School's Out


Our attention was drawn to Rusty as he hustled back from the campsite, his arms loaded with blankets. I took one from him and spread it on the ground and deposited Tracy on it. Then I took another and spread it next to Debbie and the trio of boners poking and prodding her pussy and face. The group dislodged long enough to move onto the spread and then resumed where they had left off.

By the time I got back to Tracy, she was kneeling with Rusty standing in front of her. She had a firm grasp on his once again hard cock and was slowly stroking it up and down. I was a bit surprised to see this since the two were cousins, but hey, I wasn't going to stop them and risk missing my own chance.

Rusty was grinning as I neared and said, "Man... Can you believe my own cousin is jacking me off?"

I chuckled and Tracy stopped in mid stroke, looking up at Rusty. "Yes, and I might do more than that," she teased. Then reaching up with her free hand she grabbed his nut sack, threatening, "But if you ever tell anyone I'll make you wish you'd never been born."

"That makes two of us," I added to give more weight to the girl's statement.

"O... Okay. I'll never say a word. I swear," came Rusty's excited reply.

With that, Tracy's lips parted and she slid them over the head of Rusty's manhood. A deep groan came from his throat and I had to wonder if he was going to do a repeat performance of his quick-shot routine. But after watching for a few moments, I was satisfied that his previous eruption had settled him for a while and he was going to be able to handle the additional stimulation.

I nestled myself behind Tracy, on my knees, and pressed my semi-hard penis against the soft flesh of her bottom. With both hands I reached around her and scooped a breast into each one. I slowly massaged the mounds while gently kissing her shoulders and neck. She responded with a soft, "Mmmm..." and another shiver raced through her body.

After toying with the girl's tits for a while, I let my right hand slip downward, over her tight abdomen and then farther down, coming to rest on her pubic mound. Again I started a slow massage on her bare skin, the tips of my fingers just rubbing across the top of her vaginal crevice. I continued this for a minute or two before letting my fingers move a bit further south, parting her lips and running over her tender love bud.

When I let my middle finger probe her already dripping wet hole there was another long "Mmmm..." from the girl as she pressed her hips downward, trying to get more of my digit into her steamy little hole. I obliged and worked as much of my finger into her as I could. I managed to get it to about the second knuckle, and once there I began a slow, rhythmic wiggle, up and down.

Tracy's legs began to quiver ever so slightly and she paused her efforts on Rusty's tool. "Fuck me," she growled.

I wasted no time and pressed her forward and into a doggie position, my now hard cock dislodging from where it had been nestled between the girl's butt cheeks. Shuffling forward just a bit, my pole pressed against her slightly parted outer lips. They were coated with her juices and I slid the head into her almost effortlessly. As my shaft delved deeper the resistance increased in her fresh, young pussy.

As I bottomed out with my balls pressed against her mound, Tracy moaned, "Oh God....Yesss," while she grabbed handfuls of the blanket beneath us.

I began with a few slow and steady strokes in and out, withdrawing all but the head of my pecker before slipping back into her steamy depths. As I did this I noticed Rusty just standing there, pre-cum drooling from the end of his hard-on. "You better get down here if you want more," I told the awkward teen.

He quickly dropped to his knees and was soon laying on his back at a right angle to Tracy and me. The blonde wasted no time in finding Rusty's member and slurping it back into her willing mouth. Her head began to bob up and down and I imagined how good it must have felt to Rusty, and I planned to find out in a while. But for now I concentrated my energies on filling the girl's sweet, tight pussy with my meat.

I grabbed the girl's hips and repositioned myself slightly to allow for better movement. As I began to thrust into her again, I picked up speed and force. Her vagina gripped my rod like fingers and her juices were flowing freely now making my shaft glisten in the sunlight each time I withdrew. I could hear her muffled moans as I plunged in and out of her.

This went on for several minutes, during which I alternated between fast paced fucking and slower but steady stroking. During the slower periods I leaned over Tracy to reach under and fondle her tits as they hung in perfect globes beneath her chest Her nipples were hard little buttons that seemed to tighten even more each time I ran a fingertip over them. There was no doubt that she was enjoying this as much as I was, maybe more.

My concentration was broken by Rusty's hopeful voice. "Let's trade places," he said to me.

"Only if that's okay with Tracy," I replied. Giving your cousin a blowjob is one thing, letting him fuck you is something different and I wanted to make sure that Tracy was on board.

She seemed a little hesitant but consented, echoing her previous threat, "Just remember, you tell no one... And I mean no one. Not even a hint to your little buddy Bruce."

Bruce was a squirrel of a guy. He was odd to say the least and he had never fit in our group so he was never around us much. But for some reason, he and Rusty had remained close friends all through school. When I had heard that Rusty was bringing someone with him, that's who I suspected it would be. But thankfully he chose more wisely.

With Tracy's blessing we began to rearrange ourselves. While we did, I glanced over at the other group. They were still merrily sucking and fucking away, only the guys had changed places. I guessed they were taking turns using Debbie's pussy and just biding their time at her face as they awaited their next turn. I could hear the normal sounds of sex from them; a mix of slurping and skin on skin contact with the various moan and exclamation.

Turning my attention back to Tracy, she had opted for a reverse cowgirl position, facing me and sliding her snug, wet cunt down onto Rusty's pole. Then it was her turn to grab my hips. Her sweet lips parted and she took the head of my member between them. Her tongue played over the end of it, flicking across its opening.

I put my hands on the sides of her head, gently running my fingers into her beautiful blonde locks. A guttural moan escaped me as she pulled more of my cock into her mouth. As great as her pussy had felt, her mouth felt even better. I've always been more turned on by a good blowjob, and this certainly was going to be one. I could tell that Tracy was not the most practiced at this, but I could also tell that she was a natural.

Tracy worked up and down the top half of my rod for a few minutes and then tried to take more of me. I felt the tip of my manhood hit the back of her throat and then she quickly withdrew most of the way. Again she pressed forward until I felt the pressure of her palate closing in on me. This time she forced a little more and gagged slightly, expelling me from her completely.

Sheepishly, she looked up and apologized, "Sorry... I'm kinda' new at this."

"It's okay...." I assured her, brushing her hair back with my hand.

"The other couple of guys I've been with weren't as big as you and they were more interested in fucking me," she continued.

I smiled and said, "Trust me... You are doing just fine." Then I chuckled and told her, "But practice makes perfect. Let's practice some more."

With that, Tracy took me back into her mouth and sucked me with vigor. She never truly attempted to deep-throat me but was beginning to get more and more of me in her mouth. I was just starting to feel the cum welling up in my balls when I heard Rusty grunting and moaning, "I'm... Uhhnn. I'm gonna cum!"

Quickly Tracy dismounted from her cousin and took his steamy pole in her hand. She jerked his dick up and down a couple of strokes and a long stream of jism shot straight up, nearly 18 inches in the air. The white goo crashed back down over the girls still pumping fist and was joined by another couple of much smaller globs as they popped out and ran down her knuckles.

The blonde giggled wildly and slowed her pace but continued to stroke her cousin. She may have been inexperienced, but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing as she expertly teased the head of his wilting member on each up-stroke. Each time the girl squeezed the head of his prick, Rusty would flinch and grunt.

Finally releasing Rusty of the torment, Tracy wiped most of the jizz onto his thigh and then turned back to me. With a very nasty grin and smouldering eyes, she licked a remaining glob of cum off of the back of her hand. I nearly blew my load right then but held on with the hope that I was reading her intentions right.

This time, as Tracy took my cock back into her mouth, it was almost more of an attack than anything else. The girl devoured my dick and in no time I could again feel my man-juice welling up for blast-off. Her head was a blur and her fingers were digging into my buttocks as she worked my dick like a pro. She only slowed a few times to try and pull more of me in, finally taking nearly two-thirds of my dick.

It was on one of these times when I knew I was at the point of no return. Clinching my eyes shut I growled out, "I'm gonna' cum."

Tracy withdrew until just a little more than the head of my meat was still in her mouth. She reached a hand up and wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft, which she began to vigorously pump. Her tongue once again danced over my organ and almost shouting, I exclaimed, "Here it comessss!"

My sperm exploded into her waiting mouth as I tensed and my orgasm raced through my body. Tracy's head jerked just a bit as the first salty jet sprayed onto her tongue but she didn't release the seal her lips had on me. I spurted another two or three good doses of my medicine into the girl as my hips bucked and we both struggled to maintain our balance.

Finally, as the waves of ecstacy began to diminish, Tracy swallowed my load and released me from her lips. Again, like she had done to Rusty, she teased the last of the cum out of my dick, licking the droplets away as they formed at the end. And I, like Rusty, was flinching and twitching each time her hot, little tongue touched my now over-sensitive pecker.

Ultimately I had to push her away and she stood, throwing her arms around my neck with a giggle, followed by a deep sigh. "That was sooo good," she said before planting a deep french kiss on me. I had always avoided kissing a girl after she'd let me cum in her mouth, but this time it just seemed right. I could taste my remnants on her tongue but it was curiously intoxicating and, to my surprise, arousing.

Our kiss was broken by a female voice crying out, "Ohhh, Fuck!!" We both turned to look over at the others and were amazed at what we saw. At least I was amazed. I could only imagine what Tracy thought.

There was Debbie still on top, Joe under her now with his mammoth cock plugged into her pussy. But now Mark was positioned over and behind her with his dick driving into her asshole. Simply put, I couldn't believe it. I had seen pictures and videos of chicks doing this on the internet, but you can see almost anything there. I certainly didn't think I'd ever see it in real life. But then again, I didn't think I'd ever do a girl while her cousin helped either.

We watched as they struggled to get in a rhythm, which they soon did. With that accomplished Kyle moved in front of Debbie again and she started her oral ministrations once more. It wasn't long before he grabbed her head and announced his impending eruption. Then his body went stiff and there was no doubt that Debbie was getting a hot load dumped into her mouth.

A few moments later, Debbie started to thrash and call out, "Oh fuck, Oh fuck," over and over. The throes of her own orgasm tore through her, her dark hair flying around as the two men continued their assault on her holes.

It was at that moment that I realized Tracy hadn't gotten off. "Looks like they're having fun," I said as I parted from her and took a seat on the vacant blanket. Rusty was gone and I didn't know, or care, where he was. I pulled Tracy down to me and kissed her again while she continued to watch Debbie out of the corner of her eye.

"You didn't cum yet so it's your turn now," I said as I scooted down and parted her long, slender legs.

She started to respond but all she got out was, "That's O..." which was followed by a throaty, "Oh my God," as my tongue darted into her still dripping honey hole.

Her juices coated my tongue and tasted incredible. I'd eaten out chicks before but none were as delectable as Tracy. Her aroma filled my nostrils and in no time I was licking and sucking her with total abandon.

As I worked her clit with my tongue, Tracy's hands went to my head and she pulled me deeper into her crotch. I reciprocated with even more fervent licking and sucking. Her juices were coating my mouth and chin as I ate her and it only took a few minutes to bring her to the thrashing, panting pinnacle of orgasmic bliss.

"Oh God, Ron... I'm cummingggg!" she wailed as the climax washed over her. Her hips slowly rose from the blanket, paused in mid-air for a moment and then began bucking furiously up and down. She was bucking so violently that I couldn't keep my mouth affixed to her pussy, so I quickly found her clit with my thumb and rubbed it for all I was worth. She screeched and clamped her legs closed on my hand and arm, dropping her ass back to the blanket and writhing in pleasure.

I slowly reduced my efforts on her love button and Tracy ebbed into the afterglow of post-orgasmic harmony. When her legs again parted slightly I extricated my hand and moved up to kiss her. Her brow was sweaty and her eyes were glassy, almost tear-filled. She was panting heavily but accepted my gentle kiss to her lips, pulling me close to her.

We lay there for a few minutes until Tracy had caught her breath again. Then she softly said, "That was fantastic." And then she sheepishly added, "That's the first time I've ever had an orgasm with a guy."

I guessed the guys she'd had sex with in the past were 'Wham, Bam, Thank-you-Ma'am' types who never took the time to worry about the girl's needs. I'd been there when I first started having sex, but quickly learned that if I wanted to have more and better sex, I needed to take care of the girl too. Besides that, I found out I really felt great when I could put a girl in the condition I had Tracy at that moment; totally spent.

"There's more where that came from," I told her and hugged her close, kissing her deeply.

Our moment of self-inflicted solitude was interrupted by the sound of bare feet plodding on the ground toward us. It was Debbie, Kyle, Mark and Joe. Apparently the other two guys had reached their climax as well. The evidence was blasted all over Debbie's face and boobs. She looked down at Tracy and chortled, "Told you I was going to get laid on this trip." Then she added, "Looks like you did too."

Tracy just smiled and hugged me a little tighter. Debbie concluded as she headed toward the lake with the three guys in tow, "I gotta' go get this cum off of me before it gets crusty."

...continued in chapter 2

School's Out - Chapter 2


I propped myself on an elbow and watched Debbie's round, naked ass sway as she walked toward the lake. Joe and Kyle were already knee deep in the water with Mark in close pursuit. I still didn't know where Rusty had disappeared to. Probably taking a nap somewhere since he had already blown two loads in less than an hour, but I was sure he'd turn up.

Although I was sated for the moment, I knew that I was going to do my best to get a piece of Debbie later in the day. And I suspected the other guys would try to have a go at Tracy, the blonde laying next to me, who'd just given me one hell of a blowjob. I had returned the favor by eating her pussy until she had a good old-fashioned, hip thrusting, thrashing orgasm.

"She was certainly a mess," I mused, referring to the cum splattered all over Debbie's face and chest.

Tracy didn't respond right away and I didn't give it much thought. Then, after a couple of moments she said, "I thought she looked yummy," and giggled quietly.

"Yummy, huh?" I repeated as I turned my attention back to her. "Just how close friends are you two?" I petitioned teasingly.

Tracy blushed and replied, "Wouldn't you like to know?" with a big grin on her face.

"Yes, I would," I stated as I reached out, placing a hand on her right breast and softly squeezing it. Goose bumps covered the girl's skin and her nipples began to immediately stiffen. "Tell me more," I insisted.

"Nuh-Uh," she refused, adding, "Nothing to tell, really."

"Now, I don't believe that for a minute," I said. "Two girls don't just invite themselves to go camping with a bunch of guys, happen to strip and jump in a lake, then screw that same bunch of guys without some kind of history."

Tracy didn't say anything but now my curiosity was running and I wanted to know more. I could just picture the two locked in a heated 69, tonguing each other into a frenzy. I let my hand slowly slide downward, across the teen's tight abdomen and over her pubic mound. Pressing down with my middle finger, I parted her vulva and began an easy massage on her clit.

Squirming a bit under my hand, Tracy moaned lowly and consented, "Okay, okay... I'll tell you."

I continued to toy with her as she raised up on both elbows, squinting against the bright sunlight. "I had the house to myself for the weekend a while back," she began. "I invited Debbie over to just hang and watch movies and stuff," Tracy went on. "Debbie said she was going to take a shower. When she was done, she walked right out into the living room naked as a Jaybird. She asked me to help her wax her bikini line and one thing led to another," the girl stated as my hand began working a little more intensely.

Another quiet moan escaped her throat and I could feel my manhood starting to swell again. "What led to what?" I quizzed, wanting all the lurid details.

"Nothing much, really," Tracy replied. "Before long I was naked too, and we were kissing," she said. "Debbie told me I should shave my bush, so we did that; at least most of it anyway. And we ended up fingering each other," she added, and then completed her story with, "That was the first time I ever had an orgasm."

I could sense a feeling of embarrassment in Tracy's voice and I wanted her to realize she had nothing at all to be ashamed of. "That's hot," I told her, adding, "Wish I would've been there to see it." Then, hoping to relieve her tension, I asserted, "I've jacked off many times thinking about two girls getting dirty with one another." Which was true. Laughing, I tacked on, "Now I've got a couple of real girls in real life to think about when I do."

She looked up at me and a big smile crept across her pretty face. "Just call me whenever you think you need to jack off and I'll come over to help you out," she said in a jovial, yet serious tone. Then, pulling herself away from my playful fingers, she got to her feet and said, "Come on. I need to cool off."

Tracy pulled me to my feet and led me to the lake where the others were frolicking, still as naked as the day they were born. None of us had even given a thought to the fact that we were in a public area, even though it wasn't used much. This part of the forest was off the beaten path and seldom saw people, but the fact remained that we were in a state operated park and anyone could happen upon us. I started to raise the point and then decided to just let it pass. The chances were slim that anyone would come close, and if they did, I figured that we'd give them something to look at.

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