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Screw Your Roses, Asshole


© 2017 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts her moral right to be identified as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review.

Okay, this was a fast fun story to write that I finished off in a screaming hurry between other writing projects except in the end it wasn't that fast. It's written for the 2018 Literotica Valentine's Day Competition (after I started it for the 2017 Valentine's Day Competition and didn't get it completed in time) and okay, it's about 40k words / 11 LIT pages so it's not a short one. What else can I say? Valentine's Day. Roses. First Time. Definitely not a Romance although there's Love in there. Non-Consent / Reluctance, Gangbang. Revenge. It just all came together. Hope you enjoy.... Chloe

* * * * * * * *

You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me

But we are never ever ever ever getting back together

Like, ever...

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", Taylor Swift

Screw Your Roses, Asshole

"I'll give my all to you, you're my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I'm winning, 'Cause I give you all of me, And you give me all of you ..... I give you all of me, And you give me all of you, oh oh...." My voice faded away.

Leaving the mike, I smiled at the non-existent applause and jumped down of the small stage, leaving Sadie and Megan and Sandy to keep playing background music. Me? I needed a drink real bad and I wanted to puke. Playing saccharine music in bars did that to me. God, what wouldn't I have given to be doing a Nightwish cover. Or, and bite me if you don't like her, Pat Benatar. Miley maybe. Taylor Swift even. God, anything except this sentimental pap.

"Doing real good up there, Alex." Mikhail pushed a drink at me across the table in the corner where he was hiding out. Definitely not his kind of bar and he wasn't their kind of customer. My kind of guy though. Definitely. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed and hunky with those chiseled cheekbones. Worked out and it showed. I just looked at him and I melted every time. Why he was dating me and not some blonde cheerleading slut I had no idea.

Maybe coz he loved me? I liked that thought. He hadn't ever said it though.

"Hey, it's all good experience." He gave me a grin. And that drink.

"Yeah, I know, I know." Bacardi and coke. I needed that. Badly. Free drinks and a hundred bucks, that's what we were being paid and it wasn't like we could drink much and still play. Not me, anyhow. Asian alcohol intolerance; that was me. Two shots of Bacardi and I'd be giggling. Half a dozen and I'd be on the floor.

Anyhow, we weren't exactly making the big bucks for playing four hours of background music. At least I was getting requests and nobody was cat-calling or booing. Or, god forbid, throwing things at us. That hadn't happened for a while now. Not since two weeks ago at that dodgy bar and it's no fun being called a gook slut by a bunch of drunken assholes when you're trying to sing. That'd been a totally Blues Brothers moment and I'd never have gotten that either except Mikhail liked that movie and I'd watched it with him.

Mikhail shrugged. "You guys got a gig tomorrow night, Alex?"

I shook my head. "No, just this one tonight. And next Friday. Every frigging Friday for the next month." Maybe I should've said yes when they asked if we could do Saturday's as well, but hey, I'd been optimistic. We'd land another gig, maybe get to do something a bit more edgy and that manager at that Nightschool Club had been kind of interested in us playing there and they went for kind of more edgy music.

We'd have had to wear school uniforms but whatever, they wanted edgy music. That was what I wanted to do. Edgy. Metal even, like Mikhail's band. Metal, that'd be so cool. We did these amazing covers of Nightwish's Amaranth and Sleeping Sun whenever we got the chance, which so far was never. I could cover Tarja anytime. Any! Time!

"Wanna come along to our gig next Saturday, maybe do some backing vocals?" Mikhail's band did death metal, they were starting to make a name for themselves. Playing pretty much every weekend.

"Sure." I was smiling. Their gigs were fun, they even had fans. Fans that cheered and yelled and screamed. Even backing vocals was okay. Maybe they'd even give me a spot for a song, they did covers too and hey, what can I say? I covered Tarja like you wouldn't believe. Way better than that bitch, Laney. Waaaay better.

"Better get back up." He gave me a grin. Sadie was looking at me.

And the bar manager was next to us. "Gotta request for you, Ms. Wong." He grinned. "Old dude over there wants you to do Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. Know that one?"

"Sure we can do that one." I finished my drink, jumped back up onto the little stage. Time for some more schmaltz. Another hour and I'd be done the Roberta Flack impersonations.

* * *

Gig done. Mikhail helped Sadie and Megan and Sandy load their gear in Sadie's old van that one of her brother's had given her for her eighteenth birthday. I lugged my amp and speakers and guitar out to my beat up old wagon. Mom's old car that she'd given me this year for my eighteenth birthday, an old Corolla wagon. It was actually older than me. Stood around outside dividing up the cash. Twenty five bucks each. Gas money split. My share'd half fill the tank. I was losing on this, I'd used half a tank just getting here. At least we weren't playing for free. We'd done that last year.

"Wanna park somewhere on the way home?" Mikhail asked, once we were out on the freeway. His hand rested on my leg, sending little shivers through me.

I thought about it, but no, Mom and Dad, they'd be expecting me home. They'd worry. They'd call if I wasn't home on time. I'd already called them to tell them we were leaving. They knew Mikhail was with me, they didn't worry so much when he came along, even though they didn't like him that much. Guess Mikhail was the lesser of the two evils. At least they'd let me go ahead with the band and the gigs, they hadn't put their feet down and said no. Amanda's parents had, which was a frigging disaster coz she was way and beyond better on the keyboards than Sadie. That'd been a total bitch.

"Come inside with me when we get home, we can go down to the basement." Mom and Dad left us alone down there, but I always knew they were upstairs. Besides, it stopped Mikhail from getting too carried away.

"Okay, sure." Mikhail knew my parents. He knew me too.

I knew he wanted me to get carried away. I wanted that too, but, well, I'd never done it before and I was, you know, just a little bit scared. Going all the way, that was some sort of commitment. I'd didn't want to be a date, use and discard kind of girl. Before I gave him what he wanted, I wanted some sort of commitment.

Mikhail wasn't really the sort of guy that committed.

* * *

An hour and a half later, in the basement at home, I was getting carried away, despite my parents being upstairs. They never came downstairs when I was down there with Mikhail. As long as I was at home, they were okay. But still, parents, upstairs. What if this was the one time they did come downstairs. They were worried enough about me dating a gweilo to start with. I'd been dating Mikhail for almost two years, and they were still worried. If they knew what was happening right now, yeah, they'd be really worried.

"Ohhhh ....ooohhhh....oohh ... Mikhail ... I love you .... I love you...." That black evening dress I'd worn for the gig was bunched up around my waist, Mikhail had his hand inside my panties and I was kind of really embarrassed they were the boring white cotton ones. Not even bikini panties. Comfortable, but not exactly that sexy image a girl wants to have when her boyfriend's seeing next to everything.

Mikhail didn't seem to care what they looked like though and with his finger inside me, I'd just about stopped caring about anything except how he was making me feel. Out of my mind pretty much summed that one up. He was trying to ease my panties down and I was kind of not sure that I wanted to stop him either. It didn't help that my evening dress was a halter-necked v-front and I hadn't been wearing a bra and he'd unfastened the halter and he was alternating between kissing me and kissing my boobs and both were really really good.

As in, I was doing my best to push all of one boob into his mouth good. That kind of good.

"Alex ... Alex ... I gotta ... I gotta .... You're driving me fucking crazy, girl... I want you .... I want you...I want you Alex .... I want you..."

"You do? You really do, Mikhail?" His finger inside me was so good, sliding inside me, pressing against me, stroking me inside and his thumb was playing me like a guitar and somehow doing things to my clitoris that made me want to arch my back and just squeal and I was so wet and hot and wanting more. Lots more. But I wanted him to say he loved me first.

"I want you, Alex, I want you," and he was sucking on my boob and his tongue was doing things to my nipple that shouldn't be allowed and Jesus, my brain was just short-circuiting.

"I love you .... Oh god ... Mikhail ... Mikhail...I love you ... I love you," and I wasn't stopping him when he finally managed to push my panties all the way down to my knees and I was holding his head with both hands while he sucked on my boob and my hips were just moving on their own and my knees were trying to spread so wide apart and they would have except that my panties stopped them and his hand. Oh Jesus, what his hand was doing to me.

"Alexmmmphhhhh." His mouth lifted from my boob for a moment but I was so close and my hands pulled him back down again and my boob was all in his mouth and I climaxed like it was the fourth of July. Fireworks. My butt was off the couch and pushing at his hand and Jesus it was so good and I wasn't seeing stars, it was more like supernova's and my pussy was just dancing on his finger and "ooohhhhh ... ooohhhh Jesus ohhh Mikhail oohhh God Jesus Mikhail I love you I love you I love yooooouuuu."

"Jesus Alex, I want you," and he was unzipping his jeans and trying to pull my panties all the way off as I lay there doing the hyperventilation thing, thinking to myself oh fuck that was good, that was better than good, that was amazing and if I don't do something he's going to do me.

"I know," I gasped, holding on to my panties with one hand, then pulling them back up and we weren't going all the way, not until he said he loved me. "I know, I want you to ... but not now, Mikhail..." and I was moving, sliding around, kneeling over him and my hand found his cock and yeah, I gave a good blowjob coz I'd had a lot of practice with Mikhail and that's what Mikhail was getting tonight.

"Fuck," he groaned as I slid my lips over him and down his cock, my tongue swirling on his cockhead as he filled my mouth. His hips jerked, his hands clutched at my hair and this wasn't going to take long.

I loved Mikhail's cock and I know guys didn't call their cocks beautiful, but it was. It was gorgeous. Rigidly hard, long and thick, blue veins straining under that silky white skin and I loved that taste of him as I ran my tongue around the rim of that swollen cockhead, felt him shudder as I cupped his balls with one hand and slid my lips down his shaft as far as I could, until the tip of his cock touched the back of my mouth.

Pausing, my tongue on his shaft, sucking back up, drawing my lips up his length and off, kissing the tip gently as I held him in one hand, admiring that wonderful cock and shivering at the thought of him doing to me what he wanted to do to me with this and god, I was so wet and hot and for a moment I thought about it but no. I kissed the tip gently, licked it, licked up one side, then the other, breathing hard myself, feeling my own wetness on my thighs.

Stroking him slowly with my fingers and licking him, my head lowered, licking him slowly from the base all the way to the tip, my tongue flickering over him, enjoying his hands stroking my hair. Enjoying the tenseness of his body as I cupped his balls in one hand and stroked his length with the other and ran my tongue over that silky hardness. Without a pause, I opened my mouth wide, took him in my mouth, slid my lips down his shaft, down until the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat again and my lips met my fist where I clasped him.

I sucked hard, licking him as I pulled back, licking the tip as I lifted my mouth from him, blowing air over the tip, feeling his body tense as my mouth slid down his length once more. I sucked my way back up, lifted my mouth from him, smiled up at him as I very gently stroked his balls and his cock, both hands working.

"You really want me?" I whispered, my eyes looking up at him as I licked the tip again, ran my tongue around his glans and I loved what I was doing to him.

"Oh fuck yeah, Alex" he groaned, one hand stroking my head, the other entwining itself in my hair. "I fucking do, I want you so fucking much."

I licked him again, rubbing his cock against my nose, my cheek, rubbing my face against his saliva coated length, licking him again, sliding my lips over that swollen head and pausing, sucking, licking, bobbing my head slowly now, moving my lips and my tongue on the upper half of his length, my hand holding him now, not stroking him, loving the taste of him in my mouth, loving his excitement, enjoying his hard eagerness and those little jerks from his hips.

I worked my head up and down on him now, looking up at him as I sucked and licked, sliding my lips up and down his shaft. I could feel his rising excitement through his body, the tension in his thighs, his hands where he stroked my hair, held my head, his breathe coming faster and faster.

"Oh fuck yeah, Alex," he groaned, "suck on me baby ... oh fuck yeah, suck me like that, Alex, that's so fucking good."

I smiled around his cock, and now my hand was stroking him slowly as I worked my mouth on him, and I loved the feel of his skin sliding over the hardness beneath, loved his cock filling my mouth, loved the taste of him as I swallowed. His hips were jerking now, he was pushing his cock up into my mouth, his hand holding my head, pressing my mouth down further on his cock. My jaw was starting to ache from sucking on his shaft but I didn't care. I wanted him to feel good, I wanted him to enjoy this, I wanted to satisfy him and I was going to suck him until he finished in my mouth.

It wasn't going to take long either coz his hands had taken control now, holding my head on his cock, his hips jerking, pushing, thrusting, his cock moving in my mouth and I loved that. Loved his excitement and his need and the way he wanted me and what I was doing to him and there was that moment where I was so tempted to just lift my mouth from him and slide up him and kiss him and tell him to do it to me.

"Fuck, Alex," he groaned, "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum ... you're going to make me cum..."

I sucked and licked him eagerly, feeling his cock brushing my throat, not really sucking on him now so much as keeping my mouth wide open so that he could ease his cock in and out, using my lips and tongue and mouth to help him reach his release, a release I knew was coming soon as his movements became more and more urgent.

"Ohhhh fuck, Alex .... uughhhh ..... uuughhhhh." He grunted, his hands holding my head, hips jerking, his cock spurting out his cum against the roof of my mouth.

I did my best to seal my lips around him, swirling his cockhead with my tongue as I gulped and swallowed, gulped and swallowed, his cum flooding my mouth, hot and thick and acrid. I loved the taste of his cum now and I managed to swallow it all as fast as he filled my mouth, swallowing and swallowing again and again as his cum pumped out in spurt after spurt, the volume slowly decreasing until with a last shuddering jerk he finished.

I kept his cock in my mouth as he subsided, panting, sucking gently, my tongue licking him clean as I swallowed the last of his cum. He was looking down at me now, smiling, breathing hard, satisfied. My eyes watched him as I drew my mouth of him slowly, sat back on my heels, licking my lips, tasting him, enjoying that taste.

"Good?" I breathed, smiling. Licking my lips. Sliding over to lie beside him, my head on his shoulder. "I love you, Mikhail."

"Yeah, babe, I know you do." His arm was around me and I wanted him to say he loved me but he didn't. He held me though, and that was almost perfect. I really wished he'd say something else though, like he loved me or something.

"But you're a bit of a cock-tease, Alex."

Which wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear.

* * *

"Want me to put your gear in my car?"

"Sure." That Saturday night gig was over, Mikhail's band were packing up. Me, I was wired. Last night our gig had gone really well. The place'd been full, they'd loved our saccharine music, we'd got applause, we'd got asked to do requests and the manager'd paid us double so I'd actually made enough to cover gas.

Tonight? Mikhail's band's gig had been awesomely great and they'd played to a packed out club and he'd got to do some great solo guitar riff's and he was just the best. A couple of drinks and I'd got to cover a track when Laney needed a break to sober up a bit and yeah, it was Amaranth, and I'd got applause. Real honest to god applause.

More than Laney had gotten all night. I was totally buzzing and it was even better that Laney was really angry with me. Bite me, bitch. Shouldn't get hammered when you're the lead vocalist and I'd had three or four more to celebrate and I was, um yeah, I was staggering.

"Can you drive?" I asked, "My head's, like, totally spinning."

"Sure," Mikhail said and we did, taking off as soon as his guitar and amp were in, Mikhail driving.

"Wanna park somewhere?" Mikhail asked, once we were closer to home. He was driving coz this time I'd drunk way too much and even two hours later I was still feeling those bacardi's. His hand rested on my leg, sending little shivers through me and it didn't help that I was wearing a short skirt.

I'd called Mom and Dad when we left but this time it was a three hour drive but hey, you played where you got the gigs. I knew that one really well. I'd told Mom and Dad that Mikhail was driving, we'd need a coffee break on the way home but we hadn't stopped except that once and we were way ahead of when they'd expect to see me back. Mikhail drove fast. Way faster than me.

I thought about that for a moment, looked at the time. We had plenty. Almost an hour. "Okay."

"In the back?" Mikhail asked and he had that wicked look in his eye.

We only had his amp and guitar in the back of my old wagon and the back seats were folded down. I left them like that most of the time. Lots more room in the back. Warm night too.


He drove on for a bit longer and there was that breathless feeling inside me as he turned into the park down the road from my parents' house. Big carpark, lots of trees, great spot to park up and make out and when we did park, which wasn't very often coz I always had to be back far too early, this was usually where we were. We parked. That breathless feeling inside me grew as we scrambled into the back. A feeling I always had with Mikhail when I knew we were about to make out. Breathless anticipation with that frisson of fear that he'd finally take me where I wanted to go but was so scared of going.

In the back and lying together, his arm under me, his other hand busy pushing my top up and tonight I made it easy for him by peeling it over my head and using it was a pillow. Unhook my bra and shrug it off and he was smiling down at me as his hand cupped one boob, his thumb teasing my nipple and that was so good that I was pushing my boob up at his hand and he smiled that wicked smile and slowly, very slowly, he kissed me. Lips brushing mine gently, tongue teasing, teasing my mouth open, slipping into my mouth, dancing with my tongue.

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