tagNonConsent/ReluctanceScratching An Itch Ch. 1

Scratching An Itch Ch. 1

byBob Peale©

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The call could not have come at a better time. Tania was getting so edgy she probably would have ended up doing something stupid before too long.

In her role as supervisor of onsite customer support for a large software company, all service technicians were responsible to her, and she was responsible for all service call assignments. Most of her peers at other companies only went on the occasional site visit when morale amongst their troops was particularly low. But not Tania; she loved to go on calls. In fact, the more remote, the better.

She worked out of necessity, but it wasn't financial. She'd married well at twenty five, wife number four of a very wealthy man. In both his business and his personal life, he was significantly more interested in the conquest. She suspected that he'd only married her because she was the local flavor of the month. 5'7" with red, almost crimson, shoulder length curls. Her features were sharp without being too severe, the blue of her eyes close to the color of the sky, her mouth full, even pouty. She would never be described as skinny, nor could she qualify as fat. An athlete since high school, Tania probably had less body fat on her than most men, yet her tits were full, accented by nipples normally hard from arousal and showing prominently through her shirt. Her hips flared seductively from a narrow waist, and were attached to well-muscled legs that many a man tried to bury his face between, but she typically hadn't been interested. Which of course was what attracted Austin to her in the first place.

Now, 10 years later she'd outlasted wives number two and three combined. Still incredibly virile at 50, he'd fucked Tania almost everyday non-stop for over a year. During that time, she was not allowed to wear clothes around the house so that he could fuck her, wherever, whenever, and in front of whomever he wanted. Once the excitement wore off, sex between them dwindled down to an almost obligatory once a month, unless he'd suffered some sort of professional embarrassment. Then, he'd fuck her until she couldn't get out of bed for days. Otherwise, he directed his sexual energy toward bedding new conquests.

She soon learned from the house staff that this was typically the way it went. Wife number two began her affair with a factory worker in town fifteen months after marrying Austin, and wife number three only managed to hold out for two years before she took up with an unhappily married attorney in the neighborhood.

Naturally, once Austin found out, the men were financially and professionally destroyed, and the women quietly accepted a modest divorce settlement. So Tania decided early on that an affair, at least in the traditional sense, was not an option.

To that end, her job gave her an out. Service calls gave her the freedom to play away from Austin's scrutiny. And since normally the trips were not recurring (not with any regularity), there was little risk that any extracurricular activities would develop into something even approaching permanent.

Which brought her to her boss' call. It had been 3 weeks since her last assignment, and her pussy was actually starting to itch. She was masturbating regularly now, often three or 4 times a day. Thankfully, a client in Watertown, South Dakota was having a huge problem configuring their software, and needed help onsite as soon as possible. Aside from it being a high profile situation, it fulfilled the requirements of being far away and off the beaten path, two factors that almost always guaranteed that she would handle it personally.

She left work immediately to go home and pack, so that she could grab a flight that would get her there sometime later that night. She was surprised to find Austin home.

"Hi honey, what's up?" Austin called from the living room.

She hadn't expected him to be home, but the advantages of being who he was that he could set his own hours...especially when it freed him up for a piece of ass. He'd probably been fucking the new maid.

"Hi yourself. Gotta run; system is tanking in South Dakota," she called back as she bounded up the upstairs.

First thing she did was grab a gym bag with all the things that she would need for a little "after hours fun" from the bottom of her closet. She tried to keep one packed and ready for a quick departure. They each had separate closets, and Austin didn't care what was in hers, so she never worried about him stumbling across it.

Next, she rifled through her clothes, trying to select a week's worth of appropriate "client site" clothes. She didn't expect the job to take more than a few days, but it was always good to be prepared.

She had no idea that Austin was even upstairs until he slammed her against the wall. Now 60, he was still in phenomenal shape; even if she'd known he was there, she probably couldn't have prevented it, but at least she would have been prepared. Like everything else, he took his physique very seriously. He lifted weights every day for at least an hour, and ran or swam for an additional hour every morning, all before six a.m. He was a commanding 6' 7", with no sign of stooping from age, and weighed 280 pounds, most of it sold muscle. From behind, people often mistook him for a football player.

His blow knocked the wind out of her, making it even easier for him to hold Tania against the wall, pinning both wrists above her head with one hand.

"So, on your way to South Dakota are you?" he asked softly. Like most big men, he almost never raised his voice.

"Austin," she said shakily, trying to loosen his grip. "Cut it out. I have to pack and get on a plane. And this hurts"

She was actually very nervous; he'd never seemed to care before what she did on these trips, so she was concerned that he was suddenly showing an interest. She'd come to the conclusion long ago that the big mistake wives number two and three made was embarrassing Austin. When they started fooling around where everyone could see, it gave the impression that Austin was vulnerable, that someone could take something of his.

Of course he caught her that first time; you don't get to be as powerful as Austin by letting anything catch you by surprise, so he had her followed whenever she went out of town. When she came back, he thanked her for being so discreet, and than fucked her silly, until she screamed over and over that he was much better than the out of town lay.

"Gonna get a little out of town cock?" he asked. Before she could answer, he delivered a stinging blow across her ass with his free hand.

"Austin! What the fuck!?!"

"Shut up. I'm too lenient with you," he said simply, kicking her legs apart and raising her hands higher.

He continued to slap her ass, the crack of each blow and her sobs the only sound on the floor. The house staff wouldn't dare interfere.

Finally, he stopped, but only long enough to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Violently, he ripped her panties off, exposing her ass, and resumed the assault. His hand was huge, large enough to easily cover both cheeks. Occasionally, he would connect hard enough to brush her pussy, sending a jolt of pleasure that conflicted with the excruciating pain that she felt. He didn't stop until she slumped limply against the wall, her ass glowing hotly.

When he spun her around and dragged her out of the closet, the first thing she noticed was that he was naked. The next thing she noticed is that he was hard as a rock; the spanking had aroused him like she hadn't seen in years. Like everything else, his cock was tremendous. In it's current state, it was close to its limit, which she knew to be 10" long and 4.5" around. She shivered.

He threw her face down on the bed, holding her there with one hand while he spit in his palm and lubed up his cock. Cruelly, he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and positioned his cock on her asshole. She winced, her ass still tender from his slaps, but the sensation was almost immediately replaced by the searing pain caused by his cock head plunging past her asshole. She arched her back sharply, pressing her pelvis into the bed, trying to get away from it, but there was no place to go. Instantly, her nipples hardened, rubbing against the inside if her bra, igniting a garbled scream mixed with a moan. One of his fucks must have turned him on to anal sex recently, because lately he fucked her ass more than he did her pussy. Thankfully, this wasn't the first time she'd had him in her ass, or she probably would have blacked out, but it still wasn't easy going.

He reached around and began rubbing and squeezing her nipples through her shirt, which made her relax her anal ring and allowed him to push forward deeper. He pumped like a jackhammer, spreading her asshole cruelly, working his cock in until his balls slapped her ass. He was pinching her nipples harder now, and her clit rubbed roughly against the bedspread with each thrust. She came without warning, making her buck so hard she almost threw him off her, and causing her to clamp her ass around his cock like a vice. He pulled out almost all the way, stretching her with his cock head, starting her orgasm anew. With a roar he flooded her ass, hot cum spraying deep inside her; she was so drained she just lay there as he emptied into her. When he withdrew, her ass stayed spread, her asshole gaping and raw, as red as the rest of her ass. He leaned over and kissed her neck.

"Have fun in South Dakota. Behave yourself."

To Be Continued...

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