tagIncest/TabooSchool Photos Ch. 01

School Photos Ch. 01


This first chapter is set-up, and there's no actual sex. If this is a problem for you, please wait for Chapter 2, coming soon, rather than reading this through and then commenting that you hate the story because there wasn't any sex.


"Entré," I said when I heard Kali knocking on my door. Who else but my sister uses a "shave-and-a-haircut know every time?

"Timmy, did you unpack your backdrops yet? And do you have a few minutes?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Yearbook photos are this week; and instead of getting them taken by the dorky school photographer, we're allowed to have them taken by dorky brothers instead."

I crumpled a sheet of paper and threw it at her. "You should work on your favor-asking technique."

She dropped to her knees. "Please, dear brother, I beg of you." Then she stood back up. "Seriously. As long as they're digital, and high def, we're allowed to supply our own. So I'd rather have you do it, so I know I'll get a good one, instead of the guy the school hired taking one shot and if I'm scratching my nose that's how my friends will remember me for the next 70 years."

I'm a photography major. I've only finished my first year at college, but I'm already paying a lot of my commission with outside assignments: weddings, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, portraits, whatever. My sister is a year younger, 18, and obviously about to graduate high school. "Sure thing," I said. "Where do you want to do it?"

"How about my room, if the lighting's okay? This way you only have to drag your shit next door."

"I can make the lighting good pretty much anywhere. Right now is good?"

"Right now is great. Oh, and... can you do Suzie too?" Susie is Kali's best friend. They were born on the same day, so they tell people they're twins.

"I'll do Susie too," I said with my best put-upon voice.

"And Jen?"

Jen is another one of Kali's friends, a few months older and absolutely gorgeous. "I'll do her too," I said, but what I really meant was "You have no idea how long I've wanted to 'do' her."

I set screwed my camera onto the tripod, then set up the backdrop: the offwhite screen that would serve as a neutral background. I told Kali how far in front of the screen to stand, and took a few shots. She was wearing a dressy black blouse (what the school recommended for yearbook photos), and the cut-off jeans she generally wore on warm days (because who's going to see that in a head-and-shoulders shot?)

I took the photos of the other girls in similar blouses, then we all gathered in front of the camera's screen to look at the shots. I thought they came out great, and was about to say so, when Kali said "Hate them."


"No reflection on you, Timmy, the pictures came out beautifully, but that blouse makes me look like a company CEO. That's not how I want people to remember me. Can we try again?"

"Sure," I said.

She went to her closet, rummaged about for a minute, then pulled out a different blouse. Personally I couldn't see any great difference, but then I'm not a girl. She unbuttoned the blouse and took it off. "Kali!" Susie said, glancing over at me.

"It's okay, Suze," Kali said. "He's my brother. He's seen me in my bra a million times before."

"True," I said, adjusting some settings on the camera. "Boring. Now, if you wanted to show me your bra, wink-wink."

Kali gave me "the look": she'd told me a while back that she thought Susie had a little crush on me, so yeah, I probably shouldn't have teased her like that.

"You might be surprised," Susie said softly, but I had no idea what she meant by that.

"Ready," Kali said, smoothing down her blouse and standing in front of the screen.

I took another set of photos, and after we examined them, I asked "All done?"

"Um..." Jen said.

"You don't like yours either?" I asked.

"Well, I did bring another blouse, and I thought this one would be better, but..."

"Okay," I said. "I'll be in my room, Knock on my door when you're changed."

"No, you don't have to go," Jen said.


"I can step behind the screen," she said, meaning the backdrop. "It'll take me less than a minute."

She grabbed her extra blouse, went behind the backdrop, and started undressing. The backdrop was opaque, but we could see her silhouette clearly. "Jen," Kali said, "we can see you."

We could see her bring her arms to her chest, covering her breasts. "Shit!"

"No," Kali said, "not see you see you, just the shadow. Your um..."

"Silhouette," I told her.

"Right, silhouette." Kali said.

"I guess that's okay," Jen said, putting on and buttoning her new blouse. "and it's just a fucking bra anyway, right?"

She came out. The new blouse was dark navy, maybe an inch lower neckline, but again I couldn't see much difference. It occurred to me that as a photographer, I should probably develop a better eye for these things.

I took another set of photos, Jen approved of them. I looked over at Susie and she gave me a sheepish smile. "Okay, I know, you want another set too. Go change."

She grabbed her second blouse and went behind the backdrop. I "watched" her take off the blouse she was wearing, and then she said "Oh, by the way, Tim?"


"No bra today!"

Not that anybody could really tell through the backdrop, of course. She put on her new blouse, came out, another round of photos. Thank God nobody uses film anymore.

"Done?" I asked.

"If you have to get back to work, Timmy, sure, and thanks. But if you have a few minutes, as long as we're here, just some casual shots of the three of us together, just for ourselves?"

"Sure, no problem."

"We were going to change back into our t-shirts anyway after the yearbook photos, so just give us a moment."

Jan and Susie grabbed their t-shirts and stepped behind the backdrop, and Kali just took off her blouse. "Hey, Kali," I said -- as as soon as she looked in my direction, I took a photo of her. "Lingerie shot!"

"You little shit," she said, laughing, and then, still wearing only her bra, stepped behind the camera. "Let me look at it." I clicked preview. "Holy shit," she said. There was Kali in her bra; but behind her was the backdrop, and the flash had turned the backdrop momentarily transparent. They were a little out of focus, but we could clearly see Jen in her bra and one of Susie's bare breasts.

I thought Jen would be angry and order me to delete the photo immediately -- not that I'd planned it, of course -- but instead she whispered "Just don't let them see this."

"What was all the shouting about?" Jen asked as she and Susie returned from behind the backdrop. Jen was wearing an appealingly tight t-shirt, and Susie a sleeveless spaghetti-strap top.

"Oh, my asshole brother took a photo of me in my bra," Kali said.

"Let's see it."

"I made him delete it," Kali lied.

The girls posed for a bunch of photos together: some serious, some silly. Then Susie said "So tell me, Tim, have you done much --" and here she stretched out the word for effect "-- bou...doir photography?"

"Um..." I responded cleverly.

"This was the first time photographing a bra?" Jen teased. "No willing girlfriend up at school?"

"Well... yeah, I did take some photos of my girlfriend."

"In her underwear?" Susie asked.

"Well, no..."

"Out of her underwear?" Jen asked. "You dog!"

"Do we really have to discuss this?" I asked.

"So you have a girlfriend?" Susie asked.

"I did. We broke up a few weeks ago. Are we done here?"

"We're sorry," Jen said. "We didn't want to put you on the spot. Hey, Tim, grab your camera fast! Bra shot!" She quickly lifted her shirt enough to just expose the very bottom of her bra, then pulled it back down again. "Whoops, you missed it."

"Okay, guys," Kali said, "the proper response when somebody dos you a favor is to say thank you, not to bust his chops."

"Sorry, Mister Tim," Susie said in a child-like voice. Kali looked at her impatiently.

"No, seriously, Tim," Jen said. "We are sorry."

"It's okay."

"Listen, to make it up to you, you want to really take my picture in a bra?"

"Not funny anymore," I told her.

"No, I mean it. You just have to promise not to show it to anybody else, okay? If I see it on 'cute highschool girls in their underwear dot com', I'm coming after you to rip your nuts off."

"There's a 'cute highschool girls in their underwear dot com'?" I asked.

"Smartass. So yes or no?"

"Sure," I said.

"Would you like us to leave you alone?" Kali asked.

"It's just a fucking bra," Jen said. "No more than when you were showing a few minutes ago." She pulled the t-shirt over her head.

Well, actually it wasn't quite the same as Kali's: not only was Jen a lot large on top, but the bra was almost sheer; probably a lot more sheer than she's realized when she'd offered to show it to me.

I stepped behind the camera and began taking photos before she realized I could pretty much see her nipples.

"How about if I get in some of the shots?" Kali said. "Or would your little sister ruin the photos for you?"

There was no really safe answer to that one, and I certainly wanted more shots of Jen, so I said "The more the merrier."

"Um... I'll have to give you a raincheck," Susie said, as Kali threw her shirt onto her bed.

"I'll look forward to it," I said, as I began taking photos of the two semi-topless girls. They were mostly striking silly poses and giggling. They were enjoying themselves, but not half as much as I was. And before they were done, Susie had joined them, her shirt rolled up to just under her breasts, covering not much more skin than Kali and Jen's bras.

"Well," Kali said after a few minutes, "time to get decent and hit the road. We have a date with the mall. Kali and Jen pulled their t-shirts back on, and Susie rolled her shirt back down. "Thanks again, Timmy."

"Yeah, thanks," the other girls said, and a moment later they were gone.

And not a moment too soon, because watching Jen's nipples through her bra, and thinking about what they'd look like without the bra, had given me a massive hard-on, and I couldn't wait to plug my camera into the computer in my room, check out the photos, and jerk off. Then I'd copy the best photos into the protected file where I kept the semi-nude and nude photos of Raina, my ex-girlfriend.

I'd just gotten everything set up when there was a knock on my door: Shave and a haircut...

"Kali?" I quickly closed up the computer screen, and somehow tucked my hard cock back into my pants.

"No, it's just me," Susie said. "sorry, I just wanted to try Kali's secret knock. Can I come in?"

"Sure thing," I said, walking over and unlocking the door. "What's up?" I asked as she came in. "I thought you were all going shopping."

"We were. They are. I said I had things to do, and they should go without me."

"I see," I said.

I didn't see.

"Okay," she finally said, "remember when I said I'd give you a raincheck on the bra photos?"

"It's okay, I'm not going to hold you to that."

"No, it's, well... let's do it."

"Now, you mean?" She was still wearing the spaghetti-strap top.

"But you have to promise me, not a word about this to anybody, not even your sister."

"About...? Oh! Definitely. Sure."

She pulled off her top. Her breasts were small, but perfect. Raina's were the only other bare breasts I'd ever seen close-up, but Susie's were definitely my favorites so far.

"Do you... do you like them?" she asked uncertainly.

"Hell, yeah," I said.

I unplugged my camera from the computer, set the switch back to the "take photos" setting, took off the lens cap, and lifted the camera to my eye. "Wait!" Susie said, suddenly covering her breasts with her folded arms.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't do this. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I wanted you to see me like this, but I just can't go through with the photo thing."

"That's okay."

"It's not that I don't trust you. And I really wanted you to see me."

"Susie, it's fine." I put down the camera and replaced the lens cap.

She took her arms away from her chest. "I still like you looking at me, though."

"And I like looking," I told her.

"Tim, can you... could you do something for me?"

"Sure, what?"

She sat down on the side of my bed. "Just hold me for a minute? Nothing sexual, just... hold me."

"Of course." I sat down next to her and put my arm around her, careful not to let my hand stray anyplace inappropriate. She nestled her body against mine, and I could feel her breasts pressing against the sides of my chest through my t-shirt.

Finally she got up, said she was sorry again, pulled on her shirt, and left. My cock was almost painfully hard by now, but I felt too disoriented to think about jerking off.

I wished I could ask Kali what was up with Susie, but I'd make a promise and I was going to keep it. As it happened, she brought up the subject after dinner.

After our parents went off to a dinner party, she gave her secret knock and came into my room. I'd been lying on my bed with my shirt off, thinking about the events of the day. "I hope you didn't think me and Jen were acting too weird today."

"You mean with the posing? Nah, that was just fun."

"I don't think Jen had any idea how much of her nipples were showing, but I'm sure you noticed."

"Yeah, kinda," I said.

"Yeah, kinda," she mimicked. "And I hope you appreciated the fact that I stripped down to give you an excuse to take more pictures."

"Yeah," I admitted, "I definitely owe you one."

"Well, you did a great job on our yearbook photos, so consider us even."

"Fair enough. Did you have fun at the mall?"

"Always. Maybe later I'll show you what I got. Susie didn't come with us, you know."

"Oh?" I asked, all innocence.

"She said she had things to do, I don't know... I think she just didn't want to go clothing shopping."

"Is that unusual?"

"It is, kinda. Susie's... well, she's been going through a bad time lately. She's always been a little insecure about her looks, her.. you know... size, and she was going with a guy she really liked, and when he finally... you can't mention this to anybody, you understand."

"Of course. I can keep secrets."

"Okay, well, he finally got her shirt off, and when he saw her breasts... well, what he said was hurtful. They broke up after that, of course. And the reason I'm telling you this... well, I know you know she's had a little crush on you since we were kids. That's all it was, of course, but she really does think the world of you." She gave me a slight smile. "Same as I do. So I'm just asking you... be kind to her whenever you can, okay? I'm sure you always are, but remember she's a little fragile right now."

"Will do, Kali."

"Okay, end of soap opera," she said. "Now I'd like to show you what I bought at the mall."

"Um... okay," I said without a lot of enthusiasm.

"Come on," she said, "this is nice stuff. Come to my room in a few minutes, and bring your camera."

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