tagBDSMSchoolgirl's Comeuppance

Schoolgirl's Comeuppance


The follow-up to Schoolgirl Homework. All characters in this story are eighteen years or older. This story takes place several weeks after the first.

Tye walked into the coach's office expecting to see his girlfriend, Kristen, in a state of undress and waiting for him. However when he stepped inside he stopped dead, barely managing to close the door as he stared. Kristen was naked but she was not waiting for him, in fact she didn't seem to be aware that he was there. He stood staring at the scene before him, Kristen was on her knees between the spread legs of a Latina girl. He didn't know what to make of it. Suddenly, as his mind was whirling the Latina girl looked up.

"Oh, hi Tye. I was looking for you, but your little bitch thought to get in the way. I was going to set her straight and get rid of her, before you arrived, but something about her smart mouth made me want to put it to good use. Stop standing there, gulping like a fish, come here." He only briefly hesitated before walking over to her.

"Good now undress, I want to see those muscles." This time he didn't even pause before removing his t-shirt and dropping his pants. She waited occasionally encouraging Kristen to keep up her efforts. She didn't bother suppressing a gasp as the removed clothes revealed his musculature. She was about to speak when she saw that he was erect and it proved difficult for him to lower his underwear. However as he probably had some practice it barely delayed him and in moments his hard cock sprang into view. She suppressed a sigh, surprisingly he was not that big, maybe six inches, he and his girlfriend probably thought he was good sized. She however thought it was amusing that Neville, the first boy she had given a blowjob to, would have been called a nerd by these two and yet was somewhat bigger.

However pushing all this aside she opened her mouth and he eagerly push inside. Experience caused him to move in slowly, but she easily took him into the base. He gasped in surprise when she had taken him all in. When he attempted to put his hands on her head, she batted them away and took control, but nearly groaned when she realized he had no self-control and would cum in moments. She stopped allowing him to plop out. He groaned as he looked down, but she ignored him as she patted Kristen's head.

"Hold for a moment Kristy." Kristen raised her head looking up pleadingly at the Latina girl. Tye blinked, Kristen hated to be called Kristy. "Tye, fuck me, and Kristy, use your tongue on my clit." Neither hesitated to comply and she shifted her position in the chair to allow them access. Tye slid in with ease, Kristen had prepared her well and he wasn't as big as she was used to. Kristen was soon licking and sucking on her clit. She moaned softly, squeezing her breasts in order to stimulate herself further as it was obvious that he wouldn't last for long. Kristen's sucking reached near desperation and Tye began moaning and grunting as he struggled not to cum, now whether it was because he was enjoying it or because he didn't want to disappoint her was unclear. However he didn't struggle for long before he made a sudden hard thrust and collapsed on top of her as she felt him cum. She put her hands up to catch him and was about to snap her frustration when Kristen's efforts caused her to cum. She eyed her two lovers as they all basked in the afterglow. She began to grow uncomfortable and pushed lightly until he got the message and sat in the other chair. She stretched and carefully stood to straighten her clothes. When she saw the look on Kristen's face she smiled and nodded to the chair.

"Sit." Kristen eyes went wide, but she sat as directed. She turned to Tye. "Use your tongue, get her off." He blinked.

"I...I don't do that." She didn't speak, but pointed to the floor in front of Kristen. She allowed her eyes to convey the message. His eyes lowered and he soon followed to his knees. He was soon going down on his girlfriend to her obvious delight. Neither noticed as their erstwhile lover left. Narcisa smiled, she had only planned to seduce the cute tailback, but his girlfriend had apparently figured it out and was planning to interfere. However she soon found that her proper place was between Narcisa's legs. She frowned as recent experience told her that Kristen would probably call her the next day wanting more. Truthfully seducing the cheerleader had been fun, but she didn't really want to see her regularly.

She shook her head as she headed off to consider the latest in a line of conquests since being seduced herself by her history teacher. She was off to her poetry class. She sat in a chair and waited for the teacher. When he arrived she stretched out her legs so that he would see them. While he did noticeably glance at her, he immediately turned his attention to starting class. She struggled to groan quietly as she was frustrated. She wasn't sure if she was going to seduce him, it was more a game than anything else, but it was one she was losing as he was barely noticing her and certainly wasn't flustered by her behavior. She was starting to suspect that he simply wasn't interested in women.

"Boy, she's a lucky woman." She turned to the source of this muttered remark. It was a friend and after she checked that the teacher was not paying attention she spoke softly.

"Who's a lucky woman?" Her friend laughed softly as they both kept an eye on the teacher.

"Miss Khan, she'll soon be Mrs. Temple." Narcisa turned abruptly to her friend before quickly looking forward.

"He's engaged to Miss Khan?" Her friend just murmured agreement as she was aware this was a more a gasp of astonishment than an actual question.

Well I guess that means he is interested, she must have so intimidated that he dare not show it. She grinned as she considered that after several months of seductions she wanted a singular challenge to cap it all off. What greater challenge than to seduce the fiancé of the woman who had seduced her and taught her so much about sex. She almost laughed out loud as class ended.

Obviously the greatest challenge would be to turn her into my own pussy eating pet, but one at a time. Thanks to her seductions she had built a network, which she used for further conquests. Since some time off school was coming up she needed to know if Darshana and her fiancé were leaving town or if she might have a clear shot at him.

Patrick Temple was at home going over his lesson plan and struggling to concentrate. He had had a wonderful evening planned, but this fiancé Darshana had needed to leave town unexpectedly. This was coupled with a near fight over one of their mutual students, Narcisa Lopez. Darshana, who had incidentally seduced the girl and introduced to sex, stated their student was a slut who wanted him to be her next conquest. He thought she was just being flirty because she clearly enjoyed his poetry class. The situation had nearly turned into a fight when he laughed at the notion that an attractive nineteen year old would find an old fogey like him (they were both barely past thirty) attractive. Darshana remained unconvinced. Just as he was planning to set his planning aside and take a break the doorbell rang. He blinked momentarily as he wasn't expecting anyone, but quickly rose to see who it was. To his amazement, it was Narcisa in the doorway.

"Uh, Miss Lopez, why are you here? Darshana just left I'm afraid." She smiled, suddenly Patrick was feeling rather uncomfortable and that maybe Darshana was absolutely right about this young woman.

"I know, I waited until she left before ringing the bell." He felt his mouth open, but no sound came out. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" He hesitated a moment, but against his better judgement he nodded and led her inside to the couch. She briefly glanced around, but soon returned her attention to him. She leaned into kiss him. He resisted, trying to keep his mouth firmly closed, but he knew that a beautiful you woman like her would eventually have her way, so he began thinking on a way to avoid cheating on his fiancé in this delicate situation. Suppressing a moan as her hand began rubbing between his legs, he saw on his phone a text from Darshana and thought quickly.

She suddenly broke the kiss to cry out as she found his hand snaking into her panties and he had found her clit almost immediately. She hesitated as she considered this unexpected turn of events. Did I make a mistake, is he actually a dom? How could Darshana be with someone she couldn't dominate? These thoughts were soon replaced by other considerations as he began working a finger into her. She found she had trouble sitting up, much less take control of the situation. As he thrust harder she collapsed onto the couch and began thrusting her hips into his fingers. As she thrust her hips all thoughts not related to her impending orgasm faded away. She lay on the couch, hips thrusting and mind going blank, no longer considering the unexpected turn her evening had taken. Inevitably her orgasm hit and she momentarily tensed up before collapsing. She noted a look of relief on his face, but knew no more as her eyes closed and her breathing became shallow.

Narcisa opened her eyes slowly, amazed that a man could get her off so efficiently with just his fingers. When she had opened her eyes fully she saw Patrick, but he was looking uncertainly to his right. Narcisa followed his gaze and gasped when she saw Darshana standing there, hands on hips and wearing full dominatrix gear. Narcisa tried to speak when she, now fully awake, realized that she was tied up, naked and gagged. She screamed into the ball gag and struggled, finding it useless.

"Well, it looks like she's awake. Patrick you sit in the chair and wait while I explain the facts of life to little miss "sex queen", but don't leave, I might need your help in the lesson." He nodded and sat down. "As for you, I did not teach you about sex so you could "conquer" the school. I was hoping you would have some fun, enrich your life. I certainly never thought you would try to seduce my fiancé. And I have heard how you have been treating Oriana so, I think another lesson is warranted."

Narcisa's eyes went wide as Darshana approached her. Darshana easily shifted her position so that her head was down on the couch with knees under her. She idly noticed that she was in profile to the two teachers when she saw Darshana hold a riding crop close to her face to ensure she had a good look at it. Her eyes wide and her attempting to shout must have acted as a signal to Darshana as she stepped out of Narcisa's line of sight. It was then that Narcisa considered how exposed her rear was and what was obviously about to happen. The first strike of the crop across both cheeks as Narcisa screamed into the gag, made it quite clear what she had thought was actually happening. Her ass stung at the point of impact and she was reeling from the pain. The second strike seemed to hurt even more than the first and she screamed even louder, although with the gag it was barely more noticeable than the first. She continued to struggle to the point where she almost fell off the couch. Darshana reacted quickly to put her back in place and pinch a nipple to get her attention.

"I suggest you stop struggling, you could fall." Narcisa settled and braced herself for the continuation of the spanking. The crop continued to strike again and again as Narcisa lost track of time feeling numbed, gasping and moaning into the gag each time it did. Finally, when Narcisa had become convinced that her ass must be a mass of black and blue, it stopped. It took a moment for her to realize she was not being spanked as she opened her eyes. Her head was gently raised and the ball gag removed. Narcisa didn't speak as she worked the stiffness out of her jaw. Her head was raised further so she could make eye contact with Darshana.

"Open up." She did so, more out surprise than actual comprehension. As soon as she did so a dildo was shoved into her mouth. She struggled as Darshana was not as concerned with being gentle as she had in the past. However she had had plenty of practice, so it reached the end without too much trouble. Darshana wasted no time thrusting her hips, driving the dildo in and out with speed. Narcisa struggled not to gag on it, but didn't care how much she drooled in the process. This continued to the point where Narcisa idly considered if Darshana would continue until she came, as ridiculous as that appeared at the current moment. However when Narcisa was sure the couch underneath and her face must be covered in her spit to say nothing of the dildo. Darshana stopped thrusting in and stepped back. Narcisa soon felt Darshana behind her, except instead of thrusting inside Darshana was applying lube to her ass. She moaned at the unexpected intrusion as she had rarely indulged in anal play since being introduced to it by Darshana. Darshana was amused.

"So, slept your way through the school and still practically an anal virgin." Narcisa felt herself opening up and taking Darshana's fingers easily, but instead of the dildo she felt something else being pushed in. Once in all the way she realized it must be a plug to keep her open. Then she felt the dildo being lined up with her pussy and she moaned as it easily entered her. In a single slow motion she felt the dildo thrust to the hilt inside and she moaned, head down, rear up as she merely accepted the rough treatment. The thrusting began in earnest as she felt herself barreling to orgasm with abandon. Darshana continued thrusting, unheeding of the sounds that Narcisa made, even when Narcisa cried out in orgasm. Narcisa soon lost track of the number of times she came and was soon trying to speak, despite the position.

"Please...I, I-I'm dooone..." Soon however she gasped out her cries then became increasingly incoherent. Suddenly after yet another orgasm Darshana stopped.

"Patrick I've decided I want you involved. Plug her mouth." Narcisa didn't take any notice, as she attempted to recover from the series of orgasms, until she felt him carefully lift her head up until she was confronted by his cock. She studied it momentarily noting that it was only a little smaller than Darshana's dildo, making it the largest actual cock she had yet had. However this only lasted a moment as he pushed his cock against her lips and she eagerly let him inside. After having Darshana's dildo in her mouth she was readily able to take him all the way in within a moment. She moaned as her lips reached base, matched by his own. As soon he began thrusting, Darshana returned to thrusting on her other end. Narcisa couldn't believe it, she was familiar with the concept, but had never actually tried it. She found herself no longer even faintly a participant as both thrust into her, regardless of her reaction. Narcisa felt almost that she was floating in a sea of pleasure no longer aware of anything except the constant thrusting as the two cocks, one real, one fake, filling two of her holes. She had long since lost track of her orgasms, as one now seemed to blur into the next.

It was only after coming down from one such orgasm that she realized that they had stopped thrusting and moments later pulled out of her. It was a strange sensation that she could only compare to feeling empty, but this only seemed to partly describe the sensation of not being filled after being driven to so many orgasms. She lay trying to catch her breath and get her heart to stop racing. When at last her heart resumed a semi-normal pace she was tapped on the rear and then she was untied. She only made small movements as she attempted to work some life back into her stiff unused limbs. She groaned as each protesting muscle soon began cooperating and she sat up to begin looking around. It did not take her long to make eye contact with Darshana. Narcisa quickly lowered her eyes.

"My fiancé hasn't cum yet and there's one thing I would like to give him. Then we will talk. Climb up." Narcisa's hesitation was due to being tired from all the orgasms than any defiance, however Darshana waited patiently. Soon Narcisa realized she was meant to ride Darshana's strapon. Nodding she sat slowly on Darshana's lap and then raised herself to position the dildo at her hole. It was a bit awkward in her fatigued state, but soon she was resting in Darshana's lap, fully penetrated. However when she raised her hips to begin her ride, Darshana's hands held her firmly in place.

"Hold on." Narcisa complied, although uncertain of what she was to do when she felt Darshana begin to pull the plug from her ass. Narcisa moaned and nearly orgasmed from the plug's exit. "Now, baby you get her ass for being strong enough to resist her." There was little hesitation and even less resistance when he penetrated, she practically screamed, although it was clearly a sound of pleasure not pain, as he pushed all the way in. Narcisa once again thought to begin her ride, however this was fortunately not the case as she honestly had no idea how to go about riding two cocks at the same time, they both began thrusting into her simultaneously and she felt stars exploding in her head and she didn't know how long she could take the penetration of both holes at the same time and briefly considered that if someone chose that moment to penetrate her mouth, sex would consume her entirely and she would want to be fucked constantly.

However when she felt Patrick swelling in her ass she knew it would not be long. He moaned and she felt a hard thrust and the first shot of his orgasm, soon followed by several smaller thrusts before he finally stopped and pulled out. Once he had done so she realized that her hips were still moving in time to his absent thrusts, but she was spent. She felt Darshana force her hips to stop moving before laying Narcisa down on the couch. Narcisa curled up and was asleep in moments.

Later Narcisa slowly came awake and she stretched as she sat up. Darshana was sitting in a nearby chair, fully dressed and waiting on Narcisa, who quickly settled. Darshana rose and held out a hand.

"Come." Narcisa readily complied and found herself being led to a bathroom where she gratefully used the toilet and showered. After she emerged from the shower she dried herself and found her clothes neatly folded in a pile. She quickly dressed and returned to the living room to find Darshana waiting for her as before, only now she noted that Patrick was nowhere in sight.

"He's asleep, you wore him out." Darshana grinned and Narcisa shook her head.

"I wore him out? You two rode me ragged." Darshana frowned.

"Now for more serious matters. You thought to ultimately dom me, correct?" Narcisa's jaw dropped, but she only nodded. "I thought as much and initially I was angry that you would try to seduce Patrick, and you might have succeeded if I hadn't been on to your game, spreading the word I was going out of town." Narcisa's eyes went wide as it all became clear and she couldn't help but respond.

"I didn't plan to originally...it was just a game and when he didn't react I was just going to give up, until I heard he was engaged to you." Darshana nodded.

"So you decided to seduce him at home so he would be more relaxed and you could use him to get to me." She held a hand to stop a response from Narcisa. "It was pretty clear you were a dom after I had you on your knees for the first time. While a dom will always appreciate a good pet's attention, what we crave from time to time is a challenge, someone who doesn't just drop to their knees the first time we point to the floor. However I hope you have learned your lesson that no matter how dominant you are, there is always someone more so." Narcisa nodded vigorously. "Good, I'm taking you home with me to meet with Oriana, you need to apologize to her. Beyond that however is up to you. Don't worry, I'll bring you back for your car later." She stood and Narcisa allowed herself to be led out to the car. Narcisa squirmed anxiously throughout the drive, unsure of what Darshana had in mind. As promised she saw Oriana's car was parked in front of Darshana's house. Darshana led her inside where Oriana was sitting on the couch, checking her phone, but as soon as they entered she put it down. Darshana gestured to the other end of the couch and Narcisa sat while Darshana sat in a chair.

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