tagRomanceSchooling for Valentines

Schooling for Valentines


I was 18 and finally, finally I was in my senior year of high school! I was now in my second semester and being that it was it was February, I had only about three more months to go before I graduated. It was a big year for me, as this was the year I met my first love.

His name was Mr. Haines and he had taken over our science class in November when Mrs. Claxton was six months pregnant and she had given birth prematurely. Well, it was the talk of the school - at least among the teachers. I personally didn't give a rats behind. Mrs. Claxton was a mean old witch who smothered us with homework and beyond that, she was just rude. That's when Mr. Haines came in.

He was different than the other teachers. Most of the teachers in my school, whether female or male, young or old, all were like teenagers themselves. It seemed that they too cared whether they fit in and was the "cool teacher". It was pretty pathetic. But Mr. Haines was different. Although he was a lenient by nature, he cared more about us students learning what we were supposed to learn instead of trying to be the hip teacher trying desperately to fit in with a bunch of adolescents.

I remember the first day he taught our class. I was sitting in one of the back rows, as I normally did, and in walked the most handsome man I had ever seen. He wasn't your conventional definition of handsome - he wasn't tall, he didn't have jet black hair and he wasn't hunky. He stood maybe 5'9" or so, he had a skinny frame, and his face was just as cute as a button. He had beautiful brown eyes and brown hair and his smile was so geeky that it was endearing. Normally he wore tan or grey slacks with a button-up shirt and a tie. His age was probably around 39 or 40. It didn't take me long at all become crazy about him. With Valentine's Day coming up this Saturday, I (very foolishly) dreamed of him becoming my Valentine.

Over those first few weeks when he started teaching, I was slowly inching up to the front row, trying to get closer to him and now it had become my permanent seat. I always had a rush of butterflies when Mr. Haines and I were close together. Sometimes he would lean over my desk and see how I was doing with my assignment and several times, after class or after school, I very innocently scooted my chair next to his desk, book open, so that he could help me understand the lessons better. In my wishful thinking, I hoped that he found me attractive, but in reality, I knew that was probably far from the truth.

At the moment it was 2:10 in the afternoon and I was supposed to be in my math class ten minutes ago, but I was struggling with my locker. No matter how much I fought it, it just wouldn't open. I kicked it.

"Hey Vivian," I heard a familiar voice say to my right.

I looked over and saw Mr. Haines approaching me. I swallowed my nervousness and smiled at him, acting confident. "Hi Mr. Haines, how are you?"

"Oh good, good. What's going on here, having trouble with your locker?"

I groaned and nodded. "Yes, a lot of trouble. Mrs. Lawrence down in the office told me to find the janitor, that he was on the second floor fixing something in the ceiling and that he could help me. But I couldn't find any janitor!" I swallowed again and asked him in my best little girl voice. "Do you think you could help me with my locker?" I looked up into his eyes, fluttering my eyelashes.

He combed his hair back with his fingers and let out an uncomfortable chuckle, "Well sure, I'll do the best I can. What's your combination?"

"32-30-15," I replied. I held my books up to my chest as he struggled with the locker.

I felt in a very romantic mood, being in an empty hallway with the man I adored more than anyone. Finally, after an uncomfortable silence, the door popped free and swung open. I thanked him, and, forgetting he was a teacher and only focusing on the fact that he was a man, I gently touched his arm. "I appreciate that," I said softly.

"You're welcome," he said gently, looking down into my eyes. He started to lean his face in towards me, as if he were going to kiss me, but he pulled away at the last second and cleared his throat and smiled. "Well, I hope you have a good day."

I grinned, "Thanks, you too." I watched him walk away. I always thought he had the cutest behind. It was skinny, and like my most men's, it was flat, which I just adored.

The next day something similar happened. There was that same tension. We were in science class and he told myself and two other students to bring our books up to the chalkboard and told us solve chemical equations #42, #43 and #44 from page 65 in the book. We were to write out the problems and solutions on the board and then explain to the class how we came to our solutions. At the front of the room, parallel to the board, was a long, wooden table. I set my book on the table and stared at it. I just didn't understand and was having trouble with it. Mr. Haines who was standing at the back of the room approached me.

"How are we doing over here, Vivian?"

I sighed out of frustration, "I'm just not getting this."

He stood beside me and he looked down at the book. We were standing so close to one another. Between his sentences I could hear his breathing. I pointed out something in the book and he pointed to it also, accidentally brushing my left breast with his right arm. I looked at him.

"Excuse me," he said quietly and continued with his explanation.

When I came home that day after school, I was home alone and immediately went up to my bedroom to think about Mr. Ted Haines. Once in my room, I closed the door behind me and began to take off my clothes, including my very practical cotton panties and cotton bra. I opened one of my drawers and took out my lace pink bra and matching panties. These were my "playtime panties" - underwear that I wore that always made me feel sexier and put me more in the mood. I dressed in them and laid down on my bed.

I spread my legs and started to rub my pussy through my panties. I rubbed up and down furiously. I had been dying to get home to masturbate. It didn't take me long to become soaked and I pushed the crotch of my panties to the side and started to finger fuck myself. My wetness was such that it made squelching sounds as I played with myself. I started to whispered my teacher's name. Of course, in school, I always called him Mr. Haines, but at home I always called him Ted.

"Oh Ted, please fuck me," I said fingering myself. "Yes, yes, pound me with your big cock. I'm just a little girl in a need of a grown man like you. Oh yes, you're so sexy, uh, yeah." I hurriedly pulled the cups of my bra down from my tits and put the right one in my mouth and started to suck on my nipple. My fingers returned to my pussy as I sucked my tit. I released my breast from my mouth. The nipple was a ruby red color. "Yeah, oh yeah, Ted, give me what I want. I've been such a good little girl, give it to me...give it to me."

At that moment, I came twice, my pussy juice flowing over my hands. I let out a loud sigh when I came and gently pulled my hands out my panties. I licked my fingers softly, my tongue wrapping around each one like a snake. When I was finished I sprawled out on my bed, exhausted.

The next morning was a Saturday and it was Valentine's Day. Later in the day my best friends and I were going to meet together - she had a prospect for me. She was going to set me up tonight with a college boy named Nick. We were all going to meet at a pizza place called Alfonso's. I had seen a prom photo of him, and he was a good-looking guy who sounded nice. I was eager to meet him and hopefully he and I would find each other that night snuggled on a couch and passionately making out and making love. True, I didn't know him, and although I was a virgin, I was very much in need of sex.

Throughout the day I did some chores around the house and some homework. Around four o'clock I dressed in a sexy outfit, hoping Nick would pick up on my intentions when we were introduced. I dressed in a sleeveless, knee-length, clinging red dress with panty-hose and garters with red high heels and warm coat on.

I crawled into my car to meet Nick. It was a freezing day here in the Midwest with snow and ice on the ground and possibly more snow coming this evening. I backed out of the driveway and began my twenty-minute journey. Alfonso's was in a small town nearby, which I wasn't all that familiar with, but it was a small town and I figured I could maneuver my way around it well enough.

Pretty soon I had found myself lost. I had gotten myself stuck in a neighborhood with winding roads, so it was like a maze trying to get out. I was driving down one road and it was a dead end, so I pulled my car into one of the houses driveways so that I could turn around, but I smashed into the mailbox. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out of the car.

"Oh no!" I yelled. I pulled my car away from the mailbox and shut off the engine. I got out of the car to inspect the damage. My car had a minor scratch on it, but nothing too bad. But the mailbox, oh the poor mailbox, one corner of it was crumpled like an accordion.

"Excuse me Miss, can I help you?" I turned around it and it was Mr. Haines. I had destroyed his mailbox. Oh no! "Oh Vivian," he smiled, "hello, how are you?"

"How am I?" I asked. "Te-, I mean Mr. Haines, I completely destroyed your mailbox! You should be mad at me."

He chuckled, "Nah, it's not that big of a deal. I'll replace it tomorrow."

"Well here," I said, fumbling around in my purse, "let me at least pay for a new one."

With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the idea. "Don't worry about it, Vivian."

I smiled, relieved that he wasn't upset with me. Who would've thought...Out of all the mailboxes to crumple, I crumpled his. We stood there smiling at each other for a moment.

"Well, thanks," I said. "I guess I should be going, I-"

"Vivian," he said. "Would you like to come inside? I'm making dinner and well," he shrugged his shoulders shyly, "I always make more than I can eat. Would you like to have dinner with me?"

I grinned, "Sure."

After parking my car carefully on the side of the road, we walked up his sidewalk and into his house. Once inside, he took off his coat and I did the same. He caught a glimpse of my outfit and blushed. He then told me to take a seat at the table and within a few minutes, our dinners were all ready. Wearing slacks and a shirt, he sat across from me as we ate. We had broken the ice, and were beginning to talk like old friends. We talked about school, my classmates, the teachers and we both found that we had an interest in literature and dance. While we ate, we occasionally glanced up at one another, being slightly suggestive with our eyes and our mannerisms. I knew he liked me, and I'm sure he could tell that I liked him. After we were done, we put our dishes in the sink and went out to the living room. I wasn't sure what I should do next, but I know I didn't want to go.

I sat down on his couch in my red dress and crossed my legs. "Do you mind if turn the radio on?" he asked. I shook my head 'no'. He turned it on and it was a slow song. He sat beside me on the couch. There wasn't any lights on in the house. The light of the sky was quickly becoming darker. Outside the snow drifted down slowly.

He sat facing me, his arm propped up on the back of the couch. "You look really pretty tonight, Vivian," he said softly. "I really like that dress. Do you have a date tonight?"

My mind wandered to Nick. "Yes," I said, "but he had to cancel on my way to meet him. Talk about short notice!" I lied. Yes, it was a lie, but I would rather spend the evening with him, if he were to let me, that is.

"Really, that is short notice."

His eyes darted across my body. Several times he tore his eyes away from me, but they always returned so sweetly. He looked into my eyes and smiled.

"You look nice too," I said.

"Thanks," he said quietly.

The tension was getting too much for us to bear and he held my cheek in his hand. He leaned down to kiss me and stopped, as if giving me a chance to back out. I didn't and he continued. His warm lips met mine and pulled back, looking into my eyes.

"Oh God," he said. "You look like such an angel tonight. Sweetheart, I have to confess, you're the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I've wanted you since I first saw you."

I snuggled up to him, our lips only an inch or so apart. I whispered to him, "I've always wanted you too. I loved that other day when I was have trouble with my locker. You were so sweet and generous."

We kissed again and he began to run his fingers through my long, brown locks of hair. We were stroking each other's body, caressing, whispering to one another our passion. Another slow song came on the radio and he asked me if I'd like to dance. I agreed. I quickly adjusted to being in his arms. My arms were around his shoulders and his hands were smoothing the sides of my waist and caressing my hips. I leaned in closer to him, so that I could hold him close to me and so that his hands would go to my bottom.

"Oh Ted," I said. "Can I call you 'Ted'?"

He chuckled softly. "I think under the circumstances, yes, you can."

I giggled. "Ted, you feel so nice."

His hands swept over my bottom and he moaned. "You feel wonderful in my arms, sweetheart."

I pulled my head back to look at his face. He looked at me and smiled. Our eyes were searching one another's faces and we were relishing this romantic, passionate moment we were sharing together. We didn't need to say much. I didn't know how he felt, but I know that I was in love.

I put my head back on his shoulder, facing his neck. He started to laugh.

"What, what is it?" I asked with a smile.

He laughed, "You're breath, it's tickling my neck."

I giggled and put my head back down on his shoulder, facing the opposite direction this time. His head rested on mine and he stroked my hair gently. Our bodies swayed together and I could feel him giving me little kisses on the back on neck. I sighed. I started to stroke his body more intimately. I rubbed his back and started to caress his bottom which I so loved to admire in class. I could feel his hardness straining in his pants, up against my stomach. My panties were already wet, but I gushed into my panties when I felt his penis up against me. He felt big.

"Oh Ted," I moaned.

"Yes? What is it, baby?"

"Ted," I said, turning my head around and nuzzling his neck with my nose. "Ted, I want to...I want to be with you."

He pulled his head back, "Oh sweetheart, are you saying....are you saying you want me to make love to you?"

I nodded, "Yes, that's what I'm saying, Ted. Will you make love to me?"

He moaned, "Oh baby, of course I will." He paused. "Baby, have you ever done that before?"

I shook my head, "No, I'm a virgin."

He nodded, "Of course, precious. I'll be very gentle and patient."

The song ended and our bodies parted from one another. Without any words having to be spoken, I nodded and he held my hand, leading me through the living room, upstairs to his bedroom. He opened the door. It was a beautiful bedroom. Very neatly put together and a canopy bed in the middle of the room. He quietly said I could sit on the bed. I did as he instructed.

He opened the cabinet door in one of his bedside tables and took out four candles and their glass holders. He put all of them on the dresser across from the bed and lit them with matches. Quietly, he came over to me, sitting beside me.

"How do we start?" I whispered.

He responded by tucking my hair behind my ears and kissing me gently again. As we were kissing, I took one of his hands and put them on my breasts. Instinctively, his fingers began to kneed them through the dress. He took one of my hands and put it onto the lap of his slacks, where I could feel a big, raging piece of manhood ready to be let out and made love to.

I began to unbutton his shirt. He moaned and whispered to me. "Yes, touch me, touch me, my angel. Can I unzip your dress?"

I nodded and he unzipped my dress from the back, as far as he could, anyway, as the end of the zipper was near my bottom. He helped me take his shirt off and I began lustfully kissing him as I felt the bare skin of his chest. It was skinny, almost boney, with very little hair on it, but I loved it anyway.

I stood up in front of him and he held me by my hips, looking up at me in the candlelight with his brown eyes. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as him. I reached behind me and finished unzipping my dress. It was so tight that he had to help me wriggle out of it, but soon it fell to floor. I stepped out of it and my high heels. I stood before him in white lace panties and a white lace bra, my panty hose still up by it's garters.

Quietly he stood up in front of me and stroked my face. He asked if he could undress me. I said he could. He unclipped my garters from the hose and took the hose and the garter belt off. It was just my panties and bra left. He gave me another passionate kiss, his warm tongue slipping into my mouth.

It was a romantic place to be. Half-naked with the man I was in love with in a candlelit room and the snow falling so submissively outside in the dying day. I started to unbuckle his belt and at the same time he stepped out of his shoes. I fumbled with it and he put his hands over mine, unbuckling it for me and looking into my eyes all the while.

He held me close to him and started to kiss and nibble at my ear as he unhooked my bra. We let it slide down my arms and I bared my breasts to him. They were small, but perky and pointed and he rubbed them with his hands, gazing at them lustfully. I wanted him to see all of me, all my nakedness. I hook my thumbs in my panties and pulled them down my legs. The crotch stuck to me at first, as I was so sticky and wet. I slowly pulled down my panties and felt a streak of my wetness on the inside of my thighs. He stood back and licked his lips, admiring my nakedness.

He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down, stepping out of them. His cock was jutting out from his body, straining against his boxers. He pulled his boxers down too and my eyes became wide with curiosity and astonishment. He must've been around 6 or 7 inches long and thick, but an average sized man is enough for any girl.

Our lips slowly came together again and our naked bodies pressed up against each other. We gently fell back on the bed, me lying on my back with him on top of me. I spread my legs to he slipped his hand to my wetness. He groaned.

"Angel, oh, you're so wet...You're this wet for me, precious?"

I nodded, "Yes." I moaned as he touched me. His fingers were stroking my pussy up and down and I shuddered in pleasure. "Oh God, that feels good," I paused. "I'm ready, Ted."

He looked at me for a moment. "Darling, are you sure?"

I nodded, "Yes, for sure, just please take me," I whispered. "Take me now, I need you so badly."

A little diamond of a tear reflected in his eye, reacting to my words. He gently spread my thighs further apart and looked at my bare sex. I knew he loved it from the way he looked at it. He was on his knees between me, he was rubbing his cock along my wetness and I sighed in pleasure. He started to put it in me, just a little at a time.

"Now baby," he moaned. "If this hurts or if you want me to stop, just tell me. Okay?"

I nodded.

He very gently inched his way into me. I could feel my pussy stretching. It didn't feel so bad, not like other girls had mentioned, but then he hit something and I was scared. He had my hymen and that stretch of skin of mine was so tight and thick and strong, I didn't know how anything could ever go through it without making me burst into a scream of pain.

"Sweetheart," he said, stroking my face. "If you don't want me to go past this, I'll pull out."

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