Scott, My First

byAnna Star©

I had to write this down and I am trembling as I relive it. I just had my first real experience as a girl this past weekend.

To give you a little background, I have been dressing and practicing (wink-wink) in private for some time. I never quite had the guts to go through with anything but my online fantasy experiences with Scott did that all in!

Scott and I met through chatting online. By his profile I knew I was hooked. He is 6'2", 210 lbs - ripped, brown hair, and hazel eyes. Then for the most exciting part, his cock! After seeing it on web cam I melted. 8 inches of beauty that I had to make mine!

The hot sex talk we shared while I stared at him online was driving me mad and I finally mustered up the nerve to setup a meeting with him. We made plans for a local upscale hotel (don't want a cheap experience!) for the upcoming weekend. Needless to say I went through every emotion one can after committing to this!

I got there first and checked in. Once in the room I unpacked my things and set about turning into Anna for the evening. I brought this beautiful blue slinky draped sleeve dress that I had been saving for such an occasion, my favorite blue satin garter belt and matching bra, and some killer seamed black stockings to go with my strappy 5" black heels. I also opened up the one of the bottles of wine I brought because I needed to calm my nerves! I showered, dressed, did my make up and topped it off with my gorgeous black pageboy wig that really sets off my green eyes. All this by 8pm to boot!

The magic hour rolled around and just like clockwork there was a knock at the door. I just about passed out before I even got to my feet. On my way to the door I stopped at the mirror to check everything and my little 5'3", 110 lbs frame looked damn good!

I peeked through the peephole and there he was and I went weak. I nervously opened the door and he smiled and kissed me on the cheek as I stood back to let him in. As he passed I closed my eyes and got lost in his scent as he headed into the room. Once in he stopped me and made me take a step back and twirl for him. He said I looked beautiful and I blushed heavily and thanked him. He looked great too, nice black slacks with a sharp red casual shirt (that showed off that ripped frame I was telling you about!).

He took me by the hand and commented that I was trembling and I said I hope you understand why. He just smiled and led me to the couch. We sat and shared wine and some small talk then it got real quiet. We started into each other's eyes and he touched my cheek and said how beautiful I was again. He then continued to let his hand drift down my body to my leg and boy was I was shaking!

I reached out and touched his chest and I could feel his heart racing as we began to lean in closer for that inevitable moment, the first kiss. Now, having never kissed a man before I did not know what to expect, but this kiss made me catch fire. The first few pecks led to our tongues dancing and him pulling me closer. Our hands were roaming all over each other and our breathing was getting heavier as I shifted onto his lap.

When I did that I felt those 8 inches straining against those slacks and my ass. So, I started to grind into it being hypnotized by our moans and kisses. I pulled away and asked him to stand up in front of me because I wanted what was in those pants. I stood up with him and we kissed some more as I started to undo his shirt and wow what a body! On the web cam he was hot, in the flesh he was amazingly built. Once his shirt was undone I kissed my way down his chest to his washboard abs stopping at the gates to heaven. I slowly undid his belt and zipper, pulling away those pants to reveal that immaculate cock. I was really shaking at this point as I finally took his cock into my hand. All my fantasies were coming true as kissed the tip and started to work it with my tongue.

I licked him up and down his shaft and sucked on his hot shaved balls, swirling them in my mouth. I sucked and deep throated him like I was a porn star. I was getting lost in slurping and his balls hitting my chin when he pulled me off telling me to slow down or this isn't going to last too long!

So he stood me up and helped me out of my dress. We kissed some more and he picked me up and carried me to the bed. As he lay down on top of me, we kissed; I wrapped my arms and legs around him and felt engulfed by this hunk of man. He kissed his way down my neck and the rest of my body paying great attention to my legs that he told me were "killer".

He worked his way back up to my panties of which I was now straining against and started to pull them away. I lifted my butt and complied since what this was leading to was what I have dreamed of. He proceeded to suck my 6-inch cock and work me over down there. It was so hot feeling his tongue wash all over me he made me cum in no time flat! We shared another hot messy kiss and he asked me sweetly if I was ready.

I moaned and nodded in agreement as he started to apply the lube to my boy pussy. I felt like fainting as his first finger went into me. Then another working my hot hole for him. Next came the magic moment as I felt the head of his cock pressed against me. I did my best to relax but felt like I was hit by lightening as he entered me. He paused and asked if I was ok to which I smiled "yes". He started slowly as I felt my hole loosening up to take all his manhood. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and started into thrusting as I begged him to fuck me. I felt like I was on cloud 9 with Scott pounding my ass. I felt like a woman!

He stopped and picked me up off the bed and I was amazed at how truly strong he was. He held me and banged me standing up for what seemed like forever and god it felt so good to be taken by this stud. I told Scott I wanted him to fuck me from behind and he gladly obliged. He put me back on the bed and I went face down ass up for him. I felt him guide that tool back into me and then his hands took their place on my hips. From that moment on I really got the fucking of my life. He really did me good just pounding away at my ass.

I felt him starting to tense up and I told him I want him in my mouth. He pulled out and I turned around and worked him like I was possessed! I sucked him deep and I could feel his cum boiling up in him. He was starting to grunt and breath heavily as I braced myself as best I could for that first shot. It flooded into my mouth as I sucked feverishly to keep up with my man, taking it for all that I could get. I looked up at him and he was sweating and smiling as licked his cock clean.

He collapsed on top of me and we shared some more kisses until we both passed out. When we awoke it was endless night and day of passion until we checked out. I will post more as it happens!

Love, Anna

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