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Schoolgirl Lust


I've always loved a nice ass on a woman. I can't stop myself. It's not that I don't appreciate the whole woman, or I just see woman as object. Whenever I come across a tight round little ass I seem to be mesmerized by it. This was the weakness that led to the following encounter.

I work as an ironworker, so being Friday and the project we were working on was ahead of schedule we cut out early and went for beers. I don't blame the booze but I guess it helped. I was on my way home on the bus, feeling pretty good, just watching the lights go by the window. The bus was becoming increasingly crowded the Friday afternoon panic was on. I had found a single seat along the left side of the bus which suited me just fine. I'm 6 foot 3 and 220 lbs. so sitting with another person is never comfortable, even with a seat by myself I tend to spill over. Hard physical work has kept me in good shape for a guy almost 35.

I heard the girls before I saw them, their voices seemed to rise above the rattles and roar of the bus. They wore uniforms from some private school, green plaid skirts white blouses and blue blazers. The bare legs was what first caught my attention, they slipped through the crowd and found space next to me. A stroke of luck, why is it those pretty little uniforms seem to do so much for some guys, me being one of them?

She stood against me her long fiery red hair inches from my face, I could smell her, a sweet musk smell working overtime on a guy who spends too much time with sweaty men. The smooth white legs disappearing under her skirt only inches from my face. My imagination working overtime on the shape of her you little bottom, I was so close she was so vulnerable. I listened to her speaking to her friend, the voice wasn't shrill or giggling like so many young girls. Don't even think about it I kept telling myself, she's got to be too young.

"My parents went away for the weekend and my younger sister is going out with friends to celebrate he 18th birthday, so why don't you come over."

She was talking to her friend, She had to be over 18. Now my mind kicked into high gear.

"I can't I have to go over to my Granny tonight but maybe tomorrow, we could get a movie and I could sleep over" Her friend continued.

What was I thinking they were schoolgirls and I was over 10 years older. The bus lurched and hit a pothole or curb or something and I saw her loose her balance she had nowhere to go but on my lap. I actually reached out my hand and caught her before she fell. All I recall was her hair in my face and my hand on her ass. She righted herself and looked down at me.

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me"

He face was turning red, the freckles over her button nose disappearing, I just looked into her beautiful green eyes almost speechless. My hand still on her, I quickly pulled away afraid of my own thoughts and weaknesses.

"It's Ok, that was the most fun I've had all day." I deadpanned

Her face went another shade of red, but I saw her smile as she turned away.

The friend was going on about the sad of transit it's drivers and the crowded buses. The little redhead was still standing right next to me, someone tried to push past her and she pushed her backside up against my arm. I thought she would move away but even after they had passed she continued to touch me. I shifted and my upper arm moving it against the crack of he bottom. This was having the obvious effect on me and my jeans seemed to be way to tight to tolerate it. My hands resting on my legs shifted trying to give my growing problem some more room. The back of my hand touched the soft flesh of her bare leg. She had to feel it, she never moved away if anything the pressure seemed to increase against my hand. I never heard what her friend was saying but she was just nodding, a little preoccupied with the our little game to care too much about her friend.

I moved my hand, turning it so the palm was in full contact with her thigh she moved back, increasing the delicious contact of her tight little bottom against my arm. I couldn't believe I was feeling-up this lovely young girl on public transit. She not only allowed it, but was encouraging me. I had to go farther not knowing how much I could get away with before she screamed rape. I moved my large rough hand up her thigh back and forth going higher each time feeling her warm soft flesh, wanting so much more. I was almost holding my breathe, the tension in me building. I was under her skirt. I could feel the heat between her legs and she shifted her weight so slightly spreading her legs. She wanted more, my hand grazed her panties. Was she swaying? or was it me, the friction between my hand and her most private spot increased. Suddenly she moved, as if panicked, she pushed her way to the door as the bus came to a stop. I saw her look back and smile before she got off. That was it, I was lost, almost unaware of anything but my desire. The throbbing between my legs screamed to be satisfied, was she just a tease and I'd have to finish myself when I got home.

I pulled the bell cord and pushed my way to the door. The stop was only a block from where she got off. My feet didn't seem to touch the stairs as I bounded from the bus. Jogging back, watching for her afraid I wouldn't find her, but then I saw her under a street light. I slowed, watching her as she turned down a small side street. I followed her. What was I doing, was I a stalker. I new it was a little crazy and I should just leave her alone, I just couldn't stop myself.

There was no plan just a series of events that propelled me forward, towards her. The beers and the intoxicating effect she had on me seemed to cloud any rational decisions I was making.

The house was the last one on the street with only the front porch light on. She walked up the stairs and looked back. I was in the he shadows she couldn't have seen me. I moved quickly towards her as she opened the door, my body bulldozing her into the house and closing the door behind me before she knew what was happening. She swung around raising her hands to push me off and I grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall.

"Don't scream".

She was so frightened and then she seem to recognize me from the bus.

"Don't hurt me I'll do what you want"

The tone of her voice was wrong, she wasn't scared, she was playing the game, she wanted this, she just wanted it to be forced on her.

"You don't even know what I want yet. You shouldn't men on the bus, now you are going to have to pay the price for your little game."

"I'm sorry, are you going to do"

Her tone was that of a little girl, she was enjoying this and playing it to the hilt. I took off my belt and wrapped it around her wrists pulling it tight binding her hands in front of her. She gasped a little a little more horror in her voice.

"I'll do what you say, just don't hurt me."

"You'll do everything I want and enjoy it when I hurt you won't you?"

She looked at me with desire in her eyes, I reached out and touched her face, holding her cheek as I brought lips to hers. The first kiss was gentle feeling her soft thick lips moving against mine. My tongue traced her mouth finally pushing it's way into hers, meeting her own tongue. I drove my it deeper into her mouth, feeling the back of her throat. My rough unshaven face touching her soft skin, harder and rougher I drove my tongue into her. My hand roamed down her body feeling the flare of her hips and the curve of her delectable bottom. I could feel her pushing herself against me as if to meld with my body, her bound hands seeking out touching the hardness in my jeans.

I pulled away, looking at her, admiring her dishevel, the lust in her, the heaving chest as she tried to catch her breath.

"What's your name?"

She hesitated finally whispering "Elizabeth".

"That's lovely". I never offered mine, best to stay anonymous for now I thought. "Take me to your room, I want to see were you sleep and fantasize, I want to have my way with you an your own bed, do nasty things to you in your own bed."

She led me up the stairs and I held onto her shoulders as we went, touching her, smelling her scent. The room was what you would expect. A queen-size canopy bed, stuffed animals, and boyband posters. I stood her in the middle of the room. She still wore all her cloths including her blazer I pushed it open as far as it would go with her hands tied, past her small breasts. I touched her over her cloths looking at her as my hands roamed her body. Her nipples poking out her Goosebumps. She began to shiver at my touch her eyes closed trying to stand straight but her body swayed as my hands moved over her lovely little body. My lips kissing her neck nuzzling into her hair tracing her ear with my tongue.

"You liked that, you want me to touch you, feel you, use you for my own pleasure don't you?"

"Oh yes" she whispered, as much to herself or God, as to me

She barely stood five feet tall and couldn't have weighed more than 95 lbs., My hands touched her blouse over her flat stomach up to the small swell of her young breasts, the nipples felt like little erasers on the end of a pencil.

"Was that a moan I heard, I never said you could make any noise, I think it's time I gave this naughty little girl the spanking she deserves."

Her eyes opened and went wide, afraid to speak she looked incredible vulnerable standing there. I could do as I liked to her. The power seemed to feed me, make me more intoxicated with desire.

I sat on the bed and pulled her to me hard, she lost her balance and I guided her fall so she lay over my knee on her stomach. My hand touched her thigh again, this time pushing her skirt up exposing the small round ass that I had felt earlier. The underwear were white cotton, obviously wet were they had touched her lips, I pulled them down to her knees.

"Elizabeth has been a naughty girl hasn't she?"

She seemed to whimper at my words. I wanted to make this last, enjoy the feeling, the sight of her so exposed, so at my mercy. I enjoyed the touch of her lovely soft bottom, my hand moving over it my large rough fingers moving though her crack brushing against the soft downy hair between her legs. I heard another moan and I lifted my hand and brought it down hard with a loud smack. Even my hand stung and I could see the bright red mark it had left, She yelled out but I continued to strike the ripe little bottom until it was glowed red. Elizabeth whimper, begging me to stop, telling me she would do anything for me telling me how she wanted to please me.

I reached under her and undid the belt holding her wrists. She moved her hands so they touched my cock that strained against her belly her. My hand felt her soft inner thigh and she spread her legs for me, her lips were soaked my index finger moved along the outer edge of her swollen lips, spreading her juices, then sliding into her. I felt the resistance of her hymen. I backed off, she was a virgin.

"Oh yes " she moaned. "don't stop".

My finger moved back rubbing her lips pushing in and out teasing her. Finally I moved it forward and found her hard little bud. I coated it with her own wetness. She shook as if electrocuted at the light touch of my finger. I lightly rubbed it pulling back the small hood feeling the tight small nib of her clit. She shook uncontrollably crying out my finger rubbed harder pushing her closer. Faster and harder I rubbed wanting her to feel the pleasure. Her body convulsed on my lap tensing as she cried out as her orgasm wracked her body.

"Louder I want to hear you cum" I yelled. It seemed to bring her to another orgasm as my fingers continued their assault on her. She tensed again and this time I thought the walls shook a she yelled even louder letting the pleasure flow through her body completely.

My cock was throbbing, pleading for release. I lifted her and moved her to the floor running my hand over her head and through her long soft mane. She knelt there, beside me looking up waiting for my orders. Her round innocent face seemed satisfied, wanting to please and do as I wished. I stood and unbuttoned my jeans pushing them to the floor, she helped pull them off my feet. I reached into my shorts and took hold of my hard cock pulling it over the edge of the waistband, releasing it for her to see. I've never had any complaints about it's size and from the look on her face she wasn't going to be the first. I pushed my shorts down and sat back down on the bed. I looked into her eyes but she just stared at it mesmerized.

"Go ahead touch it, I want you to kiss it and feel it in your mouth"

She hesitated touching it very carefully, Looking up at me looking for instruction.

"I've never touched a man before, I'm not sure what to do".

She seemed a little embarrassed by the admission.

"It's Ok just wrap your hand and around it's base and kiss the head a little I'll tell you what feels good and what doesn't"

She couldn't get her small delicate hand all the way around it but she tried. She began to kiss and lick the head. It twitched in her hand and she became braver putting the tip to her mouth kissing and licking the head.

"Put it in you mouth, open real wide and use only you lips. Keep your hand at the base and move it back and forth."

The sight of this cute little girl sucking my engorged cock was to much. I grabbed handfuls of her red hair and force more of it into her. I fucked her mouth pushing it deeper. She gagged but I didn't care I wanted to cum deep in her throat. Her face seemed contorted her eyes looking up at me as she struggled with my throbbing cock. Her throat relaxed as if giving in, not being able to struggle against me any more. I felt it the head entering her throat her hand still wrapped around the base pumping up and down she wanted me to explode in her mouth releasing my seed into he belly.

"Yeah that's it, suck me you little slut I'm going to cum in your mouth and I want you to suck me dry"

She gagged her cheeks bulging as she struggled with my hot cum shooting into her. Over and over it pulsed pumping more into her. She tried to sallow it, her effort is worth noting but her small mouth couldn't take it all, the remains dripped down the sides of her mouth, dripping onto her blue blazer, staining her white blouse. I pulled her close pulling her onto the bed, kissing her face, tasting my own cum. She smiled, proud of herself and I held her close touching her gently, wanting to feel her against me. Wanting to be quite and gentle, completely relaxed. I dozed off, content for now, but knowing there would to be more.

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