tagIncest/TabooScouries Family: Chrissies Tale

Scouries Family: Chrissies Tale


This is a story (about 3 Literotica pages long) which tells the story of a beautiful 31 yo frustrated South Carolina wife who suddenly discovers her 18 yo nephew during a summer of passion and love. This tall, blond, high breasted woman both learns and is taught by her precocious, big cocked, young lover.

This is a complete story as it stands but I plan a sequel which will continue the erotic story of this southern family. Please take the time to send me your comments. It's the feedback that makes writing stories fun.


"God, why does your whole family think they have a right to move in with us every summer?" Dwayne complained through a mouth stuffed full of food.

He looked closer to fifty than his actual thirty-five years did my fat, balding husband. Watching his jaws chewing like a cow's cud I couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the thin, funny boy I had fallen in love with so long ago.

"Daddy owns the farm, or have you forgotten?" I asked sarcastically. "Remember, he lets us live here, rent free."

"We still have to pay the electricity, the garbage, the cable, the water," he mumbled between bites.

"It's not all summer anyway; Daddy and sis are only here for a week," I answered with a whine, still angry my family weren't staying longer.

"Yeah, but we'll have that nerdy, city boy with us all summer," he spat out as a fat dollop of thick gravy slid down his chin and dropped onto his shirt.

"Mandy said Jimmy junior has really grown up in he last year. She says he's turned into a real man."

"Doesn't like NASCAR, can't fish worth shit, doesn't like guns; he's a little twerp."

"He's taller than his grampa now. Mandy told me he's all of a sudden got ten girls chasing him wherever he goes."

"I thought wonder boy spent all his time studying and playing with his computer. That momma's boy won't know what to do with his dick if he ever grows one."

"DWAYNE! And you better be nice to everyone or else."

"Or else what?"

"Oh, and by the way Mr. Dwayne Prentice, I've decided to finally buy a computer and Mandy promised that Jimmy would teach me to use it."

"You don't need a computer honey," he complained, "sheeit, you already waste enough time with your little pots."

"My little pots! Screw you, you bastard" I bristled, "you know we make a lot of money with my pottery."

"What's for dessert?" he asked laughing.

Even after twelve years of marriage he's still capable of pulling my chain, of pissing me off, I thought, as I lay seething in bed later that night. I had first seen Dwayne Prentice when I was a fifteen year old freshman at Conway High, a naïve schoolgirl who was instantly taken by the handsome, older first baseman for the visiting Florence team.

He turned out to be nineteen. Why he had even talked to me that day I'm not sure. He said later that I was the cutest girl he'd ever seen, that he'd decided to marry me after he'd seen me stand and cheer for one of the Conway boys.

"Yer hair was so pretty honey," he'd say laughing. "Thought you were an angel."

He came right over after the game. Right up to me! All my school chums were amazed. He spent a half hour with me before their bus arrived to take them home. He didn't talk to any of the junior or senior girls that were hanging around, listening to his every word. Of course I fell in love!

I got his address, telephone number. Wrote him. Wrote him gushy girl teenager's letters. I didn't see him again for a year. Then he drove over the next summer and took me on a real date. I think Dad was more bemused by the whole thing than anything else.

I was sixteen and he asked me to marry him as the sun set over the Atlantic as we sat on a blanket on Myrtle Beach. "Not this year, I know you're too young, but after you finish high school, when you're ready," he added quickly.

I would've married him that day!

But, on a beautiful summer day three years later, under a canopy by the pond on our farm, I did finally marry my Dwayne. A tall, blond, nineteen year old virgin, with absolutely no experience with men, let alone sex, was driven away by her handsome new husband to a cabin in the mountains.

Even today looking back, it's hard to blame Dwayne. Any other half-way aware girl would have realized exactly who he was after dating him just once. I just didn't know any better! He was one of those good old boys who love beer and fishing, who'd drive twelve hours through the night to see Dale drive, and who'd spend night after night playing cards as he drank beer with his buddies.

He loved me and was more than happy with me as his wife. He just didn't have much of a sex drive. Oh, he'd make love to me, seemed to enjoy it some, was proud other men thought me beautiful, but...

But even at twenty-four he was happy to do it once a week or every two weeks, that's all he needed to satisfy himself. And maybe, maybe if I'd got pregnant, had had two or three children I would have been happy, would have settled into a family life.

I didn't. We didn't. And slowly over ten years Dwayne got fatter and fatter and I got unhappier and unhappier. The only thing that kept me going was my Pottery and my summers with my sister Amanda and her son Jimmy. And Mandy was only staying for a week this year!


Daddy had flown up to Savannah and Mandy's house on Friday and they had leisurely driven up here Saturday, arriving in the afternoon after a stop for lunch.

At first I thought Jimmy junior was Dad when he climbed from the car, and I had rushed right into his arms with the words 'oh Daddy' on my lips before I realized this was my nephew.

"Oh my gawd, Jimmy?" I squealed as I hugged him. "Look at you! Mandy, what have you done to this boy?"

He grinned sheepishly as I kissed him, finally retreating from my arms as he said, "hi Aunt Chris and then turned to shake Dwayne's hand, who seemed stunned by the sight of the six foot plus tall boy in front of him.

"Jesus, your Auntie told me you'd grown boy, but sheeit, I didn't expect...," he stammered.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, dinner, all evening, doing what any family does after coming together after a long separation; we talked and laughed and ate and drank, gosh even Jimmy junior had a couple of beers, and then we all went to bed both tired and happy.


"He's becoming a man, it seems just yesterday that," I started wistfully as Mandy and I sat together on the deck, watching Jimmy junior and Dad standing side by side talking on the other side of the pond.

"I can't believe he's so tall. I mean he was four inches shorter than me the last time I saw him. Now he's four inches taller..."

"He's six-two. He insisted that Dad stand back to back with him yesterday, that I measure them, tell them who was the tallest," Mandy laughed, "Father was mad when I told him Jimmy was a good inch taller, wanted me to measure them again, wouldn't believe it."

"Daddy's still as competitive as ever I guess," I said, as we both remembered a hundred incidents from our youth when Daddy just had to prove he was best at something.

"Daddy will never change will he?" Mandy asked.

"Jimmy's handsome too. Just like Dad. Gosh, the girls will soon be chasing him," I added, wondering where the years had gone.

"Soon! Hell, my house has been overrun lately by every sixteen to nineteen year old female within five miles."

"Already? Really?"

"He's eighteen Chris, and he's got all those teenage male hormones making him crazy. What do you think?"


"And he's big, very big," Mandy added in a sexy whisper.


"Beeeeeeeeeeegg," Mandy added giggling, holding her hands about a foot apart. "As big as Daddy."

"How big....what do you mean Daddy," I started and then blushed as Mandy's meaning slowly penetrated my brain. "His penis, their penises?" I gasped. "How do you know how big Daddy's penis is?" I demanded, shocked even to be thinking about my Father's genitals.

"Haven't you ever wondered why all those women go out with Daddy? I mean last winter when we were down visiting him in Miami, cripes, everywhere we went women knew him. And I don't mean women his age, these weren't retirees, these were good looking girls our age."

"Well Daddy's handsome, intelligent, and a good talker, and pretty rich," I started, but was simply met by Mandy shaking her head while she continued to hold her hands apart.

"He has a beeeg penis Chris," she said still laughing, "and so does Jimmy, hung like horses, both of them. I'm sure Jimmy's already slept with five or six girls."

"JIMMY?" I screeched, completely stunned.

"Ssshhhh, they're coming," Mandy hushed.

"Do you want something Aunt Chris?" Jimmy asked as he and his granddad walked towards us.

"No, sorry honey," I said as my eyes quickly darted from my nephews bathing suit to my fathers. "Maybe you should go up and see how Dwayne's doing with the BBQ."

"You'll see," Mandy warned softly as we walked slowly back towards the house, trailing the men who'd rushed off at the mention of food. "Wait til you see what Jimmy wears when he's doing his swimming laps. God, it's smaller than my bikini bottoms and its gotta hold a big fat sausage," she said giggling, clearly proud of her sons large cock.

"But will he wear it here?"

"Do you remember when we used to skinny dip together?" she asked, changing the subject. "I used to get so excited thinking someone might see us," she finished laughing.

Of course I remembered, and as we walked up the dusty path, thoughts of Mandy and I playing as children as girls, flooded my mind.


Jimmy ordered high speed, internet cable service on Tuesday, insisting that it was essential to his sanity. "I'm going to be here eight weeks," was his implacable answer to Dwayne's protest. "Besides, Aunt Chris is going to have a computer too, we need it."

"Can't we just use the phone?" Dwayne wheedled.

"It's not expensive Uncle Dwayne; they just add it to your cable bill."

"But," Dwayne started.

"I'll pay," I interrupted, "You go and order it Jimmy."


Wednesday I saw Jimmy in his little 'speedo' racing suit for the first time. Mandy hadn't lied! Dad and Mandy and I were sitting by the pond, talking as Jimmy did lap after lap across the hundred yard wide pond.

"My God, he's got bigger there too," Dad said chuckling when Jimmy finally got out of the water and started walking towards us.

"Daddy," I hissed.

"Well look Chris, I mean shit, you can't miss much when he's wearing that little thing. He looks almost as well hung as his granddad," he said proudly.

"Ssshhh Daddy, he'll hear your," Mandy whispered as she giggled. "And Daddy, Jimmy was taller than you. Remember?"

As Jimmy stood talking to us for minute after minute I couldn't help but look, my eyes drawn again and again to the clearly defined shaft, to the thick ridge, to the round head. Fuck, how big is it when hard I asked myself, gosh, he's bigger soft than Dwayne is at his hardest.

"You gotta get your son a new suit honey," Dad ordered Mandy after Jimmy had walked up to the house, "Its embarrassing, I could see the goddam veins on his cock through that one. Looks like a fag/"

"DADDY!" I protested.

"It's true! He gets a hard-on and that little thing won't hold half of him."

"That's just what they wear for their training Daddy; normally he wears surfer shorts when he's with his friends."

"God, those little teenyboppers see him like that they'll rape the poor boy. And what about Christine's proper southern matron ladies, they'll..."

"Daddy stop," Mandy said laughing, "he's just a boy still. Besides, you're embarrassing poor Chrissie here."

"Are you embarrassed honey?" he asked as he patted my knee. "Hell, she's married Mandy. Once you've seen one, you've seen them..."

Both of them were laughing as I tried to stop the blush from exploding across my face, but I couldn't believe how casually my sister and dad had talked about sex.

I dreamed of giant, thrusting penises that night – 'Scouries' penises. Oh god!


The cable company arrived Thursday morning and within a half-hour Jimmy had us in the twenty-first century. "It's a wireless setup Aunt Chris," the enthusiastic teen explained, "now all we have to do is order your computer and we both can be online at the same time."

"Where can we buy one? I'm sure Conway doesn't have a store that sells them. Should we go to Myrtle Beach?" I asked.

"We're not buying golf clubs," my exasperated nephew said sarcastically, "we'll buy it on line tonight."


After dinner all of us gathered around Jimmy as he logged onto the Dell site. Even Dad and Dwayne gave their advice as we collectively decided on screen size, and ram, and hard disc capacity, and programs, and who knows what else. "It's coming Monday," Jimmy finally announced. "And you also get a printer and a camera thrown in as part of the deal," he added proudly.

"Just like that? That's all we have to do?" I asked wonderingly. "Thank you sweetie, I never could have done it without you," I said as I hugged him and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

Even Dwayne was impressed, and graciously conceded that, "you sure know computers boy. I'll bet you could help us down at the office."


He then proceeded to set me up an e-mail address and then sent me my first e-mail. It's weird, it was addressed to chrissiescouries (we finally had to settle on my maiden name, there were simply too many Prentices) @yahoo.com and it simply said 'Aunt Chrissie is the best, luv u Jimmy', but I felt a thrill when I opened it, knowing I had finally arrived in the future.

Mandy and Dad and even Dwayne then sent me e-mails – god, I was so popular and proud. "Wait," warned Amanda, "once they find you you'll be hearing about every gimmick in the world."

"Yes, every sexual enhancement product in the world," Dad said laughing.

"Do you need help Dad?" Mandy teased father as Dwayne explained the world of spam and penis enlargement e-mails to me.

Jimmy showed me how to send e-mails and some of the other tricks and then they couldn't get me off the computer. Even Jimmy finally went to bed, although I could see he was worried leaving his valuable machine in the hands of his non-techno Aunt.

My first official e-mail was sent at about one-thirty in the morning to jimmyscouries@; I was too giddy to be thinking straight;

'thank you honey for being so kind to your stupid old aunt. i'll try to make it up to you.... you're so sweet...and handsome... i'm going to owe you big time...all the pies and cakes you want...and trips to the beach... i promise to be your obedient slave auntie for the summer... i'll be nice to all your little girlfriends...your moms so lucky...ah, if I was only eighteen again...sigh...luv ya...chrissie xoxox.'

I shouldn't have sent it I admonished myself as I tried to sleep. God, what'll he think of me? I'm acting like a fifteen year old. But as I fell asleep it was the bulge in that little red bathing suit that was the only thing I could think of.

Friday the four of us drove to Myrtle Beach for the day; swan and talked, took pictures, laughed, had fun...

When I checked my e-mail late that night there was one new message. It was from jimmy: 'u r all i'd ever want...what little girlfriends?...LUV U xoxoxox

What are you getting yourself into you idiot, I asked myself as I lay naked between the sheets. He's so young, he's your nephew!


"I'm going to miss you, I only seem to really have fun when you're around," I told Mandy as we sat alone down by the pond late Saturday afternoon, her week with me almost up.

"Me too. I wish I didn't have to take this course this summer. I'll be back the last week of August though."

"I love you."

"How are you and Dwayne honey? We haven't talked...I know it's not"

"I'm going to leave him."

"WHAT! You've finally decided? Have you told him?"

"No! I'm going to wait, til after the summer, September maybe....maybe when you come back we can talk, you can give me some advice..."

"Are you worried about what Dwayne will do?"

"No, I think he'll be happier than I to finish it. As soon as he gets over it he'll realize it's best for both of us."

"Good. I'm so happy you decided," Mandy said as she leaned over and hugged me, then kissed me on the lips. "And you'll have Jimmy with you all summer at least. That is if he doesn't run off with one of those little strumpets that were chasing him today," she added, referring to three little Conway girls that had materialized at the farm earlier in the day.

"Even Dwayne was impressed by those young girls. Are these girls more developed, more wild than we were at their age?" I started to ask before remembering.

I blushed when Mandy said, "Jimmy's eighteen and I'm only thirty-five little sister."

"Oh God, I didn't mean,"

"Hey Chrissie, just so you know, I love you too my beautiful little sister." The tears were falling down both our cheeks when taking my arm she said, "Now let's go and have a quick skinny dip before dinner."

"What! No way," I giggled as Mandy pulled her top over her head. "They'll see us," I said pointing back to the house.

"Jimmy's gone with the girls to town," she laughed, her full breasts bouncing, "and Daddy and Dwayne? ...shit, neither of them can see twenty yards with the beer they've been drinking."

We laughed and shouted and giggled and hugged for twenty minutes before we ran laughing naked from the water, girls again. "I wish you'd come live with me," I whispered as we toweled off.

"What was all the noise down there," Dwayne asked as we sashayed into the yard a few minutes later wrapped in towels.

"We went skinny dipping," boasted Mandy, "if you boys hadn't been so interested in your beer and the baseball game...."

"Sheeeeeit!" we heard from my husband as we darted through the door.

And a couple of hours later, as we all sat around the dinner table, when Daddy informed his grandson in vivid detail of how he'd missed his Aunt and Mom cavorting naked in the pond, I thought my nephew was going to have a heart attack.

"You did what?" he screeched at both of us, "But...why'd you do it when I wasn't there?"

"Yeah Jimmy, while you were running after those little teenyboppers, you granddad and I had a show of our own, sexiest thing I ever saw," Dwayne added leering.


Sis and Dad left Sunday, Mandy off to her seven week creative writing course in Colorado and Dad off to Greece with a 'friend', although he never would admit the age of this 'friend' or where he had met her.

"Remember Dad, you're not getting any younger," I teased as a parting shot. "You are sixty-six."


"HEY! It arrived," yelled out jubilantly broke me out of my reverie.

"Jimmy!," I gasped when I looked up and saw my nephew standing in front of me dressed only in a pair of white boxers.

"It's here Aunt Chris. When did it come? Why aren't you computing away? Why are you sitting here with dirty hands?" he asked rapid fire, grinning wildly.

"I've been waiting two hours for you to wake sleepyhead," I smiled back. "I was afraid to open it without you, I got so nervous I came in here and started to work," I explained as I held my clay covered hands up.

"You should have wakened me," he insisted.

"You were snoring when I looked in," I said with a little smirk. "And it looked like you left your pj's at home," I added with a sly grin.

"I was?" he said blushing and I knew that he was wondering what I'd seen, was wondering just how much of his body had been covered when his Aunt had peeked in.

"Yup." He'd been naked, lying on his stomach when I'd entered, I'd watched for second after second before finally retreating, his bare, white ass, his hard buns, drawing my eyes even as I fled.

"Well, let's go now Chrissie, but you better get washed up first," he near ordered as he pulled me up from my chair and pushed me towards the door.

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