Scouries Family: Chrissies Tale


He ran around for three hours, dragging one after another of my works out of the shed, posing them around the farm seemingly on whim. He posed me with some, despite my objections, promising we'd discuss it before my name or picture went online.

"Some naked ones now," he insisted.

"No! Never," I added as he approached me. But I stood still as he slipped the straps of the light summer dress off my shoulders, stayed mute as he fingers undid my bra. "Jimmy," I whispered when he knelt down and slipped the white, cotton panties down my legs.

"You're so beautiful Chrissie," I heard softly and then felt his tongue lightly probe between my wispy blond pubic hairs. I trembled, almost fell, when I felt his wetness, when I felt for he first time a man's lips on my quivering clit.

I covered myself when he stepped back, one arm covering my breasts while a hand shyly hid my now engorged pussy lips.

He made me open up as he posed me next to my statues, a gentle caress, a stare, a quick demand forcing me to obey him. "Just a few more," he finally ordered as I stood naked, trembling in the straw next to my wheel. He sat me on the table and photographed me with the phallic spindle thrusting up between my thighs, dripping drops of watery clay hanging from my nipples.

He left when we heard his buddies' car chug up the lane, his simple promise, "tomorrow Miss Scouries," echoed in my mind all afternoon.

I mailed a carton that afternoon, a straw filled carton that held a statue of my only sister, my truest friend. It was another of my pregnant Mandy nudes, my favorite by far but also my most erotic, my most graphic. It showed Mandy at her most sexy, but had drops of milk at each teat, and protruding from her gaping cunt was a small head – I'd called it 'Jimmy's Arrival'.

The accompanying letter was simple, heartfelt:

'I love you most in the world sister. I've being producing work like this for ten years and never been brave enough to show anyone. I hope you like it, love C.'

I was asleep before the 'boys' arrived home that night, my final task before bed had been an e-mail; jimmyscouries@ – 'tomorrow is the most important day in the rest of my life...your Chrissie.'


"Wakeup my beautiful sleepyhead."

"Jimmy?" I yawned. "JIMMY, what time is it?" I squealed, suddenly fully awake.

"I was afraid you were going to sleep right through the most important day of your life," he teased with a big grin on his face. "It's only nine, don't worry, Dwayne just left."

"I love you," I simply admitted, all pretense, all restraint now gone, as my arms circled my nephew's broad shoulders.

"C'mon, get up. Let's go to the ocean, to your beach, and make love," he ordered.

He lifted me, carried me gently to the shower. We washed each other slowly, simple caresses that only hinted at the pleasure to come...


It was a small cove on the ocean, a small arc of white sand that lay protected beyond a swamp; that sat undisturbed, hidden by a thin stand of pines and then grass covered dunes. Daddy had somehow found it fifty years ago on one of his boyhood excursions.

The family now had a map that with luck would get our four wheel drive truck within a quarter of a mile of the beach. It was a family secret no one not in the family knew and at least once every summer we'd go and spend a day on its pristine sand.

Jimmy, laden down with food and drinks and towels and sheets, sped up as we smelled the ocean air. He was ten yards ahead of me when he burst between the last dune and stood facing the white tipped surf.

"C'mon, hurry," he yelled as he dropped everything in a pile thirty feet from the water and then started toward the sea.

I laughed as I watched him shed his clothes as he ran, and then gasped when he turned and looked back when he was knee deep in the waves. He was hard, his cock reaching high up on his stomach, making me pause as I went to pull my thin top over my head.

He dove deep into the surf as I danced out of my sandals and shorts, the hot sand impelling me forward until my feet touched the cool water.

Surfacing, he called, "Coming?"

"No," I teased, reveling in the feel of the waves as they broke against my shins and knees, each wave forcing a foamy cascade up my thighs and onto my already wet pussy.

He rushed towards me, and laughing, lifted me as he spun on his toes.

"Don't," I squealed, afraid he'd dunk me.

"Your mine now," he growled as he turned and carried me back up the beach, "you can't escape."

"I never will," I promised, the feel of his strong hands supporting my bare back and bum electrifying.

He set me down on a king size sheet we'd brought, spreading it as he knelt over me. I spread myself wide as I reached for him, almost desperate now to be filled. "Please Jimmy, hurry," I pled as I reached for his penis.

"I want to kiss you all over, touch you," he whispered as one hand cupped my head and lifted me towards his lips.

"Later, please I need you now," I cried as my hand finally found him.

One thrust buried him in me in a way I'd never imagined, my primal scream, "aaaaiiiieeeeee," simply an acknowledgement of my fulfillment.

"No, stay" I cried as he slowly pulled back, his hard ridge of cock stimulating every nerve in my cunt as it retreated.

"Shhhhhh," he murmured as he slowly pumped back in. I could feel my insides lubricating him even as every muscle in my cunt tried to clench him.

He went on and on; at first I reacted to his kisses, to his fingers on my aching nipples, to his finger probing in my tight bum, but then simply lost it, screaming, groaning as the first orgasm in my life spasmed through me.

"Hurry, now Jimmy, I'm coming...fill me with your seed, I need...uuunnnnnhhhhh," I finished as I exploded from my womb to my clit.

He simply sped up, short, hard, urgent strokes now as I lay panting, spent under him. He slowed when I started to respond again, my hips now arching hungrily to meet each stroke of his burning piston.

"Jimmy...jimmy......jimmy......oh please, hurry jimmy," I screamed as I felt a second pulsing opening of my insides.

"Chrissieeeee," my nephew finally groaned, just as I felt the first, cum spurting, buck of his cock deep inside me.

Each spurt of his hot cock brought a whimpered cry of 'oh Chrissie' from my love, his hard maleness now a prisoner of my squeezing, hungry cunt. It felt like hot lava as it surged inside of me, the thick, copious outpouring trying to find some place to go in my overstuffed insides.

I didn't realize I was crying until he gently caressed my cheek, wiping my tears as he asked if I was okay.

"Don't, don't take it out," I pled as I felt him start to recede inside me.

"Never my love," he promised as he rolled onto his back, carrying his impaled Aunt on top of him.

Sitting on him I looked down, surprised to see how my lower lips had thickened, flowered wide to accept him, saw how his thick cream was oozing out of me and down onto his thighs. "Look Jimmy, look at my clitoris, it's like a little penis." It was deep pink, engorged with rich blood, free of its normal hood...tingling.

Jimmy's hands moved to me and he had me quivering in seconds once he'd captured it. I lifted up, dropped down hard, felt his cockhead as it rammed my womb door.

"Yes Chrissie," Jimmy demanded as I repeatedly filled myself, "yes auntie, oh yesssss, ride me, fuck me hard." Pulling my head down he captured my mouth, ramming his wet tongue rhythmically into mine in time with my hungry pussy.

We came again, our liquid climaxes again perfectly matched. I slid down Jimmy's thighs, slowly letting his still thick sausage slip out. "No, don't, please leave him in," my love groaned as his crimson cockhead popped noisily free.

"I'm full," I laughed as we both watched as my now unplugged cunt released a flood of his thick spunk. He watched spellbound as I dipped my finger in his pooling seed and then brought it to my mouth. "Uhhhmmmm'" I teased as I licked my finger.

"Give me," he ordered after watching me swallow three fingers full, and then let me pump a sticky finger repeatedly through his lips.

It was still half hard as it lay on his thigh, and I could see the invitation, the hope, the desire in his eyes as I slowed leaned over and brought my tongue to the still dripping eye.

I was watching his eyes as I slowly enveloped the fat cockhead, heard his begging groan as I sucked him in. I could taste my juices mixed with his cum as I struggled to take as much of his again growing prick into my throat, choking for a second before I pulled back.

I could feel him try and raise his hips to meet each suck, knew that he wanted to grasp my head and fuck my mouth. He didn't. He let me pump him with one hand as I mouthed only the top half of his now almost purple piston.

I couldn't swallow even half of his semen, felt it dripping down my chin as he bucked wildly in my mouth.

"I love you," he cried when I crawled up his body.

"I loved you first," I laughed.

"You didn't, I've loved you for years," he insisted.

"I loved you the day you appeared my love," I said, getting the last word. "Oh, I forgot to tell you"


"I sent your Momma one of my statues yesterday."

"So you're getting brave," he answered smiling.

"You made me brave...thank you Jimmy...I'll never forget this day. No matter what!"

"It's only noon hour! We still have the whole afternoon," he said as he pulled me to him.

"You can't do it again," I challenged.

"We'll see," he said in his most ominous teenage voice as he rolled me over onto my stomach.

"What? You can't," I protested as he spread my knees and lifted my rear off the sheet, got me kneeling. "It's too big, I've never done it," I cried, worried he was going to take my virgin ass.

"Quiet," he ordered as he slipped into my wet pussy and started to pump.

"This is doggie style,"' he said laughing, a horny teen fucking his eager aunt.

"It feels more like horsy style," I said saucily as I peeked back over my shoulder, knowing my compliment would please my young lover.

We didn't get home til after dark, complaining to a disinterested Dwayne that we got lost in the swamp. I could hardly walk! I could hear the liquid squishing inside of me with each step.

"Oh don't worry about that sweetie," he answered. "But you shoulda seen your nephew playing ball yesterday. This boys a natural when he's got a bat in his hand."

"He is becoming a real man isn't he," I answered as I stood behind my love and tousled his blond locks.


The hot summer days seemed to fly by. I was truly happy for the first time since I'd been a girl. We were ticking sex bombs, only just waiting for Dwayne's car to start up the road each morning before we tumbled hungrily into each others arms.

I'd pull up my shift and pantyless bend over the kitchen table, wantonly inviting my nephews cock. I'd suck him as he sat working on our web site, each day learning to take more farther into my throat.

He'd spend an hour eating me, licking, probing until I was a thrashing, sweaty wreck. Then fuck me!

I wanted him to be the first to have my bum, but worried, trembled when he inserted a finger, didn't think I'd ever manage his cock. But he was gentle, took his time, fondled my sex as he violated me. It hurt! I wanted more...I'd been waiting so long.

And most of all I wanted his seed in my womb, wanted, needed an endless supply of his white cum inside me, sticky on my skin, on my breasts, dripping from my mouth, leaking from my ass...

He served me blueberries one night...brought in three bowls from the kitchen, one for Dwayne and I and himself...mine was awash in his sperm...I stared into his eyes each time I brought the spoon to my lips... even leaned over and slowly popped a white capped berry between Jimmy's hungry lips.

The days were perfect....I hated the nights...we both did...separated, hungry, I'd lie naked, spread in my bed until I couldn't take it any more...and then would slip naked from my room, wake my lover with my mouth...more cum...

It could never have lasted all summer; even an unobservant Dwayne would have finally caught on. We were saved by happenstance, a serendipitous event that solved all our problems.

"Honey, I got to talk to you tonight," Dwayne started seriously, and ominously, at diner less than two weeks after Jimmy and I had become lovers.

"Yes dear, what," I answered, my eyes flitting nervously to Jimmy.

"Privately," Dwayne added, "maybe after dinner."


"They done offered me a job back home in Florence," he blurted when we were alone. Seeing my astonishment he went on, "the regional boss at Allstate called me, it's a lot more money, I'll be sales manager for the county, I'll be close to Mom."

"Oh Jimmy, that's wonderful. You deserve it," I said, meaning it, happy for us both.

"I got to decide by Friday...."

"Of course you have to take it."

"You won't come though will you?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"It's best honey," I whispered as I sat next to him and hugged my first love.

"I tried to be a good...We don't have to get divorced...sorta separated," he stammered.

"We both did. Now you call that man and take the job. You know you want it." He needed little convincing, in fact had already decided, even knowing he'd go alone. I think he was happy it went so easily. I knew the divorce would be easy and painless, that in a couple of months we sit down and end eleven years of marriage.

Couldn't help wondering what he'd think when he learned later I was pregnant.

He left the next day, only coming back two weeks later to organize his clothes, his move.

I had Jimmy's cock twenty-four hours a day. We smelled of sex! Reeked of it! We were like animals, we were in heat. He, a randy stag, perpetually ready, rutting over his desperate doe, my pink flower open, wet....

I knew I carried his child, knew my barren body would bloom, yet I was still hungry for his maleness. I would have chased most any other man away with my need, but he was needier, his teen body still ravenous for me after a fuck filled day.


He's leaving in a few weeks, to MIT, a full scholarship, says he doesn't want to go...I haven't told him yet...later he'll know his Aunt is carrying his child...he's young...this won't end now...I know he'll be the father of more than one of my children...

As I write these words I sense our future...know that somehow Mandy and Dad and Jimmy and I will be together...

And miracle of miracles, we sold two ceramic nudes last week! One for $2400 and the other for $2900. Laughing, Jimmy raised all the prices. My picture's on the home page, but it's a modest far...

Mandy will be here in ten days...I don't know what I'll tell her...

"Jimmy!" I laugh as he walks toward me, naked...ever hard...

"You're working way too hard Chrissie," he admonishes as he lifts me from my chair and then bends me face first over my desk...

I'm wet! "I've been waiting," I say as I look back at him, simply moan as he pushes deep inside...


The second story in the series, 'Scouries of South Carolina – Mandy's Story' should be out soon.

If you've made it this far, please take a sec and cast a vote. Of course I'd prefer a five but, if you're so inclined and feel you must, I'm quite prepared for other scores. I prefer any vote as opposed to you not voting.

For your information, due to your kindness, my recent stories have been receiving many more votes than my earlier stories. In fact my story 'Daddy, I Whispered' has received more votes than any other Literotica story this year – so far 4000+ votes!! I thank everyone who took the time, and especially thank those who've posted comments or sent e-mails. It's the feedback that makes writing stories fun.

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