"Bring that air mattress!" I commanded as I carried her toward the tent that had just been set up. I crawled into the tent with Amy in my arms and set her down. Pulling the air mattress in behind me I stretched her out as best I could and then unzipped the bag. The best thing now was to try to conserve some body heat and get some back into her. With nothing dry for her to wear this was the only thing I could think of to keep her alive. "Ok. Zip us in." I said as I slid into the bag, trying to straighten her out so I could hold her face to face. Normally a mummy bag is a one person bag, but I tend to like my roomy and thankfully got myself an oversized bag. I slid down into the bag and pulled her to me, her cold skin almost painful to touch. "Ok Now go take care of what I told you to do." I told Mark as I laid back and pulled her to my body, her face resting on my chest and breathing in air from inside the bag. That air would be slightly warmer and should help her.

I held her for a long time, her body shaking controllably before I felt like I was making some progress. Her breathing became a bit less ragged and she moved her arms from across her chest between us to having them on my sides and pulling my body against hers. She was still shaking like a leaf, but now her bare chest was against mine, her hard nipples practically poking holes in my chest as she shook. She was far from out of danger, but I felt better about her condition, and my mind started to wander to the situation. Here I was, holding her naked in the same sleeping bag. Somehow when I stripped her down outside it had never occurred to me that I was touching her naked body, something that I might have fantasized about, but never done and never expected to have happen. Unfortunately, that line of thought also woke up my dick, which all of a sudden realized that it was nestled into that little gap where her legs met the rest of her body, that ever present target that was the entrance to all her most private places. Since it had been shrunken to its limit from the cold, as it started to grow, it did so like a missile launching to space, straight up into the crevasse. No matter how much I tried to "think" it to stop, the constant motion of her shivering kept massaging it and caressing the head. I finally gave up and let it have its way, allowing it to work its way up between her legs, the top of it pressing against her pussy. I had to admit that as I warmed up, my mind got more turned on. I found myself gently stroking her ass as I lay there. As much as I really wanted to have sex with her, this was defiantly not the time or place.

I was broken from my thoughts by one of the guys bringing me a cup of hot beef broth and a spoon. I thanked him as he closed the door once again. I was sure I was going to pay hell with the guys forever for being naked with Amy. I rolled us on our sides, my dick still confined between her legs. I unzipped enough to get an arm out and gently spooned the hot liquid to her lips. It took a few small spoonfuls before her mostly frozen brain got the idea and let me put full spoonfuls of the warm liquid into her mouth. By the time I had fed her the whole cup of broth her constant shaking had reduced to sporadic shudders. I wrapped my arms around her after zipping us up and pulled her slightly higher so I could get her face out of the bag now. I lay back down and she allowed her legs to spread on either side of mine, finally relaxing somewhat. She nuzzled her face into my neck and I felt her breathing slowly change to the regular shallow breathing of sleep. Confident that she was going to be ok, allowed myself to drift off to sleep as well.

I was dreaming that Amy was changing her clothes in the tent and she crawled over and pulled my sleeping bag open, and mounted me, slowly rocking her hips as she rode me. It was a wonderful dream, until I realized that I wasn't dreaming. My mind slowly pulled me to reality to find that Amy was still zippered tight into my bag with me, and my dick was buried fully into her. She gently rocked her hips, driving her clit into the base of my cock as she kissed and nuzzled my neck. I honestly had no recollection of getting this started, but my body was way beyond rational thought. My hands squeezed her firm ass in time with her small rocking motions, the bag limiting how far she could move. Now that I was awake it felt like my dick was growing even larger inside her, and her motions were coming more urgent, grinding her pelvis into mine to rub her clit against my dick. I never really had a chance to hold back, my body having been too far stimulated in my sleep to get ahead of it. I pushed her ass down against my dick and with a grunt, started unloading shot after shot of cum into her pussy. The feeling of my cum surging into her or the feel of my dick twitching and jumping inside her or the extra contact of pressing her against my dick, or some combination, triggered her own orgasm. With a low groan she shivered all over, a much different shiver than before. I could feel her pussy contracting around my dick, milking it and squeezing the drops of cum from me as her fingers gently stroked my sides where her arms lay. After several long minutes of our bodies twitching against each other, she sighed contentedly and drifting back off to sleep. I held her tight, not really sure what to think, and at the same time savoring how her soft body pressed against mine and how soft and warm her pussy was around my still partially hard dick.

It was after dark when Mark woke me. "Mike." He said shaking me softly.

"Yeah." I responded groggily.

"We have most of the clothes and stuff dry and some food made. Do you want to eat?'

"Yeah, why don't you bring us the stuff we were wearing."

"Is she going to be ok?"

"Yeah. She's just tired now. "

"Ok." He said as he slid out of the tent, returning a few minutes later with a pile of fire warmed clothes. "Here you go."

"Thanks Mark." I said as he slid out and zipped the door closed behind him. I gently unzipped the sleeping bag and rolled the two of us over on our sides. I started to move away but she pulled me back tighter to her. "Nooooo" she cooed groggily.

"Easy Amy." I whispered as I began pulling her arms from around me. She opened her eyes and I saw coherence slowly flood back into them.

"Where am I"

"In the tent. You took a spill into the water." I whispered.

"I did?"

"Uh huh."

"I don't remember."

"I'm not surprised. You were suffering from hypothermia."

"How did I get out?"

"I jumped in after you."

"Didn't you get wet too?"

"Yeah, but not as bad as you did. You were all the way under."

Slowly she shook her head. "I kind of remember now. I fell off and when I looked up I was looking through a window."

"Not a window, ice."

"How did I get out?"

"I pulled you out."

"How did I get here?" she asked as her mind slowly started to put all the pieces together.

"I got us here."

"Why am I naked?"

"I undressed both of us. All our clothes were soaked."

She looked down at both of our naked fronts and realized that we were in the same sleeping bag naked. "So you undressed me in here?"

"Actually, no. Out there. There wasn't any time for modesty, I'm sorry."

"So who saw me naked?"

"Besides me? Just Mark. I stuffed you into my sleeping bag as soon as I got you dried off."

"Well, that must have been a thrill for both of you." She said with a frown.

"Actually we were just worried about keeping you alive." I said as I slid out of the sleeping bag and dug through the clothes to find my long underwear and hers. I handed hers to her and then went about putting mine on.

"And getting into a sleeping bag naked with me was your idea?"

"Yep. Only idea I could think of at the time. I didn't figure you'd mind, given the other choice was you would have died within the hour."

"I suppose." She said as she pulled the long underwear into the sleeping bag.

"If you want some privacy, just wait a minute and I'll go out." I said quietly.

"You didn't." she said.

"Didn't what?"

"Have me close my eyes or anything before you got dressed."

"Nope, besides, nothing you haven't seen before." I said as I pulled my winter pants on over my long johns. "They have some food ready if you want some."

"Actually, I'm starved." She said as she threw the sleeping bag open and began to pull on her long john top. Once she had her top and bottom on she crawled over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For everything." She whispered in my ear before pulling back.

"You're welcome." I answered simply as I helped her pull her now dry snow pants and coat on over her long johns. The last thing to put on was wool socks and then our boots, which were sitting just inside the tent. I crawled out of the tent and then helped her out, walking her over to the fire. The guys were more than happy to see both of us and they made a great fuss over Amy, getting her food and hot coco. There was lots of talk for the next couple hours about the whole incident, all of us working out the stress by talking about it.

When we had warmed by the fire and had our fill of food and had a chance to go to the bathroom, we moved Amy's dried sleeping bag to my tent and I let her get in and settled before coming in to get ready for bed myself. I knew she was awake and watching me, which had a tendency to make me hard. I stripped down naked and then pulled on my sleep clothes before sliding into my sleeping bag and zipping closed. Amy was laying with her head just inches from mine.

"Mike." She whispered. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." I answered with a yawn.

"Did we have sex before?"

I had dreaded this question. I really didn't know what she remembered or figured out. "Why do you ask?"

"You didn't answer me." She whispered. "But I'll answer you first. I half remembered having sex, and I'm way to wet for it all to be just me."

"Well." I whispered. "I was asleep, and the next thing I knew I was buried inside you and you were humping me. I have to admit that nature being what it is, I finished it even though I don't know how it started."

"I wondered." She whispered before falling silent. Several long minutes passed before she whispered again. "You know. I haven't had sex for almost five years."

"I'm sorry."

"If you were going to start something, how would you do it?"

"Well, " I whispered, stifling another yawn. "I've always really liked the way your tits look. I'd probably start by kissing and sucking them."

"Always have?" she asked, raising her head. "Have you seen them before?"

It seemed like I had stuck my foot into it this time. Time to fess up. "A few times."

"How many?"

"Oh I don't know. A few."

"Well, why don't you tell me about them, if it's only a few."

"You sure you want to know this?"

"Yeah, I do. I mean since we just had sex I guess it's only fair to know what else you've seen."

"Well, first time I saw them was when you were breast feeding Em. I walked in on you accidently while you were changing your shirt after you leaked all over..."

"I remember that. I'm not sure who was more startled."

"The next time was when we were at the lake. You remember, you were sharing the tent with us?"

"Oh yeah. That summer, what about six years ago? I forgot about that."

"Uh huh. You were sitting in the tent and the wind blew the divider up. I got to see your whole body while you were putting on your swim suit."

"Yeah. Nancy had been telling me about how you were always trying to get into her pants when you're outside. I got kind of turned on and I couldn't resist flashing you."

"I wondered if it was on purpose."

"It was. When else?"

"A couple years ago we were both changing into our swim suits down at the swimming hole and I accidently watched you change."

"You accidently watched."

"Well, I couldn't help but watch, you looked so sexy striping out there in the woods."

"And you just stood there naked and watched?"

"How did you know I was standing there naked? I didn't say that."

"Well, I have to be honest... I saw you over there. I took as long as I could changing so you would have time to finish."


"Sure, you think I didn't know you were jacking off over there?" she giggled.

"You watched me?"

"Well, I couldn't see what you were doing exactly, but I could tell by the way you were moving what you were doing. It kind of turned me on knowing that I turned you on enough to do that."

"Well, I was turned on watching you. I didn't know you liked watching me jack off."

"Ohhhhh if you only knew!" she said whistling silently.

"What does that mean?"

"Well, you remember when Nancy was gone for a month last year?"


"Do you remember having to run out to the kitchen to pull your food out of the oven? And I came over to use the computer after you got done in the bedroom?"

"Yeah." I said with an uneasy feeling.

"Well, I was in the house already. I guess you didn't hear me come in. I was sitting in your chair on the computer when you came naked into the kitchen, your dick hard and all shiny with lotion. You didn't even see me before you ran back into the bedroom. I snuck down the hall until I could see you in the bedroom mirror."

I did remember when she was talking about. I had just gotten done jacking off to a good video of a guy fucking a huge set of tits when she came over. "You watched?"

"I not only watched, I pulled my underwear off and had my skirt pulled up. I came the same time you did. God I came so hard watching your cum spurting up in the air like that!"

"I guess we watched each other a few times then."

"But I never let on. I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

"I guess so." I said quietly.

We lay there a long time silently thinking and looking at each other.

"Mike." She whispered


"Will you suck on my tits?"

"You sure?" I asked.

In answer she sat up pulled her pj top off before sliding her pants down and off. She moved over to me completely naked as I unzipped my bag. She pulled my polypro up and tossed it aside before working my bottoms down and off. She tossed them aside and then straddled me, with her hot wet pussy rubbing along my hard dick. "Please." She whispered as she leaned her body down to bring her two hanging globes in front of my face. I reached up and took both tits in my hands, and drew them to my mouth, sucking one of her nipples deep into my mouth as I squeezed her tit into a pointy cone.

"Hmmmmm" she moaned quietly "that feels so good!"

We sat there for some time, my mouth working first one tit and then the other. Her hips had been rubbing my dick with her wet lips for some time before I felt her lift up and take hold of my dick. I felt her wet lips envelope my dick as she pushed against me. She moaned again as she slid down my dick, pushing her upper body until she was almost upright, her head touching the top of the tent. She leaned forward a little, putting her hands on my chest for support and then began to slowly ride up and down my dick, rising until she was almost off and then sliding down slowly until she was at the bottom, and then continued to grind her pussy back and forth on me before starting the trip again. I still had hold of her tits and put my hands to good use squeezing and massaging her tits and playing with her nipples with my fingers. She set the pace, working to her liking, taking her time. I allowed her to take all the time she wanted, but she began to pick up the pace after a while, working in shorter strokes and driving against me with more force. Her actions and very tight pussy was having an effect and I was getting much closer to coming.

"oh god oh god oh god" she whispered to no one in particular as her body began to shake. I pulled her lower, using her tits as handles and sucked a nipple into my mouth, rolling it against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. She ground her hips hard against me hard while she made small mewing sounds.

She slowly lowered her body down to mine and rolled to the side, taking me with her. I continued the roll until I was on top of her, both our bodies still exposed to the cold air in the tent. "Fuck me now." She whispered in my ear as she spread her legs wide so I could better stroke into her. She groaned and moaned quietly as I pushed my dick its full length time after time. She put her arms around my neck and pulled my head down as she pushed her tits toward my mouth as I stroked. "suck my tit." She whispered in my ear. "Fill me with your cum. Pretend you're squirting your juice all over my tits. Pretend my tits are wrapped around your big hard dick and its poking into my mouth with each stroke." She panted in my ear. "Ohhhhhhh you feel so good!" She said in a squeaky voice. "You're going to make me cum again!" I drove my dick deep into her and groaned as her body shuddered in time with my first squirt of cum. I unloaded shot after shot of hot juice into her, finally lowering myself on top of her, spent.

We rolled onto my sleeping bag, both of us tired and drained, and starting to get cold. She snuggled against me, laying half on top of me. I zipped us in, snuggled like a cocoon.

"That felt so nice. I haven't been screwed in almost five years." She said as she nuzzled my neck.

"I'm glad you liked it." I said worried about where this is going.

"You know, Nancy can never know about this." She said quietly.

"No. It's going to be hard enough to explain being naked with you earlier."

"I know. We can't keep it a secret, you know the guys will tell everyone when we get back. I think we better say you had on underwear. Nancy won't like it, but she can accept that." She said obviously having thought this through already.

"Ok. What about this?" I asked

"She can't know about it. Once we're back, this never happened and never will again."


"Good. Now let's just enjoy the closeness we've discovered and get some sleep. We have a long hike tomorrow yet."

"Yes maam." I joked, holding her close. We fell asleep like that, her head snuggled to my neck and one leg draped across my body.

Morning broke clear and sunny. The morning sun had cleared the trees before either of us got up and moving. I could hear the guys hard at it, with a fire crackling and snapping.

"I think we need to get up." I whispered.

"Feels like you're already up." She whispered as she grabbed my morning hardon.

"Nothing unusual."

"You always have one of these in the morning?" She asked as she pulled herself on top of me, her legs spread on either side of mine. "I could get used to that." She said as she pushed her body against my dick, sliding it inside her hot pussy. "ooooooohhhhhh Yes!" She hissed quietly. "I definitely could." she said as she began to rock her hips against me. "Oh damn..." she said a few minutes later, as my dick neared explosion inside her. "You get so big!"

"Hope you're ready!" I whispered, trying to hold back.

"Don't hold back. I want to feel it." She panted

"ok." I said quietly letting the feelings take over. It was only a minute more and my body stiffened and began pumping cum into her pussy, my hips pushing up into her with each pulse of my dick. To my surprise her body started shaking and trembling as she started to cum around me, her pussy squeezing my pulsing dick.

"God I missed that." She whispered after we could both breath normally again. She unzipped the bag and rolled off of me, our juices drooling out of her. She looked around for her underwear and found it, using it to wipe the cum off my sleeping bag and off her pussy. She rolled onto her own bag and the two of us set to work getting dressed. We crawled out of the tent together and walked over to the guys for some breakfast. After eating I headed to the woods for a bathroom break. I needed a good constitutional. I looked around for a good log to sit on, and was busy with my pants around my ankles when Amy walked up.

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