tagGay MaleScott and Connor Ch. 05

Scott and Connor Ch. 05


Chapter Five:



They floated past him, recognizable but unintelligible. Heard but not understood.

Half in a dream he heard broken shards of conversations.

"...miracle he's alive."

"...wasn't his fault..."

"...we don't know how well he will walk again..."

"...days before we know..."

"...won't be an easy recovery..."

Swirled in and among the words, sounds that were familiar but without a name. Images and colors flashed through his consciousness before dissipating like smoke into the dark.

A loud shriek.

The grinding of metal on metal.

Red. A lot of red. Nothing but red and more red. Flashing, painfully-bright, insistent. Red light. Hurting his eyes.

And then...


In an instant the world was painfully white. Blindingly white. He closed his eyes against the sharp, searing intensity.

A deep voice resounded. "He's coming out of it. Connor..." He didn't recognize it. Tried to respond, failed. The words in his head wouldn't come.

"Connor. Can you hear me?" the same unknown voice again.

"Connor..." wait...that voice...higher, softer.

"Mmmm..." he mumbled. Again, "mmmooh..."

It took a superhuman effort to croak one single syllable from his throat and lips:



"Mom, I'm going over to Aidan's house," Connor shouted, thumping down the stairs into the foyer.

"Hold on, Connor. What are you two doing today?" she called from the kitchen. Connor rolled his eyes and turned toward the kitchen. He planted himself in the doorway, hands on the jamb.

"We're probably going to play a couple of video games and then go to the movies around two. Aidan wants to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie."

"Ok. And after?"

He rolled his eyes and sighed with exasperation. "I'll drop him off at his house and then come home for dinner," Connor intoned in a bored monotone.

"Thank you." She looked at him sternly over her reading glasses. "Be very careful driving. No showing off, no fooling around."

"I promise, Mom, model driving. You know I don't mess around in the car."

"I do," she acknowledged. Connor had been driving for almost a year now, and had a spotless record. "And thank you for that. One less worry on my head. Alright, off with you. Say hi to Aidan. And you two boys have fun. Well, have fun but...be careful."

There was a strange pause in her voice as she said it. Connor heard it and shot her a quizzical look. "Be careful playing video games?"

"Ok, honey, if that's all it is."

Connor could feel his heart start racing and rising into his throat. He and Aidan had been flirting and making out for a couple of months, but he had carefully hidden that from his parents.

"Mom...what do you mean?" he said with nervous caution. He tried not to sound defensive, but failed. Wariness slid into his voice.

She was silent for a long pause, and then took a single deep breath. "He's a nice boy, Connor. Your father and I like him. We like his parents, too. We're glad you two are friends." Then, with emphasis. "We are fine with it."

Connor stared at his mother, wide-eyed. He felt his mouth dry up and a bead of sweat broke out on his brow.

"I... um, I... I gotta go," he said, haltingly, turning from the door. He made it to the front hall, reached into the closet to grab his coat, and froze. When he turned, slowly, his mother was there at the door between the hall and kitchen. He stared at her for a long minute.

"You know?" he asked, quietly.

"Honey...we may be old, but we're not blind. Or stupid. I've known for years."

Connor blinked nervously. "What about Dad?"

"Yes, dear, your father knows."

He stood there, stunned at the revelation. "And you don't, um..." he trailed off, unsure how to finish the sentence.

"Don't what?" she asked. "Object? Why would we?" She walked up to him, smiled, and touched his face. "You are who you are. My son." She paused, and then with a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her lips, said "My gay son."

Connor was flabbergasted. "Um, well, I... I mean, I think so, yeah," he said pensively. A moment later, his eyes went wide thinking of how she might interpret that. "Um, but I haven't actually done anything! I mean, Aidan and I, we're friends, but um, I haven't...I mean we haven't...um...done... That." He fell silent and looked at her, lost for words.

"That's fine, honey, I don't think I need the details." She stepped back, turning toward the kitchen. "Go, have fun. Just don't be late for dinner."

Connor stared after her for a moment, and then scooted out the door, climbed into the car, and backed down the driveway. Aidan and his family lived not far away, about five minutes. Connor turned the conversation with his mom over in his head all the way there. Had he been outed or come out? And had he seriously just talked with his mother about what he and Aidan weren't even doing?

When he arrived at Aidan's house, the door was open behind the screen door. Connor rapped on the door loudly and called out, "yo, Aid..."

Aidan popped his head out of the living room. "Hey, Connor. It's open, come in."

Aidan was a stark contrast to Connor. Connor was tall and broad, athletic and well built. His dark brown hair scattered sloppily over his head. He moved with a bit of a lumbering gait, like the soccer and lacrosse player that he was. Aidan was slim, black haired, and graceful. Track and field had toned his body into a tight, efficient frame.

Connor pulled the screen door open and stepped through. He walked to the living room. Aidan met him there and reached out to give him a hug. Connor recoiled momentarily as Aidan embraced him, provoking a furrow of worry and disappointment across Aidan's brow.

"Whoa, what was that?" he said, hurt. "You pissed at me?"

Connor shook off the distraction that clouded his thoughts. "No, no, no, Aid, we're fine." He reached around Aidan and gave him a solid, strong hug. And then he leaned in and gently kissed him. Aidan returned the kiss, eyes closed.

"Now that's much better," Aidan said with a smile. "That's the greeting I expect." He paused and laughed, then added "from my boyfriend." He emphasized the last word, knowing that it would get Connor's goat.

"Aidan..." Connor moaned. "Come on, man."

"What??" Aidan protested with mock offense. Their old debate. "We hang, we do stuff together, and we...well, you know." Aidan laughed. "We suck face. What else would you call us?"

Connor's shoulders slumped in resignation, but he laughed.

"So what were you thinking when you walked in that had you so distracted from me?"

Connor sighed and shook his head. "It's my mom."

"Ew," Aidan recoiled. "Uh, ok, yeah, definite kiss-your-boyfriend buzzkill."

"No, it's not that. It's that just before I left to come here, we had the creepiest conversation." He trailed off as Aidan waited. "She...well, she said have fun and be careful."

"Sounds like your mom as usual, man. What's wrong with that?"

"Aiden, she meant 'be careful'," Connor explained, emphasizing the last two words with air quotes. "Dude, she said she knows we're...um...well, that we're..."


Connor looked at him, exasperated. "Would you quit it? I think she thought we were fucking!"

Aidan laughed out loud. "OMG, that's hilarious. Your mom thinks we're boning each other??"

"I said we weren't!" Connor quickly added. Aidan's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "But she was like totally aware that we were...um..."


Connor looked at him, an irked frown on his face. "Yes."

"So she knows you're gay?"


"Is it a problem?"

"No. She knows it and doesn't care."

"Connor, that's good! A parent who doesn't freak out at a gay kid is..." he paused midsentence and looked worried. "Oh shit. What about your dad?"

Connor threw his hands up in the air. "Knows it too, doesn't care!"

"Dude! That's awesome! Your parents outed themselves," he said with a laugh. Then he threw himself back down on the couch and picked up the video game controller. "Well, ok, so get your gay ass over here so I can kick it all over the field in this game."

Connor looked at Aidan for several seconds, then flopped on the couch and grabbed the other controller. "Like hell you will, asshole, I'm going to kick your ass twice as hard."

Several rounds of the game later, Connor was winning by a slim margin. "Hold on, buddy," he said, as a round ended. "I gotta piss like a race horse." He tossed the controller on the couch, went down the hall, and returned. As he sat down, Aidan turned to face him and leaned in to kiss him.

Connor returned the kiss and then broke it with a smile. "Ok, so new game?"

"Yeah," Aidan said with an evil grin. "New game." He swung his leg over Connor's legs and sat, reversed, in his lap.

"Hey, just keep an eye on the clock. We have to leave at two o'clock to make the movie," Connor said, pulling Aidan close to him.

Aidan rolled his eyes as he run his fingers through Connor's hair and leaned in to kiss him again. "We have like two hours, stop worrying." He dropped his voice down to a sultry whisper. "Plenty of time to fool around."

They were silent, but for the sounds of breathing, kissing, and the occasional chuckle or slight moan of pleasure. They rotated and slid into the couch, crushed together and wrapped around each other. Connor's cock was rock hard and painfully stuffed in his jeans. "Ow, fuck!" he swore as Aidan landed a knee on his package.

"You ok?"

"No, damn it, your knee almost broke my dick."

Aidan smiled and slid down Connor's body. "Can't have that, now can we?" He reached for Connor's belt and zipper, opened both, and shucked his pants down. Connor's huge dick was bulging his briefs. Aidan reached in and gently extracted the shaft, springing it free. The thick, eight-inch shaft waved in the air as Aidan gently stroked it.

"Mm, mm, mm. Damn, boyfriend, what have you been feeding that thing?" Aidan said with a laugh. He lowered his head to the tip, licked it, and slid it into his mouth. Connor groaned as Aidan spread his lips over the knob and began to suck him.

After a few moments, Aidan slid Connor out of his mouth and stood up. Connor opened his eyes to see his boyfriend standing there, hand out. "Connor," he said, "come with me." Connor reached up and took Aidan's hand, and let Aidan pull him to his feet.

"Where to?"

Aidan said nothing. He only took Connor by the hand and led him out of the living room to the stairs, and then up the stairs.

"Aid, where are we going?"

"To bed."


"To bed. I'm taking you to the bedroom." They had reached the top of the stairs. Aidan turned left, entered his bedroom, pulled Connor in behind him, and shut the door. Then he turned, wrapped Connor in his arms, and kissed him, very hard and very long.

Aidan lifted Connor's shirt and pulled it over his head. As the shirt went over his face, Connor said "Aidan, what are you..." Aidan chucked the shirt on a chair and then, in one swift move, stripped his own shirt over his head and tossed it on top of Connor's shirt. The boys stood there, bare-chested and breathing hard. Connor could feel his heart pounding.

"Aidan..." he whispered. Aidan reached across and firmly shoved Connor's pants to the floor, leaving him standing there with his very large cock making a huge bulge in his briefs. He stood back and looked at Connor expectantly. "Well, come on," he said.

Connor reached out to Aidan's belt, opened it, popped the buttons on his jeans, and slowly pushed them to the floor. He could see Aidan's rock hard dick tenting his boxers.

"Aid, are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure about anything, Connor."

"Why now?"

"Your mom thinks we're fucking. I realized that I can't imagine why we aren't."

Connor smiled and swallowed. "First time...for both of us."



Connor gently lowered Aidan's boxers, and Aidan stepped out of his clothing. He stood there, naked, before his boyfriend's eyes. "Here I am, all yours," he whispered.

Connor grasped Aidan's hand and guided him to the bed. "You're beautiful. Sexy. Hot as hell."

"Thank you. And you are the hottest guy I know."

Connor pulled Aidan down to the bed and leaned in to kiss him. Aidan put a hand up to stop him. "Hold on a sec, what's with the underpants? I'm naked, why aren't you?"

Connor blushed, actually blushed, and stood up slowly. Aidan reached out and lowered Connor's briefs. Connor stepped out of them as his cock bounced in the air. Aidan stood up, facing him, and sandwiched their cocks together.

"This is SO unfair," he moaned. Connor's cock was a solid eight inches, noticeably longer and thicker than Aidan's. Aidan's cock was just under six inches and relatively thin. "I'm so average. You're huge."

"Aidan, your dick is fine."

They both fell silent and then moved toward the bed. Cautiously, clumsily, they got into the bed and under the covers.

"Now what?" Aidan asked, chuckling.

"I don't know," Connor replied. "Great, a pair of clueless virgins."

"Are you scared?"

"A little." Connor admitted. "Maybe not scared, but...nervous."

"I am, too." Aidan confessed. "Let's just go slow. Open the night table," he instructed. Connor did, and found a small bottle. "I got some lube a while back, just in case."

Connor laughed. "I might think you'd been planning this."

"Actually, I really wasn't. I've had that for a while. I just... I just thought this was the time. I really want to do this, with you. Connor, I, um..." Aidan's voice tailed off, the sentence left hanging in the air.

Connor was meanwhile rummaging in the drawer. "Hey, I found condoms. Ok, now I think you really DID plan this," he teased.

"I didn't. I just...decided." Connor looked up at Aidan and saw the unspoken emotion in his eyes.

"Aid, I..." he mumbled. He was afraid to finish the sentence. He gently stroked Aidan's cheek with a strong hand. Then, wrapping his arm around the body of his boyfriend, Connor pulled Aidan close and kissed him. Under the covers, their bodies touched and then wove together. Aidan wrapped his arms around Connor, kissing and touching him. For several minutes, they melted into each other and ended up with Aidan on top.

Connor squirted a bit of the lube into his hand and grabbed Aidan's cock. Then he lifted his strong, muscled legs around Aidan's back, and aimed his best friend's cock at his asshole.

"Connor, man, you sure?"

Connor smiled. "To quote a friend, I've never been more sure of anything in my life. Go ahead."

"Ok, but lemme get a condom."

"Aidan, neither one of us has ever been with someone else, right?"


"I think we're gonna be ok without them."

Aidan nodded, repositioned himself, moved up into the saddle of Connor's hairy ass, and pushed. The tip of his cock pierced Connor's hole and slid a good inch or two inside. Connor groaned as Aidan entered him for the first time.

"Holy shit..." Aidan whispered, mouth agape. He lost control and pushed forward, hard. His cock sunk into Connor's chute and Connor inhaled sharply as Aidan moved into him. He yelped at the sudden invasion, breaking Aidan's concentration.

"Are you ok?" Aidan asked.

"Yeah, it was...um, a little bit of a surprise when you went in fast."

"Sorry," Aidan mumbled sheepishly.

"It's ok, just go slow," Connor said. "I'm ok."

Aidan grabbed Connor's thighs for leverage and inched forward. Slowly the two boys merged as Aidan slid into his boyfriend.

"Fuuuuck, Connor, it's so good..." Aidan sighed. He couldn't restrain himself and started to slowly pump back and forth, fucking Connor's ass. "You have GOT to try this, man..." Aidan was losing himself and picking up speed. His eyes were closed and his jaw hung a bit slack.

Connor grunted and moaned as his boyfriend fucked him. His thoughts started to wander. It felt...good. Sort of. Ok, not really. I mean, it had stopped hurting and it was kind of stimulating, but clearly Aidan was enjoying it a lot more. He looped his wrists around his ankles to hold his legs up and felt Aidan slide just a bit deeper inside.

"Ooohhhhhh, Connor..." Aidan moaned, as waves of pleasure radiated up his cock and soaked his brain in endorphins. He continued thrusting firmly into Connor's ass. "Why didn't we do this sooner?!" A few strokes later, Aidan felt his orgasm building. "Connor, I'm not gonna last much longer..."

"It's ok, Aid, go for it."

"I'm gonna cum, Connor..."

"Do it, man, it's ok."

A long, tortured groan escaped from Aidan's throat as he pushed all the way in and fired. Connor could feel Aidan's cock gently pulsing and jerking as his best friend climaxed inside him. Aidan whispered "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," as he pumped himself into his boyfriend for the first time. As the last throbs of his orgasm passed, he fell forward onto Connor's chest, breathing heavily. Connor wrapped his arms around Aidan and held him close. They lay like that for several minutes, sometimes gently kissing, as Aidan went soft and slipped out.

"I think you liked that," Connor joked at last.

"You might say that," Aidan said a bit weakly, with a chuckle. He kissed Connor firmly. "You next. C'mon, big boy, fuck me..." he whispered.

Connor felt the impact of those words in his groin. His cock twitched to life and started to get hard. He rolled over, taking Aidan with him, and ended up on top of him.

"Say it again," Connor said, with a wicked smirk.

"I said, fuck me...fuck me with that big dick!"

Connor felt the blood flow to his dick as it hardened. Aidan felt it, too. "Oooh, yeah! Nice and hard."

"Aidan, you sure you want to do this? I mean, you sure you want me to do this? I don't want to hurt you."


"No, come on, man."

"Connor, chill. Who else would I want to do this? And anyway, I've been...well, playing with some toys. One is at least as big as you. Just open me up with a couple of fingers."

Connor sat up on his knees and spread Aidan's hairy cheeks. Aidan's dark hair against his pale skin had always been a major turn on for Connor, and now he was gently brushing his hand over his boyfriend's taut, matted ass.

"You're such a carpet, dude," Connor teased.

"That a problem?" Aiden asked, amused.

"Nope. I like it. Always have." Connor smiled as he brushed the hair on Aidan's backside. "Can't stand the shaved shit. A real guy should be hairy." He slid a finger deeper in the crevice, searching for Aidan's rosebud. His thumb found it first and gently stroked the tight, puckered opening. Aidan inhaled sharply. "Mmmm, you like that?" Connor asked, teasingly. He continued to swirl and stroke his finger over Aidan's tight back passage. "I'm gonna tear this up, babe," he said, with mock menace.

"Promises, promises..." Aiden moaned, eyes closed.

Aiden lowered his head and gently pressed into the crevice of Aidan's ass.

"Connor, what are you...oh FUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!" Aidan cried out as he felt Connor's wet, hard tongue slide across his hole. "Holy shit!!" Connor smiled at the reaction and drilled deeper. He'd been worried about the taste, but Aidan must have cleaned out really well.

"You like?"

"Fuck yeah..." Aidan moaned, breathlessly. Connor dived in again, probing Aidan's hole and wringing a moan of tortured pleasure from his boyfriend. After a few moments, he replaced his tongue with his thumb; Aidan's spit-slicked hole yielded to the pressure and Connor's thumb slid about half an inch into Aidan's chute.

Aidan grabbed the lube and squirted some on his hole and Connor's finger. "Here, don't forget this." Connor he took his lube-greased fingers and swirled them around Aidan's hole. Aidan moaned at how good it felt to have Connor touching him, teasing him. He gasped when one of Connor's fingers dived past the ring and entered him. A moment later, he felt a second finger enter him and stretch.

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