tagGroup SexScott and Melissa Ch. 04 Pt. 1

Scott and Melissa Ch. 04 Pt. 1


Star didn't see the curvy streets and manicured lawns surrounding her as she drove through the subdivision near her university. Her mind was miles away. Miles ahead actually. She was wondering what awaited her at Professor Scott's house. When Scott had asked her if she'd be willing to have sex with him in front of his paralyzed wife, it seemed like a fun idea. Now that she was actually on her way, Star was a little nervous. She couldn't even remember if she had ever met Melissa. Melissa's accident had happened while Star and Scott were sleeping together. Star was an undergraduate and didn't meet a lot of the professors' spouses, but she had met some of them. She couldn't remember if Melissa had been one. Either way it was kind of weird to be putting on a sex show for a paralyzed woman with that woman's husband. Weird, but exciting as well. Star was a huge exhibitionist and she loved sex. Sex of all varieties. As a follower of the Goddess, Star knew that all sensuality was Her gift and should be enjoyed. Supported by the firm foundation of her spiritual belief, Star had developed a simple personal philosophy – everyone should have sex as often as possibly and as joyfully as they could. She was endlessly experimental and took pride in never turning down a new experience. So how could she turn down such a wild new adventure?

Still, she wondered what Melissa would be like. Scott had told her a little bit about her. Before her accident Melissa had been a sexual goddess. She and Scott had experimented every way they could imagine. Toys, extra partners, exotic locations, sex in public, sex parties, sex in theatres, at rock concerts, at sports stadiums. Sex everywhere they could think of really. Scott said they even had a live-in sex toy for awhile. "Wonder what happened to her?" Star wondered out loud. According to Scott, Melissa was that way right up until the accident. Which made Scott the biggest sex junky Star had ever heard of. She knew for a fact that Scott was banging her once or twice a day during that time. If he was, also, keeping Melissa satisfied; she didn't know how the hell he found time to teach his classes.

Then the accident happened and their world ended. Scott said he'd initially tried to join Melissa in celibacy. "How long that last?" Star had asked. "A day?"

"A week." Scot answered indignantly. Then he grinned. "Then one day I dragged one of the nurses into the bathroom and bent her over the sink."

Star just laughed at him.

Star couldn't even imagine what it had been like for Melissa. To be cut off so suddenly for the very stuff of life! One day everything's wonderful. She's having sex once or twice a day and then smash – all gone. Too bad. So sorry. Star was pretty sure she wouldn't want to go on living if that happened to her. Which was another reason she had said yes. She couldn't leave another woman in such hell. If Melissa could get any pleasure out of watching them together, then Star would fuck Scott all night long. Not that fucking Scott's such a chore, Star thought as she turned into the driveway. Star got out of the car and walked up to the door. She took a deep breath to quiet the nervous fluttering in her belly and rang the bell.

Scott opened the door wearing a pair of loose black shorts and a T-shirt, "Hey Star."

"Hey Scott." Star stepped through the doorway. "How's it going?"

"Okay." They both stood there for a moment uncertainly staring at each other. Star laughed awkwardly. "I'm a little nervous."

"Me too." Scott admitted. The awkwardness stretched between for another minute and then Scott said, "Well, come in and meet Melissa."

Scott led the way to the kitchen where Melissa was waiting for them sitting in her wheelchair. "Honey, this is Star; Star, this is my wife, Melissa."

Melissa's smile was wide and friendly. "Hi. It's great to meet you."

"You too." Star answered with an inward sigh of relief. She had never met Melissa before. She was certain of it. She would have remembered a woman this beautiful. Melissa's natural blond hair was short, but expertly styled. Her face had delicate features with a couple of "laugh line" wrinkles that added maturity. She was wearing a white halter-top that showed off her tan. Her pendulous breasts pressed against the fabric. Star could clearly see the nipples outlined in the diaphanous material. She was wearing matching shorts and, from what Star could see, she was slim with good muscle tone. Physical therapy probably, Star thought to herself.

Star took a seat at the table and Scott poured her a glass of wine from the sideboard. "Here you go, Star." He said as he place it in front of her and sat next to Melissa.

"I thought we'd have some wine together before we go into the livingroom." Melissa said. "Kind of relax first."

"That sounds good." Star agreed. "This will be kinda new for me."

"New for all of us." Melissa took a sip of her wine. "So when did you and Scott first meet?"

"When I took his Intro class my freshman year."

"That was at least five years ago." Melissa shot Scott a look. "You are such a dog. You were fucking her before I got hurt?"

Scott looked sheepish and a little scared. "We didn't start fucking that semester."

"Well, when did you start fucking?"

Scott looked at the floor behaving like a 10-year-old who got busted sneaking extra desert. "That summer when she took my Shakespeare class."

Melissa shook her head in disbelief. "You have enough libido of 10 men."

Suddenly, Star felt she shouldn't be there. If Melissa were just now finding out that Scott had been cheating on her for years before she got hurt, she probably wouldn't want an audience. Star cleared her throat carefully. "Should I go?"

Melissa laughed. "No. I'm not mad. I'm just...I don't know. I just think it's funny. How much pussy do you need before you're satisfied, Scott?"

"Haven't found that point yet." Scott admitted.

Star decided that a tactful change of subject was in order. "Melissa would you mind if I asked you something?"

"I don't think so. Depends on what it is. If you want to know when he started fucking me, it was quite a bit before my freshman year."

Star laughed. "No. I was just wondering how you stay in such good shape. You're gorgeous and your legs have the tone of a track and field athlete."

Melissa blushed, "Thank you. It's physical therapy. The university has great benefits and they pay for PT three times a week. I can't run anymore so they pay someone to run my legs for me."

"And you have no feeling below the belly button?"

"No. Actually my injury was quite a bit further down. Just at the L5/S1 vertebra. Right where the nerves branch out to go down the leg. If it had been just a bit lower, I probably wouldn't have had any nerve damage at all."

"Whoa, that sucks."

"Yep." Melissa's voice was deeper and sullen.

"I'm sorry." Star said hurriedly. "I didn't mean to pry. I was just curious."

Melissa smiled and waved away Star's apology. "I'd rather people ask about it than pretend it's not there. You'd be amazed at the lengths to which people will go to avoid asking about it or even talking about running or walking or anything having to do with the legs. It'd be funny if it wasn't so stupid. I was in an accident and I lost my legs. Oh well. I'm still alive though and I'm glad about that."

"I don't know how you do it. I would be so bitter and angry."

Melissa's smile faded into a grimace. "Well, I have those days too, believe me."

"And you can't feel anything?"

"Sometimes I think I feel something, but the doctors and PTs say it's my imagination. It's memories from before." Melissa was quiet for a moment. "It feels so real though."

"Maybe it is." suggested Star.

"I don't know. Maybe. But let's talk about something else." Melissa smiled and tossed off the rest of her wine. "Scott, darling, while you're getting me more wine, tell me what about Star first turned you on."

"The first time I laid eyes on her I was smitten." Scott answered pouring the wine. "She plopped her cute ass into a front row seat and smiled up at me. I don't remember much about what she was wearing, but I could see her breasts like firm plump grapefruit under her shirt."

So when did you two finally fuck?" Asked Melissa.

"That summer." Star answered. "I'd heard that Professor Scott like to do his students. So I made sure to take his class that summer."

"You heard? From who?" Scott's voice was surprised.

"Never you mind. That was a long time ago and she is long gone from school. So I made sure to wear sexy clothes every day of class and then I went to see him in his office 'about my term paper,' but I was really going there to see if he'd fuck me."

"And he did?"

"Almost as soon as I closed the door."

"I did NOT!" Scott exclaimed indignantly. Both women just looked at him. "Well, what did you expect. She'd been waltzing into class every day wearing next to nothing. That building had no AC and she's there hot and steamy showing so much cleavage she'd be illegal in Utah and wearing Daisy Dukes and short skirts. Watching that ass walk out of my classroom. How much do you think I could take?"

"Not that much. That was the point." Star laughed.

"Was she good?" Melissa asked and Star waited expectantly.

"She was incredible. I do remember what she was wearing that day. A sundress with tiny yellow flowers and macramé sandals. It was low cut and I could see the perspiration in her cleavage. The dress was so tight it looked like the buttons could pop off at any second and I could see her hard nipples pressing against the fabric. She said she needed help understanding the relationship between Helena and Demetrius in Midsummer. Particularly Helena's speech to him in the forest."

"Isn't that the one ...?" Melissa started.

"Yeah," Answered Scott. " 'I am your spaniel; and, Demetrius, The more you beat me, I will fawn on you: Use me but as your spaniel, spurn me, strike me, Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave, Unworthy as I am, to follow you. What worser place can I beg in your love,-- And yet a place of high respect with me,-- Than to be used as you use your dog?' And the whole time she's reciting this speech she's running her pinky along the neckline of her dress."

Melissa laughed, "Oh boy, did you have him pegged! How long before you bent her over your desk?"

"A little while. I had to be sure she was asking for what I thought she was asking for."

"What more did you want her to do, unbutton her dress?"

Star piped up, "I thought about it."

Scott continued, "She said she didn't understand how that could be a love speech. So I had her kneel at my feet and told her to grab my legs like she was begging and then say the speech."

"Which I did," Star picked up the story. "And as I said it my hands crept up his legs until I was at his belt buckle. While he was saying Demetrius' speech, 'You do impeach your modesty too much, To leave the city and commit yourself, Into the hands of one that loves you not; To trust the opportunity of night, And the ill counsel of a desert place, With the rich worth of your virginity.' I was unbuckling his belt and pulling out his cock. By that point he got the idea."

"Damn right I did. At eighteen she gave head like a pro."

"Well, I started young and practiced often."

"Your practice paid off."

"What happened next?" Melissa was hanging on every word.

"I stopped her before I came in her mouth and had her straddle me. She wasn't wearing any panties under that dress, but I didn't fuck her yet. First I undid all the buttons on her dress. It was one of those that button all the way down the front. She had...Well, you can see she's got great tits. So she's sitting on my lap with her whole luscious young body framed by this Pollyanna-type sundress. My cock rubbing against her clit and the outside of her pussy, my hands squeezing her breasts and I said, 'What do you want?' and she says, 'I want to fuck your brains out.' But I scolded her for using such bankrupt language."

Star added outraged, "So he teased me and told me he wouldn't fuck me until I had asked for it in such a way as to make the Bard proud! Have you ever tried to think of Shakespearian quotes while someone is playing with your clit?"


"It's not easy!"

"I bet."

"I'm rattling off every double entandre I can think of while he's nibbling my nipples. Finally I thought of Mercutio's line from R&J, 'If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down.' That satisfied him. He slid his cock up my pussy and fucked me senseless."

"Oh my God," Melissa sighed. "I wish I could have seen that."

Scott grinned, "It was pretty incredible. The whole affair was like that. Fun, playful and no emotional baggage."

"Sounds fun."

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun." Star whispered giving Scott a smoldering look that he returned and which Melissa caught. Star blushed, "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For ah..." Star's words trailed off.

Melissa touched her hand, "Star, I already know you and Scott had a hot steamy affair. That much I figured out and I'm fine with it. I'm glad you did. I'm glad it was hot, wild and fun. That's beautiful. What anger I had for Scott keeping it secret from me, we've already talked about. It's cool."

"I'm not sure what you're saying."

"I'm saying it's okay to lust after my husband. Shoot him 'come hither' looks, tease him, toy with him whatever you want to do. Just don't try and keep me out of it."

Star smiled, "I think I can deal with that."

Scott refilled Star's empty wineglass and bent down and nibbled her neck. Star dropped her head onto one shoulder and closed her eyes. "AHA. God, that feels good."

Scott whispered to his wife, "Did I ever tell you that Star can cum just by having her neck nibbled."

Star's head snapped up, "Scott!"

"What? Are we keeping secrets here?" Scott asked his empty left hand pushing her head back to her shoulder. His other hand put the wine bottle between her legs pressed against her crotch.

"Scott, you're not playing fair." Star breathed.

Scott's right hand moved up to her breasts. "Fair? Who said I played fair?"

"I want to see it." Said Melissa excitedly.

Scott went back to biting Star's neck while she squealed and struggled to break free. Her hips involuntarily thrusting against the wine bottle. "No, Scott. Cut it out."

Scott ignored her and kept going

"Oh God." She began to moan. She stopped struggling and gave into sensation. Her hands crept up to hold the wine bottle in place while her hips ground against it. "Mmmmmmm. Please, please. Ohhhh." She began to shake. "Oh no. Oh, God. Ahhhhhh."

Melissa watched Star thrash around on the chair in the throws of a fantastic orgasm. She watched as the tremors climaxed and faded and Star slowly open her eyes. She looked at Melissa and blushed scarlet. "That was beautiful." Melissa said. She leaned forward and plucked the wine bottle from Star's lap. She poured the rest of it into her glass and then sniffed the label. "It smells like you."

Star wasn't sure how to respond so she just smiled.

"Are we ready to go into the livingroom?" Scott asked.

"Not quite," Star said. "Before we do, I'd like to know what you want, Melissa."

"I just want to watch."

"You don't want to be a part of it?"

"I might. There's not a lot I can do though."

"I don't believe that. Scott says you give the best head."

Melissa smiled at Scott who kissed her. "Well, you do."

"Why don't you lay down with us? You can just watch, but if you want you can touch, or kiss or fondle or whatever you can."

Melissa turned to Scott, "Will there be enough room?"

"I think so. If not we'll just get some more pillows."

"Let's go into the livingroom." Melissa said. She wheeled herself to the door. "Scott, can you grab another bottle of wine. I'm sure we're going to need it."

Scott and Star followed her into the room. It was a spacious room with an entertainment center at one end. All the furniture had been pushed to the walls and in the center of the room was a kind of make shift bed. It was a thick pile of blankets spread out one on top of the other, on top of that was seven or eight pillows of different sizes.

"Cool," commented Star. "It's just like a slumber party. We gonna play spin the bottle and talk about boys?"

"I hope I'm the only boy you're thinking about." Scott said as he slipped an arm around her and kissed her neck. Star sighed softly.

"You and Melissa get comfy on the bed. I'm going to put on some music." Star walked over to the CD player she could see in the entertainment center at the end of the room.

Scott helped Melissa lay down on the bed and cuddled up next to her. Star put in Dead Can Dance's Spiritchaser which she'd brought with her and turned down the dimmer switch on the lights. She adjusted the volume and the equalizer to get the sound just right, then she turned slowly to face Scott and Melissa. She was moving slowly to the rhythmic drums. Her flowing skirt and top swaying around her. Slowly she raised her arms over her head and weaved her fingers in an intricate pattern. She began to swing her head with the rest of her body making her hair sway around her shoulders. She was sensuously moving around the room, dancing to the music. Her movements were captivating and erotic. Scott's hands began slowly to stroke Melissa's breasts and Melissa rested her head on his shoulders.

Star pulled her blouse hem out of her skirt letting in hang loosely over her hips. Her hands moved up and caressed her breasts. Her eyes closed just - enjoying how the music made her body move. Her fingers danced up and touched her face, her lips, her throat. Star licked her lips as her hand fondled her breasts again before sliding down her torso to her hips and her thighs. They moved provocatively in front of her pussy for a moment before creeping back up to her blouse. She unbuttoned the buttons and let the blouse just hang there. Open but not revealing anything. She danced around the room some more letting her blouse just hang here. A peak here, a flash there, but never fully showing her breasts.

Melissa slipped the waistband of Scott's pants down so she could stroke his cock while she watched. Star continued her dance. Her hips swaying as her fingertips teased her nipples, hardening them through the shear material of her blouse. Her hands dropped to her skirt. Holding the flowing material between her fingers she weaved the skirt up and down. Now up, now down. Now showing calf, now thigh. The music became more rhythmic. Star tucked the hem into the waistband so Scott and Melissa could see her legs all the way up to her hip, but got only flashes of ass and pussy. Star's dance took on a more tribal flavor as if she were a priestess dancing a sacred fertility dance. Which is what I am and what I'm doing, but they don't need to know that, Star thought to herself. She slid off her blouse so now she was dancing topless with only thin gauzy material over her ass and pussy. She loosened the drawstring tie of her skirt. Now, it was hanging loosely on her hips. Scott and Melissa watched entranced to see how long it would stay. The tucked in hem fell free hiding her legs once more, but the curve of her ass was highlighted by the drape of the skirt and the top of her ass peaked over the skirt in back. The music changed again becoming harder and more thrusting and so did the movement of Star's hips shaking the skirt free. Gracefully, Star stepped out of the pool of fabric at her feet and continued to dance. Now Star was dancing naked around the room. Her dance was now openly and lewdly sexual. Scott could hear Melissa's breathing coming harder and shallower. Her grip on his penis was tight as she stroked him up and down. At last, the music came to a climatic finish and Star finished in a salaam on the floor. She held the pose for a beat or two then crawled over to the makeshift bed. She lay near them breathing heavily. Melissa leaned over and gave Star a deep sensual French kiss. Star responded and slid her hands down Melissa's shoulders and over her breasts.

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