tagIncest/TabooScout's Honor Ch. 2

Scout's Honor Ch. 2


I heard the key in the lock, and tried to push Veronica off me, but she was gasping and way too far into her orgasm to care about what was going on around her. I was caught. I saw flashes, probably camera bulbs as the scandal hit the front pages...would I become a running joke on ESPN? Letterman? I held my breath.

"Geez, Ronnie, I can hear you all the way down the back hall! It's a wonder you don't have an audience by now!" a female voice said from behind me.

"But, mom, I had to have him! I've told you how much of a crush I had when I was young."

Mom? Told? My head was spinning. Both heads. Veronica hadn't stopped bouncing on my hard cock during the exchange, and now she was grinding her clit against my abdomen like she was trying to rub it off.

"Mommm," she panted. "He's so hard...and soooo big, just like I thought."

I craned my neck around and looked at Mrs. Belton. An older version of Veronica, for sure, but with green eyes, auburn hair and a wicked grin.

"Ummmm, hi?" was all I managed.

She looked down on me with a mixture of amusement and interest. "Hello yourself, Mr. Scout. I'm Holly Belton. Is my daughter having her way with you?"

I coughed lightly at the rhetorical question. "Ah, you see, I can explain..."

"Oh, there's no explanation necessary, Mr. O' Neill. Ronnie and I are very open about what she does. She inherited her mother's incredible sex drive."

I noticed that she wasn't looking at me, rather, looking at where my cock was imbedded in her gorgeous daughter's pussy. I followed her gaze. Veronica's puffy red lips had a vice-like grip on my stiff cock, and clear juice rested on the insides of her thighs and mine. Veronica's eyes were closed as she ground herself harder into me. I started thrusting for no other reason than it was what my cock told me I should be doing.

Mrs. Belton came around the front of the couch, and I got to drink her in for the first time. She was stunning. About 5'7'' wearing tight jeans and a grey cashmere sweater that did nothing to hide the fact that she had huge tits. Slim, yet not almost bony like her daughter. No, Holly Belton was a woman.

A woman that was slowly taking off her cashmere sweater. A matching grey bra was straining to contain those huge jugs. She shook her long auburn tresses out, and her tits swayed back and forth, heavy, yet firm. She squeezed them together with her arms and said, "If you like my daughter's C cups, I'm sure you'll LOVE these double Ds!"

I did love them. So much, my mouth was watering at the sight.

Veronica hadn't stopped, and was now starting to bounce up and down on my even harder cock, grunting with each time down. "FUCK, fuck, FUCK, fuck...oooooo! It's harder, mommy!"

"Is it?" Holly said. "He must like your mother's tits." With that, she swayed her hips over to the couch, unbuckling her bra, freeing her huge mounds and smothering my face in them.

I reached up, holding those savory mammaries in my hands and sucking the big, brown nipples one at a time, nipping them lightly with my teeth.

"Ohhh, that's good, Mr. O'Neill. Bite them lightly. I love having a man pay careful attention to them, they can be so sensitive when I'm horny, and listening to my daughter fuck you made me ever so horny!"

I did as she asked, feeling the warm titflesh smother me, and her daughter's volcano-like pussy grip my cock. I was in heaven.

"Oooooo, mommy! I'm cumming again! OOOOhhhhhhh, I'm going to squirt some...AHHHHHHFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!"

I could feel warm moisture surround my cock and flow a little down into my pubes and over my thighs. Veronica got up a sunk back against the couch. Her mother raised up from my oral attentions and began to lick clean the insides of her daughter's thighs and pussy.

"ohhhhh, yessssssss, mommmmmmeeeeeee..." Veronica seemed to be having another orgasm. I decided to get involved and reached under Holly to undo the tight jeans. She didn't protest as I started working them over her firm ass. She was wearing a matching grey thong that split her amazing ass right down the middle. As I got the jeans down to her knees, I noticed her crotch was sopping wet. I pulled it aside and began to lick and suck her outer folds of her steaming pussy.

"AAHHHHHHH," Holly moaned. "Nothing gets me more than a good pussy eater!"

I licked all along her slit, tasting her tangy muskiness, different from her daughter's, more...tangy, more mature.

"Ohhhh, put a finger in my ass, please," she moaned.

"SUCK my clit, mommmmmeeee!" yelled Veronica. Holly did as she was told, sucking and licking at her daughter's pussy for all she was worth.

I wet a finger in Holly's red-hot pussy and started working it into her tight rear passage. I collected my thoughts and realized what I was doing. It was at that point that I figured this had to be a dream that I would wake up from.

I just wouldn't pinch myself just yet.

I practically ripped Holly's thong down her silky smooth legs, and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

"FUCK ME!" she yelled. "FUCK HER!" Veronica yelled.

I drove the length of my cock into her in one stroke. She inhaled sharply, then groaned deeply once it hit bottom.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" She yelled.

I began a violent pistoning motion with my hips, driving her deeper with each stroke, my walls slapping wetly against her clit, and my abdomen pounding her ass like a drummer on a drum. I looked ahead and Veronica was watching wide-eyed with two fingers deep into her pussy. Her mother was too busy shouting obscenities to lick her. I smiled at her and she grinned back.

I grabbed Holly's hips to drive my cock even deeper into her churning pussy, making sure to move my hips a little to rub it all around her sensitive pussy walls.

"OHHHHH, god, that's fucking AMAZING!" Holly wailed. "I'm gonna CUMMMM!"

I felt her vice-like grip grab my cock, and my pace slowed momentarily. No sound came out of Holly, but her mouth was contorted into some kind of joyful-looking scream. I felt a flood of juices gush forth from her pussy, coating me once again, and running down the insides of her thighs.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" she finally found her voice!

I slowed a little, then pulled out, I positioned my cock at her anus. Waiting for her to protest.

She looked over her shoulder, hair wildly covering some of her face. Her eyes blazed with lust and she said softly, almost menacingly...

"Fuck. My. Ass. Please."

I slowly worked my painfully hard cock into her tight ass, and she moaned like a banshee while I did it, her daughter never stopped her furious attack on her own pussy. I was sure the whole town could hear her wails as I slammed deeper and deeper into her ass. I felt like I was ripping her up, but she sighed and moaned like it was the best thing she ever had.

I motioned for Veronica to move closer, and she came over, straddling her mother and pushing her pussy into my face. I sucked her young clit into my mouth and her head rolled back and she sighed. My pace of fucking her mother never wavered and as she started to yell through another orgasm, I felt my cum boiling up in my balls again.

"Gonna cum," I gasped.

"Cum on me!" Holly yelled. I pulled out in time to let huge ropes of my pearly white gunk fly onto her smooth, muscled back. Some shot hard enough to land on her creamy shoulders.

I sat back, cum dribbling from the head of my cock, satisfied. Veronica had leaned over and was licking up the cum off her mother's back like a starving person. Holly rested her head on her arms, ass still in the air, her obscenely stretched anus winking at me. Her whole body shook with spasms.

After Veronica had licked her mother's back clean, she leaned down close to Holly and the two French-kissed each other, sharing my cum between them. They whispered something and giggled, then kissed some more. Impossibly, I thought I might get hard again.

Holly looked back over her shoulder at me. "You are very good, Mr. Dylan O'Neill. My ass hasn't been tagged like that in a very long time. Thank you."

"My pleasure," I replied.

"Do you think if I asked him nicely, he could get hard again and fuck my ass?" Veronica said.

"Oh, I'm sure you could persuade him, honey, but we do have to get home for dinner, and I'm sure Dylan would like to recover a bit before fucking your little ass, Ronnie," Holly said.

I had no reply. I watched the two ladies clean up and get dressed. Holly did ask me to kiss each nipple before it disappeared back into the grey bra again.

"Tell you what," Holly said. "Swing by the house around 7:30 tonight. "My husband and son are gone most of the evening to the city for a pro hockey game, so they won't be back until late. I think we'd enjoy your company."

I told her I'd be there, blew them both a kiss and moved to the sink to clean myself up, still waiting to wake up.

To Be Continued...

I love feedback, anonymous or otherwise, but drop me an e-mail and I'll be sure to respond and keep you up to date on new chapters.

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