Schooling the Stepford Husband

byjane marwood©

"Let your little bottom relax now Peter... come along." She could see Jocelyn take a firm hold of his head while Susan's fingers pressed even more firmly against his parted buttocks.

Both girls were aware of the boy's imminent impalement. The little shiver that ran through Peter's body thrilled Pamela. She felt a delicious tingle run through her own body as she prepared herself for the entry.

For Pamela there was no more pleasurable feeling than that of her slender forefinger entering up into a young boy's bottom for the first time.

This young boy, she thought, must be the most beautiful creature on this earth. She savoured every moment as she prepared herself for her own feeling of pleasure. Determined, as she was, to fully exploit and prolong every nuance of the boy's complete subjugation for her own satisfaction.

"Juust reelaaxx." Her voice was as smooth as honey; an absolute contradiction to the movement of her hand, as she teased his sphincter again, this time in one firm gesture. As soon as the flesh had relaxed enough from the involuntary recoil, she pushed her finger deftly through the ring of muscle and straight up until the knuckles of her hand would not let her penetrate him further.

All the girls watched the boy as he tried to accommodate the intense feeling of Pamela's finger being pushed deep inside his bottom. He seemed to writhe almost as much in his utter embarrassment, as he did in his impalement.

"There we are now let me just lubricate you a little. Lift your bottom up higher for me." Of course Pamela did not expect the boy to be able to obey her. But she could see that the humiliation of hearing her words had a profound effect upon him.

Slowly, she began to rotate her finger inside him... swirling it around until she could feel his anal passage begin to loosen. Without warning, she withdrew her forefinger until only the tip was still inside him. Placing her middle finger alongside her forefinger, she pushed them both upwards, skilfully slipping them up into his anus. The result was immediate. The boy tried to throw his back his head, at the same time vainly trying to tense his buttocks. His body shuddered wildly as both her fingers penetrated him fully to the hilt.

"Arggghhh.... Ooooooooo... hooooo HooOOOO."

He cried in anguish as Pamela immediately began to probe inside him, moving them dexterously until she located the plump mound of his prostate gland.

"Hooooo oooohhhhhh." His cries were a joy to her ears, as she looked sideways at Susan. It was the warning look in Susan's eyes that suddenly alerted Pamela to the possibility that the boy might ejaculate prematurely. Pamela suddenly realised that his violent movement would be stimulating his penis while it was still trapped between Susan's thighs.


It took several minutes and much protestation from Peter, before the girls finally had him standing upright. Pamela had easily managed to keep her fingers firmly inside the young boy while the rest of the girls had got him positioned.

He was now standing with his hands placed upon his head and his legs spread widely apart. Susan and Nicola were seated at either side of him, holding each leg between their knees. Both girls had taken the opportunity to explore his body, their hands running up and down his thighs as they held him firmly in place between their legs. Susan had gestured to Nicola and watched her avidly as she cupped her hand around the young boy's bulging scrotum, feeling and kneading the captured orbs as the boy suffered this indignity with moans and groans.

Pamela stood with her breasts pressed against his back and her left arm wrapped around his waist with the palm of her hand flat against his stomach just above the freshly shaven pubis. She easily managed to keep the fingers of her right hand firmly inserted up inside his bottom.

Jocelyn looked at Peter's blushing face as she smoothed her hand over his cheek.

"Now just you stand still while I fetch the specimen cup for Susan. Don't look so anxious sweetheart. I am quite sure that Pamela will have your little plums emptied in no time at all."

She watched him blush once more before she moved towards the medical tray and took a new plastic specimen cup. She took off the lid and returned to stand in front of Peter as she handed Susan the clear plastic beaker.

"Now Sweetheart... give me your left hand... come along quickly now!" She watched him as he lowered one hand from his head. She grasped his wrist and guided his hand until the palm was resting on her right shoulder.

"Now give me your other hand." She followed the same procedure until the boy was resting both his hands on her shoulders. She kept his elbows bent so that her body was in close proximity to his.

The boy was now entirely surrounded, while he stood spread legged with his penis erect and throbbing. His embarrassment was written on his face for everyone to see as tears glistened in his eyes.

Nicola and Susan were at the side of each leg, holding it firmly between their knees... Pamela was standing behind him with her fingers thrusting between his bottom cheeks and at the same time, holding his body firmly to her with the flat of her palm against his tummy... and finally Jocelyn... who stood in front of him, with his hands reluctantly placed upon her young shoulders. To his chagrin, he was unable to hide his anguish from the young schoolgirl. Her cool and appraising gaze unnerved him as she looked into eyes.

She had made sure that she was not too close and that there would be plenty of room for Pamela to manipulate his penis and for Susan to collect his semen. She saw Pamela gesture to her... and on cue, she leaned her head forward and looked deep into his eyes. She observed him clinically, watching him suddenly flinch. She knew, in an instant, that Pamela had slipped her hand down from his stomach and had taken hold of his throbbing penis.

She made sure that she had his full attention as she bent her head to look down at his genitals, knowing that the young boy would be further embarrassed by her watching his penis being manipulated. He gasped in anguish as Pamela stretched the foreskin back so tightly that he shivered from head to foot. He might have saved his anguish for the next part of the procedure as Pamela held his penis resolutely in place while Susan callously placed the flattened palm of her hand against the opening of his urethra and began to move it in a circular motion over the sensitive opening.

All the girls where aware of the devastating effect this had on young boys. Time and time again, they had witnessed young boys at Rochville, pleading with their female tormentors to stop this intense form of stimulation to their penises.

Susan thrilled with delight as the boy stood up upon his toes, helplessly trying to escape the overwhelming sexual torture that she was applying to the very tip of his young penis.

"Arrrrgghh... oh pleease no, oh nooo-ooo please Miss."

His voice was anguished as he pleaded for an end to the exquisitely cruel torment. The sensation of her hand, as the skin of her flattened palm rotated lazily in a circular motion against the very tip of his penis, had him pleading for mercy. His pleas went unheeded; instead he felt his testicles being squeezed firmly and at the same time, his foreskin being stretched backwards as Pamela tightened her grip.

He tried to raise himself higher as the fingers inside his bottom jabbed against his prostate gland. He could not countenance or deal with the utterly exquisite and torturous sensations that the girls were eliciting from his body. His breath sounded ragged and drawn and his chest heaved as they expertly plundered the naivety of emotions.

All the girls were thrilled with the boy's reactions to their ministrations. Pamela and Susan had never seen a boy's body perform so emotionally when being milked. His body was absolutely rigid with torment when, at last, Susan took the palm of her hand away from the tip of his penis.

His respite was short-lived as Pamela began to expertly and diligently milk his penis in earnest. Nicola and Susan watched her in fascination as she quickly brought him to a point where each muscle of his body was so rigid, that it seemed as if the sinews were being stretched to breaking point.

Pamela could not help the sudden and absolute thrill of sexual excitement streak through her body as she pressed herself against his the contour of his back. Her left hand pushed mercilessly up into his bottom as she manipulated his penis. Her bright red nails contrasted with the pale flesh of his penis as she pumped her hand backwards and forwards over the rigid and virgin flesh.

Again and again she thrust her fingers firmly up into his bottom, jabbing in a protracted and practiced series of movements to fully stimulate his pulsing prostate gland. Time and time again, she let her fingers almost exit his sphincter before thrusting upwards once more. Each thrust would be accompanied by the clever rotation of her fingers as she let them prod and probe deep inside his young bottom.

Pamela looked at Susan as she felt the boy's sphincter begin to contract wildly around her fingers. She knew that Susan had already guessed the state of the young boy as she picked up the cup and held it a few centimetres away from the tip of his throbbing penis. Pamela moved her body back, allowing Susan enough room to apply her smacks to his bottom.

Jocelyn looked into his face as she placed her hands gently against his nipples. She could see the utter anguish of sexual torment on his face as he tried to deal with the sensations that were being wrung from his body. Cruelly she placed her fingers and thumbs on each side of his nipples and squeezed as hard as she could. His pleading look sent a shiver of sexual pleasure through her as she spoke to him.

"Poor Peter, just a little while longer... it will all be over soon. Poor baby... just a little longer."

The coolness of her voice belied the biting grip of her fingers upon his nipples. She did not take her eyes from his, even for one moment, as she heard the loud slaps from Susan upon the boy's naked and captive bottom cheeks.

Her gaze was firm and resolute as she spoke again.

"There we are Peter... you see, that didn't take long at all did it... now I want you to give me a nice big sample of semen... you can do that for me can't you Peter?"

Jocelyn's voice was absolutely cool and calm as she looked into the boy's anguished face. His fevered and contorted countenance still expressed the extra humiliation that her words had provoked.

"Ooooo... oooohhh." The violence of his first emission took nearly all the girls by surprise. The slap-like sound, as his semen hit the back of the beaker, was audible to everyone. It was clearly discernable, even above the loud crack of Susan's hand, as she spanked the flesh of his bottom.

Nicola squeezed her legs together in a delicious and selfish gesture as thrill after thrill ran through her body. She felt the warmth of his legs press against the inner flesh of her thighs as she hutched herself forward and squeezed his testicles with both her hands.

She thought that the boy looked as if he was being electrocuted rather than being made to ejaculate; such was the anguish and torment of his body. She felt a second wave of pleasure sear through her slender body, as she squeezed his plump testicles between her fingers.

Above her, Jocelyn's voice was audible to all as she coaxed him verbally. Her voice was absolutely cool and calm as she looked into his contorted young face.

"There we are, what a clever little boy you are... just a little longer now... I am sure you can do better than that... just try and give me a nice big sample... there that's the way."

Her fingers relaxed and then squeezed tightly over his nipples once more, her innocent expression never once betraying any effort or force as she squeezed the delicate and sensitive nubs of flesh.

Jocelyn watched him clinically as his chest heaved, drawing in a huge lungful of air in each agonising breath. The sight of his beautiful young face being contorted in utter sexual anguish while she controlled him, was the most exciting thing she had ever seen.

Both Susan and Nicola watched as the boy ejaculated helplessly. Again and again, he tensed his body in a paroxysm of agony. Such was the prolongation of his milking that he began to shiver wildly from head to foot. His body seemed wracked with deep emotion as Pamela coaxed him to another, and then yet another, agonising emission.

Susan was fascinated to observe that his penis was still pulsing, even after there was no more semen left to extract. It was the first time that she had ever witnessed a dry ejaculation at the end of a milking.

Susan ceased her spanking and looked into the jar. She could not believe the copious amount of semen that they had forcibly extracted from the young boy. She smoothed her hand over the cheeks of his bottom while she placed the plastic specimen beaker upon the floor. She looked across at Nicola who had begun gently stroking his testicles. Nicola was letting her fingertips smooth against his skin. Her petite and delicate fingers stroked gently under the sensitive perineum as her hands slipped sexily between his widely spread legs.

Jocelyn looked into his eyes, which were rolled back as if he was in a delirium. "There, you have been a good little boy." Now try and keep still, while Pamela slips her fingers from your little bottom." She watched the boy wince as Pamela gently began to extract her fingers. She saw him flinch again and this time, try and raise himself up. An obvious reaction, Jocelyn thought, to the knuckles of the hand stretching the sphincter more widely as they slip through.


Jocelyn looked at the young man as he reacted to their ministrations. She knew that he probably thought that he had already endured the extremes of sexual emotion and the depths of acute embarrassment and humiliation. She smiled to herself as she thought of what he must yet endure before he would leave Rochville.

He did not know it yet, but his time at Rochville would prepare him for his life as a husband to one of the girls. However painfull, his preparation might be for him, he would emerge as the most perfectly prepared and consummate husband a girl could wish for.

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High hopes, but Very repititious. Bummer

I had very high hopes for this story, and loved it in the beginning, but umpteen chapters in, and it is The same old story over and over again. Hand job after hand job with a finger up his ass. Orgasmmore...

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