School's Out


After watching the four naked bodies twisting in the glow of our campfire for a few moments, I returned my attention to Debbie. It was obvious now that her fingers were dancing in and out of her quim and she was grinding her hips backwards, onto my own. Rusty was almost gasping for air now and I knew that there was no way he was going to last much longer.

I moved back a couple of inches and pulled my hips farther back, then grabbed my rock hard shaft and pushed it downward. I let my hips slide forward and the head of my penis came into contact with Debbie's digits. Instantly she withdrew them and guided the head of my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I thrust inward and sank about half of my meat deep in her warm hole. She let out a gurgling, "Mmmmm..." but didn't take her mouth away from Rusty.

Debbie wasn't as tight as Tracy had been when I shagged her earlier in the day, but her hot little box closed around me with a wonderful firmness. I wasted no time and began sawing my pecker in and out of her, grabbing her hips for stability. Her body would jiggle each time my hips made contact with her ass and she was timing her downstroke on Rusty to match my forward thrusts.

As I had guessed, it was only a couple of minutes before I heard Rusty struggling to get the words out. "Ahh... Uhh... I...I'm g-gonna... Uhhh... CUM!" he finally managed to sputter out. Debbie didn't even slow down. In fact, I think she increased her pace and a moment later the result was unquestionable; Rusty had begun unloading.

Debbie kept her lips in a tight seal around Rusty's dick as he grunted out his semen. Her head bobbing slowed but she continued sucking him until he finished and his body went limp in the chair. When she was sure that she had every drop of his juice, she let his wilting member slip from her lips and flop down against his bare abdomen. She gave the flaccid tool a few playful licks and each time her tongue touched him Rusty would flinch and let out a low moan.

Satisfied with her job on Rusty, she tilted her head to look at me over her shoulder. "That feels really great," Debbie told me. "But my knees are killing me."

Reluctantly I withdrew myself from her steamy hole and stood up. Debbie did the same and began brushing off the dirt and tiny rocks that had become embedded in her skin. I took her by the hand and led her toward my tent. We paused a moment to watch the other four as they were in the midst of a position change as well. Tracy had been riding Joe and was lifting her sweet cunt off of him. He exited from between her legs and was swiftly replaced by Mark while Kyle stood like a statue with his prick in the girl's mouth.

As Joe stood up, his pole glistened with Tracy's wetness. Debbie bent over and sucked the head of his tool into her mouth. "Mmmm... You taste like Tracy," she said with an evil little laugh. Again she sucked him in, taking nearly his whole length down her throat. Quite a feat since Joe's cock is a good deal larger than mine and I measure nearly 9 inches. And he's thicker too. It made me wonder just how long Debbie had been sexually active, but I didn't dwell on it. I wanted to get my dick back inside her.

After sucking all of Tracy's nectar from Joe, Debbie straightened up and we resumed our trek for the tent. Once there, we unzipped the flap and tossed it open. I dropped onto my sleeping bag, on my back, and Debbie wasted no time in straddling me and impaling herself on my cock. Her velvet folds felt incredible as she slid down over me and began a methodical up and down motion with her hips.

Debbie slowly rode my manhood for several minutes while seductively toying with my chest, neck, and face. The sensations were like none I'd ever felt before and I was relishing each touch of her tender fingers as they brushed across my nipples, trailed up my neck and then danced over my lips. I had been fortunate to have had some pretty good lovers before then, but none of them had been as skillful as was Debbie in the art of pure eroticism.

After a while Debbie dismounted from me and turned herself 180 degrees, this time her knees straddling my head. Wordlessly she lowered her dripping box to my face and I was more than happy to oblige her, jabbing my tongue directly into the pretty, pink orifice. Simultaneously, I felt her lips closing over my organ and we began a very normal, but still outstanding 69.

It didn't take long for my efforts to be rewarded with sighs and soft moans from Debbie. My tongue was darting in and out of her sweet hole, stopping occasionally to swirl around her turgid love button. I had wrapped my arms around her hips and, with my hands on her butt, was spreading her as wide as I could to afford better access. This allowed me to lick all the way from her clit back and upward toward her winking butt-hole. With a minor body adjustment, I was able to flick my tongue over the puckered ring of flesh which brought another, much deeper, "Mmmmm..." from the girl's throat.

As the vibrations of her approval continued to float through my cock, I heard someone enter the tent and felt them kneel beside us. I didn't know who it was but Debbie pulled her mouth off of me and then I heard a male groaning and I knew she had replaced my dick with his. I didn't mind though since I was starting to feel the tingling of orgasm in my balls and sincerely wanted this to last a while longer.

I could tell from her body movements that Debbie was vigorously blowing whoever it was that had joined us. I simply continued my pussy licking with my mind set on making her cum. Her hand found my stiff rod and she began slowly tugging on me while I worked her crotch.

With her current position I was able to get my hand around her a little further and after another good lick of her asshole, I pressed a finger into it. Debbie squealed in delight so I pressed a bit deeper. I felt her sphincter clench around my digit and I jammed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. The brunette's hips began a slow grind on my face and she started getting louder and more frequent with her moans and squeals. When I began wiggling my finger, buried to the second knuckle in her bum, she let out a deep, long, "Uhhhnnnnn..." and then let the cock free from her mouth. "Oh yeah Baby.... Just like that...." she encouraged me.

After a few more minutes, Debbie's body was beginning to tremble and she was uttering an almost non-stop flow of whines and groans, mixed with a few obscenities and calls to the Maker. I knew that she was getting close and a fleeting moment of concern raced through my brain. "What if she doesn't want to do any more after she cums?" I thought, but it was too late.

Debbie screeched and her body tensed, then her hips began to thrash over my face. Her hand squeezed my dick so hard that it was bordering on painful. I did my best to keep my mouth secured to her spasming cunt but her gyrations pulled her ass away from my finger. Suddenly, I found her clitoris between my lips and I locked onto it. I sucked it for all I was worth and she let out another high pitched squeal.

"Oh God..." Debbie panted, dropping to all-fours. Then she cried out, "Fuck me, fuck me," almost pleadingly. "I want both of you to fuck the shit out of me," she wailed.

Instantly I knew that I wanted to put my dick where my finger had been, and Debbie must've been thinking along the same lines. She stood and shuffled her feet along my sides until she was hovering over my hips. Then, with a strange gracefulness, she squatted and drove her gushing pussy down on my tool. She held me there for a moment and withdrew, only to place the head of my cock against her ass-hole. She pressed down and the head popped into her tight anal ring. She froze for a moment and then pushed a little harder, taking in about half of my length.

Debbie paused again and I was amazed at how tight and hot her back door was. I reached out and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands trying to offer a little support, but doubt that I did. She raised up again until she had only the head of my tool still in her, then dropped down on me, skewering herself on my pole and pinning my hands between us. She leaned back and placed her hands on the sleeping bag, one on each side of us to brace herself, then sat there panting for a moment before she growled, "Okay Kyle... Shove your hot cock in my little pussy."

My hands were still cupping her ass as Kyle positioned himself and drove into the girl. When he did, the feeling was astounding. I'd had anal sex before but never a 3-some and this was uncharted territory for me. Debbie's already tight rectum was becoming even tighter as Kyle entered her and the feeling of his rod sliding against mine, separated by only a thin membrane, was nearly indescribable.

Debbie groaned, "Ohhhh... Uuuhhhhmmm. UHHHH!" as Kyle forced his whole penis into her and bottomed out. I was speechless at this point and simply taking in the scene that I was a part of. Kyle was quiet as well, focused on the task I suppose. Debbie was the only one of us making any noise and she was getting louder and louder again.

Once Kyle was buried in Debbie's vagina, we struggled for a few moments to get a rhythm but were soon working in harmony. I had managed to free my hands from their fleshy trap and let them wander upward, toward Debbie's chest. I mauled her tits and then began to tug at her nipples. "Mmmmm, harder," she hummed as I pulled on them. I plucked both of the nubs sharply and Debbie cried out, "Yes! YES!"

The only way I can describe the scene is to say that we were fucking furiously at this point. I continued to stretch and tweak Debbie's nips while Kyle and I worked in and out of the girl's overstuffed holes. We were all expressing our pleasures quite loudly now and were oblivious to anything else that might have been going on around us.

I don't know how long we were at it, but I could feel the cum building in my nutsack and knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Kyle had picked up the pace a good deal and I thought he might be getting there too. As for Debbie, she was a babbling mess, but when I groaned out that I was close, she seemed to shake the cobwebs from her head and ordered, "Fuck me... Both of you fuck me and fill me up with your cum!"

"Oh, God... I'm almost ready," Kyle called out, really slamming into the girl now. Debbie picked up one of her hands and shoved it between their bodies. I couldn't see, but my assumption was that she was working her clit again. This caused the bulk of their combined weight to fall on me with each thrust, but I didn't care. I felt like I could hold the weight of the world at that point.

Debbie suddenly went tense and stuttered, "I... I... Oh, God... Ah-almoooost there." At just that moment, Kyle gave a shout and rammed home, holding his prick buried in Debbie's cunt. I could feel his dick pulsing over and over again as he shot what seemed like a quart of cum into the girl.

That sent Debbie into a tizzy and pushed her over the edge. For as much noise as she had made, now she was silent, I think simply straining past the point of forming sounds. Her ass-hole was clamping down on me in waves and it was like flipping a switch. Suddenly, my cum gushed up and out of my cock, coating the girl's bowels. I dropped my hands to her hips and held on while I tried to jam into her deeper still, my orgasm ripping through my loins.

I had never cum like that before. I've always prided myself on having a strong jet when I shoot (it's a guy thing), but this was unreal. It felt like liquid lightning screaming out of my dick at a thousand miles an hour, and my whole body felt like it was going to be sucked inside out, right through my dick. I didn't even know that Kyle had withdrawn and that Debbie's convulsions had subsided, somewhat.

Eventually, I became aware of Debbie's body weight on my chest as she lay there gasping for air, sweat dampening her hair. I, too, was coated in sweat and puffing to catch my breath. I coughed and exhaled a sincere, "Wow." That was all I could manage. Debbie slowly pulled off of my wilting but still swollen tool and dropped down beside me, resting her head on my heaving chest.

We lay there for a few minutes and then the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from outside caught our attention. Struggling to do so, we sat up and peered out into the night. The fire had dwindled some, but still offered enough light to see the group. Joe was between Tracy's legs hammering his sizable meat into her. Positioned at her shoulders, Mark and, to my surprise, Rusty were kneeling on each side of the blonde. She had a cock in each hand, stroking fervently.

Debbie re-arranged herself in front of me. My legs were flat on the floor and spread wide. She put her back to me and leaned against me, her own legs crossed Indian style in front of her. I reached around her and hugged her close. We sat there watching the action for a minute and then I confessed to her that I wasn't thrilled to see her and Tracy when they showed up with Rusty. "But, boy am I glad you did," I said. She simply responded with a deep and contented sigh.

Turning my attention back to the fireside trio, I saw that they had also done a bit of shuffling. The people were still where they had been, but now Joe had Tracy's legs lifted high in the air, holding them with a hand behind each knee. Her feet bobbed freely with each driving stroke my buddy made into her and her young, firm tits bounced and jiggled.. Tracy had raised up on both elbows and, alternating back and forth, was sucking Mark and Rusty off as they fed her their cocks in turn.

Mark dipped a hand down toward Tracy's crotch and we could hear the girl whimper as he stroked her clit. As Mark worked her love button and Joe slammed his meat into the girl, like Debbie had done, she got increasingly louder and more vocal. Within five minutes, I saw her legs straighten skyward as her back arched slightly and I knew that she was nearing her own explosion in the night. It only took a few more moments before Tracy's mouth pulled free of Rusty's pecker and she let out a long, loud, "Ohhhhh.... F-F-FUCK!"

Her hips began to bounce and her hands became tight little fists. Tracy's eyes squeezed shut as the climax rushed through her teen body. She squirmed in ecstacy for a few moments and then regained her composure enough to slurp Mark's dick back into her mouth. Just then, Joe boasted his impending blast and pulled out just in time to squirt his seed all over the girl's belly. He quickly grabbed hold of his rod and coaxed the last of his sperm out onto the thin strip of blondish-brown hair adorning Tracy's mound.

When he was finished, Joe slumped backward and then hoisted himself into one of the camp chairs to watch the others finishing off. Tracy didn't disappoint any of us. She quickly had both men ready to unload and they began stroking their cocks, hanging in the air just above her face. A moment later, Rusty began spurting his juice down on his cousin's pretty face, although his emission was quite small. But that was understandable since he'd probably climaxed more that weekend than any of the rest of us.

Mark, on the other hand, was loaded for bear and when he began spraying the girl, I thought for a moment he may never stop. The first stream hit Tracy right on the cheek and she quickly opened her mouth where another two or three strong lines spewed onto her waiting tongue. Mark stroked his cock a couple of times and another two or three smaller streams of his semen lurched out onto the girls lips and chin. He pulled outward one last time and squeezed another few drops into the teen's mouth just before she closed it over the end of his dick. When Tracy released Mark's tool, it was evident that she had swallowed every drop in her mouth. But she was still a mess as both Rusty's and Mark's spunk clung to her face.

As Mark stumbled away from her, Tracy flopped down onto the blanket and sighed in post climactic bliss. Debbie got up and moved toward the sprawled out blonde so I followed along. I dropped into another of the chairs, as had the other three guys. Debbie proceeded to lay down on her side next to Tracy. She began running her fingers through the gooey mess that coated the blonde's face. She swiped a big glob of the love juice off and sucked it from her fingertips, then asked Tracy, "Did you have a good time?"

Tracy weakly nodded the affirmative and then after a moment said with a giggle, "Let's do it again next weekend!"

...continued in chapter 3

School's Out - Chapter 3


"Let's do it again next weekend!" That's what Tracy had said as she lay naked and cum-splattered, her friend Debbie next to her, in front of the campfire. My buddies Joe, Mark and Rusty had just unloaded all over her and were now slouched in camp chairs to my right. Debbie and I, along with another friend of mine, Kyle, had finished our own encounter just in time to witness the completion of the fireside romp. Kyle had disappeared to somewhere so Debbie and I had watched the activities sitting inside my tent, with the flap wide open. Now we were, except for Kyle, all gathered around the fire recuperating.

After a time I got up and grabbed one of the battery powered lanterns we'd brought, flipped it on and said, "I'm going to the lake to clean up if anyone wants to tag along." Mark and Joe both agreed it was a good idea. I assumed the girls would certainly want to cleanse themselves since we males had made a pretty good mess of them. Rusty opted to stay behind and told us that he was going to bed. And he honestly didn't need a lot of cleaning up; the girls had seen to that. And I could see where he'd be tired. The poor guy had blown at least four loads, that I knew of, in just a matter of ten or twelve hours. That would be enough to wipe out Superman.

Rusty bid us "Good night," and headed for his tent while the rest of us moved carefully toward the lake. After safely navigating the path, we waded out only far enough to splash water up on ourselves and wash away the residue of sex from the affected areas. During the afternoon the water had felt great in the midday heat, but now it seemed quite chilly. We didn't waste a lot time with horseplay and were soon making our way back to the campsite.

Once we were back in camp, we huddled around the fire to warm and dry ourselves. The fire had burnt down to almost nothing so I tossed on a couple more logs, which had it roaring again in no time. The two girls were visibly shaking from the chill so I retrieved the blanket that Tracy had been laying on, shook the debris off and draped it over their shoulders. They thanked me and huddled close together to get warm. We stood there silently for a few minutes until Joe asked, "We got any marshmallows?"

That was a silly question. Who goes camping and doesn't take marshmallows? I told Joe where they were but he still had to rummage around before he was successful in his search. He returned to the fire and promptly began roasting them. Being a gentleman, Joe offered the first pair to the girls and they readily accepted the warm, gooey treats. He then went on to inform me and Mark that we were on our own.

For the next hour or so we sat around roasting marshmallows and talking. We were still nude but none of us cared. Strangely, our conversation never broached the fact that we had probably all experienced the best sex of our lives, to that point, just a short time ago. We were all at ease with each other and simply enjoying the companionship.

Eventually the conversation did swing back around to Tracy's earlier statement, "Let's do it again next weekend!" I was curious if she would still be as eager after some time had passed, and I was pleased to find out that she was. Mark and Joe concurred that they were certainly ready to repeat our little camping adventure, as was I. Obviously, since Kyle and Rusty were absent from the circle, we didn't know if they would join us the next weekend, but the rest of us were more than willing.

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