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Schoolgirl Uniform


This is a little different to my other stories. This one is true and simply told. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Scott and I were at university and had been boyfriend-girlfriend for about a year. It was his birthday and I wanted to do something really special for him, something he'd remember for a long time. My best friend Naomi and I had a long talk and we decided to go for it.

I called Scott and told him to come by our house that night to get his surprise. He'd had plans to go out drinking with his mates, and I could see he was a little disappointed when he arrived. The passionate kiss I gave him at the door cheered him up a little, and I knew he'd already forgotten about the lads when I lead him through to the bedroom. I was wearing his favourites, my tightest blue jeans and off the shoulder white top, the one that made my boobs look nice and big. I pushed him onto the bed as he started to fondle them.

"Take off your clothes Scott," I said demurely. I opened a draw next to the bed, took out a couple of silk scarves, smiled coquettishly at him.

Scott grinned, pulling his sweatshirt over his head, his firm, manly chest exposed. He seductively dragged down his jeans, his cock already semi-hard in his shorts. I stared hard, pleasingly aroused, watching his meat twitch, the weight of his balls sagging the jockey shorts a little. I told him to leave them on a while, the anticipation of taking them off excited me. He lay down, I spread his arms and legs, and secured him to the bed, smiling as I did so.

Satisfied he was safe, I sat down next to him, my long dark hair running down my back. I took the wine from the bedside table, poured it and offered him some, giggling.

"I've got a nice surprise for you," I said, standing, leaving the room. He called to me as I left, I called him back to be patient.

It was maybe twenty minutes later when I pushed the bedroom door open. The room was darkened by then, and I watched Scott strain to see, lifting his head lazily.

I stood at the doorway smiling, my long hair pulled into two long pigtails. I stroked one lovingly, my hand running up and down as I moved into the room, stood at the side of the bed.

"What do you think Scott?" I asked, standing tall, a long expanse of naked skin between my tiny white socks, and flimsy schoolgirl skirt.

He looked dumbfounded for a moment, eyes racing all over me. I did a twirl, my skirt rising and falling a little as I did. When I faced him again, his face was aglow, the muscles of his arms tight as he strained against the silk shackles. I leaned forward, face close to his, running my finger down his tanned, firm chest. The shirt I was wearing was far too tight. Half the buttons were already open, my white bra visible underneath. I watched Scott's eyes linger over my cleavage, desperately trying to reach the fulsome breasts half hidden within. I allowed his tongue to graze my skin before standing again.

His cock was throbbing by this point, dancing in his black shorts. I walked around the bed in my high heels. I remember being so excited listening to him talk. He was telling me how hard I was going to get fucked.

"But Scott," I interrupted, "I'm a virgin." (A lie, of course). "I've never been touched here before."

I ran my finger up my thigh, under my skirt. It rose a little, exposing the tiny white knickers underneath. The tiny tuft of pubic hair was just visible beneath the material, a small dark circle much smaller than usual.

Scott groaned heavily, aching to be free. I ran my fingers up his leg, forcing them slightly under the material of his shorts. His balls were hot and heavy by now, my cool fingers brushed them gently before disappearing again.

"You look so big!" I said, mock horror on my face, as I played with my pigtail again.

Scott begged to be untied, I told him I was shy. He promised to be gentle, I told him I was nervous. All the time a dirty little smile played at the edges of our lips.

The front door opened and I grinned naughtily at the anxious look on my boyfriend's face. The bedroom door was still open but before he could speak my roommate breezed into the room. She stared hard at Scott, smiled at me, and let her long black coat drop off her shoulders to the floor.

Scott lay open-mouthed in wonder. Naomi's long, straight, jet black hair streamed down over her shoulders, her eyes earnest, a provocative smile dominating her beautiful Asian face. Her school uniform was almost identical to mine. Only the skirt differed, covering her lengthy slender legs to above the knee, and tight around her shapely ass.

"Happy Birthday Scott," she breathed in her high-class tone, "I hope you don't mind me joining you."

She moved towards me, put her arms around my neck. We giggled as our tummys touched, lips inches apart. We ran our hands over each other's bodies, glancing at Scott, smiling mischievously. Scott groaned in pleasure, a smile filling his face. Forcefully, he demanded to be releashed.

I backed away amused, sat in a chair against the wall, Naomi standing in front of me. Scott's view was obstructed by the tall slim figure of Naomi. I reached around and squeezed her ass as she danced between my legs, opening her shirt. Slowly I raised her skirt, quick little motions edging it higher. Her gorgeous ass came into view, a red thong hiding her pussy from my view. I struggled to hold back laughter, pulled her down onto my knee. We stared across at Scott flirtatiously, his legs wide, his cock seemingly about to break free from his shorts.

When our laughter had passed, we crossed the room to the bed. Naomi and I lay down at either side of my boyfriend. We stroked his chest, and kissed his cheeks, working our way to his lips. We reached our destination simultaneously, our tongues playing together inside his mouth. We ran our hands up and down his chest almost reaching his cock before gliding back up cruelly. I remember the way he stared, so intense. His eyes always turned me on, but that moment was utterly explicit. I felt so hot.

Scott began to beg, his desperation too much for him. Naomi and I discussed what to do over his chest, our fingers tickling his skin slowly, lustfully.

"I think we should untie him," Naomi said, "I want to feel those nice big hands all over me."

"I want to hear him beg some more," I answered, smiling up at Scott.

"Your girlfriend is a naughty girl," Naomi replied, grabbing my arm and lifting me up. I sat on my hands and knees, sideways in front of Scott. Naomi crossed the room to stand behind me. Lifting my skirt delicately, she began to lightly spank my bottom. I stared deep into Scott's eyes, my body tense, my tits almost slipping out of the bra.

After a few naughty slaps she began to loosen the silk around Scott's wrist. I straddled him, doing the same to the opposite side. His arms once free enveloped me, tearing up my shirt groping the naked skin of my back. His tongue entered my mouth quickly, furiously, heat passing through us. Naomi grabbed me and dragged me back. Scott tried to get up, forgetting his legs were tied, and cursed aggressively as Naomi and I ran out of the room giggling.

We stood, nervous and excited, hardly breathing, waiting in the shower in silence. I could hear Scott stomp into the next bedroom in search of us. I knew he'd be naked by now, his fat cock hard and wanting me. I knew he'd find me very soon and make me pay for being so bad. I thought of him spanking me, pushing his meat into my pussy, fucking me hard over and over. I stepped out of my knickers stealthily, peeled back the shower curtain slightly and threw them onto the landing.

"Where are my two little schoolgirls?"

His voice was deep and rumbling. He tore back the curtain dramatically, a triumphant expression on his face. Naomi and I had turned to face the wall, our bottoms pointing outward.

I glanced over my shoulder to see my boyfriend's magnificent cock standing tall. His cock was big and very thick and the confidence this gave him made him the best lover I had had. He held it with both hands for a moment, stroking it, drinking in the image in front of him. Naomi twisted her head, her delicate features protruding slightly from her long dark hair.

"Me love you long time!" She said, a sliver of a smile betraying the humour of her statement.

Scott groaned with pleasure, climbed into the shower, squeezing and slapping our bottoms. We wiggled them for him, kissing each other as he groped us, smiling and submissive now. He span us around and admired our bodies, reaching for Naomi's breast whilst watching me nervously. I smiled, allowing him to cup her tit, stroking it between his fingers. Naomi opened her shirt fully, let him push his fingers inside her red bra, play with her hardening nipple. I kissed his chest again as he tugged Naomi's shirt over her shoulders. I watched him kiss Naomi as I stripped for him slowly, my shirt and bra falling away. I faced him knowing my awesome round breasts would entice him back, and sure enough he moved towards me sucking in my nipple, cradling my tits while Naomi bent to remove her thong. She slyly turned on the water, giggling as cold water sprayed over us. It heated up quickly and soon we were three figures, lost in the steam. I felt Scott's hands, tight on my hips, as he spun me around, and pushed me forward. My hands rested on the wall as his cock eased inside me, filling me easily, completely. Naomi placed herself between me and the wall, kissing me deeply as Scott fucked me from behind, his slow assured rhythm perfect as always.

My boyfriend pushed forward, kissing Naomi himself as he continued to thunder inside me. He held my hips with one hand, the other trailed to my best friend's pussy. He fingered her for the first time, his thick fingers massaging her lips and delving inside. She wailed and screamed next to me as his hardness fucked me deeper still.

Naomi came in the palm of his hand quickly. I felt the stickiness of her juices on my waist when Scott's hand returned to hold me tight. Naomi kissed my ear and stroked my clit, the towering bulk of my boyfriend behind and inside me. I came with an eager screech, his hand slapping my ass during my climax, the way I always liked it.

Scott pulled out and leaned against the wall. Naomi and I knelt obediently at his feet, stroking his thighs, aware of what he wanted. I took his glorious monster into my mouth and sucked furiously. Naomi swallowed his ball, reaching around to finger his ass at the same time. He couldn't possibly last under such an onslaught, and before long he came, his juices hitting the back of my throat at speed! I swallowed as much as I could, releasing him, letting Naomi clean up what was left.

We finished the shower together, washing each other's bodies tenderly before finishing the wine and getting into bed. We had a few more threesomes together after that until Naomi got her own boyfriend that summer. He became fairly good mates with Scott, although I can say with confidence that they never discussed school uniforms together!

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