tagGroup SexSchool's Out

School's Out


It was Nikki who first had the idea. Then Nicole, Melinda, Sarah and Roxy jumped on board, and they all came over to my house to try to convince me to join the party.

I didn't need much coaxing. Like my girlfriends, I was eighteen, a senior at Homestead High, and my hormones were running wild. It seemed like all we ever gossiped about anymore was the size of guys' thingies and who was banging who. But that's what you get when you cram a bunch of hot-blooded highschoolers inside an airless, boring classroom. What we really needed—what was just around the corner after graduation—was room to roam and time to give our Sex Ed knowledge a workout.

Anyway, the girls came over during a school night. Mom, ever the gracious hostess, brought us a plate of just-baked brownies and an unopened carton of cold milk. I thanked her, then told her that we would need a little quiet time so that we could quiz each other for our History final. It was a blatant lie, of course, but I couldn't very well tell her that Nikki's plans for National Nude Day were on the agenda.

"So here's the deal," Nikki said after I'd locked the door and we'd toasted the impending end of the school year. "I did a little research, and there is nothing in the City's civil code that says you can't walk around stark naked. And as for the school dress code, beyond encouraging us not to dress like pimps and 'hos, there's nothing in there that says you can't strut around in the altogether."

Sarah raised her hand like she was still in class. "Yeah, I've heard that," she said. "And remember when that guy at the university went to all his classes in the nude? Turns out the school couldn't do anything about it because it would violate his right to free expression."

"Yeah," Melinda said. "Not to mention our right to ogle the motherfucker."

We all laughed, but I was still feeling a little uneasy about what Nikki was proposing. "So you're suggesting that we all meet up on the last day of school in the girl's locker room, take off all our clothes, and then sashay our pretty little behinds down to the quad where everyone will be signing their yearbooks?"

"Doesn't that sound like a positively wicked idea?" Roxy said, her luscious tits spilling liberally over her Love Pink tank top. "I think it would be such a huge turn-on to catch everyone by surprise while they're getting all weepy and nostalgic. I say we all get naked, and let the chips fall where they may."

"Right on," Melinda said. "What are they going to do, expel us?"

Nikki fixed me with her stunningly pretty eyes. "So are you in, Cindy girl? You do know that Jason Clark and his football buddies will be there, don't you? Somehow they got put in charge of handing out caps and gowns. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to see the look on his face—and the bulge in his jeans—when we show him the goods."

I had to admit that I found the idea intriguing. After all, I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. When my parents are away and my little brother is at soccer practice, I love to go out in the backyard totally naked and prance around, halfway hoping that the dirty old man next door will see me. Going bare-assed like that is so liberating, and makes me feel ultra-sexy. What I generally do is lay out on a beach towel in the middle of the lawn, and before you know it my thoughts are on that strapping hottie Jason Clark and my finger is firmly on my clit.

My fantasies run the gamut, but the most prominent one is where Jason, Colin, Mark, Randy, and Brice are in the backyard with me, and we're making an amateur bukakke video for the Web, and at the end I'm just drenched in sticky teenage cum. Oh my.

"I'm in," I said to Nikki, finally deciding that, what the fuck, girls just want to have fun.

"Good. And everyone else is in as well, right? Nobody too chicken? Okay. So what would be really hot is if we all showed up with ruby-red lips, purple-painted fingernails and toenails, and freshly shaved va-jay-jays. If that doesn't start a riot, nothing will!"

Fantastic. We'd be celebrating National Nude Day on the last day of our last year at Homestead. What could be better? Still, I thought if best to run this by the boss. So when I left the house that morning I asked my mother if she loved me.

"Of course I do, sweetheart. Why do you ask?"

"Well, because it's the last day of school, and I might end up disappointing you before the day is over."

"Honey, you could never disappoint me. Besides, not only is it your last day in school—it's National Nude Day as well!"

Oh my God, Mother knew!

"I guess what I mean is that we've all been young and foolish at some point in our lives. So you just go enjoy yourself, honey. And if you're a little naughty, well, I'll pretend not to notice."

Well, why not just give me a license to fornicate, Mother? Which was exactly what I felt like doing as I stuffed my jeans and top and bikini panties inside my gym locker. Naked, I looked around at my co-conspirators. There was Roxy, with her small-hipped stripper's body. Melinda and Sarah, the blondes, had their hair done up in sexy cornrows. Nicole, playing the tart, had painted rouge around the nipples of her cupcake tits. And Nikki, our ringleader, had brought reinforcements—her aunt and her older sister Jessica.

"Fuck yeah!" Nikki said, lining us up against the lockers for inspection. I must admit that despite my nervousness, a warm clammy sensation was developing between my legs, and my head was swimming with impure thoughts. Just the idea of parading around in front of my classmates with my naked ass and tits exposed was making me moist.

"So what if..." I ventured, feeling suddenly adventurous. But I couldn't complete the thought. What I was imagining was just too depraved to consider.

But Nikki wasn't going to let me off that easy. "What if what, girlfriend? You're not getting cold feet already, are you?"

"Hell, no!" I said defiantly.

"What, then? Hurry, the lunch bell just rang, so we need to get out there. Hey, what do want to bet that we make those footballers cream their skivvies, and make their girlfriends want to scratch our eyes out?"

I decided to be bold. After all, Mom said she would cut me some slack if I was naughty today. "I like the way your mind works, Nik," I said. "But since we're already naked, why not go all in?"

The girls all stopped their nervous chatter and looked at me. Nikki placed her hands on her ample hips; I could see that her baby-smooth pussy was already damp around her cunt's generous lips. "Well?"

I took a deep breath. "I say we gangbang Jason Clark—right out in the open!"

For the longest time there was stunned silence. Then Sarah finally spoke up. "You mean have sex? In the quad? In front of the whole school?"

The very idea caused Melinda to straddle a wooden bench and sigh longingly. She looked positively flushed, as if all of her blood had rushed to her head. But her eyes were aglow with mischief. My dirty talk must have sparked something inside of her, because she put her hand over her cunt and started circling two fingers around her clit.

"That's the spirit!" I said. "Look, once we light the fire maybe the whole school will go up in a blaze."

"But what about Sam, the security guard?" Roxy asked.

"Yeah," Sarah said. "And the janitors. And the teacher's aides."

"And the fucking principal!" Nikki said.

"Relax," I said. "Most everyone knows that it's National Nude Day—even our moms! So people's minds are already squirrely, and their genitals are already primed for action. Once they get a look at our nubile teenage bodies, who in their right mind is gonna say no?"

That was all the persuasion they needed. We filed out into the broad daylight, our young hips swaying ever so suggestively. It was quite a walk from the gym to the quad area, and along the way we picked up a posse of drooling, disbelieving voyeurs. We got a lot of crude catcalls and obscene propositions, but nobody tried to stop us. Nobody dared.

I remember the sun feeling deliciously sensual on my naked body, and I loved the incredibly dirty feeling of having every inch of it invaded by prying eyes. I could tell that the other girls felt the same way, too. The shameless flaunting of their young, taut bodies had made them wantonly frisky, and the chances of an end-of-year fuck fest were looking very good.

"There he is!" Nikki squealed as we got near the quad. She pointed at a strikingly handsome young man who was sitting up on a picnic table wearing his letterman's jacket. Jason! "Hey baby," she said, turning her back to him and spreading her ass cheeks. "You want a piece of this?"

Jason stood abruptly, clearly flustered, but I quickly stepped forward and pushed him back onto the table. His face had turned bright red, but he couldn't take his eyes off of my tits, which were barely a handful, though all the guys I'd been with claimed to like them that way.

"Holy shit!" he said. "You guys are naked!"

I laughed, feeling the power of my nudity and loving how it was making him melt. "It's National Nude Day, Jason," I cooed. "So why aren't you celebrating?"

By now our devilish experiment was having the desired effect: we were surrounded by what seemed the entire senior class. Riding on a wave of synched-up sexual energy, they broke into a spontaneous chant. "Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him!"

Not a problem. We laid Jason out full length on the table top. He didn't resist. Roxy pulled off his running shoes, then Nikki and her sister unbuttoned his jeans and heaved them down over his hips.

"Oh my God!" It was Melinda, who was always hot-to-trot, staring achingly at Jason's blue silk boxers and the swelling cockhead that was poking playfully out of the fly.

Now our classmates were standing shoulder-to-shoulder on all the tabletops that surrounded us. Everyone was craning their necks for a better look, taking pics with their smart phones. "Suck his cock! Suck his cock!" they cheered, as if they were at a pep rally.

Nicole pulled Jason's letterman's jacket and his T-shirt over his head, and I, who couldn't wait to get at that thick, veiny cut of sirloin between his legs, viciously ripped his boxers open at the fly, leaving the all-county stud quarterback as naked as the day he was born.

I was wet, wetter than I'd ever been before, even when I fingered myself in the backyard.

"Do it! Do it!" the crowd sang.

I climbed up on the table and straddled my new boyfriend. Nikki had already beaten me up there, but she'd decided to do a little face-sitting, parking her pussy right on Jason's remarkable chin. She and I exchanged a very sloppy girl-on-girl kiss, letting our spit dribble onto Jason's nearly hairless chest. Then I watched with growing excitement as Melinda lapped at his balls while Sarah gave him a teenage hand job to die for.

Jesus, was I the only girl there who felt like she was on fire? No, of course not. Nikki's aunt, who had a spectacular, yoga-fit body, was standing nearby openly fingering the slit of her very aroused cunt. The chick was getting her groove on just from watching the proceedings, but when she noticed how swollen and dripping wet I was a broad smile spread across her face and she guided my hips down while Sarah aimed Jason's bulbous cockhead at my lubricated opening.

I knew how quickly these young guns could fire off their loads, but I wanted to be the first to get his dick wet. Besides, I could always get myself off later with one of Jason's dreamy guy friends, who didn't look like they'd need any coaxing to get their cocks drained.

As Jason's cock slid easily into me I gasped, nearly swooning with pleasure. Nikki, who was facing me while she rode his tongue to an orgasm, reached out to pinch my nipples and told me how hot this whole thing was.

I didn't need any convincing. I worked Jason's cock in and out of my pussy, bending low so that I could put my pretty pink asshole on display. Guys were grouping behind me now, snapping pictures, some even shooting videos. This only served to inflame me more.

Then someone rudely parted the crowd and things got quiet. Whoever this someone was thrust his palm in my face and told me to spit in it. Half delirious with lust, I glanced up to see who it was.

"Principal Dawkins?"

"Don't come yet, Cindy," he said. He was wearing stylish Ray Bans and a pale-blue dress shirt, but was otherwise naked below the waist. "Have you ever done anal, sweetheart?" he asked me. " There's no better way to celebrate National Nude Day than with a stiffy up your bunghole."

I swallowed hard. I was nearly breathless with both trepidation and desire. "Does this mean that we're not in any trouble?"

He gave me a lecherous grin. "As you go forward in life, young lady, always remember rule number one. When you make the boss happy, then everyone's happy."

Something about his tone and his easy manner made me relax completely. I had no more misgivings. Feeling my passion suddenly shift into overdrive, I hawked up a stringy gob of saliva into his hand. "Well," I said as he bent to swirl his tongue around an excited nipple, "aren't you going to fuck me, Principal Dawkins?"

He climbed up on the table and got behind me. I sank down of Jason's cock and elevated my ass, letting our principal's eyes feast on my cock-hungry sex and my unspoiled teen asshole. Naturally, he couldn't resist. I felt his spit-slathered member starting to probe my narrow aperture. Then Jason suddenly groaned and shuddered beneath me, and I could feel the splash of his warm, syrupy semen flooding the walls of my pussy.

This started a chain reaction of unbridled sexual abandon. Nikki shivered, gave a sharp cry, then bathed Jason's lips and tongue with the juices from her very wet climax. Watching this debauchery unfold, poor, sexed-up Melinda started deep-Frenching Jason immediately, hoping to get him hard again. My heart raced faster knowing that she was tasting Nikki's cum on her tongue.

I couldn't tell where my other girlfriends had gone, but peering straight ahead through the re-energized crowd I could see Sarah pressed up against another table, her firm, round ass jutting out invitingly as Brice, one of the guys in my fantasies, took her from behind.

Jason's jizz was leaking out of me and dripping onto the table where people normally ate their sloppy joes. Principal Dawkins, meanwhile, had eased his slender cock all the way inside my ever-widening asshole, and had settled into a rhythmically lascivious fucking. The sensation was incredible, and gave me such a decadent rush that I came hard and sloppy around Jason's withering cock, which was still nestled inside me.

By then the graduates-to-be were in a frenzy, nearly out of control. The security guy kept pushing them back with his baton. The janitors used their push brooms to ward off the surging throng. Then Sarah walked up wearing a faraway smile of satisfaction and a mustache of gluey sperm.

"I let him come in my mouth," she giggled, pointing to Brice, who was busy zipping up. "I'm too young to get preggers. Ooh, what have we here?"

Jason was sitting up now, still reeling from his climax, thanking the God of Pussy for dropping this harem of hard-bodied schoolgirls into his lap. Melinda, who had been deep-throating his tongue, now seized the opportunity to glom onto his sticky cock and was trying valiantly to revive it with a lewd tonguing of his shaft and balls. His eyes were glassy with lust when he looked at me.

"Now it's my turn," he said.

I knew at once what he wanted. I spread my knees as far as they could go without spilling them off the table's edge, and while Principal Dawkins continued to plunge his cock into my bowels, Jason crawled under me like a mechanic and ate out my shaven pussy like a starving man at a banquet. Christ, I felt like I was drowning in a pool of depravity, so I couldn't tell you how many orgasms I had. But judging by Jason's sopping wet face I must have had plenty.

The best one was the last one, when Principal Dawkins snarled like a jungle cat and uncoiled a rope of goopy sperm into my gaping sphincter. Jesus, I'd just been double-teamed by the school's head honcho and its star athlete! What lucky girl wouldn't consider that an embarrassment of riches?

Later, when I got home tired and sore but with plans to masturbate myself to sleep, my mother asked me if I had enjoyed my day. I couldn't answer her. The sight of her left me speechless. Because, standing at the kitchen sink, she was totally naked! And so was Daddy, who was sitting at the table holding a bottle of beer.

"Hey, kiddo," he said. "It's National Nude Day. Get with the program. But first go clean your room."


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