tagExhibitionist & VoyeurScott and Jill Come to Visit Ch. 02

Scott and Jill Come to Visit Ch. 02


Scott called on Thursday and said they were in town and confirmed the time for dinner. When they arrived, we greeted them at the door and I took their coats and we all went into the living room. Mary was wearing a sheer button up dress she had made, with seamed stockings, a garter belt and sexy 4.0" sling back heels. The dress was unbuttoned enough to show off a lot of her big braless boobs. Jill was wearing a tight skirt with stockings and heels under a sheer blouse with a wide belt at the waist to accentuate her curves. The blouse came down over her ass and was unbuttoned to show off a lot of her massive braless breasts. I got everybody drinks and we all sat down to get caught up.

Mary went to check on dinner and Jill went with her to top off their wine. Scott said they were still getting along great and Jill had started to show off a bit more, and he was loving it. It still blew his mind when she walked around the house nude in front of her son and his friends, who were also blind. We heard a lot of laughing from the kitchen which I took to be a good thing. I asked him what he thought about Jill showing off for him, Carl and me, along with Mary, tomorrow night. He was all for it and excited to see what the girls were going to wear. Mary said we should go to the table and they're bring dinner out.

Scott and I sat down, and Jill and Mary came out with the food, and it wasn't nearly as hot as they were. Mary had unbuttoned her dress all the way and it was just hanging open. Jill had removed her skirt and unbuttoned the blouse all the way to the waist and her huge boobs were spilling out. She was wearing thigh highs and no panties, and the tails of the shirt didn't quite cover her wide hips and lovely bottom. Dinner was excellent, and we had a great time chatting and enjoying the display of ripe womanhood.

After dinner, Scott and I watched the girls clear the table and then retired to the TV room while they did the dishes. When they came into the TV room they said they had decided what they would be wearing the following evening. When we asked what that might be, they said we'd have to wait and see. Jill had also removed the belt and unbuttoned her blouse and tied it under her tits leaving them bare along with her lovely bottom and shaved pussy. Mary had removed her dress and was wearing just stockings and the garter belt.

We continued to talk about sex and exhibitionism and ignored the movie. Mary lay back against me facing Scott and Jill with her legs spread slightly. As we talked I slipped my hand down between her legs and started to gently rub her cunt lips. Jill was watching my hand intently. When I slid my finger into my wife's vagina Mary gasped, spread her legs farther, closed her eyes and leaned back against me as I fingered her. Scott had spread Jill's legs and started to finger fuck her as well and judging from her moaning she was about ready to come. The girls were both moaning very loudly and before too long they both started to come. After they recovered the girls went upstairs to get "cleaned up".

When they came back I was pleased to see that they were both still nude. Mary came back and got down on the floor in front of me and undid my pants and released my erection. She stroked it a few times and then started to give me a blowjob. Jill was watching and seemed to be enjoying the show and before long she had Scott's cock out and was sucking it like her life depended on it. She finished Scott off and then sat up just as I shot my load down Mary's throat. Mary licked me clean then buttoned me back up and the girls went to get another round of drinks as Scott and I sat there with stupid grins plastered to our faces.

When the girls returned with our drinks Jill said that she had never done anything like this, before she met us, and she found it very exciting watching us and having us watch them. She said she felt totally at home in front of us and not at all embarrassed.

When the movie was over the girls went to get dressed and we exchanged hugs and kisses. When Jill kissed me, she had her hands on my ass pulling me against her as her tongue explored my mouth. We pulled apart and then gave Mary the same open mouth kiss. To my surprise Mary kissed Jill right back. This was an interesting twist!

The next day crawled along but finally the evening arrived, and Scott and Jill were ringing the doorbell. Again, the girls disappeared upstairs, and Scott and I went in the living room and I got us beers.

When the girls came down they were wearing satin dressing gowns and said we would have to wait until Carl arrived to see what outfits they'd chosen. I got the drinks and we sat and chatted. When we heard Carl pull up the girls scampered off upstairs. I met Carl at the door and he, Scott and I went into the TV room to await the girl's entrance.

When the girls came into the TV room they were wearing stockings, high heels and...satin dressing gowns. They exchanged greetings with Carl and then went over to the table. Mary turned, facing the 3 of us, speaking to Carl, to be sure he was watching, a needless ploy, and untied and removed the dressing gown and hung it on the back of her chair. She was wearing a garter belt, stockings and heels, and nothing else. Then she went into the kitchen and Jill repeated the performance and we were all very pleased to see that she was wearing the same outfit as Mary. They looked stunning. We enjoyed the dinner and sat around talking until after 11:00, never even bothering to turn on the movie since nothing could compete with the 2 magnificent nude women before us. Mary and I walked Carl to the door chatted with him for a few minutes. He thanked us for dinner, with a huge grin!

We went back into the TV room and again found Jill and Scott making out on the couch. Jill laughed and said that had been really exciting and she totally understood why we had Carl over every week. We all sat down to talk about the evening and Scott and I complimented them again on their choice of outfits! Mary got us fresh drinks and we retired to the living room.

Mary and I sat in one of the big chairs and Scott and Jill were on the couch. We started kissing and playing around and before long the girls had Scott and I nude. Mary got down on the floor and sucked my cock while Jill watched, stroking Scott all the while, then Mary climbed up on my lap and inserted my throbbing penis into her vagina. We fucked slowly taking long strokes, so they could see my cock stretching my wife's cunt lips as we fucked. Mary started to moan louder and go faster and then we both had large orgasms. She lay back against me as we turned to watch Jill and Scott.

Scott was hard as a rock, so Jill bent over the arm of the couch, so he could take her from behind. He stepped up and entered her and started to fuck her, building tempo as he pounded her full ass and she moaned louder then screamed when he shot his load. He collapsed on her while they caught their breath then the girls went upstairs to get cleaned up. When they came back downstairs they cleaned us up and Scott and I got dressed.

Scott and Jill were taking us out to dinner the following evening, so we exchanged hugs and long sloppy kisses and told them what great time we'd had and lamented, not for the first time, that it was too bad they lived so far away.

The next morning Jill called and invited us to lunch. We decided on the location and time and said we'd meet them there. Mary wore white yoga pants, with a very nice camel toe, a low-cut sweater, a push up bra and 4.0" sling-back heels

We got to the restaurant first and got a table outside as it was a nice day. We had just gotten settled when Jill and Scott arrived. Jill was wearing a low cut A-line summer dress that really accentuated her curves and, of course, her huge tits were unencumbered by a bra.

As we stood and exchanged hugs and kisses the waitress materialized, and we placed our food and iced tea orders. Jill told us what great time they'd had, last night, and thanked us, again, for inviting them and making her feel so welcome. We assured her that we'd enjoyed it as much as they had!

During lunch we continued to chat, but I noticed that Jill seems slightly subdued. After the waitress had cleared our table Jill looked at me and said, "can I ask you a very personal question?" I glanced at Mary, who just raised her eyebrows and I said, "sure."

She thought for a minute and said, "I'm just going to come right out with it...how many times did you share Mary with Scott and how did it start?" I looked at Scott, as the color drained from his face, then at Mary, who looked equally surprised, and said "what makes you ask that?"

Jill said, "before I met you guys Scott talked about you all the time and that made me wonder. Now that we've met, it's pretty obvious, at least to me, that there was something going on." She let us stew, while I tried to figure out how to respond, then she started to grin, saying "listen, I'm not the jealous type, and I couldn't be mad about what happened before Scott and I met and, to be completely honest, thinking about it makes me a little wet. I never knew how exciting it was to watch and be watched and I have to say, you've really opened up a door that I want to explore."

We all relaxed and ordered beers for Scott and I and wine for the girls. Once the drinks arrived Jill said, "so, tell me how it started and all about it." Mary and I started telling Jill the story, with Scott occasionally filling in a detail, as she listened with rapt attention. Jill stopped us several times to ask questions, but we finally got to the end of the story she sat back, and said "wow, that's a very hot story." At that point the girls excused themselves to go to the ladies' room. I asked Scott if he'd seen that coming and all he could do was shake his head and grin. The girls came back, and we filled in a few more details and what Jill was calling the "sexcapades", finished our drinks and left after agreeing that Jill and Scott would come over to our house and then we'd go to dinner from there.

On the way home Mary and I talked about the afternoons revelations and I said to Mary, "you know where this is likely headed, right?"

"Yes, Jill is going to want to watch Scott and I have sex."

"What do you think about that, I asked?"

She was quiet for a few minutes and finally said, "I'm just fine with it. The bigger question is; are you going to fuck Jill?"

I looked at her and said, "I don't know if that's even on the table."

She looked at me, grinned, and said, "trust me, it's on the table, and I think it's only fair you should do her."

I said, "are you sure you're OK with seeing me with another woman?"

Mary thought about it for a minute and said, "I see how much you enjoy watching me with Scott and when I think of you inside Jill it does make me a little wet, so, yes, I'm OK, even looking forward to it."

I leaned over and kissed her and we drove the rest of the way home in our private thoughts.

The outfit Mary had chosen for the evening was a tight pencil skirt, thigh high stockings, a low-cut Victoria's Secret +2 cups bra and a satin blouse unbuttoned so all that cleavage, and a little of the bra, were on display. She had also done her hair up and put on makeup. She looked quite spectacular.

When we heard Scott and Jill pull up Mary put on her long coat and we met them outside, loaded everybody in my CLS550 and took off for our favorite steak house. Scott sat up front with me and the girls sat in back. I noticed a lot of whispering and giggling, coming from the back seat, which I again took to be a good thing.

When we arrived at the restaurant we valeted the car and went inside. Jill was also wearing a long overcoat, so I was quite curious to see what she was wearing. The hostess asked if she could take the ladies coats and Mary removed hers and handed it to the young lady, she did a little double take at Mary's cleavage. Then Jill removed her coat and revealed the outfit she'd chosen for the evening.

Jill was also wearing a pencil skirt, very similar to Mary's, with stockings and 4" heels. The top cream silk and her lace push up bra was visible through the semi sheer fabric. She was showing even more cleavage than Mary and the hostess was somewhat tongue tied before finally stammering out how nice the girls looked. As we walked through the restaurant to our booth I could feel the eyes glued to the 2 voluptuous vixens.

Service at this restaurant is always very good but this evening they really kicked it up a notch. The meal was excellent, and we had a great time getting to know Jill a little better. After dinner we retired to the bar and got a table near the empty dance floor. We ordered drinks and the girls excused themselves to go to the ladies' room.

When they returned we noticed that they had made some wardrobe modifications. Both were now braless and had unbuttoned their blouses to the waist. Their boobs swayed very enticingly as they walked back to our table, very aware that every eye in the place was glued to their huge tits and very erect nipples. When they got to the table Jill slid in next to me and Mary sat next to Scott.

When a slow song started Jill took my hand and led me to the dance floor. I put my hands around her slim waist, pulling her against me, and she put her arms around my neck. She smiled and said, "I'm sure glad I met you guys." I assured her the feeling was mutual. As we danced I noticed that Mary and Scott were at the table and were getting quite chummy. They were leaning very close, talking and his hand was inside her blouse fondling one of her big boobs. Jill looked up at me and grinned and then kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth. I kissed her back and slid my hands down over her wide hips and pulled her against my hard cock. She let out a little gasp and said, "Oh, I like that."

When the song ended we sat down and then Mary and Scott got up to dance. It was a fast dance and Mary's blouse was so open that one or the other of her tits were exposed, with some frequency. Jill and I sat and talked while watching Mary and Scott, alone on the dance floor.

When Mary and Scott sat back down I suggested that we should go home, and Mary could give us all lap dances. That met with enthusiastic approval from the Colorado contingent, so I quickly paid the tab and went to bail out the car.

When the valet brought the car around Mary got in the back seat with Scott and Jill sat up front, with me. Jill's top was gaping open and I could see most of her right boob. It was something of a miracle that we got home, without having an accident or getting a ticket, since I might have gone slightly over the speed limit.

We got back to the house and settled in the living room while Mary started a CD. When the first song started she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Then she unzipped her skirt and slid it over her wide hips, joining her blouse in a pile on the floor.

When the next song started she walked over to Scott and started to give him one of her fabulous full contact lap dances. Jill was enthralled as she watched my wife rub her voluptuous nude body all over her boyfriend, as his hands explored her nude body. When the next song started Mary had Scott stand up and started to undress him. By the time the song ended Scott was nude, and Mary was carefully not touching his very erect penis.

When the next song started Mary went over and gave Jill a very, VERY hot lap dance. Jill was clearly loving it and spent a lot of time sucking on Mary's engorged nipples. Then Mary had Jill stand up as she slowly undressed her, leaving Jill wearing just thigh highs and Mary in just a garter belt and stockings.

When the song ended Mary came over and got me undressed and gave me a fantastic lap dance. While she was all over me I noticed Jill had her hand between her legs as she watched us, and Scott was slowly stroking his cock and alternating between watching Mary dance and his girlfriend masturbating.

Once we were all naked, Mary said she needed a drink, so she and Jill went into the kitchen and soon returned with everyone's beverage selection. Mary had Scott move over next to her on the couch and Jill sat down on the loveseat, next to me. Jill complimented Mary on her lap dancing skills and I think Mary said, "thank you, I've had a lot of practice!"

As we were chatting Mary reached over and took Scott's now ½ hard cock in her hand and nonchalantly started to stroke him. It was very erotic watching her stroke his rapidly hardening penis, sitting there, nude with Jill. Scott closed his eyes and put his head back, and when he moaned Mary looked at me and then Jill and then bent over and started to lick his cock like a popsicle. Her tongue swirled around the swollen purple head as she licked the pre-cum leaking out of him a prodigious rate. He was moaning louder as she continued to tease him stopping and then starting again.

Finally, Mary climbed up on his lap, facing us, and expertly slid his throbbing penis inside her smooth mature pussy. She buried him inside her and the started to ride him as he cupped and kneaded her heavy swaying breasts. She continued to build the pace, all tense of teasing and foreplay gone. Mary was really pounding him, and he was slamming up to meet her thrusts when Mary screamed and had a series of huge orgasms. Scott was right behind her and filled her with cum as she moaned and shuddered in the aftershocks.

As Mary and Scott were collecting themselves Jill turned and kissed me and started to vigorously stroke my cock. When we came up for air she whispered that she was very horny and didn't need any foreplay, she just wanted my cock. Inside her. Now. I really wanted to explore her lush body but I, too, was very horny so I had her lay down on the couch and put her legs over my shoulders and slid my cock into her. She moaned as I buried myself balls keep in her tight cunt and started to take long slow strokes. She was begging be to fuck her harder and faster, so I did. I thought about all the stuff you're supposed to think about to not cum as I pounded her pussy. I could feel my balls starting to tighten when she started to come, so I pounded her even harder and filled her with my semen. We collapsed and tried to catch our breath and the room was silent. When I pulled out of Jill and set down next to her, Mary was sitting on Scotts lap as he played with her boobs.

Jill was the first to speak, saying, "that was the most intense sexual experience of my life. Thank you for sharing with us."

Mary said, "that was the first time I've ever watched Mark with another woman. I didn't know what I was going to feel but I did really did enjoy watching you two together."

Jill smiled and got up and went over to Mary and had her stand up and then hugged her and they exchanged very deep, passionate kisses. As those 2 magnificent women stood there before us in their nude, freshly fucked splendor, I could feel my cock starting to get hard again.

Both of the girls had cum running down their legs, so they went upstairs to get cleaned up. Scott and I sat there, drinking our beers, discussing how truly lucky we were and how the evening had gone better than we could have hoped.

When the girls came back down they took washcloths and cleaned us both up. Scott and I put on out boxers and the girls sat down with us we talked about the evenings festivities.

Jill asked Mary what it was like getting "tag-teamed" by 2 men. Mary told her she'd liked the feeling of having 2 different men inside her, one right after the other, Jill asked her if she's ever had more that than and Mary laughed and said, "I've only been with 4 men and 2 of them are in this room!"

We talked for a long while and had another round of drinks when Jill said, "I want to watch the 2 of you ravage Mary." Scott and I were all for it, but Mary thought that Jill would be left out. Jill laughed and said, "I'll be just fine, with a wicked gleam in her eye."

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