School Stockroom


I just laid there after with my head on his stomach cock still in my hot mouth sucking out the last remnants of his spunk, while he recovered and I got my breath back.

I reached over to turn on the light; he held my hand, 'please,' I said, 'let me see you?'

He let go and I blinked in utter surprise, it was Leon my black neighbour's son, who lived next door, his dad worked with my husband, he also was a student at my college and was in the classroom next to mine, and four times a week I took his class too!

That's how he had got me, he knew my movements, and his father was away with my husband, and he knew my children were away.

Before I could say a word or do anything he was on me and his prick was buried to its wonderful hilt into my now heated pussy, all I could do as go with him, he had me, I knew that, I wasn't going to stop anything and already I didn't want to, he fucked me long and hard, the sheets were soaking in cum and sweat from us both as the night wore on, he was never ending, how could anyone fuck a woman like this, I was sore, hurting and abused it was fantastic, I couldn't get enough of him, eventually he went to sleep at my side with my head on his shoulder.

I briefly thought of my position in life now, I was/ had been the ultimate beautiful female warrior seductress, a complete predator, that no one suspected, I was a home maker, a loving wife, a mother, a respected school teacher who had taken men to use whenever she wanted, although they didn't know it, and I loved my power.

And now I had been completely tamed by this boy, it was no contest; I knew I would never ever be able to better him.

When I awoke in the morning, it was obviously late, the sun was high in the sky, I looked at my lover snoring gently on his back, I slipped below the sheets, it was a bit smelly but I didn't care, I gently sucked and nibbled at his sticky cock, I didn't wake him, I just enjoyed myself.

I got up, showered and half dressed in just a shirt of my husbands, I know men like to see a beautiful woman in just a mans shirt, with only the bottom button fastened, I didn't think it would be on me for long, Im sure he would have plans for me, and that would involve me being naked.

I was in the kitchen making breakfast when two arms ensnared me, my nipples received the attention they craved, here we go I thought deliciously and here we go we did!

This time I was on my own table face down being gloriously fucked from behind, I was sore as hell but I still came in torrents, what a man/boy he is!

When I managed to rise up I did his breakfast, and while he was eating I went up and remade the bed.

I came back down and there he was on my sofa watching TV, I snuggled up to him and we talked.

I asked him about taking me like that in the stockroom, and the chance of trouble from it, he said he had seen me wiggling my arse at the boys, they all ogled me, and he knew I knew it too, me eyeing up the good looking ones, including James, and one or two others.

He guessed me for what I was and he had guessed right, I suppose I could be termed as a nympho, he had nailed me straight on, and he surmised that I wouldn't cause a fuss no matter what, right again.

So doing me in the stockroom wasn't a risk unless someone came in, and he had locked the door hadn't he?

So he had planned it, and waited for the opportunity to get me, and it had worked beautifully, what had surprised him was my swift acquiescence to him, the way I had submitted to my 'fate'.

What I obviously didn't know about myself was that while I knew I was a female sexual predator, I also had an alter ego, I was a submissive to the right man, and Leon was the right man, of that there was no question.

'I'm so glad I am what you say I am Leon, I realise what you are saying is true and I understand that, you are just fantastic, no one has ever done me the way you have, no one.' I told him.

'The reason I had you pegged Meg was, I am going to major in human psychology, and in human nature, so I practised on you babe.' He laughed into my mouth as he kissed me.

That afternoon I got fucked in my arse, he asked me if I had done it before, I said, 'no I hadn't, you have my virgin bum hole darling.' I whispered to him a lie.

He ravaged me, it's the only way he said, it would teach me that if anyone else ever did it, I would always think back to the day he had fucked me there, and he was right, James hadn't fucked me as hard or as long as that, I'm sure I could have got my hand in there afterwards, he shot tons of spunk into me, I was flooded and happy, so so happy.

We spent the entire weekend shagging each other all over the house, it's a good job I am on the pill because there was no way my body could have withstood the amount of spunk that Leon dumped into me.

When my husband returned on the Sunday evening, he fancied a bit of nookie, I refused him saying I was tired after a hard weekend working; he was more than surprised, and he had no idea of what I had been working at or on!

Or what had been working on and in me, my pussy and arsehole felt as if they had been ripped out of me, I felt absolutely wonderful.

I saw Leon at school several times that week, but kept my distance and made sure he couldn't get me in the stockroom, I needed to assess my life in a big way.

What I didn't bargain for was James, it was him who got me into the stockroom and near fucked me to death for an hour, he had everything I could give, he had learned from our one meeting what it was I wanted and needed and he gave it to me in spades.

Now I am almost at their behest, I find it increasingly difficult to refuse either, except to try and limit their access to my body which is so hard when I know they can fuck me and make love to me like they do, I try and arrange for another teacher to be there sometimes so I can walk out with them and not get trapped, but its only a matter of time before they find out about each other.

And then?

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