tagFirst TimeSchool's Out Ch. 01

School's Out Ch. 01


Note: Some of this story is non fiction, most of it is fiction. It's just how I wished it had happened. There are no minors in this story - all characters are over 18 years of age.


The end of school trip was to a beach some 90 minutes from my home. I'd come to the end of senior school and 11 of our class had arranged to meet at a beach house to unwind and celebrate. The mix? Four boys and 7 girls. All of us had now completed school. There weren't going to be any parents chaperoning as we were now legally adults. We'd arranged to meet on the Friday afternoon at the beach house, after gathering provisions to last for 7 days.

My mate Pete picked me up at lunchtime and we set off for the coast in his car. We'd bought our contribution of the supplies over the previous few days. Groceries, alcohol and a few rented movies for the night time entertainment. With the stress of finals behind us, this was going to be a great break. We had completed 13 years of schooling and now the summer had arrived. We were all old enough to drive, vote and buy alcohol. It was now time to have an adult style holiday, late nights partying and restful days soaking up the warm summer rays.

We swung into the driveway to find we weren't the first to arrive. Wendy's and Terri's cars were there already. It was a cracking hot day. Not a breath of wind, and the silence was pierced by the rasping cicadas in the gum trees nearby. Terri was the girl of my dreams, and of my heart. She was of average height and slim build. Her small bust complimented by a washboard flat, hard stomach and hips with just a slight womanly flare to them. She had shoulder length straight brown hair and her silky smooth skin had a light brown complexion. Whenever I saw her, my voice caught in my throat and my heart skipped a beat. Wendy was a tall red head with pale complexion. Her green eyes sparkled with a wicked sense of humor. She and Pete had a thing going on together and he was eager to search her out.

We walked into the front room and thought they must be out the back in the pool until Terri walked down the stairs from the left, apparently from the upstairs bathroom, buttoning up a white silk sleeveless top, giving me brief a glimpse of a pale blue satin bra covering her small pointy breasts. She threw her towel over the back of the chair, as she approached me with a welcoming hug. Her damp dark hair smelt of fresh peaches as she squeezed me just that little bit longer than I expected and then turned her face upwards, kissed me on the lips briefly and with a giggle said "Hi Dave! Great that you finally got here!" She turned to Pete, a couple of steps away and said "Hi Pete. How are you? Wendy's out the back by the pool. She'd love to know you're here." Funny, she didn't give Pete the welcome I got. I wonder what's going on there?

Pete left to walk out the back, leaving me with Terri in the lounge room. "Come and give me a hand in the bedroom for a minute Dave please?" she asked as she walked off up the stairs ahead of me. I can tell you I would get the award for the shyest guy in class, no, in the school. I had lots of friends but could never take a relationship to the next level, through plain fear. I followed Terri up the stairs, delighting in her tight little rear end clothed in a tiny pair of denim shorts, the kind made from tearing a pair of jeans off at the legs. As she rose up each tread ahead of me, her shorts would ride up to show the edge of brilliant white satin panties covering the delicate lower bump of her cheeks. I could make out the ultra fine hairs on the backs of her golden thighs. What I would give to be brave enough to reach up and gently run my fingertips across the crease between her thigh and her ass. Not to mention to lick up through that gap between the junctions of her legs. We entered the bedroom and I asked "What would you like help with?"

"Sit down here on the bed with me for a minute would you Dave? I want to talk to you about something. Well, actually about us."

Hell, this is the sort of situation that scares me. What if I say or do something stupid. I worship this girl but have never had the nerve to let her know of my feelings. She patted the king sized bed next to her as she sat down, facing the window. "Come on, I won't bite you know. Unless you want me to that is?" she giggled. I sat near her and she immediately slid across the foot or so separating us, meaning our thighs were actually touching. My cock sprung to life and I thought "This is going to kill me".

"David, look at me. I need to tell you something before this break at the beach house passes and is wasted. I have feelings for you. I know you do for me too. I see it in your eyes. I know how shy you are and I want you to know that I want to be your girl." I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

She reached up with her right hand and held my chin, pulling my face down gently towards her parted lips. She gave me the sweetest kiss I had known. A soft moan escaped from deep in my throat as I felt the tip of her tongue enter my mouth and run over the inside of my teeth, gently probing, searching, before retreating, and then the kiss was over. My head spun, tears welled in my eyes and I turned to look out the window, at pains to find the right thing to say.

"Tell me how you feel?" she softly asked, taking my hand in both of hers. I turned back to face her to find her face lowered, her eyes looking downwards.

"Terri, I think of you endlessly." I had decided to jump into the black depths of the unknown. If this came out wrong, then I could just leave and not face anyone for at least a week. "I watch you constantly; you are in my every dream. I never thought you could be interested in someone like me." I took a long, audibly shaky breath as she looked upwards, our eyes meeting in a deep trance. "I .... I ........ think ... I love you Terri. I could never find the way to tell you."

She rose and moved over to sit across my thighs, the heat of her legs pressing against my lap. Her slight arms reached around my neck. She turned her face to mine and repeated the kiss, this time tonguing me deeper. I tentatively let my tongue stroke inside her lips and felt her push her chest against mine in a sign of willing reception. Her hard nipples rubbed my chest as she pushed her body against mine. I stroked her back with my left palm as my right hand held the back of her fine neck. Eventually, it may have been minutes, I don't know, we parted and looked deeply into each others eyes. We both had tears running down our cheeks.

"Ok." She announced in a flippant manner, "Now that we've cleared that up, can you put my suitcase on top of the wardrobe out of the way and then we can begin a wicked week here together". I wondered what she meant by that and how I was going to disguise the tent in my pants as I lifted her case. Terri suggested "Don't hunch over, I know you're hard, I felt it when I was sitting on you. I love it. Don't be ashamed." We left the bedroom and descended the stairs to go out into the yard. Stepping through the large sliding glass door, I was confronted with a fantastic entertainment area. To the left was a gas barbecue and table with seating for ten. Nearby was a hot tub almost big enough to swim in and to the right was a sparkling swimming pool surrounded by ferns, a waterfall and beautiful palms. Behind the pool was a small guest house with an external shower hanging from the outside wall.

Pete and Wendy were sitting in the shallow end, each holding a beer deep in conversation. I looked behind me and couldn't see Terri anywhere so I approached the two in the pool. Wendy gave me a knowing smile asking rhetorically "So what have you two been up to?"

"Hi Wendy. Thanks for letting us stay here in your parents shack. It's so cool. Hey, Pete, where's the beer mate?" I asked.

"In the fridge, next to the barbeque. What a great beach house eh? Can you put some music on while you're there? The stereo is next to the fridge."

I turned the volume up to find the local radio station pumping out some Doobie Brothers. Fantastic. Turning back with a beer from the fridge, I heard a splash from the spa and saw Terri in there beckoning to me. I walked over to the spa and placed the beer on the side, removed my shirt and thongs and climbed in across from her. Evidently she had been back inside to change into her bikini. She looked hot, her eyes sparkling in the reflections from the water, her short hair shining in the sunlight. She had on a metallic black halter neck top with shoe string straps. I could only see the distorted view of her bottoms through the bubbling water and could only tell that they to were black. As soon as I was seated in the opposite corner with my legs stretched toward her, she rose slightly and slowly waded towards me, straddling my legs, until her crotch bumped into my stomach. She settled in my lap and bent her head to kiss me. I reached around her with both hands and stroked down her muscled back to cradle her bum in my hands. I discovered her bikini bottoms had ridden up her crack and left her hard cheeks exposed. I felt her giggle into my mouth at my exploration. Our lips parted and she reached to the spa edge and drank some of my beer. I watched as a small water droplet ran slowly down her throat, gathering other droplets along the way, pausing at the depression at the base of her neck as she swallowed before quickly running down across the rise of her right breast and into the cloth resting just above the bump in her top where her hard nipple was poking out. She placed the bottle neck into my mouth for me to swallow deeply. As Terri reached past me to place the bottle back on the edge, her breast wavered in front of my eyes no more than 5cm in front of me. I did something I never would have even considered before. I leant forward slightly and licked across the slight swell of her breast. Terri twisted to allow my tongue to slip down under the cloth and flick across her nub. She moaned and pulled my face against her. I looked up at her and she said smiling "See, I don't bite."

It was then we heard a commotion coming from inside the house so Terri slipped off my lap to sit next to me. The door slid open and the others walked out laughing at some joke that had just completed. John, Denise and Annette came outside and we all greeted each other, excited about the week we were to share. John told us "The others won't be coming as Allan's won 4 tickets to a concert and so they planned to go together. Wendy replied "Oh well, that'll help with the sleeping arrangements as we would have been a bit cramped with 11 here".

The three recent arrivals went back inside to unpack. Terri and I sat back in the spa together, her left leg draped over my right thigh and my right arm holding her close as she rested her head on my chest.

Wendy and Pete appeared at the edge of the spa with drinks for us both. They climbed in opposite us, Wendy exclaiming "Come on you two, there'll be plenty of time for that kind of thing later!" She continued "So Dave, you know Terri and I have been planning this gathering for months now. I can't tell you how excited Terri's been about you being here with her."

I looked across to Terri to see her upper chest and face flushed red in embarrassment. I hadn't realised that this girl of my dreams could be plotting how to get to be with me in a beach house for a week. I slid my right hand under her ass and lifted her onto my lap with an affectionate hug to finish the move. She ever so slightly wiggled backwards into my groin until my hardened cock nestled into the gap between her upper thighs, millimeters below her pussy. With the spa bubbling away, it wasn't possible for anyone to see what was happening beneath the surface. Terri reached between her legs and pulled the leg of my swimmers aside, releasing my cock which immediately sprung up to brush against her mons, separated only by the thin lycra of her bikini pants. She checked across the spa to find Wendy and Pete in a deep session of French kissing and most likely some sub aquatic action as well, as indicated by Wendy's movements on top of Pete's lap. Terri thrust her tongue into my mouth as she pressed my cock against her slit and started a gentle rise and fall to enable my cock head to rub on her clit. I tentatively reached across her flat stomach to hold her tightly to me, my hand a fraction below her right breast. She grasped my wrist and slid my hand upwards and towards her neck before sliding my hand back towards her breast with my fingers slipping inside the delicate bikini top. Her firm little breast felt like nothing I had experienced before, just a slight rise which fitted perfectly within my hand. The nipple puckered into a small cylindrical nub which I slid my palm across before returning to pinch it gently and roll it between my fingertips. Terri's response was to almost growl into my mouth as she began to tug more forcefully on my cock. We were both breathing very heavily by this stage but our actions were totally ignored by the others, busy with similar activities. I pushed my right hand down the back of her pants, grazing her anus as I slipped past in search of her virginal opening. She arched her back a little to confirm it was ok for me to continue and to give easier access. My middle fingertip found the flattened rear part of her nubile lips and dipped just inside. Terri turned my head and thrust her tongue into my ear. The sensations quickly defeated any teenage control I thought might have existed. My groin pressed upwards in a reflex action as I began to ejaculate. Terri's grip hardened on my cock. I sucked on her shoulder as jet after jet shot against her mons as she whispered into my ear "Yes my baby, let it go. Let it all go."

I slumped back against the molded seat and Terri let her body float off my lap, to lie along my right side, half on top of me. This meant my right hand bumped up against her mound. When this happened, Terri pressed her hips hard against me, jamming my hand between her pussy and my hip. She released the pressure, sure that I had understood her meaning when she felt my fingers running along the waistband of her pants. She brought her right knee across my stomach as my fingers slipped under the small triangle and down across her sparse pubic region. Being in the water, her fine hairs were almost imperceptible. Terri mewed into my ear as my fingers brushed up and down over her mound and then she gave a little grunt of impatience to let me know she needed me to reach lower. I curled my middle three fingers around to follow her curve and then pressed slightly harder. This resulted in my finger slipping into her crease and my adjacent fingers padding her lips. I began a slow dragging motion back and forth, being conscious to keep contact with her clit as much as possible. She started a rhythmic rocking of her hips, matching my actions in opposite directions. I could feel the slippery juices leaking from her. Each time she thrust forward, my middle finger slid across her opening and she elicited a breathy moan against my neck. Her right heel hooked around my hips and the next thrust resulted in my finger popping inside her for the first time. She froze and I stopped breathing. Perhaps ten seconds passed before she exhaled and she whispered hoarsely into my ear, "Goooooooooddddd, that is divine." I thought she had been shocked into stopping what we were doing.

I reached in further and curled my finger upwards and pressed firmly, stroking her G spot. Terri's movements against my palm sped up with her panting. Her arms tightened around my neck and she groaned into my shoulder as she climaxed. Her humping transformed into a languid, fluid flexing as I waited for the pulsations to cease, before I slid my finger out and dragged my fingertips through her little bush. We hugged each other in a tight full body embrace and kissed passionately.

We looked around and discovered we were alone. Evidently the others had at some stage climbed out and gone inside. "Dave, that was so exciting. Thank you" Terri said.

"God Terri, you made me go off like a cracker."

"Yes, I didn't know that would happen. I've never done anything like this before."

"We'd better go inside and see what's happening."

Terri rose from the water in front of me and climbed out of the spa. Her tight ass with the sparkling sheen from the water triggered the beginning of another erection until I started to do some mathematical tables in my mind. I joined her beside the spa and we toweled each other down, both of us stealing a little grope when the opportunity arose. I followed her inside and we found everyone sitting around the table having a drink and eating some fruit. Terri and I sat down joining Pete, Wendy, John, Annette and Denise. It was just getting dark outside so we figured some fruit would get us through to dinner. We were all pretty mellow after the first few drinks and decided we could prepare a more solid meal later.

With the fruit demolished and the drinks flowing freely, John announced "Well, who's up for a swim? I haven't had a go at the pool yet. Let's go."

Terri, Wendy, Pete and I still had our swimmers on so we headed straight out. John stripped to his briefs and dived in. We quickly followed but then realised Annette and Denise still hadn't joined us. We looked back to the patio to find the two of them giggling as they removed their tops. Annette, with quite large breasts, had a full cup underwire bra of white lace supporting her. Denise, of slight build had a half cup dark blue satin bra on which perfectly complimented her flawless creamy complexion. Denise then reached to her side to unzip her black stretch mini before peeling it down over her shapely thighs. As she did this she deliberately turned away from us to give us a breathtaking view of her deliciously firm ass when she bent to push the skirt below her knees. Pete, John and I clapped as she gave her butt a little wiggle, showing off her matching high cut panties, stretching across her cheeks. Annette meanwhile had sat in a chair to unbutton her jeans and peel them off. When she stood, she revealed she had on some white cotton lace panties which looked quite feminine until she did a quick spin, revealing that they were a devilish G string. The two girls promptly ran and jumped straight in, cutting short our viewing opportunity.

Terri pressed herself against my back as she reached around to my crotch to find I was hard again. "Enjoying the view are we?" she asked softly.

"I ... I ...... well ...... I ...."

"Don't worry my love" she interrupted as she scooted her hand inside my swimmers, "there'll be plenty more skin to see all week."

With Terri and I occupied and Pete and Wendy beginning a passionate kiss, Denise suggested "Let's have a game of cock fights."

This was an old favorite of kids our age. People paired off and one sat on the shoulders of the other. The object was to push the opponents over. The last pair standing was the winner. Of course it was preferable to have mixed couples and scantily clad girls were always a bonus to compete with. Terri stood with her legs parted so I could approach her from behind, underwater, and place my head between her thighs before standing up. Pete did the same with Wendy, John lifted Annette clear and Denise called "Ok, 1 minute round starts NOW!"

John headed straight towards Pete, the closest target and the girls locked arms in a tight battle. Pete and Wendy had them walking backwards as Terri and I approached. Terri grabbed Annette's bra strap as she brushed past and I put my right foot behind John's legs, easily tripping him over. Annette resurfaced with her bra hanging from her raised right hand, her breasts proudly thrust forward, with droplets cascading from hard pink nipples. She exclaimed "It's much more comfortable without this thing anyway. Who's thirsty?" Her nipples were rock hard, and the water wasn't cold. She was obviously quite excited. Her breasts jiggled firmly as she climbed the ladder to go and get drinks for us all.

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