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Scottish Locks


To those around him he was known as Lord McClure or Lord Gordon McClure, but I knew him first as GordyScot_01. As the name may imply we met online. Flirting led to cybersex and of course Gordy had me spellbound with his use of words and the descriptive way he approached our conversations, both erotic and platonic. He was, I first surmised, a bullshit artist of the finest caliber, pretending to be a Scottish Lord of nobility and taking it to the point of sending me pictures of himself and the castle I suspected he had paid his fee to enter. I sent him pictures of myself as well, beginning with the tame ones I put online to show my friends and then moving to the erotic pictures that I would be MORTIFIED if my friends had seen. As time progressed the incredible detail he put into descriptions of his life had me intrigued. He was either real or the finest story teller I had ever met.

Of course, for me it was all erotic fantasy. All that I knew about Scotland I learned from watching the Highlander and Braveheart; and from the snippets I had learned from school. I told him about myself, beginning with elaborate tales of fantasy and then eventually confiding that I was a third year college student looking forward to summer so I could work full time and make enough money to pay for fall semester. His story remained the same, though I was convinced that many of the erotic tales he told me were fabricated for my pleasure.

As our chats continued we progressed into a dominant/ submissive relationship. One night he told me to attend a party that I had mentioned to him, select a guy at random and give him a blowjob in a bathroom. A couple of says later I told him I had done just that and provided what I thought was a decent description. He didn't believe me. He said he could smell the bullshit all the way to Scotland. Two days later I did as he had asked by sucking off a guy at random at a club downtown. The next email from him was directed to my roommate. He instructed that I kneel on a bed naked and that she strike my ass five times with a belt, verifying each strike by photograph. That, he said, was the penalty for lying to him. I appealed, of course, but he refused to answer any more massages from me until after he received the pictures. "From now on, I demand the truth," he said.

My roommate took great pride in enforcing Gordy's punishment. The spanking stung like hell... but I still have the pictures. I was less likely to disobey after that. He ordered me to go down on my roommate. I did. He ordered me to do a three way with my roommate and another girl. I didn't want to do that one, but after my refusal got me spanked again I agreed and did as he commanded. He was gaining more and more control over me. For my part, I thought it was hot as Hell. I couldn't wait until my next chat with GordyScot_01.

When he invited me to Scotland I hesitated. I had come to accept that Gordy, or "Master McClure" as I also was now addressing him, was exactly who he claimed to be; a Scottish lord of noble descent. I knew he was a man of some wealth, though the family fortune had been squandered and replenished several times over the years and the vast plantations that once fed the region had given rise to subdivisions. What made me hesitate was that until now this was all a game to me that I could end at any time. What he was suggesting would mean taking the erotic role playing from fantasy to reality. While the thought of it made me shiver in erotic anticipation, a part of me kept reminding myself that I was not the slut I pretended to be on line. Or was I?

I told him that I would love to go, but I couldn't. I had to earn money for the fall semester and I had a good job lined up. He asked if that was the only reason. Apparently closing on the final objection was something Lord McClure was very good at. I couldn't very well tell him I was simply scared, so I told him that it was, indeed, the reason I had to pass on his generous offer.

Three days later I received a parcel by certified mail. Inside I found round trip airline tickets; first class, of course, a letter of employment stating that I was being offered a position on staff at $5,000. per month for the next two months, and a money order for $2,500. which was an advance on my salary. As I looked the documents over I realized that Lord Gordon McClure had just purchased the services of an American whore for the sum of $10,000.

I was told to bring only a carry on bag with me since all of my uniforms would be furnished. I provided him with my measurements and the size of clothing that I wore ahead of time so that he could have clothes ready for me when I arrived. He also sent me a debit card in my name for use with any expenses while I traveled. As the days drew nearer I became more and more excited. According to all the pictures I'd seen, Lord McClure was very handsome. As of recently he was unmarried. He was in his early 50's. His short cropped hair had a salt and pepper look to it, but his body was lean and muscular. I was 20 at the time, with shoulder length red hair, 36C breasts, 5'5" and just over 115 lbs. Due to my Irish heritage I could never tan worth a damn so I gave it up. If one was to put his picture next to mine the immediate assumption was that I was his concubine. In fact, that's exactly what I was to be.

I flew from the US to Edinburgh, Scotland in a large commercial airliner, and then flew on to Loverness in a smaller commuter jet. I was met at Loverness by a man with a vintage Rolls Royce Silver Cloud who opened the door for me and took my carry on bag as if I were royalty. His name was Pyles. He worked for Lord McClure. Pyles was Lord McClure's personal chauffer and was exceptionally polite to me despite the fact that he was 20 years my senior. In fact, he was all smiles. It made me a little embarrassed. Surely he knew why I was there. I had no doubt that there had been others, and would probably be others even while I was there. I really wasn't sure just exactly I was getting in to. He had a gentle manner, though. He asked me about myself, about where I was from, and we were soon talking like we were old friends.

When I saw the castle I began to get a tingling sensation throughout my body. My hottest, most erotic fantasy was about to come true. As far as anyone knew I was going to be a tour guide at a Scottish castle for the summer. Only my roommate knew the truth, and she would never tell. I was about to meet Lord McClure for the first time. I was to be his toy. The prospect of it excited and terrified me. However, if I was ever intending to turn my fantasy into reality this was the perfect opportunity. There would be no long term repercussions; no whispers to my friends; no crude jokes in the hallway. I would not open my Facebook to see lewd pictures of me plastered all over the internet. I was like an American Cinderella arriving at the castle; only I wasn't meeting Prince Charming and we weren't going to live happily ever after together.

The castle had been modernized, though it still kept its historical appearance. There were cannons on the parapets, but they had not fired in generations. It was surrounded on three sides by water and accessed by a relatively flat approach that would have offered no shelter for an invading army. No such invaders had ever come. Hostile ships had passed near the castle, but due to the rocky shoals they had never come within the range of the cannons. The 12' tall entrance doors had been sealed and a traditional front door installed. Inside the lights were all electric, though they were made to resemble torches. The 24" thick outer walls were insulated and lined with sliced rock on the inside of the castle to maintain the look while keeping out the cold. The steps were still 2" thick oak and looked to be as old as the castle itself. It still had the feel of a traditional castle, but its owners had kept up with the times. The gargoyles on the roof had satellite dishes behind them. I was immediately entranced by the castle.

Pyles escorted me to the door where we were met by the lady of the castle. She was wearing a long black gown and was introduced as Lady Victoria. As Pyles went to park the car in the 10 bay garage, Lady Victoria led me up the oak steps to a room on the second floor which was to be my bedroom. "You may put your things in the dresser," she said. Her voice was soft and her manner very gracious, but I could tell from the force of her character that she gave the orders in the castle to all the staff. "Please make yourself at home. Lord McClure will be with you in a few moments."

My heart jumped as she said that. I could barely contain my excitement. After thanking her as graciously as I could I unpacked my bag and put what few things I had brought with me in the large oak dresser. Everything was made of oak it seemed; built to last through the ages, and probably none of it newer than a hundred years old. The large 4 post bed made no squeaks at all when I sat on it. The metal rings on the posts assured me that I would be tied to it soon.

A strange looking table caught my eye. When I went over to it I could tell by the design that it was for spanking or sex. The leg planks had straps on them to hold down the subject's legs. They were wide enough that a man could easily stand between them for deep penetration. The inclined bench put the ass in the air in proper elevated position. A bar went across the front legs so the subject could grip it. There were velcro cuffs to secure the ankles, knees, lower back and wrists. I resisted the urge to climb up on it and see what it felt like. I knew I'd be strapped to it soon. A leather strap hung on the wall; like the kind a barber would use to sharpen his razor. I had no doubt I would feel that strap against my bare ass many, many times during the next few weeks. It sent a shudder of fear and erotic anticipation through my body.

I waited in the room and paced nervously; part of me afraid that the things that aroused my fear and passion were about to take place, and part of me fearful that they would not. As I waited I grew even more apprehensive. Why had I, a Midwestern girl from a good home with much promise agree to fly half way around the world to become the sex slave of someone I had yet to meet? Was I crazy, or was it just my own erotic passion that forced me to explore the forbidden and dangerous?

When the master of the house, Lord McClure, walked into the room I recognized him instantly from his pictures. I fell to my knees in an immediate submissive pose as he approached me. I waited nervously as I felt his eyes looking me over. After a moment he simply walked past me to seat himself in a chair.

"Rise, pet," he told me. "Strip for me completely. I want to know what exactly I'm getting." I stall had butterflies in my stomach but I stood quickly and removed all articles of clothing. I folded them neatly as I removed them, remembering this from a cyber play we had engaged in. Not folding my clothing had cost me a cyber whipping and I was sure the reality would hold true. He beckoned me forward and had me do a slow turn, arms up. Then he told me to put my back to him, bend over and part my cheeks. He looked me over like he was inspecting a side off beef, though he never actually touched me. Finally he told me to kneel. He then stood and walked to the door.

"Lady Victoria has paperwork for you to fill out," he said. "Remain as you are until she arrives.

It seemed like an hour that I spent kneeling on the cold wooden floor, but it was probably just ten minutes or so. Lady Victoria handed me a clipboard with about ten pages of what constituted a combination waiver of rights and an employment agreement. "Read and sign," she said.

The documents spelled out the chain of command perfectly. Lady Victoria was the matron of the castle and the one who carried out most acts of discipline, though anyone was allowed to discipline me if they thought I needed it. I was to address everyone as "Sir" or "Ma'am," with the exception of the master. Lord McClure was ALWAYS to be called Master. If I was sent to Lady Victoria with instructions for my discipline and I failed to represent exactly what was ordered, then that discipline would be doubled. My body would be the property to the master when he had desire for me and community property thereafter. I was not to speak to anyone unless spoken to and invited to speak. I would wear a temporary collar until such time as I proved worthy of a permanent one. I would always thank whoever disciplined me for their instruction. I would not look anyone in the eyes. I would never cum without permission, and I would never under any circumstances question the master or hesitate to follow his commands. The logical side of my brain told me to get out of there. It was not, however, in charge at the moment. My knees were shaking more than my hands were. Had Lady Victoria said the word "Cum," I would have; right there.

Then it was time for my bath. Lady Victoria told me to follow her and she walked me, naked, down the hallway to the bathing area. The bathtub was huge; like a smaller version of a hot tub. In keeping with the stone and oak that ran throughout the castle the top was cut stone and the side walls were oak. It was lined with some kind of rubberized coating. As tubs go, it was the best I'd seen. There was plenty of room for two, though I would bathed by myself under the supervision of Lady Victoria. First, though, while the water was filling she gave me an enema. Letting her put the hose into my rectum and fill my bowels with water was not exactly what I thought to be foreplay, but this was about the master's pleasure, not mine. It was embarrassing as heck for me, but it only reinforced the fact that privacy was not a luxury I would be afforded.

Lady Victoria made sure I had a thorough scrubbing before telling me to get out of the tub. It felt kind of strange being bossed around like I was a child, but I figured I'd better get used to it. It was going to be that way all summer. After my bath she rubbed some lotion on me. I have no clue what it was, but it had a great scent. I was allowed to brush my hair and make myself look presentable, though I was NOT allowed any makeup. When I was done Lady Victoria told me that I looked "Good enough to fuck." She meant by herself, of course. I knew that after Master had his way with me she would next. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was looking forward to getting her hands on me. It made me wet just thinking of it.

She walked me over to a full length mirror so I could look myself over. I couldn't help but think that I looked like I was I was being prepared for an offering. I liked the way I look, though. With the collar around my neck and my face slightly flushed I looked just like one of the pictures of sex slaves I had seen. I couldn't wait to climb up on that four post altar and offer my body to Master Gordon.

Lady Victoria walked me into the room and then closed the doors, leaving master and I alone. Master was sitting in a chair in a robe, reading from a book. I walked to him, eyes down and knelt at his feet. He responded my lifting his feet and putting them on my shoulders. I knelt on the hard floor for what seemed like an eternity as he finished the chapter he was reading. The floor was very unforgiving, which my knees protested. It was humiliating and erotic at the same time. At length I heard the book close. Master took his feet off me and untied his robe. When it fell open he said, "Now, Pet. Show your worth."

I immediate stood on my knees and leaned forward to his lap. His cock looked just as it had in pictures; only thicker in real life. It was flaccid for the moment, but that condition would be only temporary. As my long hair fell over him and I ran my tongue very gently over his cock I could feel it beginning to stir. I used my open mouth and tongue to slide along the underside of his cock as he began to get harder. His hands reached down and slid around my hairline, pulling my hair back. Then he gripped my hair, pulled my head back roughly and slapped my face with his cock. "I like to see my pet's face when she sucks my cock," he said.

"Yes, sir," I said as I began to kiss his cock. His grip remained on my hair for a moment as I slid my mouth down over his cock. I'd been practicing my deep throat technique with jellied vibes, but I was never allowed to play with anything larger than 6." Master's cock is all of 10" and very thick. I flattened my tongue and attempted to force his cock into my throat, but I gagged and nearly choked on it. My saliva coated his cock as I tried again. I could almost feel his stare of disapproval at my incompetence.

I reached down to caress Master's balls with one hand as I moved my hair back out of the way with the other. I really wanted to stroke him, but I knew that I was expected to use my mouth and nothing else. The pressure in my throat made my eyes water as I finally forced him into my throat. I felt like I was choking to death, but I didn't pull back. I breathed through my nose and pushed against him as the gag reflex eased up slightly. When I pulled back I coughed saliva over his cock. It dripped over his balls, coating that thick shaft completely.

I knew that it would get easier the next attempt. I took him again into my throat, pausing to let my throat get used to the feeling of being stretched. Then I felt his hands gripping my hair. He pulled me down, forcing his cock all the way into my throat. I knew not to resist or panic. After a moment he pulled me back up... and then back down. He stood up and began to fuck my throat just as if he was fucking my pussy. I pulled my hair back and looked into his eyes, then put my hands behind my back and laced my fingers. I could tell from his reaction that I'd finally done something right.

After a few moments he pulled back out of my throat. My saliva was all over my face as well as his cock and balls. I felt sloppy and messy, but I think he liked the look. He stood up and lifted me up in his arms, then tossed me onto the bed on my chest. I hit the bed and bounced slightly. The soft covers felt amazing under me. I couldn't help but think how Master and his staff paid attention to all the little things to make sure they had the best of everything.

Master reached out and slapped my left cheek with firm strike that sounded almost like a thunderclap in the otherwise quiet room. It immediately commanded my attention as his palm print burned into my creamy skin. "Spread your legs," he commanded. I immediately complied, but still received a matching palm print on the other cheek. "Wider," he said. I pushed them out as far as I could. When I was in high school I could do the splits. I hadn't even tried since then, but I was still pretty flexible. He was apparently satisfied. He gripped me by my hips and pulled me toward the end of the bed. Then I felt him strapping ankle cuffs on me and securing me to the four post bed with my legs splayed wide.

He moved off the bed and walked around to my right side. A velcro wrist cuff was secured in place and then my wrist was secured to the post. I stretched out my left arm and waited as he walked around and secured that wrist as well. Without speaking he placed a pillow under my head and then lifted me to slide another under my hips.

"Whose property are you?" He asked me.

"Yours Master," I replied. I certainly wasn't in any position to try his patience. My ass still burned but the heat of it was making me even more turned on.

"What can I do to you, Pet?" he asked me.

"Anything you desire, Master," I replied. He was testing my obedience, obviously.

"And you willingly submit to all in this house?" he asked me. "Or anyone I deem worthy of you?" There was a bit of a baritone tone to his voice; as if I were being questioned in court by a practiced attorney.

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