tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSchool of Sluts Ch. 03

School of Sluts Ch. 03


Luckily Lila only had one more class that day, and when she got home James would surely massage her jaw to make it less sore. Her second and final course for Monday was Basic Etiquette for Cooperative Females.

She had washed her face in the bathroom but knew there was some dried come she couldn't get out of her hair. She considered going home early but didn't want to miss her first day of Etiquette or disappoint James.

She arrived almost twenty minutes early. The room was a standard classroom with desks, and she took a seat right in the middle, front row, to show that she was a good student; a good girl.

Girl students filed in. A few introduced themselves, all complimenting her on her video from the morning.

"Professor Bawson must really like you," said one girl. She, like Lila, was wearing a dress that revealed nearly everything, although she was almost flat-chested.

Lila shrugged. She very much doubted that, but she said, "Thanks! It was a lot of...fun."

"I'm sure," said another girl, sounding impressed.

The voices in the room became hushed as a handsome man entered. Then another. Lila recognized them as the football players who'd been sitting with Kodi and Gerald. The girls quickly went back to chatting as the men took seats in the corner.

Lila whispered, "I thought this was an all-female class..."

The girl next to her shrugged.

An older woman in a blazer and pencil skirt walked into the room. She wore nothing beneath her blazer, and it was buttoned only once, squeezing her breasts tight together. Her pencil skirt squeezed her ass but ended not far past it. She wore smart heels and had her hair in a bun.

"Good afternoon, class," she said, voice slightly shrill. "I'm Professor Marion Candy. You can just call me Candy! Oh...oh dear. What is this?"

Her voice revealed a slight hint of disapproval, but her smile only broadened as she looked at Lila.

"Dear, dear," she tsked. "You are not sitting like a lady."

Lila looked down. Her legs were crossed and her hands in her lap; she thought she looked pretty picture perfect.

"Sorry?" she said.

"Don't be sorry, dear, just don't do it again. A good girl sits were her legs spread wide open, of course - especially when there are men in our presence." Candy looked at the pair of good-looking in their seats with a special warmth. "And thank you so much for being here. Your names are...?"

"Gunner," one grunted, in an accent south of Stellar City. He had blond hair and the build of a hunter.

"Dal," said the second, a beautiful black man with high cheekbones.

"Gunner and Dal are two lovely and selfless young men who have volunteered to help me. I need help, of course, because a girl can't teach a whole class on her own!" Candy laughed at such an absurd notion. "If anything ever gets too hard for me, Gunner and Dal will help me along. Now. What was I saying? Ah - you."

She turned her attention back to Lila.

"Please spread your legs wide," she said.

Lila hesitated, but with the whole class staring at her, it was impossible not to. As she spread her thighs, her dress rode up, and her entire pussy was exposed.

"Very good," said Candy, eyes twinkling. "We can't squeeze our legs together like bad girls, of course. We never want to seem like we're keeping secrets from men! It's impolite to not be entirely accessible to men at all times. That's lesson number one."

She giggled and continued the class. Candy gave them so much information that, eventually, Lila decided to actually take real notes.

She learned that it was rude to hide one's tits at the table; instead she should place them on the table as Gerald had showed her earlier. It was normal, too, for a man to kiss a girl's tits when first meeting her - just as Kodi had done.

Lila found she liked this class. Candy didn't have it out for her as Professor Bawson did, and she showed Lila how life actually worked in Stellar City.

It was far from normal, but this was the place her stepdaddy had chosen. She would try her best here.


Her stepdaddy wouldn't be home until evening, and this gave her a few hours to unpack more things in their apartment and prepare dinner. Her stepdaddy would have hired a cook, but she preferred to make his meals, and loved cleaning up after him.

After he was home and she'd massaged his feet, to get him to relax, she brought out the food to the table she'd already set. Her first tray held a rack of lamb, which smelled of tender meat, parsley, and garlic. The second tray held an assortment of dishes: Red potatoes sprinkled green with rosemary; roasted carrots and onions; and homemade bread she'd baked the day before.

"How was your day, stepdaddy?" she asked sweetly.

"The new job has shorter hours than my last and pays an extra two million a year," said James. "I'll say every day is very good indeed. And how was my angel's first day of her new college?"

She smiled demurely. "It was good..."

"Yeah?" He leaned over and squeezed her thigh under the table. "I like the way you have your tits out like that, Lila."

The sound of her name confused her; she hadn't heard it all day. She looked down at her tits, let loose on the table surface, and said, "Everyone at school is calling me Stupid Bitch."

"Because of the video?"

She looked up in surprise.

Her stepdaddy smiled and shrugged. "The guys in my office showed it to me. You've already made a little name for yourself around the city, angel."

He sensed her mood, as he always did, and say, "I think it's a fine name. You're not exactly smart, angel..."

She laughed. "Of course I'm not! I've always been a dummy, but..."

"'Slut' might suit you more than 'bitch?'" he suggested.

"Or 'whore,'" she said.

"Then show them that," he said. "Make an accurate reputation for yourself. I'd say taking a spanking from that professor is a good start."

"Professor Bawson hates me," she moaned. "He thinks I'm some kind of brat."

"Then be a good girl for him," said her stepdaddy. He flashed her a smile, and she warmed. "I know you can do it."

Her stepdaddy didn't let her worry over the topic. He said, "I was thinking about getting your uncles up here soon. I know how much you miss them, and they'd love to see our new place."

Uncle Harry and Uncle David weren't really her uncles, of course, but her stepdaddy's subordinates from his old job. She loved being showed off to them; just hearing their names brought the memories of their big, rough fingers playing with her clit to mind. She leaned forward in her seat and clapped her hands together.

"I'd love that, stepdaddy," she said. "I really miss them."

"And I'm sure they're missing your sweet tits," said James. "I'll give them a call after dinner."


On Tuesdays and Thursdays Lila had her Speech and Anatomy course and her French lessons. She was nervous over the French - she was terrible with foreign languages - but luckily her Speech and Anatomy class had turned out to be a lot of fun.

It turned out that, in Stellar City, girls were supposed to speak differently than men. In fact, apparently Stellar City scientists had done a lot of research and discovered the girls have an easier time communicating when they're talking like good, proper little girls and not trying to imitate their superiors.

When Lila spotted Kodi approaching her as she walked to her French class, she decided to use the basic lessons she'd learned on her first day.

First, the professor had said that girls should never speak in low-pitched tones. So she made her voice higher, like a good little girl's.

Secondly, she should refrain from any advanced vocabulary. Lila liked this - learning new words was hard.

And thirdly, there were special words for her body that girls should use, and Lila was to speak about them without any kind of self-consciousness.

Kodi came up to her, turned on his heel, and wrapped an arm around her as they continued walked.

"How's the stupid bitch today?" he asked. "Love your little dress. Your tits are fucking unbelievable, but you also have such huge nipples."

Her 'little dress' was mostly pink transparent mesh that revealed her tits, pussy, and ass entirely.

"Stupid bitch is good," she said, in her best little girl voice. "Thank you for - " she almost said 'complimenting,' but that seemed too big a word - "saying nice things about my titties and my nip-nips."

"Oooh. Speech and Anatomy?" said Kodi.

She nodded up at him, feeling suddenly shy.

"God, you sound fucking hot," he said.

She felt hot when he said that, his body against hers as they walked, his hand wrapping around her and playing with her tit - her titty.

"This is my class," she said.

"I'll leave you off, then," said Kodi. When he stopped, her turned her toward him and pushed her against the wall, so that he could step back and see her fully. She almost fell in her heels but quickly caught herself.

"I can't get over your tits," he said. "Have you thought about trying out for the cheerleading team?"

"Uh-huh," she said.

"Do it," said Kodi. "I want to see your tits on the football field when I'm playing."

He ran his hands over them before he left, his thumbs hitting her nipples and making her moan aloud. He grinned as he rubbed them harder, making them stand erect.

"Hi, Kodi."

Kodi and Lila turned and saw, outside the French room, a petite blonde frowning in their direction. She was wearing a mini skirt and, in lieu of a shirt, a thick rope of necklaces that hung across her nipples.

"Do you have a kiss for me?" she said.

"Hey, Chloe," said Kodi. "Of course I do."

He took her in his arms and began making out with her. Lila supposed she wasn't entirely immodest yet, because seeing them kiss so fervently embarrassed her. Face hot, she quickly passed them and entered the lecture hall.


Chloe came in a few minutes late and, to Lila's surprise, sat right next to her. It was clear from the way Chloe side-eyed her that she didn't appreciate anyone talking to her boyfriend. Lila, to feel less awkward, began to doodle in her notebook.

"Yow!" Her scalp was pierced by a sharp, tugging pain.

She turned her head and realized, with a jolt, that Chloe had pulled her hair.

What kind of maniac would...?

"You. Are. Going. To. Pay," said Chloe. "How dare you flash your fucking whore tits around Kodi - "

"I can't exactly cover them up," Lila retorted. This wasn't fair; Kodi and Gerald were her only friends in the university so far.

"Oh, shut up," Chloe hissed. "You fucking love this attention!"

"And you don't?" Lila asked.

"No," said Chloe. Her blue eyes blared. "I don't just love - I live for it. I'm the most popular girl in this college. The football captain fucks me every day. And I'm the only girl Professor Bawson has fucked in all his years of teaching. The only one. I'm the sluttiest, prettiest, most fuckable girl - so don't even try to compete."

I don't want to compete!

Lila almost shouted the words aloud before she registered all of Chloe's tangent. She looked at Chloe anew, trying to deep deeper and see why Professor Bawson might fuck her out of all the girls he'd taught - if, of course, that was try.

She was definitely pretty. She had thick, pouty doll lips and big blue eyes, and her neck was long and slender. Her tits didn't fall to her waist like Lila's did, but they were probably about F cups. She was little and extremely busty, but surely other girls in the school had the same going for them?

She'd said she was the sluttiest. Maybe that was the appeal? She was easier than any other girl?

Well, considering that Lila had sucked fifteen cocks yesterday, Chloe might not hold that title for long.

"I won't try to compete," Lila said innocently, batting her eyelashes. Her Speech and Anatomy professor had just told her not to lie to men, but he'd never mentioned anything about other girls. "I really don't know anything about popularity." She laughed. "I'd be hopeless if I tried to be ranked number one."

Chloe glared at her but had to be content, for the moment, as the professor soon walked in.

"Bonjour, bonjour," he said. "And welcome to French class!"

Lila glared at Chloe, but Chloe was already winking at a boy across the room, who was eyeing her greedily.

Oh, that bitch was slutty alright.

But, Lila thought, as she picked up her tits and plopped them onto the desk before her, immediately attracting the attention of the men in the class, she herself was more than able to compete.

Surely there was no reason for Professor Bawson to stop at just one.

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