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Three times I circle his block before I can find a parking spot, and I'm so hard I can barely breathe. Last time I did this at about ten o'clock at night, and a cop flagged me down and asked me if I was lost (read: what a car like mine is doing in a neighborhood this nice). I nearly ended up with a trip downtown because I got all flustered trying to invent a cover story. I mean, "Hi, Officer. I'm here because I'm dying to get fucked in the ass."

I park the car and jump out. The March wind outside feels like a punch in the face and it blows right down the front of my jacket. I run around the corner to his building, stamp my feet in his doorway while he answers the intercom to buzz me in. His building is a comfortable old brownstone with plenty of radiators and I know his place will be warm and inviting. By the time I dash up the three flights of stairs to his apartment, I'm shivering and flushed and panting and I can't wait.

He meets me at the top of the stairs. Before he can say hello I seize him by the shoulders and crush my mouth against his, touch his lips with my tongue until he opens his mouth and lets me in. He pulls me backward into the apartment, locks the door. My coat and shirt come off like they're made of paper. I pull the sweater he's wearing over his head and toss it away. Pants and shoes disappear. He pulls me so close to him that I can feel his erection against mine. The skin-to-skin touch makes me crazy, makes my head swim. I kiss him again, harder and deeper now, like I want to climb inside. We practically drag each other to the bed. I trip over the open suitcase and he catches me. He wraps both arms around my waist and hauls me to my feet. He's so strong, for a guy who appears to be built for a prep school uniform jacket. I'm reminded of his firm hands and his powerful thighs and his hard, straining cock. Oh, I'm going to like this.

He spreads me out on his bed. He runs one hand from my lips to my groin and starts to stroke my cock. My mouth opens and a little sound escapes, but I force myself to be quiet. I think of his neighbor, who pounds on the wall if he turns the radio up past a whisper. His neighbor is very gorgeous and very high maintenance and one time she passed me smoking on the front steps and scowled at me. I'll never forget how ashamed I felt.

He takes a handful of lube and works one finger into my ass. He knows exactly how to touch me and I swear the sex feels better every time. I start to moan. Oh, how I love this. I always try to hold back, but it never works. How good it feels to be fucked and to press my face into his pillow and to scream and scream. I haven't had this in far too long. In fact, I left my favorite dildo -- it's stainless steel with three hard ridges at one end -- on his nightstand before he left town, so I haven't even had a good cum in three weeks. He massages me slow and hard. Gently opening me up. I feel my ass stretch to let in two fingers, and then three. I press my hips back onto his hand, and he starts to thrust and twist and press and fuck with his fingers. God, it's so good. Ah... oh...

His other hand leaves my cock and starts to tickle and tease my nipples. They're hard in no time and I arch my back, spread my legs, moan even louder. I want it so much. I can't believe how good it feels, every time. I never thought I could tell anyone how much I need it. And then he... he pulls his fingers out of me.

My ass feels suddenly empty and I'm so hot and turned on and full of passion that I can hardly stand it. He rolls back on his hips and leans against the headboard. I try to beg for it without saying anything. I press myself belly-to-belly, cock-to-cock against him, until I know he can feel me throbbing. I find one nipple and kiss and suck it until I have him squirming underneath me. I kiss and lick my way down his belly, and take his cock into my mouth. I suck and groan and slurp and swallow. Oh, if he doesn't fuck me right now I'm going to explode.

He slides his cock out of my mouth, holds it against his stomach, and says "Say it."

I'm breathing so hard and fast I can hardly close my mouth. I gasp "Please... baby..."

"Please what?"

I growl and kiss all over his inner thighs, all over his balls. I'm whispering "Oh, please please please..."

He runs his fingers through my hair, runs his hand under my jaw, tilts my head up gently to look at him, and says "Say it."

I open my mouth and try to take his cock into it again. Maybe if I do this for a little longer he'll get fed up with playing and fuck me.

He pulls it out of my reach again. He says "Go on. Say it, and you'll get it."

And so I reach over him and grab the stainless steel dildo and the bottle of lube from his nightstand. He tries to swat them out of my hands, or grab my arms and pin me down, but I roll back onto the foot of the bed, spread my legs and start to work the dildo into me. It's big, and cold, but I bite my lip because I know from experience that it's going to be nice and hot in a minute. Each ridge pops inside my ass and sends a charge all the way up to the tip of my cock. I gasp and shudder and my cock swells up even harder as it slides all the way in.

He kneels in front of me. He's clearly wondering if he should tease me some more or fuck me or just enjoy the view.

I start to slide it all the way out. It's enormous and heavy and slippery and amazing. I slide it back in, and this time the metal is hot and feels incredible. I can feel my orgasm welling up inside me already. I can't stop moaning. It's involuntary now. I'm starting to sweat. I squeeze my eyes shut and arch my back...

Something hot and wet touches the tip of my cock, and all of a sudden I'm halfway down my lover's throat. I cry out. I'm pinned. I can't even move a fraction of an inch. He grips the base of my cock and sucks me hard. I start to work the dildo again. Hot shivers run through me. I've never felt anything this good.

He sits up, reaches down between my legs and puts his hand on my wrist. I stop moving... I'm trembling all over...

He says "You want me to fuck you, don't you, baby?"

I gasp "Yes, yes, yes!"

He pulls the dildo out of me, and each little ridge goes *pop* as it comes out. He positions himself between my legs and grasps my hips, lifts me up, and pulls me closer to him. I hook my legs over his shoulders. I can feel the tip of his cock touch me and begin to push, gently. A little more pressure is all he'll need. I'm going to take him all the way in. My ass is primed, tingling, aching from the metal, and that hot throbbing cockhead is ready to stretch me open. I lie back and think about how good it's going to feel, how turned on I am right now, how sexy my lover is, and how hard I'm going to come. I shriek as I feel my body open up, and every inch of my lover's cock slides all the way in.

He gives it to me slow and deep to start. All the way out... and then so far in that I can feel his pubic hair against my taint. He knows how to hit all my sensitive spots and he's going to give me so much pleasure I won't be able to stand it. My ass is flexing involuntarily now. I'm twitching and throbbing and he starts to speed up...

He hits something inside of me and a hot wave of pleasure slams into me. I feel it throughout my whole body, and I scream. He's usually so quiet when we fuck, so stoic, and I'm usually the one squealing and moaning and offending the neighbors, but this time he can't stop himself from groaning and shuddering. He wraps his arms around my thighs and starts to really pound me. I'm screaming and shaking... it's so good... I start to shout things like "Ohh, baby! That's it! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

I can feel my whole body tensing up. Oh, fuck. I'm going to squirt all over everything.

He pulls his cock out and flips me over onto my stomach. He works himself back into me again, sinks all the way in. I can feel the difference immediately. I press my face into the blanket and start to howl. He grasps my hair and holds my head down. I start to thrust my hips up and back to meet him. Oh God, I'm going to explode.

I know I can't hold back anymore when he reaches around my waist and starts to pump my dripping cock. My eyes roll back...

I scream, and my ass flexes HARD, and he gasps... I can feel him hot and hard inside me as I squeeeeze... my cock pumps all over his hand, all over my belly, all over the bed...

I have another spasm, and this time he cries out and pushes into me... squirting inside me, filling me up... I'm screaming, screaming, screaming...

And finally it subsides... and we collapse into a slippery, wet, sticky, messy pile on the bed. My whole body relaxes, from the muscles in my face right down to the soles of my feet. I could melt right now. My lover has his arms around my waist and is kissing the back of my neck and murmuring to me how good it felt, how sexy I am, how much he missed it. Little ripples and aftershocks are still running through me. We lie together for a little longer, and then he props himself up and pulls his cock out of me.

I roll onto my side. I touch his face, brush his hair out of his eyes. I ask "How was Italy?"

"Amazing," he says. He runs his fingers through my hair. "I'll tell you everything later."

I press my body against his, kiss his earlobe, and whisper "Is there anything you want right now?"

I can feel him smile. He says "I want to do this at your place."

My eyes pop open. When I use my dildo at home I've always got one corner of my pillow stuffed into my mouth. I think of my neighbors and the building super and probably even the people across the alley finding out that I'm a queer who loves to get fucked. Honestly, I'm a little excited. "My place is small," I remind him. "I've got that stupid twin bed. My feet hang off the edge."

"Oh," he says, "I have no intention of fucking you in your bed. I want to start with your kitchen table..."

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