tagErotic CouplingsScoutmaster's Wife Pt. 02

Scoutmaster's Wife Pt. 02


Mrs. McIntosh laughed at my answer and said, "I think you're being naughty."

Still with my fingers on her panties, I replied, "But aren't you enjoying this?"

My old scoutmaster's wife, who as still so lovely and appealing even at this age, had not resisted at all. If anything, she seemed to take my touching her in stride. It had seemed that the more we enjoyed talking with one another, the less she cared about where my hands were.

"Well," she said, "it has been a while since anyone has tickled me there like you are doing."

I smiled at her, "And doesn't it feel good?"

"You are a naughty one, aren't you?" she asked as I so gently grazed her panties where they covered her pussy.

"I'm imaging what you look like down there," I told her.

Mrs. McIntosh exhaled audibly, as if she were finally taking in the full implications of what she thought had begun as innocent touching.

"I imagine that underneath your panties is lovely black curly hair, and I'd love to see it some time."

Her breathing became more deep, and her lips parted as I pressed again very gently into her slit. Now I was feeling her pussy so that she knew she was being violated. Her little clitoral bump became my target.

This had already gone much much farther than I had hoped. I really did not have a plan, and my mind was racing to decide what to do next - just stop and call it an evening, or try to fuck her there in the conference room?

All of a sudden it came to me. Since I had lusted after Mrs. McIntosh for all these years, why rush things? I was really in no hurry.

I could feel her clitoral zone, and as I purposefully ran my finger over and around it, Mrs. McIntosh began to let her head roll back. Her breathing became more rapid, and the rosy color in her face deepened. She had stopped talking, and I no longer gave any pretense to conversation. She knew I was getting her off, even with all her clothes on. I knew I could pull her trigger soon and push her over the edge. In my imagination, I could see myself fucking her soon.

But instead, I waited until I could feel her pacing herself for a climax.

As she neared an orgasm, I stopped my touches. Her breathing calmed. I allowed her a brief period of dignified repose, and then I resumed massaging her clitoris until she neared climax again.

As soon as she gave signs of nearing a release, I stopped.

Mrs. McIntosh stared at me, "What are you doing to me?"

I smiled and told her, "I am making you want to be fucked by me."

Mrs. McIntosh couldn't property respond. She was in such a state of excitement that she could only stare at me. It was all she could do to control her breathing. Over and over, several more times, I took her to the edge of satisfaction. And each time I withdrew and left her dissatisfied.

My old scoutmaster's lovely wife was getting frazzled. She was completely unglued and in no condition to make rational a rational judgement about being fucked.

As a courtesy to her and to my former scout leader, I removed my hand from her panties and told Mrs. McIntosh, "Are you safe to drive home?"

She was dizzy. "What?" She seemed surprised that her pussy was no longer being touched.

"Mrs. McIntosh, maybe it would be safer if I drove you home," I said.

"Home?" she was still woozy and unable to get her wits about her.

I stood and took her by then hand. She was slow to arise, but in a few moments she was able to walk. I had carefully kept her on the unsatisfied side of an orgasm, and the effects of prolonged stimulation were making Mrs. McIntosh unsteady. Plus, it had all been a surprise to her. And to me, too.

I told her, "Let me help you be a good wife, and I will take you home to your husband."

She looked at me and gripped my hand as I held her up with my arm around her waist. We left the room and walked across the courthouse lobby as night guards wished us good night.

Beside my car, Mrs. McIntosh finally embraced me and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue flitted, and I held her in a close embrace. Clearly, she was ready to be fucked. And If I were a nicer guy, I would have helped her and fucked her that night.

After we kissed, her face looked desperate for relief and release. It would only have taken a few more playful touches on the outside of her panties to end her anguish. But I wanted to play a longer game. I wanted to earn a special merit badge for fucking my scoutmaster's wife.

"Here," I said, "let's get you home."

As we drove Mrs. McIntosh asked, "Have you been planning to do that since you were a Boy Scout?"

"Why, of course," I told her honestly.

"Did all the other boys want it too?" she asked.

"Most of them," I told her.

She continued, "Even back then, I could feel the hormones jumping, and I didn't mind the boys staring at me. I guess it would have been abnormal if they had paid no attention to me."

"Yes, I suppose it would," I said.

"But I never thought for an instant that any of you, and especially not you, would be so bold."

As I turned on to her street, I replied, "Isn't that what made you give me permission to touch your pussy? You trusted me."

She sat there in silence. She and I both knew that what happened was what she wanted to happen.

Under the light of her front porch door, Mrs. McIntosh caressed me again and kissed me deeply. My hands encircled her and grasped her buttocks, lifting and parting them. We were like teenagers in heat.

She fumbled for her key and asked me to come inside. I stepped into her living room where Mr. McIntosh was watching television.

I asked, her, "Can Mr. McIntosh help you with your needs tonight?"

"Him?" she said. "He has been a wonderful husband, but his days of, well, his capabilities were never up to yours, I'm sure."

Mrs. McIntosh walked to her husband and wheeled him around so he could see me. He was not able to respond or speak sensibly, but he seemed to be pleased to see me again.

"Hello, Mr. McIntosh," I greeted him. "Your wife and I have been at a community meeting, and we stayed a bit later to talk about old times and enjoy ourselves." I wasn't sure if he comprehended my words, but I wanted to be honest, if not descriptive.

"Won't you stay a while?" asked Mrs. McIntosh.

"I really should go and let you two lovebirds enjoy yourselves," I said. Had Mr. McIntosh been up to it, he could have had the fuck of his life that night, but I was pretty sure his love making days were over.

Mrs. McIntosh turned her husband's wheelchair around and walked me to the door. By now, I was sure her heart rate had calmed down but she was still flush.

Although her husband's back was to us, and I could see him in full view, Mrs. McIntosh kissed me again and let her hand search for my cock. I had been hard almost all night, and as we kissed my dick extended to full size. For the first time, Mrs. McIntosh ran her hand long the length of my cock. It hung down farther than her arm would extend.

"Go ahead," I encouraged her, "feel how big it is."

A look of excitement returned to her face. I imagined that her clitoris hidden in the folds of her pussy was setting off sparks without being touched. As we held each other close, we could feel my cock pressing against her torso and down her leg.

"You want to be fucked right now, don't you?" I asked.

She whispered, "Yes, oh god yes."

We were still in an embrace, and I could still see Mr. McIntosh over her shoulder. "Noting would please me more," I told her, "But I never fuck a wife without her husband's permission."

Mrs. McIntosh drew her head back but retained a grip on my cock. He looked shocked, "Without what?"

I smiled, "Mr. McIntosh taught us scouts the oath that says we should be "physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight." It wouldn't be moral to fuck a man's wife unless he gave me his approval."

"You're joking, aren't you?" she asked.

"Oh no, I have fucked many wives but only when their hubby watches us. The wives love it because they feel safe, and the husbands love to see their wives so happy. Everybody wins."

I continued, "Tell McIntosh exactly what I did to you tonight. Tell him how you felt. Tell him he was a great scoutmaster and that I will earn my merit badge in fucking with his wife's help."

I kissed her one more time before leaving. On my drive home, I let my cock out to enjoy the night air as I thought about my next steps.

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