tagCelebrities & Fan FictionScooby Sex Ch. 01

Scooby Sex Ch. 01


The entire Scooby Gang was excited for their vacation to the North Carolina coast. They put Scooby in a kennel and had just headed out to start the two-day drive to their hotel. Velma was driving with Shaggy sitting next to her in the front seat. Freddy and Daphne were in back, feverishly making out.

Velma turned around and said, "Jinkies! Get a room you two. Sheesh."

Freddy and Daphne ignored Velma as she turned around to look at the road again. Shaggy kept glancing at Daphne because he had always had a huge crush on her. Daphne had just gotten a boob job before the trip so she could show off on the beach. She had "enhanced" from a 32C to a 32DDD, stretching her wardrobe of purple sweaters to the limit of breaking.

"Velma, why don't we pull over for the night? It's almost midnight, and we all need some shut-eye," said Shaggy.

"Good idea Shaggy," responded Velma sleepily. So Velma pull over to the shoulder on the remote country road they were on and crawled into the back to sleep as Shaggy stretched out across the front.

Moans from Freddy and Daphne continued for 45 minutes more, and Velma tried to ignore them, but she drew the line when she was hit in the face with Daphe's now distended purplr sweater.

"That's enough!" yelled Velma, turning on an electric lantern. Daphne quickly tried to cover her enormous bra-covered breasts with her arms.

"What the hell is going on?" asked Shaggy in a daze.

"These two were going to fuck while we slept!" screamed Velma.

"Well, can I join in?" asked Shaggy jokingly.

A long pause followed by Daphne saying, "Okay, Shaggy; come on back."

"Zoinks, really? Kick ass!" said Shaggy as he crawled into the back.

"What the hell Shaggy?" yelled Velma, angrier than ever. Daphne tore off her bra and beckoned Velma to join her. Velma sighed and decided to join in. She pulled off her orange sweater, white shirt, and bra all in one move, leaving her in just panties.

Velma's and Daphne's breasts were total opposites. Daphne's were huge, shperical, obviously implants, and beyond perky. Velma's 40Cs we flat, somewhat floppy, and overall average. Velma joined in, and soon Freddy was rubbing her tits while sucking Daphne's.

Daphne took off her panties, and Shaggy dove right in, face first. "Ohh, Shaggy! Mmmmm!" moaned Daphne in ecstasy. Soon, Shaggy whipped out his fully erect dick. "How big is it?" asked Daphne.

"Seven and one-quarter inches, all for you two beauties," replied Shaggy as her mounted Daphne to 69. Shaggy continued to lick Daphne's cunt and clit as she moaned in pleasure. At the smae time, Daphne was deepthroating Shaggy and playing with his walnut-sized balls

"Oh fuck Shaggy! Keep fingering me. I'm gonna cum!" Shaggy did as he was told, and soon Daphne squirted forcefully across the van.

Now Freddy took off his shirt and pants, and he was just left in his briefs. And under his underpants was a massive hard-on.

Daphne saw what Velma was doing and said, "Velma, let me show you how to handle that thing!" Daphne came over, kneeled down, and pulled out Freddy's massive erection.

"Jimkies!" exclaimed Velma. "How big is that?"

Freddy proudly said, "Twelve inches. Wasn't always that way, though. It was one only four inches. Starting four years ago, on my 18th birthday, I began enlarging it with stretches and increasing my potency with pills. Now, after four years, I've gained eight inches and shoot more than any porn star I've seen."

"Velma, you take Shaggy, I'll take Freddy," said Daphne. Velma tentatively licked Shaggy's dick head befor putting most of it in her mouth.

"Fuck, Velma! You're good! You experienced?" asked Shaggy.

"I'm still a vrgin, but I've given a few blow jobs before. You're the biggest I've sucked," said Velma.

Meanwhile, Daphne was sucking and stroking away on Freddy's past impressive foot-long dick. Daphne then got on her back and spit on Freddy's dick so she could titfuck him. He slid his dick between her monster tits and got ready.

Shaggy was nearing climax. "Velma, I'm gonna cum!" her warned.

She pulled off and said, "Cum on my face."

"FFFFFUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!" yelled Shaggy as he blew his load. He landed five big squirts across her glasses.

Freddy was thrusting between Daphne's tits as she caught his head in her mouth each time. Her DDDs were barely big enough to hold his massive dick.

"Fuck Daphne! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna shoot all over you!" he yelled. He stood up, stroking, and walked to the back of the van, kind of hunched over. "Fuck!" he yelled as his first shot flew over everything and hit the windshield about 10 feet away. His next 15 or so shots covered Daphne before they finally lost force, and Daphne came over to suck the last drops out.

To be continued...

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