rooms were out of order for some reason and that the class would be spent as free study time on the bleachers.

Their guards lowered by the news, their boners were quickly spotted by the head gym teacher and they found themselves being marched into the gym to set up folding chairs facing their classmates. That gym class of around 250 students was treated to the sight of twelve guys stripped naked and milking their members in the middle of the gym.

I'm sure quite a few guys in the audience (myself included) were glad the gym teachers weren't checking the audience for boners resulting from the impromptu performance, or that show would have gained quite a few extra performers.

One final story I think is worth telling is that of the first fire drill following the implementation of phase three. As you would expect, the rigidly choreographed march out of the classroom, down the hall, and out onto the sidewalk did not leave much time for young men to retrieve their pants had they been at the head of the class.

Any pedestrians along with motorists stopped at the traffic light in front of the school were treated to a good chunk of the student body awkwardly trying to hide their naked lower halves. And it only got more embarrassing when their teachers insisted they use their time outside to finish themselves off. The sidewalk was coated in spunk by the time the bell signaled us to return to the building.

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i would have loved to go to that school.i know its only a fantasy but just reading it got me ready!

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You seem to forgot

Teen girls masturbate a lot as well.

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