tagGroup SexScott and Melissa Ch. 04 Pt. 2

Scott and Melissa Ch. 04 Pt. 2


Scott, Melissa and Star floated in the peaceful reverie of after-sex bliss for so long it seemed to transcend Time itself. Each person was savoring the lingering beauty of their coupling. Softly, quietly at first, Star felt her pussy talking to her again. It was whispering, "want more." It was whispering now, but Star knew it was going to get louder.

Her head rested in Scott's lap. His spent, still damp cock lay centimeters from her face. Quietly to preserve the mood, she blew across the tip. Scott noticed, but stayed still and just held Melissa. Star blew across it again. It twitched. Scott began to slowly move his hand over Melissa's shoulders. Star blew again and this time took his still soft cock into her mouth. She just held it there in her velvety mouth. Absently-mindedly she sucked it. Not like a horny slut, but like a sleepy baby sucking on a pacifier or a sugar tit. Suck suck, pause rest; suck suck suck pause rest. Scott's cock began to swell in her mouth. Scott's hand slid softly over Melissa's breasts. She sighed and arched her back. Alone by This Mortal Coil began on the CD player. Scott's hand moved between Melissa's breasts in time to the pulsing music. Stroke, stroke squeeze; stroke, stroke squeeze. Melissa reached down and petted Star's hair. The three of them lay together moving slowly in the dark sensual rhythm of the music. Star slowly stretched out. Her body sensuously bending and arching; spreading out and folding back in. Her limbs, her hands, her feet, her chest, her ass, her sides rejoiced in the sinuous movement. All the while her mouth kept gently nursing Scott's cock.

"Wow," Scott breathed. "That was so hot."

"What?" Star asked around his cock.

"What was so hot?" murmured Melissa.

"What Star just did."

"What'd she do?"

Star replaced her mouth with her hand to answer. "I just stretched."

"I've never seen anyone stretch like that. It was so cool."

Melissa rolled over in Scott's arms so she was facing them. "I wanna see. Do it again."

"Okay." Star agreed. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to her body. She kept one hand gently stroking Scott while the rest of her body stretched and writhed on the floor. She spread her toes, rolled her ankles straightened and bent her knees, rolled her hips, arched her back, rolled her shoulders, stretched her arms, circled her wrists and stretched her fingers. She stretched as long and as far as she could, then her body folded back into itself and she rolled back into a sleeping baby pose with her head back on Scott's lap.

"Oh my God, that was hot." whistled Melissa.

"I just stretched."

"But you get so into it. You're so totally lost in the moment. I've never seen anyone surrender so completely to their body." Melissa explained. "It was amazing."

Star blushed, "I just really like a good stretch."

"I noticed." said Scott.

"I noticed you noticing." Star laughed squeezing his now hard cock. She rolled on to all fours and began to suck him in earnest. Scott moaned and gripped her hair with his left hand. His right arm was wrapped around Melissa. He squeezed her shoulder and turned to her and kissed her passionately. Melissa also reached a hand down to Star's head so she had two hands from two people guiding her as she sucked Scott off. She slid his cock deep down her throat and swallowed around it. Sliding back up its shaft, she swirled her tongue around the tip and let saliva flow down it. Her hand grabbed the slick wet shaft and squeezed firmly. It worked with her mouth both sliding up and down in unison. The dual movement made him feel like she was swallowing his cock even deeper than she was. Every few strokes her hand would drop away and Star would sink his cock all the way down her throat and hold it there letting her gagging throat close around it a few times. Then she would come up for air, replace her hand and do it all again. She kept this up until Scott let out a low slow moan, then she stopped and sat up. Scott tried to protest, but Star held her finger to her lips. Scott stayed silent and watched her while his lonely, cold cock twitched looking for the warm nest it'd had a moment ago.

Star glanced around the room until she found what she wanted. She picked up the egg from where Melissa had dropped it and turned it on. She opened Melissa's legs and pushed the egg inside. Melissa opened her mouth to speak, but Star laid a finger against Melissa's lips. "I just want to see." Star whispered. Melissa nodded.

Star turned back to Scott. She climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy to Scott's mouth and leaned across his body to swallow his cock again. Scott wrapped his arms around Star's thighs and pulled her pussy closer to him. She felt his tongue lick between her pussy lips in long stokes tasting the whole length of her slit. God, it felt sooo good. His tongue swirling around her slick pussy. Star let out a long low moan around Scott's hard cock as the sensuous feeling of being devoured by Scott's lips and tongue washed over her.

"Aren't you going to move, Star?" Melissa asked dryly. Star realized that she'd been lying across Scott's body without moving since he started eating her.

Laughing at herself, she worked her mouth up and down Scott's cock using her tongue to wiggle up and down the underside of the shaft. She swallowed it all the way to the root and then slowly pulled her mouth up while sucking hard as if her lips didn't want to let it go. Just as the tip was about to pop out of her mouth she quickly swallowed it all again. She repeated this two or three times. Then she felt her pussy contract with little mini spasms and she couldn't do anything but gasp and twitch for a few seconds. Scott was now buried in her pussy licking and eating with a vengeance. She pulled her self off of his cock and took a few deep breaths. She was finding it hard to concentrate. Scott's tongue in her pussy was very distracting. She went back to work on his cock. This time working on the tip. She swirled her mouth around it sucking on it like a blow-pop sucker. Her tongue slid around the rigid crest of the tip. Then Scott slipped a finger into her pussy and wiggled it around. Star's head dropped to Scott's thigh and she just lay there breathing hard while Scott fingered her pussy and licked her clitoris.

"Star," Melissa taunted her again. "You're forgetting your work."

Star gasped. "I can't concentrate. It just feels too good."

"Honey," Melissa laughed. "If you keep doing such a good job, I think Star's never going to finish taking care of you."

Scott chuckled evilly into her pussy.

"I think I have a better idea." Melissa said. She gently pushed Star off Scott and onto her back. "Roll over Scott and get back to eating her, but move your cock over here." She positioned herself between Scott's legs. Scott lowered his cock into his wife's waiting mouth and pressed his mouth back to Star's engorged and quivering clitoris. Star grabbed one of the pillows and propped herself up so she could look down the length of her body and watch them both. Scott's head buried between her legs. His broad back with it's muscles rippling with his movements. His ass moving slowly up and down pushing his cock in and out of Melissa's beautiful mouth. Melissa's hands wrapped around Scott's hard thighs. Her head leaned back to take his cock deeper and deeper. Her lovely firm breasts with the nipples hard and red. Star was dying to taste them again. Her body was so firm and tone. Her legs stretched out haphazardly wherever they ended up when Melissa moved herself between Scott's legs. Even her ass was round and shapely.

Star titled her head to the side. She thought she saw something. She looked at Melissa's ass, the side of it she could see. For a moment she thought she saw some movement. She looked again and saw a twitch; a muscle spasm. That wasn't supposed to happen. She opened her mouth to say something, but at that moment Scott's teeth nibbled her clit and she screamed instead. He must have liked her reaction because he did it again and his fingers sped up plunging in and out of her pussy.

"Oooooh... my...ooooo." Star's moans got louder and higher pitched. "Yes. Yes! Please. Please God!"

Scott kept going faster and harder. Star closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts. Harder and faster went Scott's fingers and tongue. Louder and higher came Star's screams and harder and harder she mauled her breasts. Her legs started to contract together only to be shouldered apart by Scott.

"Oh, oh, oh Aaaaaahhhhh!" Star yelled incoherently as her body twitched and jerked through her orgasm. Scott kept going forcing her orgasm higher and higher until Star begged for mercy. "Stop, oh God, Scott, please stop. I can't take anymore."

Scott lifted his head. "Oh I know better. You can take a lot more. You're gonna have to." He pulled his cock out of Melissa's mouth and started to climb up Star's body.

"Oh Scott," said Melissa. "Help me. I want to be able to watch."

"Oh yeah. Of course." Scott helped Melissa move up next to Star and piled pillows around her so she could watch comfortably. He turned back to Star whose body was finally done spasming. Grinning wildly he crawled on top of her.

"Scott, I need a minute to rest." She begged.

"Too bad." He said and plunged his cock into her. Her legs locked around him and her hips thrust upward to meet him. "It feels like your pussy's ready even if you're not."

Star just wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"That's so beautiful." sighed Melissa fondling her breasts.

Scott and Star just clung to each other and fucked hard and heavy. Just pounding together until Star's body began to shake through another orgasm. Scott pushed himself up and watched her shake through it.

"I love watching you cum." He whispered.

"I love watching you fuck me." She whispered back.

He held still looking down at her. "Do it again."


"Make yourself cum again. Just like this. Play with your clit until you cum again."

Star smiled shyly and pressed her fingers against her clitoris. She rubbed her clit in small circles as her hips thrust against his cock that was still buried in her. Then she pressed two fingers right on her clit and shook them with fast tiny tremor like movements. She went back to circles and then more tremor-like friction then back again. All the time pressing her hips up and down forcing his cock in and out of her pussy. Her left hand caressed his shoulder and chest with shaking movements. Faster and faster her fingers moved on her clit until she was gasping for breath.

"Here it comes," Scott murmured looking down at her.

"Oh yes." Star gasped shaking through another orgasm.

"My God. You cum a lot." laughed Melissa.

"That's a bad thing?" asked Star laughing and shaking.

"It's beautiful." Melissa answered in a breathy voice. Scott and Star looked at her. She was mauling her own tits while her other hand was pressing against her pussy trying to force the egg deeper in. Her eyes fluttered close and then opened again. "Keep going. Please keep going. It's so beautiful."

Scott and Star didn't need to be asked twice. "Roll over." Scott said and Star agreed. She rolled over onto her hands and knees. Scott plunged into and they fucked doggie style.

"Fuck her you animal. Fuck her hard!"

Scott did just that. He pounded into her so hard her arms collapsed and she lay with her head on her hands and her ass in the air. Scott grabbed her hips and pulled her toward her with each thrust.

"Oh yeah. Pound that pussy. Pound her into the floor." Melissa kept chanting like their own personal cheering section. Star closed her eyes and grunted with each thrust. She could hear Scott and Melissa both grunting and groaning too. Melissa sounded more and more frantic until she was almost whimpering. Then she called out, "Oh Scott help me!"

Star's eyes popped open and she saw Melissa stretching towards the bag in desperation. She caught the edge of it with her fingers and pulled it closer to her. She searched through it and came out with a large pink vibrator. She pulled out the egg and flipped the vibrator to maximum speed and slammed it in. It still didn't seem enough because she was now pressing it deep into her pussy with both hands. Scott pulled out of Star and crawled over to his wife. He grabbed some pillows and stuffed them between Melissa's legs. Then he positioned her so she was holding herself up with her hands and her pussy was straddling the pillows. Gravity was pushing the vibrator in as far as it could go.

"Try rocking." suggested Star. Melissa started to move her body back and forth. Her face took on a wondrous, half awestruck, half lust-filled look. Scott watched her for a second and then turned back to Star. He lay down on his back so he could still watch his wife. Star was also watching Melissa as she lowered her pussy onto to Scott's cock. The two of them moved slowly as they watched Melissa working desperately for an orgasm that was years over due.

"Keep fucking," gasped Melissa. "I need to see it."

Determined to help, Star began to rock her hips violently against Scott's pelvis. She grasped her own breasts and squeezed them – hard. Scott grabbed her hips and thrust upward into her. She leaned downed close to his face and held her breasts to him. He sucked one nipple then the other. He lifted his head up to kiss her. She lowered her lips to his and he wrapped his arms around her in a vice grip. He held her pressed against him while he thrust harder and harder into her. He growled wordlessly into her hair as he exploded upwards into her. Star burst free and sat up as his cumming triggered hers. "Great Goddess! Yes, I'm cumming." She shouted.

"Oh my God, I can feel something." exclaimed Melissa. "Something's coming. I can feel it."

Star and Scot froze and stared at her. Melissa's eyes were closed. She seemed oblivious to them now. "It feels different. Oh yes, I remember this. It's different, but the same. Oh God. I think... Oh God...I can feel it. Oh, God! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oh my God I'm cumming AGAIN!" Melissa shrieked. Her body convulsed and her arms give out. She fell to the floor with a thump. Scott moved to help her, but Star stopped him. Melissa hadn't even noticed. "Oh god, oh go, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god." She kept chanting as her body rocked and jerked awash in an orgasm that the doctors said she'd never have again. When the tremors slowed down, the chanting faded to sobbing and Melissa rolled on to her side crying. Star climbed off Scott. Scott rushed to Melissa and spooned up next to her and held her while she sobbed.

"Shhhh." Scott whispered into her hair. "It's all right. Shhhhh."

"My God." Melissa said through her tears. "I never thought I'd feel that again. I thought it was gone forever."

Scott said nothing but hugged her closer.

"It took forever. I almost gave up. I thought my arms were going to collapse."

"They did, remember?"

"Oh yeah, but not until it'd started." Melissa laughed through her tears. "It was Star's orgasm that did it. I remembered being in that very position and cumming exactly like that. And suddenly I was there. In that memory again – living it – and my body was in it too and it got off just like it did back then."

"Orgasms are in the mind and spirit, not just the body," said Star sensing that it was okay to join them. The intimate couple's moment was finished and could be expanded to include her. She lay down on the other side of Melissa and kissed her. "I'm so happy for you."

Melissa started crying again. "I'm happy for me too." All three of them laughed together.

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