tagAnalSchoolgirl's Ass-et is Grade A Ch. 02

Schoolgirl's Ass-et is Grade A Ch. 02


Monique, Henri and Andre were sitting around Andre's apartment on Saturday evening. They were sipping wine and discussing activities at the academy. Monique mentioned that Amelie had come to her for extra help in Economics and that they had a very productive tutoring session at her apartment on Wednesday evening. Monique described in detail what took place in her bedroom with the very sexy student. Both Henri and Andre listened intently and they both got turned on by Monique's description of the lesbian love making.

"I hope to take her hot curvy ass the next time we are together," Monique stated.

"Monique I hate to disappoint you but Amelie has also been to my apartment in need of math tutoring. I have had the privilege to take her anal cherry. I must say thought that you will find her ass delightful to lick and finger," Henri admitted.

Monique smiled and said sexily, "You devil."

"You know Amelie is also having trouble in my science class. I wonder why she has not come to see me," Andre questioned.

"I think that maybe she had too much sex in two days. I would expect that you will see her next week," Monique offered.

"Yes, you are probably correct. Since she is with you on Wednesday and Henri on Thursday, I will schedule her for Tuesday. That will leave the weekend open for all of us," Andre replied.

"Maybe one weekend we will let Amelie party with us," Henri suggested.

"A foursome, how intriguing, I would love too," Monique agreed in a sexy tone her thoughts flashing back to the time with the student Nichole.

"This conversation has made me very horny. Are we ready to party?" Henri asked.

Both Monique and Andre nodded their agreement and they got up to go into Andre's bedroom. Once in the bedroom, there were no preliminaries and the three of them undressed quickly. The three of them looked at each other and once again Monique was naked with two men at the Andree time. Henri directed Andre to lie on his back on his bed. Andre was hard in no time in anticipation of fucking Monique once again. Monique straddled Andre's body and took his large cock in her tiny hand. She guided the cock into her pussy as she slowly lowered her body to his. Monique felt Andre stretch her once again and fill her cunt with his big dick. She groaned softly as he fully penetrated her. Monique leaned forward as Andre pulled her body to him crushing her tits against his chest.

As she lay there now with Andre's cock deep inside her, Henri's finger started to enter her ass. She felt the finger slowly push further and further up her ass little by little Henri eased it inside until it was completely in her. Monique felt that wonderful full feeling that she had experienced before. Monique felt the finger slowly withdraw from her ass and she suddenly felt empty as it plopped out. The empty feeling did not last for long though as she felt some more lubricating jelly being applied to her. It felt strange as something smaller then Henri's finger entered her ass. It wasn't until she felt the cold lube inside her that she realized the small object in her ass was an applicator tube for the lubricant. The feeling was pleasant as she felt her ass being filled with the lubricant.

The tube was removed Monique became aware of Henri climbing onto the bed and kneeling astride her and Andre. She tensed as she felt the head of Henri's cock touch her ass and then she felt his fingers probing her tight asshole again just before the head of his stiff cock pushed against the entrance. Henri did not rush to enter her with the risk of pain, he just kept a firm pressure pushing against her anus, waited for her to relax and take him inside. Monique sighed and leaned against Andre's chest, enjoying the feeling of his massive cock that was still deep inside her wet cunt. She could feel herself start to relax and the natural reaction of clenching her ass muscles to resist entry was slowly reduced. Very, very slowly Monique relaxed her anus and as she did, she felt the head of the second stiff cock start to enter her. At first, as always, it felt way to big to fit but gradually Monique felt the head push a little further and a little further until, suddenly, her muscles relaxed just enough to allow the cock head to push inside. Henri remained perfectly still as Monique became accustomed to having her anus invaded this way. At the instant of the head entering her ass Monique had felt a little uncomfortable but she overcame those feelings and concentrated on relaxing. In a very short time she started to enjoy the feeling of having this second cock inside her, even if it was just the head at the moment. She felt Henri run his hands over her back and then move down each side to her tits. Monique lifted herself up a little from Andre to allow Henri to touch her. She swooned with sensations that were starting to flood her body. As she arched her back to allow Henri to reach her tits she felt his cock move a little further into her ass.

Andre's cock was still deep in her cunt and not moving as the other one slowly but surely started to fill her asshole. She felt Andre's breath on her face and Henri's breath on her neck as they both filled her. Monique felt another orgasm start to build and realized that she was fulfilling another wild fantasy. Both men kept still as Monique started to move. She started moving her hips back and forth a tiny amount, pushing her self back onto the two cocks, and feeling them both inside her. As she continued these movements she pushed a little further back each time until her ass was completely full and she started to ride them back and forth fucking them both at the Andree time.

The wonderful feelings between her legs were intense as she started to force herself down onto both cocks, hungrily trying to get them as deep as she could. The men felt her urgency and started to match her thrusts. As she thrust back they started to thrust forward, stretching her as they filled both holes. Monique started to moan loudly again as she felt a powerful orgasm start to take over her body. Henri started to roughly squeeze and pull her tits as his cock filled her ass. Monique felt both men start to tense as the first powerful wave of pleasure from this new orgasm swept through her ravaged body. She screamed loudly, almost out of control, wildly fucking both cocks. She felt Andre gripping her bum cheeks with some urgency and the hands holding her tits squeezed even harder, almost painfully, as she felt two loads of hot cum spurt inside her. This was enough to send her over the edge. She felt a powerful orgasm and she screamed and screamed with what felt like wave after wave of never ending pleasure rushing through her. Monique's head was filled with the sounds of her own screams. All that she could feel was the intense pleasure sweeping through her body and radiating from between her legs.

Henri pulled out of Monique's ass and then she rolled off of Andre and flopped on her back. Monique just laid there and moaned as the guys stroked her body. Monique could still feel the presence of cum in her pussy and ass. But Andre and Henri were not done yet and as soon as they recovered they were back at Monique. Andre moved her to the doggy style position and slipped his cock back in her pussy. Henri moved around in front of Monique and offered her his cock to suck on. Monique took Henri's cock into her hot sensuous mouth and sucked on it as Andre began to plow her from behind. Monique thought of Amelie and if she could only see her teacher now. As she was thinking of Amelie, Andre interrupted her thoughts when he moved his cock from her pussy to her ass. He pushed in his thick cock all the way in with one steady thrust. Monique gasped as the longer thicker cock filled her ass.

Henri continued to fuck her face as Andre started to fuck her ass. Monique's fingers traveled to her pussy and she played with her clit as her two colleagues moved toward another orgasm. Henri came first and flooded her mouth with cum. He was followed by Andre who thrust his cock as far up her ass as he could and then fired a barrage of cum into her rectum. Monique loved having her mouth and asshole being cum filled at the Andree time. She still had not cum and she rolled over on her back begging one of them to take care of her pussy. Andre dove right in and began licking her twat and fingering her pussy as Henri reached over and tweaked her rock hard nipples. Monique had another mind blowing orgasm as her hips lifted off the bed and she held Andre's face tightly between her thighs.

The final act of the evening was when Henri got between her legs and slipped his cock into her well fucked pussy and Andre knelt by her head and fed his cock to her mouth. Once more Monique had two cocks in her at the Andree time and once more they both came in her again. Henri's load was diminished since it was his third of the day but it still was enough for Monique to feel as it shot into her womb. Andre's load was also less then his two previous ones but it filled Monique's mouth. The sexually sated teachers pulled their deflated cocks out of Monique and flopped along side her on the bed. They would rest awhile and then they would bathe together, dress and return to their own apartments.


Amelie was still reeling from her experience with her teachers Monique and Henri. She now understood what it took to get better grades in those subjects and it was much more fun than studying. As she approached Professor Grosjean's office she wondered if he would seduce her as well. She certainly hoped that he would as she found him to be very handsome and sexy. As Amelie entered the classroom she closed and locked the door behind her a she had learned from her previous encounters.

"Amelie, how nice to see you, what can I do for you," Andre asked.

"Professor Grosjean, I need help to get my grade in your class. Can you help me?" Amelie replied.

"Of course I can but please call me Andre. Now I understand that you have all ready had special tutoring sessions with Monique and Henri, would you like the Andree type of tutoring?"

"Oh yes, very much so!" exclaimed Amelie.

"Very good, now please come over her by me and let me have a closer look at you," Andre told her.

Amelie walked over to Andre's desk and stood next to the handsome professor. Andre turned his swivel chair toward Amelie and pulled her in closer between his legs. He then stroked her thighs just above her white knee high socks. Amelie trembled slightly as she always did with the smooth caresses of her pretty legs. Andre then lifted Amelie's skirt and told her to hold it in her hands above her waist. She did as she was told and she closed her eyes as Andre gently caressed her thighs and panty covered buttocks.

Amelie kept her eyes closed as her teacher fondled her thighs and curvy buttocks. She felt her pussy tingle and she knew she was getting wet again. Andre pressed his hand to her panty covered vulva and felt her wetness. "Amelie your panties are getting very wet. I think that I should lower them so that you do not soil them," Andre whispered.

Amelie didn't move as she allowed her teacher to pull her panties down to her knees. Andre ran a finger over Amelie's wet pussy and she instinctively moved her legs apart. Amelie hoped that Andre would play with her pussy and rub her clit so that she could cum quickly but like Henri, Andre had other ideas. He turned Amelie away from him and she put her hands on his desk. Then he pressed her in the back so that she leaned over and displayed her marvelous ass to him. Andre stared at the incredibly beautiful young ass before him and he filled with desire. Monique and Henri had been right, Amelie's ass was perfect.

Andre lovingly caressed the beautiful hillocks before him and planted wet kisses all over her derriere. Amelie wiggled her bottom in a reflex as tingles ran through her. Andre was pleased to see that her bottom was so sensitive and he would forward to sticking his cock in her hot ass later that evening. Andre reached between Amelie's legs and located her clit with his middle finger. He rubbed the sensitive nub into hardness and he heard Amelie begin to breathe rapidly. He then placed the thumb from the same hand on her nether hole and pressed gently but he did not penetrate her anus.

Amelie was getting close to a mild orgasm and she grasped the desk firmly in her hands. Andre then leaned in and ran his tongue along her tailbone as he continued to finger her clit and tease her rosebud. Amelie lost it and she moaned loudly as she orgasmed. Andre felt her wetness on his finger and he removed it and licked it clean. He was pleased with the taste of Amelie and he would be sure to taste her some more that evening.

"I think that will do for now Amelie," Andre said as he pulled her panties back over her curvy bottom. "I will expect you this evening and we can continue the tutoring at my apartment," he directed.

Andre handed Amelie written directions to his apartment just as Henri and Monique had done. Amelie stuffed the paper in her blazer pocket and then left Andre's office to return to her dorm room. Amelie knew that her ass would be a target again that evening and even somewhat looked forward to it. After the evening meal Amelie was on her way to Professor Andre's apartment. Her three professors all lived in the Andree apartment complex on campus so she knew her way there.

As soon as Amelie arrived at Andre's apartment he let her in and steered her right to his bedroom. Andre was dressed only in a robe which he dropped immediately and Amelie stared at her naked professor. Her eyes dropped to his privates and she noticed that his semi-hard cock had more foreskin than she had ever seen before. Amelie then started to take off her clothes but Andre stopped her.

"Wait, let me help you with that," he said as he moved toward Amelie.

Andre removed the blazer and then he unbuttoned Amelie's blouse and removed it from her body. Then he unhooked her bra and slid it down off her arms. Andre rubbed Amelie's small tits and got her nipples hard. Then he leaned over and sucked on each tit and each nipple.

"You have really nice little titties," Andre told her and then covered one with his mouth again.

Amelie moaned and groaned as Andre worked on her tits. He was gentle as he sucked on her nipples and he soon had her very aroused. Andre got behind Amelie and then he unfastened her skirt. This was the moment he had looked forward to when he would completely unveil her hot ass to his eyes. He slowly pulled her skirt down until it cleared Amelie's curvy panty covered bottom. Andre felt his cock stir as he uncovered Amelie's beautiful ass.

Andre pulled her skirt all the way down and Amelie stepped out of it leaving her clad only in her panties and white knee high socks. Andre stared at her shapely legs and curvy ass briefly before hooking his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Andre then with painstaking slowness lowered Amelie's panties, finally baring her fantastic ass. Amelie smiled to herself as she knew the effect her ass was having on her teacher.

Andre stroked her firm shapely buns first and then placed light kisses on the cheeks of her ass. He ran his tongue up and down the crack of her ass before stopping at her tailbone. He tickled the top of her ass with his tongue and he soon had Amelie squirming with desire. He then turned Amelie around to face him and he kissed her thighs and pubes. Andre then stood up and pressed gently on Amelie's shoulders forcing her to kneel in front of him. Amelie in her naked beauty then dropped to her knees and she then knew that she was expected to take Andre's cock in her mouth.

Andre was uncut and it wasn't the first uncut cock that Amelie had ever seen in person but it had more foreskin than Henri's cock. She was taken with it and she played with it in her hands. She rolled the foreskin back to expose the head and then tickled it with her tongue. Amelie pushed the skin back and watched as the sensitive head was uncovered. Amelie flicked her tongue over the skinned back cock and tickled Andre' pee hole with her tongue. Amelie engulfed the entire cock in her mouth and Andre trembled with desire. Amelie felt his cock hardening in her mouth and she cupped his swollen balls to excite him further. Andre couldn't control himself any longer and he told Amelie that he wanted to cum in her mouth. Amelie did as she was told and kept right on sucking his cock, letting him cum in her mouth. Andre grunted, stiffened and then shot his load into Amelie's sensuous mouth.

"Oh God," Andre screamed as he filled Amelie's mouth with cum.

Amelie swallowed every drop and then she released Andre' deflating cock. Amelie then moved to the bed and got in it on her back as Andre told her to. Andre joined Amelie in bed and lowered his head to her pussy. Within minutes Amelie was squirming and groaning as she approached her orgasm. Her body then jerked and she threw her pussy up into Andre's face. Andre grabbed her by her buttocks and held tight to Amelie as he sucked every drop of love juice from her pussy. Amelie stopped squirming and lay still on the bed as Andre kissed her pubes and inner thighs. Then he rolled her over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips until her ass was positioned where he wanted it.

Amelie lowered her head to the bed and turned to one side as Andre caressed her lovely ass. He began kissing her buns again and then probed her asshole with his tongue. Amelie loved the ass foreplay and she rotated her butt to show her pleasure. Andre then got up to get the lotion. He returned to the bed and began to probe Amelie's anus with first one then two fingers. He knew his cock would go in but he still wanted her well greased. Andre then lined up his cock with Amelie's asshole and pushed gently. Her rosebud opened up and swallowed his cock as Andre pushed it all in with one continuous stroke.

Amelie felt Andre's cock slide in easily and she thought that his cock felt tapered. She loved the penetration as his cock made its way all the way in. It would take Andre quite awhile before he would cum again but that was fine with him since he wanted to savor every moment in Amelie's beautiful ass. Amelie liked the feeling of Andre's cock in her ass as she loved the tapered shape of his uncut dick. It seemed that Andre fucked Amelie for almost an hour before he finally came again. Amelie had worked her fingers in her pussy so she had orgasmed a few more times before Andre finally shot his load in her ass. Andre flooded Amelie's rectum and she still loved the feeling of the warm liquid filling her canal.

Andre stayed still with his cock in Amelie's ass as she milked it dry with her anal muscles. Andre wished that he could stay hard forever and leave his cock in her ass indefinitely but his cock softened and slipped from her asshole. Andre caressed her ass for awhile longer and probed it with his fingers before they got out of bed. Amelie got cleaned up, dressed and then left Andre's apartment leaving Andre in his robe. Amelie made her way back to the dormitory but this time her bottom wasn't as sore and she actually felt okay. Amelie knew what the future held for her as she would visit the three professors on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. She was glad that she would see Monique on Wednesdays between the two male professors.


On Wednesday evening Amelie arrived at Monique's apartment and knowing why she was there, she followed Monique back into the bedroom. Monique dropped her short robe on the chair and stood in front of Amelie in all her naked beauty. Amelie didn't have to be coached this time as she took off her uniform clothes. Monique knew that Amelie was ripe for the picking. They both knew what Amelie desired as much as Monique did. Monique embraced Amelie holding her close so that their tits mashed against each others. Amelie could feel Monique's hard nipples pressing into her own and within minutes her pussy was on fire. A gasp came from Amelie as she was once again overcome with desire. Moving in closer and pressing her student against the wall Monique brushed her lips against Amelie's hungering for a taste of her sweet mouth. Amelie gave in and submitted to Monique parting her lips following Monique's lead. As Monique's tongue tasted Amelie's mouth, she shuddered with pleasure and Amelie's hot breath exhaled into Monique's waiting mouth.

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