School Shower


The first time I saw a naked woman was when I was about eighteen at school. I had arrived late in on a Monday morning. My bicycle had got a puncture, and I chained it up to a railing on my way to school. My hands were covered in dirt. So was my face where I had wiped sweat off of my brow. My school jumper was torn, (not sure how that happened) and I ripped my trouser seam around my backside.

Upon my entering the school, a maths teacher noticed my lack of cleanliness. She ordered me to take a shower and clean myself up.

I informed her that "Monday was not my P.E. lesson and I did not have any soap or towel."

She told me not to be so rude to a member of teaching staff, and marched me to the sports area. She dragged me up some stairs to the P.E. teachers office, then proceeded to tell Mrs Dish, the female head sports teacher, of my disobedience.

Mrs Dish, thrust a towel into my hands, and handed me a sachet of shower gel. She then opened a small door next to a filing cabinet, where there was a shower, and turned the water on.

"Go on, then. What are you waiting for?" she asked me, as she sat into her chair staring at me. The maths teacher, Miss Lafley, not sure whether Mrs Dish was joking, stood by just in case. Again, Mrs Dish told me to shower.

"But you're watching me" I told her.

"A gold star for our star pupil! If only you could arrive at school as smart as you talk! Now strip".

Embarrassedly I glanced at Miss Lafley, who nodded in agreement with Mrs Dish, her superior. Hoping she would change her mind before I was naked, I confidently removed my shirt and placed it over the back of a chair, followed by my shoes, socks and trousers. I slowly pulled my pants down, waiting for her to tell me to stop.

But no, I fully removed my pants and placed them on the chair. I grabbed the towel and the shower gel sachet and headed for the shower, closing the door behind me. Seconds later the door opened and Mrs Dish said.

"I know what you boys are like; you have a shower without the water hitting you, so we'll make sure it doesn't".

So I turned away from the teachers and started to wash.

"Oh no, turn around; we want to see you wash all of you." Mrs Dish ordered.

When I was fully wet and mostly covered in shower gel bubbles, I heard a knock at the office door. Mrs Dish answered it; it was a first year girl wondering if there was any extra sports for after school.

"Not tonight dear; I think I will be busy." she replied and returned to watching me.

Miss Lafely was now reclining on Mrs Dish's chair, slowly caressing her vagina through her cream tartan skirt.

"Are you as much a tart as the boy, if you're turned on by him have a wank" Mrs Dish said.

Miss Lafely removed her hands from her skirt immediately. Mrs Dish glanced me up and down. She then placed her hands down into her tracksuit bottoms and wiggled her fingers about. She then placed her hands either side of her tracksuit bottoms and pulled them down. She now stood in front of me wearing a white t-shirt and nothing else.

I felt an immediate erection form and felt a little embarrassed. Mrs Dish then removed her t-shirt to reveal two perfectly formed breasts; they were quite large, but slightly saggy as she was in her early forties. Miss Lafely, looked awestruck at Mrs Dish, who was now showing her shapely backside.

Suddenly Mrs Dish turned around to Miss Lafely and shoved her hand up Miss Lafely's skirt. A second later she had a pair of cream lace knickers in her hand. Miss Lafely tried to get them back from Mrs Dish, but as she reached into the air to get them, her skirt rose to reveal her tight arse.

Mrs Dish threw them into a washing basket which was almost empty. As Miss Lafely leant over into the basket, her tight arse and cunt were on display. As Miss Lafely was Unable to get out of the basket because Mrs Dish was holding her legs, apart, Mrs Dish slowly licked her tongue along Miss Lafely's backside. She then placed her middle finger into Miss Lafely's vagina, sliding it in and out with ease.

There were sigh's of pleasure coming from the basket.

I had now emerged from the shower and was standing watching this spectacle. Suddenly Mrs Dish, glanced around at me,

"Don't just stand there gawping boy; watch what I'm doing."

I moved across the room and watched as she slowly pushed and pulled her finger in and out of Miss Lafely's hole.

"Think you could do this?" Mrs Dish asked me.

"I'll give it a try," I said and went to insert my finger into Miss Lafely's vagina.

"Not her, me," she told me.

So I went around to her backside and placed my arm under her body. It took a few seconds to find her hole, and then I inserted my finger. I eased it in and out a few times, and I heard murmurs of pleasure from Mrs Dish.

"Fuck, you're not bad, boy." she informed me.

She then altered her position under Miss Lafely to place her head in front of Miss Lafely's vagina. Mrs Dish immediately rammed her tongue into Miss Lafely's lips.

"Don't watch , follow" she instructed me.

To which I lay flat on the wet floor and inserted my tongue into Mrs Dish's wet pussy. At first it tasted strange, but it was an such an alluring strange, that I dived back with vigour.

Soon Miss Lafely wanted to get out of the washing basket. Mrs Dish helped her out. And as their faces met they kissed each other, with tongues.

"Bloody hell Miss Lafely, do you know where her tongues been?" I remarked in a joking way.

"Same fucking place yours is going" she replied.

I slid over and placed my lips on Miss Lafely's vagina and gently kissed it, then slowly inserted my tongue into her vaginal lips. Although I did not dare say it, Miss Lafely's vagina tasted amazing and the tightness of her cunt was superb.

My erection grew larger, although it was Mrs Dish who had the pleasure of sucking it first. She gently caressed it first, then slowly pulled my foreskin back to reveal my bell-end. She lightly placed the tip of her tongue into the tip of my penis, arousing me into another world. I could have shot my load there and then, but I held myself back.

Miss Lafely was groaning to my licking of her cunt. I then removed my tongue and inserted two fingers into her entry. I slowly pushed and pulled my fingers, gradually speeding up.

Soon she was screaming with such ecstasy, Mrs Dish even removed her head from my penis to ask her to be quieter. Almost simultaneously Miss Lafely and I shot our loads. My hands were covered in semen, and I wiped them on Miss Lafely's voluptuously pert breasts.

As Mrs Dish, gasped a second before I shot my load, her mouth opened wide to get the full force of my semen. It shot into the dead centre of her mouth, and she savoured every mouthful. Once she had removed every trace of semen from my penis, she joined me in removing the semen from Miss Lafely's breasts.

Suddenly the end of double lesson bell rang, which shocked all three of us. Now sweaty and with traces of semen on us all, we showered together, with Miss Lafely washing my back and me washing Mrs Dish's back! We then turned around, and Mrs Dish washed my front, while I washed Miss Lafely's front,

"Oh, those wonderful pert breasts!" I murmured to myself.

Once I was showered, Mrs Dish told me to leave her and Miss Lafely alone. I was to tell Mr Mirad that Miss Lafely had a migraine and was having a head massage with Mrs Dish and that they were not to be disturbed for at least an hour.

I closed the sports room door leaving both teachers enjoying each others bodies.

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