tagFetishSchooling the Stepford Husband

Schooling the Stepford Husband

byjane marwood©


This is not a story that will suit many of you. I therefore urge you not to read it, unless you are one of the very few people in the world who enjoy the extreme humiliation of young men at the hands of women. This story, along with others I have written, has no redeeming features for the uninitiated. So I beg you, don't read it. Don't vote and don't comment.

I have had comments that my stories are placed in the wrong category, but there is not a category for female domination (or Femdom as it is sometimes referred to.) All of my stories (apart from one) are in this genre. They are repetitious and will bore you to tears if you are not of a like mind... and few are.

There are some fine writers on this site, that are very much in the mainstream. I enjoy their work. So I recommend that you do the same.

Part One

Peter was in shock. He had never known or experienced such humiliation in all his young life. Peter was eighteen years old, and had up until now, led a happy and reasonably unhindered life. The death of his father and the subsequent insurance payout had allowed his mother to do something she had always wanted for her young son... to send him somewhere that would give him that certain finish and polish.

His mother had searched everywhere without being successful. There were many finishing schools for girls, surely she thought, there must be something for boys too.

Had she known then, the consequences of her subsequent choice - and exactly what her young son was to experience, she might have changed her mind.

"Stand still boy until I tell you otherwise." The voice of the young female prefect echoed across the courtyard. Her voice was clipped and well modulated and had the ring of someone who was used to wielding authority, although she was yet to turn nineteen years of age.

Peter shivered as he stood to attention, his face colouring to a profuse and deep shade of crimson. His young cheeks were burning as the pretty young prefect positioned him and three other naked boys into a square formation in the middle of the school's large courtyard.

Two of the boys, each standing side by side at a distance of exactly two arms-lengths apart, had been made to stand facing the two other boys at a distance of two arms lengths. A vaulting horse had been placed on the stone cobbling of the yard, the leather covered padding of its surface showing the results of constant use. The legs of the vaulting horse had been shortened many years ago, to enable young men to be bent over it with their legs spread apart and their heads and shoulders hanging down over the other side, ready for their punishment.

Duty monitors, had placed a metal cabinet by the side of the vaulting horse. It stood on four sturdy rubber wheels and contained two drawers at the top with a cupboard underneath. The surface of the cabinet was encased in a heavy lid, which had been provided with two handles. The handles not only facilitated the lifting of the lid, but also provided a convenient grip for steering and accurately manoeuvring the heavy medical cabinet; although it had seen as much use as the vaulting horse, the mirror like surface of the electroplated nickel silver, shone so brightly in the sunlight that Peter was unable to look directly at it.

Hilary looked at her young charges, their naked bodies thrilling her as she walked between them. Their bodies displayed not a single hair, apart from that which grew on their heads. Nonchalantly she lifted the long cane she held in her hand and turned to a slim blonde haired boy who was standing opposite Peter. She lifted the cane further so that the tip of the slim bamboo was touching the underside of his flaccid penis, raising it up and away from his body.

"Well, Gerald my boy, you know what Miss Trent will do with this once you have been caned, don't you? Does it not make you feel ashamed, to be made to ejaculate in front of all the girls?" She moved forward and lowering her cane, took hold of the young boy's flaccid penis. She squeezed the soft pale flesh between her slender fingers, before pushing the foreskin back until it would stretch no further.

"Keep still." Her hand moved steadily backwards and forwards until she felt the flesh harden and begin to throb. The boy's slim body shivered and shook with embarrassment and humiliation as well as with his sexual arousal, as she casually stimulated him to a full but involuntary erection.

Suddenly, she let go of his stiffened flesh, watching the plump column bob up and down as it stood out rigidly from his body. She cupped her hand and brought it up between his legs, closing her fingers delicately around his testicles as her palm touched his scrotum. She heard him gasp at the sensual contact as she fondled the soft orbs within the tightened scrotal sac.

It was not by accident that Hilary had been able to make the boy erect so quickly. She, like all the young prefects, had been taught thoroughly how to handle the genitalia of young boys. At the age of eighteen she was an expert, not only in the physical handling of all of the young men in her charge, but also in verbal humiliation.

She was one of twelve prefects who had all been chosen because of their aptitude and... in the experienced view of Miss Marchbank, the vital ingredient... their stunning beauty.

Miss Marchbank had long since discovered the extra control a pretty girl could exert over young men. The school had seventy-two female pupils and only six boys. The boys' ages ranged from eighteen to twenty-one years old, whereas the girls, who also started at eighteen, were allowed to stay on until they decided to marry. The imbalance in male to female pupil numbers was entirely deliberate and was part of a long established tradition at the expensive and exclusive finishing school.

Hilary was dressed in her school uniform of white shirt and tie and pleated navy blue tunic, which was worn very short. The tunic was beautifully tailored to a length well above mid-thigh, showing most of her long and lightly tanned legs. Her blonde hair was drawn back, amplifying the exquisite definition of her young features. Her face was lightly made up, which accented the beautiful cobalt blue of her eyes and the perfection of her finely shaped lips. She was well aware of the effect her looks had on the young boys at the school and used her beauty at every opportunity to cause them the maximum of embarrassment.

"Argggghhh." The boy gasped as she deliberately let her fingernails score over the underside of his scrotum, making him shiver and shake. She looked into his blushing face, noting the anguish in his eyes as she toyed with his body.

Abruptly she let him go and walked to stand by the caning horse.

"Right all of you... Quickly now, hands on your heads and legs spread at shoulder width."

She watched as the naked boys struggled to obey. Although they all obeyed promptly she moved behind the boy standing next to Gerald and casually delivered a crisp stroke of the cane to his bared bottom.

"sssssSSSSSSS". He hissed, as he struggled to maintain his position. She reached around his waist and took hold of his penis, aware that the two boys opposite could not take their eyes off her slender fingers as she casually handled his timid flesh. They watched her every move, perhaps fearing that they themselves would soon be subjected to the same treatment. To her delight she noticed that their penises did not seem quite so flaccid as she pulled the boy's foreskin back and exposed him fully to the stares of the other boys. She moved her fingers from side to side, making his captured penis slap against his hips as she forced him to a full and reluctant erection.

"I really don't understand why you boys can't control yourselves better." She chided the unfortunate boy, as she slapped his erect member with the tips of her fingers. "Now all of you stand straight and arch your backs, you already know that Miss Trent will have no hesitation in adding to your punishment."

Hilary could feel the boy shiver as she let go of his penis and placed her hand gently on his hip before slowly moving her delicate fingers over his goose-pimpled flesh and around to his buttocks. She let her fingertips slide between the deep crevice of his bottom cheeks, feeling him flinch and gasp in anguish as she explored the soft contours of his flesh.

She was interested in the new boy, but had decided to observe his reactions as she demonstrated her power over the other boys. She could see that he was already shivering with anguish and embarrassment, but was delighted to see that his penis, which was much larger than that of the others, was already beginning to stiffen.

She felt sure that this involuntary erection was perhaps causing him the most distress. With a light slap on the boy's buttocks she moved away from him and moved to stand in front of Peter. He blushed immediately as he was confronted by the close proximity of the startlingly pretty young prefect. He looked down at the floor, the humiliation almost too much for his timid nature as Hilary stood in front of him and raised his chin with her slender fingers so that he could not avoid looking into her eyes.

"Well, what have we here? A new boy... Peter isn't it? Well Peter welcome to Rochville! So tell me young man... what have you managed to do in such a short time to deserve punishment mmmm?

The young boy started to stammer and shake as she held his head up so that she could look into his eyes. "Well, I am waiting for an answer."

"I d'don't know miss. The nurse told me to go out and join the others... I mean these boys here!"

"Well I can tell you, young man, that unless you learn to obey the rules, you will be attending quite a few of these little punishment sessions." Although she was dying to handle the pale plump flesh of his penis and testicles, she resisted the temptation; instead she moved to stand in front of the fourth boy. She looked down at his penis in a leisurely fashion, watching his eyes follow hers, before she nonchalantly took his penis delicately between her finger and thumb.

She was not surprised to feel the turgid flesh pulse with the sudden intimate contact. She did not move her fingers; instead she held the flesh lightly as she looked into his eyes. Her pretty face was only inches from his as she spoke to him.

"It seems Ian, that you have lost control of yourself already. Why is your penis stiff, come along, I want an explanation?"

The boy blushed profusely, his cheeks turning bright red as he stammered a reply. "I am sorry miss, I d'don't know why."

Hilary smiled at his discomfort, feeling his penis stiffen between her fingers as she moved forward slightly so that the material of her short pleated tunic could rub across the very tip of his erect member.

She felt him shudder as she swayed her hips gently. She closed her fingers over his flesh and grasped his penis firmly so that he could not escape the acute sensation. Once more she let the material brush against the sensitive opening of his erect penis, this time he shuddered uncontrollably, trying to force his hips back to escape her torment. To his dismay she held him firmly and looked into his eyes. "Stand still young man, I won't have disobedience."

Once again she swayed her hips, making him shiver and gasp in anguish at the acute, almost torturous, stimulation to the very tip of his penis. At last she let go of him and stood back, smiling with satisfaction as she observed his erect penis was now bobbing up and down as it pulsed with sexual arousal.

She returned to her original position by the vaulting horse and apprised the pale bodies of the four naked young boys. Three of the boys she had handled were displaying erect and throbbing penises, which stood outwards and upwards from their bodies. She noted that the new boy's penis was already larger than the others and, although not fully erect, was engorged and hanging down heavily between his legs. She also noted that his eyes were glistening with the trauma of his embarrassment.

Hilary was aware that his earlier experiences of the hurried induction that morning would have been a severe cultural shock to him. She examined his body leisurely, noting his beautiful slender physique and his extreme good looks. She knew that he would, over the next two years, probably be the centre of attention for her and her fellow prefects as well as for most of the all-female teaching staff employed at Rochville. His physique and handsome face was unusually perfect, even for the high physical standards that Miss Marchbank insisted upon before admitting any boy to the finishing school.

Peter felt a tear run down his cheek. His embarrassment was such that he could hardly see. His ears were ringing with shame as he contemplated his fate.

It had been very early that morning that his mother had delivered him to the school. The headmistress, the surprisingly young and quite beautiful Miss Marchbank, had greeted them both. Peter had already attended the school three weeks ago for one day, so that he could sit an entrance exam and undergo a school medical.

The medical exam had embarrassed him so much that he had been very guarded in his answers when his mother had asked him how well he thought the exam had gone. The beautiful young female doctor that had conducted his intimate and thorough examination had unnerved him to such an extent that he had spent the rest of the day with a blushing red face.

His mother had been somewhat relieved when at last a letter came to inform her that Peter had been accepted into the Rochville Preparatory School and Academy. It was a further relief to her when she read that Peter would be allowed to start straight away, even though the new term had already started. She had made Peter dress smartly in his existing college uniform and had driven him, and his suitcase packed with the school's list of requirements, to Rochville. She felt a huge sense of relief that her plans for her son Peter had gone so smoothly.

It had been a rather wishful impulse that had made her apply to Rochville. Mary Hart had never had the money to raise herself to the standards of which she aspired. Although she had enjoyed a comfortable life style; her late husband earning a substantial salary in middle management, she had always wistfully observed the lives of the quietly wealthy Boston society. She would constantly read, in the rather reserved magazines that catered to the wealthy Bostonians, of the balls and galas that that society enjoyed.

It had been in one of these magazines that she had read of the marriage of the daughter of a well-known and extremely wealthy family. What had taken her eye amongst the glittering description of the wedding - was the fact that both the bride and groom had attended the Rochville Academy.

On impulse she had applied to Rochville, not even knowing the fees that the Academy required for their tutelage. Fortunately for her, she had enclosed a photograph of Peter along with her letter. It was a complete surprise to her that she had been invited to bring the boy for an initial interview and an even greater surprise when she had learned that the fees were entirely within her means.

Mrs. Hart had been so delighted when her son's acceptance letter came, that she had had no thoughts that perhaps the fees were rather low for such an auspicious foundation.

The speed at which Miss Marchbank had investigated every aspect of the lives of Mary Hart and her son Peter, would have surprised even the most astute detective agency. Within three days she knew every detail of the family income, their medical history, including that of the late husband and father. She had even obtained a complete psychological profile of Peter Hart. Miss Marchbank had been delighted with the results of her research and had decided that Peter would indeed be a most suitable boy for her purposes. The boy's school medical had confirmed her opinion that the boy was quite unusually good looking and that his character was one that would be suitable for shaping to her needs – or rather the needs of her girls.

She had tailored her fees exactly to that of Mrs. Hart's income so that there would be no hardship incurred in paying them. She had also decided that if Mrs. Hart decided to marry in the near future, she would offer an Academy scholarship so that the new husband would see the benefit in keeping the boy at Rochville.

Mrs Hart, although concerned that her son Peter would be happy at his new school, was already anxious to start her new life as a single mother. She fully intended to marry again and although she loved her son dearly, she realised that she would have complete freedom to socialise while he was away at boarding school.

On arrival they had been given tea in the beautiful sitting room of the Headmistress. Miss Marchbank had talked with Peter's mother for over an hour about the benefits of the school and the certainty that Peter would easily achieve the required grades in the new subjects he would be given.

Peter had sat on one of the beautifully upholstered armchairs, aware that soon he would be left alone in a completely new environment. After a while Miss Marchbank stood up and brought the meeting to a close. It was with further assurances by her, that 'Peter will love here it here at Rochville', that Peter's mother had announced that she would be more than delighted to leave the boy in the excellent care of the school. She had kissed him goodbye, noting the tear in his eye as she turned to leave.

It had only been a few moments after his mother had departed, that the extremely young and capable school matron had arrived and taken him to the medical centre where his abrupt and complete humiliation and embarrassment had commenced. The Matron was slim and attractive and had made him blush as she took hold of his hand and led him through the maze of corridors to the examination rooms.

The Medical centre was large and well equipped and Peter had stood in awe of the array of equipment as well as the two pretty school nurses who had been preparing the examination table. He had stood quietly looking down at his feet when suddenly the Matron had turned to him and casually told him to strip until he was naked. He had flushed a deep shade of red as he fumbled with his clothing, divesting himself of his blazer, shirt and socks and shoes. He had hesitated as he got down to his underpants, only to have one of the nurses kneel in front of him and casually hook her slender fingers delicately into the waistband of his shorts and pull them down to his ankles.

It had been one humiliation after another as they laid him face upwards upon the table and without preamble raised his legs so that his knees were almost pressed against his chest. Deftly and swiftly the nurses had prised his bottom cheeks apart. Matron had casually slipped a lubricated finger up through his sphincter and into his anus, nonchalantly she let first one finger, and then, with a quick thrust another, roam about inside him. He had gasped and cried out in alarm as the enema nozzle had been gently but firmly inserted inside his bottom, only to cry out again with embarrassment as one of the pretty nurses had casually taken hold of his penis and then cupped her other hand around his testicles, before lifting his captured genitalia upwards from between his legs.

His face had been one long flush of shame as they had made him expel into a bowl, before diligently repeating the procedure three times. He had shivered in embarrassment as they lifted his legs and begun to shave his genitals. Their hands were everywhere as they parted his buttocks and moved his penis and testicles this way and that until he was completely denuded of hair, not only between his legs and buttocks and around his pubis, but also underneath his arms.

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