tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSchool Stockroom

School Stockroom


I was on my back on the small table in the now blacked out stockroom, I had no idea who it was that had swiftly entered, turned out the light locked the door and grabbed me.

I knew it was a male that was for sure, he was too strong for me, the first thing he did when he took hold of me and forced me over the table was close a hand over my mouth and growled in my ear, 'one sound, that's all it will take and you won't want to ever look in the mirror ever again!'

'Nod your head if you understand me?' Another growled comment in my ear.

I did as instructed.

He was stood between my already parted legs, so a kick was out of the question.

That's when I felt my blouse being undone, the bra pushed up and my tits being caressed; my nipples pinched and then powerfully sucked and nipped in his teeth.

The hand came away from my mouth and I whimpered. 'Who are you, what have I done to you, why are you doing this to me?'

'Because I want to, because I can, because I'm going to, because you are just a fucking big cock tease, and I'm having what you've been offering,' he said quietly.

'Oh God, please don't do this, please let me go, I promise I won't say a word about this, I won't tease anyone any more ever again,' I pleaded.

'Too late,' he told me, 'Im here already, no point in going back now, you are going to be mine, no one knows we are here, and Im going to fuck your brains out Mrs Mortimer, Meg.'

He must be a student in my school, he knows my name, or even my class I thought, as his finger agonisingly worked my slowly distending nipples, my wanton sensitive nipples that he was getting the better of.

How on earth was I going to get out of this?

He was right I did enjoy small flirtations, and some teasing of the boys, especially the good looking ones, but I hadn't done it to anyone in particular as far as I knew.

Me? Im Mrs Mortimer, Meg is the name I go by, teacher in Math at this college.

I am married aged 32, wed for 12 years now, 2 children, who go to day care so I can continue my teaching and therefore my own education.

I am 5ft 6" tall, good looking, in fact I am better than good looking, but I try not to flaunt it, although I know I do.

I am very sexually active and love the sexual side to me, I constantly seduce my husband even though he sometimes asks me not to when he is feeling a little tired, but I usually get my way no problem, he's too easy ha ha ha ha ha.

I have short brown lustrous hair that skims my shoulders, but my eyes are my favourite, along with my bum, they are wide, big and so dark, I love them and I know I have the ability to look at any man and undress him with them, and also the ability to let him know I am.

My figure is still good, shapely in all the right places, like I said I have itchy nipples that respond to all sorts of ministrations, be it fingers or a material contact and they in turn orchestrate the rest of my body.

I have got all the right attributes and generally I am very pleased with the way I look, and make sure I do look good too at all times, concerning the way I dress etc, plenty of shortish skirts, and that includes college.

I have to confess I have been unfaithful a few times in my marriage, but it was purely sexual, no love involved, not on my part anyway.

There are 1 or 2 nice other teachers here, who given different circumstances I could have quite enjoyed a 'meeting' with, but its work so it's a no no.

It has always evolved from my eyes, letting a man know I found him attractive, I did it purposely with my husbands boss who called me the day after and asked me to meet him for a lunch time drink, I knew what he was after and reasoned that it would do my husband nothing but good if I went along with it.

So I did and the sex was great, he left me completely satisfied and I met him on a couple of other occasions until I pulled the plug, he understood me and that was that, and my husband received a much wanted promotion.

The other one that I really enjoyed was the son of a colleague of my husbands, we were invited to a BBQ at his home, and the son was a gorgeous lad of about 20, I did the business with my eyes, and during the party I indicated to him I was going upstairs to the bathroom, followed quickly by him where we had a real hard quickie that was breathtaking not only in terms of him beating my pussy senseless, but also because of the danger.

I went around to his house 3 more times after that and he shagged me rotten every time, but I pulled that one too when he told me he loved me.

The other times did nothing for me really, and I have been faithful since, but it looked like that was going to be altered now whether I wanted to or not, my nipples were telling me that this was good and they were enjoying themselves.

So here I was, he had me over the table, legs spread, blouse undone and now my nipples were undoing me!

I pleaded with him to let me go before it was too late. 'Sorry Meg, you've been offering, so Im accepting baby,' he whispered.

That's when I felt his prick being pushed at my pussy through my skirt.

'Oh no please don't, please?' I begged.

But I knew it wouldn't be long because if he kept this up that I would start to give in, my body has always been my worst enemy, it was treacherous at times.

His hands left my breasts and nipples but not his hot mouth I actually thought he was going to let me go.


I felt his hands at my knees and knew my skirt was on its way up my legs before I felt it.

He slid his smooth hands up and down them, inside my thighs then outside, down over my knees along my calves then back up to softly rub and stroke my pussy.

I yelped and moaned when that happened, and I swear I could tell it brought a smile to his lips.

'Please tell me who you are please?' I whispered now, I knew he was going to fuck me, or make love to me, I wasn't sure yet, in the end I was to get both!

'Meg you have been teasing me for long enough, I have been biding my time for the right moment to get you, and now I have, its going to be unstoppable, just be sure of that okay?' He said in my ear, his hot breath arousing me further.

The light in the stockroom was nil, I had no chance for identification.

'Please then just tell me your first name, I need to know it please tell me?' I bleated. He relented, 'its James, Meg.'

The name raced through my mind, I knew 5 or 6 James here at the college, I narrowed it down to 2, and both were students.

Both were good looking boys, one was a white boy, the other was black, and I mean black. And out of the two I settled on the black boy, I ventured a guess, 'okay James, and is your last name is Monson?' He drew a quick intake of breath, I was right I knew it.

He never said a word, he continued his works on me and his mouth dropped back onto a thick hard nipple causing me to gasp, his fingers worked at my pussy now while his other hand roamed softly over and around my legs.

He wasn't going to stop now, that was becoming evidently obvious.

I felt my panties giving way to superior strength, this was the first time ever that a man had ripped my panties from me, and it made me shiver with anticipation.

I heard his zip coming down and then that first knowing nudge of a mans heavy cock at the entrance to a woman's pussy, I had no idea if mine was wet and slippy, but I soon found out, his cock thrust into me in one fell swoop.

I was loaded cocked and ready to be fired in a second.

He drew his hands to the inside of my knees and lifted my legs upwards, placing my feet over his shoulders.

Then gathering my wrists in his hands, he held them above my head, and that's when I started receiving a fucking like I had never had one, I could picture him now leaning over me and thrusting that great big black cock into me, it felt like the biggest I had ever had in there, it filled me up completely.

I went with it, there were no imitation protestations from me, I wanted to be fucked, used, abused, and taken, it was sex that's all it was and I was going to get from it everything I could.

And I can tell you I succeeded too, he smashed me over the edge, I came like waterfall gushing over the edge of a total precipice, he pumped me and pumped me, he was as he had said, unstoppable.

He let my legs drop over his back and using him as leverage, I clamped them tight over his strong young body.

He had me coming like never before, I had never been dominated like this it was the most unusually heart stopping orgasm I had ever had, it made me capitulate to his power over me.

My juice was running out of me and I knew I had squirted my cum out of me, I had never done this, but I knew I had done it now, I felt the pulse and thrust of my pussy around his cock.

'Please let go of my wrists,' I begged him.

He did, I wrapped my arms around his neck, it was all I could do, I managed to pull him down to me so I could bury my face into his neck.

I was shattered, never had I experienced this, and Im not sure he knew what he had achieved and put me through either.

I could smell him now, his particular man smell that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

'Oh James, oh James,' I whispered, 'do you know what you have just done?' I queried softly. 'Well if Im not too mistaken Mrs Mortimer, I think I have just made you come whether you wanted to or not, and do you know something else? I am going to do it again!'

And he did too!

He started stroking his young and still hard cock in and out of me again, and I had to go with it, I couldn't deny it or him, he had me right where he wanted me and there was no way out, he slowly fucked me into oblivion, his long slow rhythmical strokes drove me insane, I begged him to stop, not to stop, fuck me harder, fuck me softer, just fuck me and love me, that's all I wanted now, I was a woman who had seemingly been fucked to within an inch of her life, and now I was a woman who wanted to be love fucked by a powerful male who was herding her into a place she didn't know of.

He was guiding me with his strong powerful prick that filled me in a way I hadn't yet defined.

How could an 18 year old boy do this to me, I had always thought of myself as the sexual predator, the giver and the taker, wasn't I the one who had hunted down my quarry with ease over the years and used them to my satisfaction?

Well the tables had been turned now good style, these thoughts were swirling through my mind when he grunted and shot the most hardest hitting bank of sperm into my body had ever been subjected to.

I swear I was going to drown, he powered his prick into me when he came with such force I thought he was going to halve me in two, he made me cum with him again and again and again.

He leaned over when he had quieted and kissed me for the first time, I kissed him back, any man or boy that was capable of such a feat as he had put me through deserved my complete attention and he got it.

We both rested and loved each other, I still hadn't been able to look my young lover in the eye, but I knew who he was and he was there in my head, and his prick was still in my body.

He slowly started to pull out of me much to my dismay, I protested softly saying, 'no don't pull it out please, leave it in me for a few more moments,' He did, oh heaven was with me this day.

This caused him to half harden again and we had a soft loving session, it was so sweet I nearly died with womanly passion.

He pulled out, I heard him gathering himself together again, he said to me, 'close your eyes Meg.'

I did, and heard the door open and close, he was gone! I laid there for a quite while to collect myself and run through my head the amazing event that had just happened, and all I could think of was the delight I was feeling.

My pussy was empty sadly, but my mind wasn't, this was not stopping here I told myself.

It's a good job today was Friday because I needed the weekend to recover, it was a struggle to walk to my car that night such was the thrashing I had received from him.

I was more than looking forward to round two, and I was going to give as good as I got or die in the attempt to please my young black conqueror, my young black masterful lover.

One other thing entered my mind too, it was the fact that I had never had black prick, well I had truly been blacked today, that was for certain.

Over the weekend I thought long and hard about Friday, I couldn't have planned what happened, I couldn't have bought it, he had taken me for his own, I had submitted without hardly any opposition or thought.

On Monday morning, after class was settled, I would catch James's eye, give him the 'business' letting him know all was well, his coal black good looks had my stomach churning in expectation of that black prick working me over again, I did things to him in my mind during the day that almost had me cumming right there at my desk!

He was secretly glancing back at me and I read in his eyes, that yes, he was coming for me again!

Oooh the very thought of it had me quivering.

As he was leaving for his final lesson of the day, I slipped him a small note saying

James, Please see me after school; we have things to discuss privately. Mrs Mortimer. (Meg) x

He looked at it and whispered, 'yes Mrs Mortimer.'

I was beside myself with anticipation of getting that fabulous black prick inside me again, and being fucked to heaven and back, never in my life had I looked forward to something so much.

Eventually the school bell went, and I tried to ready myself for James. I stood near the classroom door and when he entered I closed and locked it, took him by the hand and practically dragged him into the stockroom.

I jumped into his arms and kissed him mightily, he responded to me wholesale. I dropped a hand and felt for his prick; there it was already growing in it.

I undid his belt pulled down the zip, dropped to my haunches taking his pants and shorts with me, in a flash I had that beautiful black prick in my mouth, it grew to full erection in there, his hand was in my hair holding me while I hoovered his prick, the smooth shiny mushroom head was sliding in and out wonderfully.

I was wanking and sucking him at the same time, he didn't last too long, he shot a humongous load into my waiting mouth and I swallowed the lot with a little difficulty, the taste of him overwhelmed me and I came right there squatting on the floor!

I wiped my myself on his shirt tails and struggled to my feet, I discarded my blouse skirt and panties in a heartbeat, and laid myself back over the table where this had all begun, and him bless him, was either hard again or it hadn't gone down, he was between my legs before you could say boo, and was fucking me as if his life depended on it.

Well, let me tell you I thought my life was in danger the way he went at me; I was shooting my own cum long before he did.

I seemed to be cumming in a loop, I just didn't seem to stop, it was manic fucking at its best, I could feel cum running down my legs, so I lifted them up and hooked my feet around his back, he just continued battering me.

That's when the thing I had never ever done or wanted happened, I was frightened by the thought of it, but it did and he went with it to its ultimate conclusion.

His pricked slipped out of my beaten and battered pussy, and in his hurry to get it back in, he rammed it all the way into my unprotected and very slippy wet soaking loved juiced arse!

I managed to contain the scream that came into my open mouth, but the pain was horrendous, I tried to tell him to stop and take it out, but all that came out of my mouth was nonsense, drivel, not one coherent word left my lips.

While I was in agony, it seemed to spur him on, he renewed his assault on me and went for it, in the mean time the pain started to subside, my arse was expanding at a rapid rate of knots, or it felt like it anyway.

This gave way to a certain amount of pleasure, pleasure that was given by my total degradation now to his hammering of me, my arse must have decided to accommodate his prick because I had an orgasm of enormous proportions and power I had never experienced, it was so utterly different to any orgasm I had ever had, and it blew me to bits.

I was just laid on the table now, utterly and completely spent, I had had orgasms that I'm sure no other woman had ever had!

He leaned in saying my name and kissing me so passionately, it was a beautiful kiss, and he said he couldn't wait to get together with me again; this had been fantastic, he told me, he had never suspected that I had fancied him!


That's when I realised that the smell I was getting from him wasn't the smell from Friday; it wasn't the James who had fucked me and taken me to new heights.

What on earth had I done, I had given myself completely to a student of mine thinking he was someone else! He leaned in and kissed me one more time, said, 'goodbye Meg see you tomorrow baby.'

And he was gone, I was still laid where he left me totally fucked and beaten, it felt so good inside, but now I had a problem, I had mixed it with a student, and there was my unknown lover out there now.

I had no idea who it was, and I knew I would never forget those two separate fuckings I had had.

I managed to get out of school, I felt like crawling into my car and falling to sleep, I was shattered, but I got home, saw to the children and my husband and went to bed.

I rang in sick the next day, I had too much thinking to do, and I needed the rest, and also to keep out of James's way.

The following day I returned to school, where I received a very loving note from James, saying what had happened had completely taken him by surprise, that he had loved it, wanted to meet me again at any time and place of my choosing, but also promised that my virtue would remain intact, he would be discretion personified, that not a soul would learn of our liaison.

I was so happy; I looked at him and mouthed a big thank you, and nodded my head.

The week passed uneventfully thank goodness.

I couldn't help but notice James giving me the eye discreetly, I let him know it would be later rather than sooner, but the thought of his wonderful black prick invading me again was almost too much.

My husband announced that he would be away for 3 days including Sat and Sun, it was works convention or something, I wasn't really interested, but pretended I was, he joked it would give him a chance to have a rest and get his golf handicap down!

I arranged for the children to go to his mothers, to give me time on my own and to catch up on school work.

I was sorely tempted to let James have me after school on Friday but managed to withhold myself and went home.

My husband called me at 9:00 to let me know he was settled and wish me good night, that he would call again same time tomorrow. I was in bed at 10:00

I was asleep in moments; it wasn't until I felt the bed move and arms encircled me that I knew I wasn't alone.

I whipped around to face whoever it was, but because the curtains were drawn, again I couldn't see who.

I knew it wasn't my husband, then his smell climbed into my nostrils, it was him, my secret lover.

I relaxed, why I don't know but I did, he kissed me, oh the smell of him it was like a relaxant drug, I nestled into him, and he said, 'have you missed me Meg?'

I reached for his cock, I didn't want to talk, I wanted to fuck and make love, I wanted him to fuck me and make love to me, that's what I wanted I told him.

I slid down the bed and grabbed his cock with my lips and sucked him in, I could see his black skin there, but not his features, oh he was so hard and long and thick, I was assailed by him, I sucked and slobbered over and around his prick, his balls, his scrotum, everywhere I could get my mouth and tongue until he came in buckets.

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