tagGroup SexSchoolgirl's Ass-et is Grade A Ch. 03

Schoolgirl's Ass-et is Grade A Ch. 03



Amelie made her way to Monique's apartment and the entire way she kept second guessing herself. She knew that she was going there to get fucked by the French teachers. It was such a bizarre feeling as it excited her and turned her on. When she arrived at Monique's apartment Amelie was greeted by kisses on both cheeks by Monique, Henri and Andre.

"Would you like some Champagne?" Henri offered.

It was a little early for Amelie and she didn't normally drink Champagne but she accepted. She thought the Champagne might relax her and put her at ease. It was obvious that Henri and Andre were in no rush to bed her which helped with Amelie's anxiety. The three of them sat around drinking Champagne and making small talk. Before Amelie knew it she had drank two glasses and Andre was opening another bottle. After her third glass Amelie was starting to feel it and she never finished her fourth glass.

Things seemed to be a blur and moved slowly but Amelie realized that she was being undressed. Then the French teachers stripped naked and rejoined her on the sofa. They sat on either side of her and began kissing her. Amelie had a hard cock in each hand as Henri and Andre kissed her neck, tongued her ears and fondled her lovely breasts. Amelie's pussy was on fire but the two Frenchmen took their time with her. She stroked their cocks faster as they kissed her and fondled her. They lowered their mouths to her breasts and sucked on her nipples. Amelie felt like she was going to cum without even having her pussy touched. She looked straight ahead as they sucked on her breasts while she jerked their cocks and then she couldn't believe her eyes.

Monique then returned from her bedroom and she was as naked as the rest of them. Amelie just stared as the beautiful slender French woman sauntered over to the three of them. Not a word was spoken as Monique got on her knees in front of Amelie and lowered her mouth to Amelie's pussy. Amelie stiffened at the initial touch and then melted as the French woman tenderly ate her pussy. Amelie was in a euphoric state as Monique ate her pussy and the Frenchmen sucked on her titties. Amelie had been so turned on by the foreplay that she came in minutes after Monique bean eating her pussy. Amelie's body lifted off of the sofa and her pussy juices gushed out of her into Monique's mouth. Monique kept sucking Amelie until every last drop of juice was consumed. Then Monique removed her mouth from Amelie's pussy and kissed her on the mouth driving her tongue deep into Amelie's oral cavity. Amelie instinctively sucked on Monique's tongue.

"Bring her into the bedroom," Monique said in a whisper.

Amelie was lifted off the sofa and she walked unsteadily between Andre and Henri to the bedroom. Monique was already in bed with her legs splayed awaiting the other three. Andre and Henri helped Amelie into the bed and placed her on all fours facing Monique. Amelie looked directly at Monique's pretty pussy. Monique had the cutest little tuft of brown hair just above her pussy.

"Come to me Amelie and eat my pussy," Monique directed sexily.

Amelie moved her face closer to Monique's pussy but then she stopped with indecision. Monique opened her legs and guided Amelie between her thighs. Amelie looked right at Monique's beautiful pussy and she leaned forward and slowly stuck out her tongue. Amelie took one, slow lick as she flattened her tongue on Monique's swollen mound. It felt so smooth and warm and Amelie knew she had achieved the desired effect. To Amelie's surprise she enjoyed the taste of pussy and she kept licking and eating Monique. Amelie pointed her tongue and burrowed into Monique's pussy as it parted the labia and her tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of Monique's juice.

Amelie burrowed her tongue as deep into Monique as she could and then she just sort of licked and sucked her way up. When Amelie got to Monique's clit she used the very tip of her tongue to push back the little hood. Amelie was truly amazed at its size as she flicked her tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of flesh on either side of it. Monique was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her clit stuck out even further like a little cock. Amelie nuzzled it with her nose taking in Monique's scent and she licked it once more before she took it between her teeth and gently nibbled it.

Monique went wild and started bucking and calling out Amelie's name. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled Amelie's head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. Amelie sucked Monique's clit as deep in her mouth as she could and Monique humped her face for all she was worth. Amelie was pleased that she was able to get Monique that excited and she sucked harder and played with this wonderful new toy with her lips, tongue and teeth.

Just then Amelie felt a cock push into her pussy and begin to fuck her. She didn't know if it was Henri or Andre who began fucking her. Amelie liked the sensation of being fucked while she ate pussy. Then she heard Monique speak.

"Andre where is your cock?" Monique asked.

"It is in her pussy Monique," Andre replied.

"Put it in her ass. I want to see you fuck her in the ass," Monique ordered.

"My pleasure," Andre answered.

Andre then pulled his cock from Amelie's pussy and Amelie felt a huge void in her pussy. Andre oiled up his cock liberally and then placed it at the entrance to Amelie's asshole. Then with one steady motion he eased his cock into her asshole. He felt gigantic, long and wide and Amelie grunted as he began to work his way into her tight ass. Amelie could actually feel her stomach cramping around him as he stirred her insides and it burned when she clenched her ass muscles around his thickness. Amelie fell forward onto Monique with Andre's hands keeping her ass high in the air for him to plunder.

Amelie groaned into Monique's pussy only to have the sound muffled by Monique's cunt as Andre's complete length filled her. She felt him flex his cock deep within her bowels. Andre reached one hand under Amelie and teased a nipple. Then he moved his other hand down and rubbed softly against her clit. Amelie's body responded to his stimulus and her stomach convulsed with mixed signals. She felt him move inside her ass now and she tried to relax her ass muscles. Amelie's body was working back and forth on Andre's cock now and she was amazed at the feeling of the cock in her ass. Amelie's clit was buzzing and the fullness in her ass just seemed to excite her pussy even more.

Andre started hammering into her ass now. His fingers were still busy on her clit but now he had two fingers drilling in her pussy as the others fluttered around her clit. Amelie's whole body was aflame as she could feel his fingers pressing against the thin membrane separating her ass from her pussy. She could feel his hard cock sliding in her and the pressure of the fingers on his cock through the membrane.

Monique encouraged Andre, "That's it Andre, fuck her beautiful ass. Don't you just love the way she looks with your big cock in her ass."

"Oh God," Amelie thought to herself, "I'm going to cum again, Oh God!"

Andre continued plowing into her. The hot depths of her ass were so tight around his cock she knew that he was going to cum hard too. He worked his fingers faster inside her as he rammed his cock hard into her ass. Amelie started sucking Monique's pussy like a mad woman. Andre's groin made hard contact with Amelie's ass. She could taste Monique's wetness leaking around her mouth and the air was filled with the smell of pussy juices saturating her face.

Amelie felt her pussy spasm suddenly and then her whole body went rigid. She felt Andre's cock swell in her rectum and then hot spurts of liquid lava hit her deep in her bowels. Amelie screamed into Monique's mound and sucked on her clit. Amelie could taste Monique's sweet juices as she sucked hard and bit on her clit. All of them shuddered hard as every muscle tensed and then relaxed. Amelie felt a hot explosion as her body was overcome with the most violent orgasm she had had in awhile. Amelie could still feel Andre's cock throbbing and spurting deep within her.

Amelie was still sucking hard on Monique's pussy trying to milk every last drop of cunt juice from her. She felt Andre's cock shrink in her ass and then slowly back out making an audible popping sound. Amelie's ass was still high in the air and her thighs were aching. Andre lovingly caressed Amelie's shapely ass cheeks.

"Well done Andre, it's your turn Henri," Monique said.

Henri aimed his cock at Amelie asshole and began to push in. Even though Amelie had her asshole stretched by Andre and Henri had lubed his cock, the fit in her ass was still incredibly tight. Amelie realized what was happening to her again and she could only go with the flow and let her self be used as they had intended. Henri had established a rhythm and his cock was now gliding easily in and out of Amelie's asshole. The young Frenchman in her ass suddenly stiffened and fired a barrage of spunk into her ass. She had never felt that full as her asshole was flooded with his seed. The warm liquid did feel somewhat soothing in her tender asshole.

Amelie remained still as Henri's cock softened and slipped from her asshole. Monique caressed Amelie's ass and spoke to her in a soothing tone. Amelie did not hear what Monique said as she was still in shock from having her ass fucked twice so quickly. It seemed like hours but only minutes passed when Amelie felt her body being put into another position. She kept her eyes closed as she was moved on her side on the bed. She felt a light touch around her pussy and when she opened her eyes see was staring at Monique's pretty pussy.

Monique had moved into a 69 position with Amelie and she pulled Amelie closer to her. Monique's tongue sought out Amelie's pussy again and Amelie got the sense that she was expected to reciprocate. Monique squirmed closer to Amelie and held her gently by the hips as she plunged her tongue back into Amelie's pussy. Monique lifted one leg to allow Amelie easier access and Amelie took the cue and began to eat Monique's pussy. Then Amelie watched as Henri got behind Monique and slipped his erect cock into her ass. Amelie could watch his cock move in and out of Monique's ass at the same time that she ate Monique's pussy. Henri's balls were only inches from Amelie's face and she had the strangest urge to lick them.

Just then Amelie felt a cock touch her bum and she instantly knew that Andre was about to fuck her in the ass again. This time his cock slid in without much resistance. Although the fit was still tight Amelie did not feel any discomfort only fullness. The two Frenchmen fucked the two girls in the ass as the two girls ate each other to yet another climax. Monique drenched Amelie's face with her love juice and in turn Amelie doused Monique's face. The two Frenchmen had not cum yet and they worked their cocks in and out of the two beautiful asses. Amelie then reached over and stroked Henri's tight ball sac and tickled it with her tongue. That did it for him and his body stiffened as he ejaculated into Monique's ass.

Amelie felt Andre pick up the pace and pound into her ass as he raced toward another orgasm. Then his body stiffened as he plunged his cock all the way into Amelie's ass. Amelie felt the jolt of semen shoot into her rectum. Andre's cock throbbed and pulsed as jets of cum shot into Amelie's anal passage. Andre stayed buried in her ass until his cock stopped throbbing and Amelie's ass muscles involuntarily milked his shaft dry. Andre stayed still and let his cock soften and slip from Amelie's asshole on its own. Streams of cum ran out of Amelie's ass and over one buttock as she remained on her side.

Amelie felt the other bodies get out of the bed and then she rolled over on her tummy. Monique, Henri and Andre looked at the shapely French school girl with her gorgeous ass sticking up in the air even though she was in a prone position. Traces of cum still bubbled up from her anus and trickled down between her buttocks and thighs. The three of them smiled at each other and then left the bedroom. Amelie dozed off as she was sexually and emotionally drained.

Later that day when Amelie woke up again she noticed that Monique was in bed with her. She was still naked and she smiled at Amelie when Amelie opened her eyes. Amelie rolled over on her back and looked for the bedcovers to pull over her naked body. Monique mused at her embarrassment and spoke softly to her.

"You don't really need those covers as we will be making love again shortly," Monique whispered with a sexy smile.

"Where are Henri and Andre?" Amelie asked.

"Oh they have gone back to their own apartments. We emptied their balls otherwise they would still be here with us," Monique replied with a chuckle.

Monique was stroking Amelie's breasts, abs and pubes while they rested and talked. Amelie felt her pussy heating up again and then she remembered that she had only a tongue in her pussy all day. The Frenchmen had not fucked her pussy. She secretly wished that Henri and Andre were there to satisfy her need for a cock in her pussy. Monique noticed that something was troubling Amelie.

"Is something wrong Amelie?"

"Well it's just that with all the sex we had today that I realized that my pussy never had a cock in it."

"My dear I will see what I can do to fix your problem," Monique told her.

Monique reentered the bedroom and Amelie saw Monique standing by the bed wearing a strap-on dildo. Monique knelt on the bed between Amelie's legs and pressed her lips down hard on Amelie's kissing her until her lips parted and Monique's tongue entered her mouth. Amelie reached down and wrapped her hand around the fake cock that was touching her inner thighs. Without a word Monique moved Amelie's legs apart and slid the flexible dong into her soaking wet pussy. There was no resistance at all Amelie was so wet that the head slipped in easily.

As Monique slid the fake cock in her, Amelie lifted her knees and closed her eyes surrendering herself to Monique. Amelie gave into her and whatever was to come next. Then Amelie felt something fierce burst inside her as Monique thrust her hips in one hard fast motion driving into Amelie causing her to cry out. Amelie grasped the bed sheets and her cries got louder with each thrust of Monique's cock into her.

"Harder, harder fuck me harder," Amelie screamed thrusting her hips up to meet Monique, "Oh God, yes, it's so good," she continued.

Monique hooked her arms under Amelie's knees and held on her thrusts becoming harder and faster. Amelie could feel that tension building again that sweet fire that she so often sought and the pressure was mounting. Without warning Amelie screamed out, her body suddenly tensing and arching up off the bed. Amelie's cumming pushed Monique over the edge and they both exploded together. Monique collapsed on top of Amelie their breasts pressing together. They lay quietly with the fake cock still buried in Amelie's pussy until Monique rolled off her and lay on her back next to her. Amelie looked down at her and the saw the menacing dildo pointing in the air. It looked obscene on Monique's feminine body. Monique took off the harness and crawled back in bed with Amelie.

"Amelie, would you like to stay with me tonight?" Monique asked.

"Oh yes but don't I have to be in the dorm for bed check?"

"Leave it to me I will take car of that," Monique said and then she got out of bed and made a phone call to the school.

Monique then came back to bed and whispered softly, "There that is taken care of and you can stay here with me."

Amelie melted into the arms of her teacher and the two of them eventually fell asleep. They made an erotic sight, the two naked beauties cuddled together. Amelie was so content with her life now with her three teachers and lovers. Monique had other plans for Amelie and she would introduce her to another player on Sunday.


On Sunday morning Amelie awoke from a wonderful dream. She was dreaming that someone was between her legs licking her pussy. When she opened her eyes she was happy to see that it was Monique between her spread thighs. Monique's wonderful tongue was slipping up and down Amelie's wet pussy. Amelie started to moan with desire as Monique made passionate love to her.

"I couldn't resist now just lay back and enjoy your wake up call," Monique whispered.

Amelie reached down and stroked Monique's soft lovely hair. Monique's long brown hair concealed her face and Amelie moved it aside so she could watch. Monique's fingers moved to Amelie's pussy and spread her lips open. Amelie cried out as Monique touched her pussy with her spread tongue. Monique licked up and down slowly.

A wonderful slippery tongue, slid up and down Amelie's spread pussy as Monique slid her tongue into her core. Amelie moaned aloud as Monique's tongue slid in and probed. Monique moved her fingers upward and pulled outward and upward as her tongue flicked against Amelie's now exposed clit causing her to cry out in passion. It sent a jolt of joy through Amelie's whole body.

Amelie's body exploded again and again. Monique's tongue flicked her clit and her lips sucked and pulled on the nubbin, sending uncontrolled joy and passion through the teenager over and over. Amelie didn't know how many times she came but she knew this weekend was an experience she would never forget. Finally Amelie could stand it no more and pushed Monique away before she could start again. Amelie lay weak as a kitten and she gradually fell back asleep only to be later awakened by Monique's gentle shaking. They embraced for a few minutes and then Monique offered to massage Amelie's body. Amelie's body ached from all the sex so she readily accepted Monique's offer. Just then the bedroom door opened and a very attractive girl entered the bedroom.

"Well, well it looks like you two are having fun today," the young woman said.

Amelie tried to cover herself with her hands but it was futile. "This is Amelie and Amelie that is Bridget." Monique said introducing the French woman, "Bridget teaches at another school but we are good friends."

"Bridget I was just about to give Amelie a massage. Would you like to help me?"

"It would be my pleasure," Bridget replied as she quickly disrobed.

Amelie was stunned but moved as she looked at the pretty woman's body. Bridget was tan all over and Amelie wondered if she ever wore clothes when she sunbathed. Bridget approached the bed and she and Monique got on either side of Amelie. Bridget started rubbing the oil onto Amelie's breasts and Monique covered Amelie's pubes. Amelie moaned and her body undulated under the gentle touches of the two women as they applied the massage oil to her skin.

"Doesn't she have just the greatest nubs," said Monique referring to Amelie's now eraser hard nipples, "You want us to love you some more don't you Amelie? I can see by the way your body moves that you want more. Do you?"

The next thing Amelie felt were Bridget and Monique kissing her on the side of her face. They ran their lips up and down the side of Amelie's face and tongued her ears emitting a groan from her. Amelie felt their hands move over her body and cup her bare breasts and then they tweaked her erect nipples. Amelie felt herself losing it once again giving in to her insatiable desires. Monique kissed Amelie full on the lips and shoved her tongue into Amelie's mouth searching for Amelie's tongue. Amelie opened her mouth willingly and their tongues danced with each other as Bridget moved her mouth down to Amelie's breasts.

Bridget then kissed Amelie as Monique had done earlier and then Monique sucked on Amelie's tits and nipples. Amelie was moaning and groaning and her hips began to undulate of their own free will. Bridget sucked on one of Amelie's tits as Monique sucked on the other. Amelie's body was gyrating of its own accord. Excited beyond her control Amelie just cried out loud. Bridget kissed Amelie again plunging her tongue into Amelie's mouth and Monique fingered Amelie's pussy as her legs opened automatically in anticipation of Monique's next move.

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