Immense gratitude to author/editor SueDanym for editing this under pressure. This doctor of words identifies, diagnoses and then treats each of my verbal maladies with the appropriate therapy. Follow the link to the author's story page, and you'll find no one can make consensual sadism/masochism as tender, affectionate and orgasmic as this writer.


Chad blinked his eyes in confusion as he awoke in an alcohol fog. Even though his mouth felt like it was full of cotton, he knew it wasn't morning because his head wasn't yet throbbing from a hangover. Why was he awake?

He felt something pull on his left arm and thought it was someone trying to wake him. That made him angry. He pulled his arm back sharply and raised his head to see who was bothering him.

He saw a woman in her underwear, but she wasn't holding onto him. As she noticed him looking at her, she laughed. Again, he felt his arm being pulled away from his pillow. This time there was resistance as he pulled it back.

He lay on his stomach, in his usual sleeping position, with his arms around the pillow. As he pulled against the force on his left arm, he became aware that his right arm was not in a normal position either. It was stretched out, in front of his body.

He tied to pull it back and found he couldn't bring it closer. Suddenly, he was wide awake. He lifted his head and looked around. As he did, he heard the woman speaking.

"Wakey, wakey, Chad! Surprise!"

He saw that his right wrist had a thick material tightly wrapped around it. A rope was attached to the wristlet, and that was pulling his arm straight. The rope went over the top of the mattress. He slid and saw that it disappeared under the bed. He turned to his left and looked up at the woman. She was holding a piece of rope.

He tried to speak, but cloth had been stuffed in his mouth. He moved his jaws and pushed the material with his tongue, but he couldn't spit it out.

"Nothing you can do about the right arm, Chad," the woman said. "Let's have a tug o' war with the left. I've greased the rope, so it will easily slide back and forth.

"As you can see, I'm not very big, but I'm strong for my size. Of course, my strength is nothing compared to your nice muscles. What makes this contest even is that you're lying on the bed, so it's harder for you to use anything except your arm muscles.

"The way I've got this rope wrapped under your bed and then out to the side lets me use all my muscles, especially in my back and legs. And, I've got two more advantages."

Chad wasn't paying attention to her. He focused on pulling his left arm with all his might to bring it over to his right arm so he could unfasten the restraint on his right wrist and escape.

He moved his arm a few inches in the right direction as he strained. Then he felt more resistance. Though he tried hard, his arm was moving slowly in the wrong direction.

Looking up, he saw the woman holding the rope had climbed onto the bed's narrow ledge. She stood in her bare feet, leaning back. While smiling, she looked at him and spoke again.

"See! You're strong, but I've got weight and leverage. I can use my entire body weight and the leverage I've created by winding the rope under the bed."

As she spoke, Chad felt his left arm being stretched toward the top of the mattress. He grunted and squirmed and tried to roll his body. His arm muscles gradually gave out and the rope pulled his arm straight.

When that happened, the woman jumped off the bed and crouched down. He heard her doing something under the bed. When she stood and came into view again, she was no longer holding the rope.

He examined her closely for the first time. She wasn't large. It was hard to tell how tall she was from his position, but he estimated she wasn't more than five feet. She was wearing sheer lingerie, and he could see a dark thick bush under her panties. Through her matching bra, he could clearly see her nipples, which looked erect. Her breasts were large and firm, and from what he could see, her ass was round and hard. She wasn't soft anywhere. Her whole body was toned, and it was obvious that she worked out.

"Like what you see?" she asked and laughed again.

Her laughter was dark and unsettling. Who was she?

When she spoke again, it was as if she had read his mind.

"Let me introduce myself. My name, for today, is Kyra, and I'm here because you've been screwing around. But, that's over and now you're screwed. This is just the finale, the climax, the celebration. This is Independence Day."

Chad knew it was the Fourth of July and the hottest day of this summer. Like every year, he had been playing softball with his high school buddies while getting wasted. The blazing sun had made them consume even more beer than usual. The others had been taken home by their wives to sober in time for the evening fireworks. His wife, Mia, was visiting her parents, so one of the other couples had dropped him off at home.

The woman stopped speaking, pivoted and walked away. He turned his head and twisted his body to see what she was doing. Occasionally, he caught a glimpse of her legs, but mostly she was out of sight. He heard her humming softly while making non-descript noises. What was she doing?

Chad frantically looked around as much as he could. He tested the ropes that held his arms apart. He was able to move a bit forward and make the rope looser until his head hit the headboard. But, he couldn't reach down between the mattress and the headboard to untie the ropes. His body and legs were free to move in any direction. He moved his legs under him and got on his knees. That didn't help, so he lay flat again.

The room became quiet. Had she left? He put his head on the pillow and waited. There was no sound. He raised his head and looked to his right. Nothing. He looked to his left and saw her bare legs standing next to the bed. He turned his head to look up at her.

As he did, he saw her arms raised high above her head. Her hands held an object, which he couldn't identify. In a flash, she brought down her arms so fast he barely saw them move. As she did, he heard a whistling sound. Then his butt exploded in pain, eliciting a loud cry. The scream was muffled by the material in his mouth. It came out as more of a sigh.

Involuntarily, his head snapped back from the pain and then sunk down into the pillow. At the same time his body jerked, then twisted and, finally, collapsed.

He lay there panting like a dog as pain radiated from his ass. The woman spoke again.

"I wondered how long it would take for you to finally look at me. I wanted you to see the what I'm using on you. What you just felt was my long riding crop made from spring steel and coated with black resin varnish. It has a small threaded leather tail attached to the tip.

"I was hired Liz. I'm not from around here. As you can tell from my accent, I'm not even from this country. If you want to see me again, you'll have to search Web for my videos. You could identify me to the police and try to persuade them to extradite me without proof. I've already set up a solid alibi in my home country, in case you were wondering. Also, you should know I work for a company that has some heavy protection. In other words, it wouldn't be wise for you to track me down.

"The reason I'm here is that you tried to screw your wife. She hung on through all your affairs that you barely tried to hide because she loved you and hoped you would grow up some day and the two of you could start a family.

"Disrespect and humiliation are one thing, but when you tried to screw her, she finally had enough. That's why I'm here.

"You are stupid and careless. Dozens of people who work at the bank, not only your wife's best friend, knew about the affair you're having with your boss. Liz was so upset, she decided on her own to spy on you and Delaney. That's how Mia found that, in between fucks, you and Delaney were planning to screw your wife.

"There was no pre-nup, so you could have waited until her parents died and then divorced Mia. You might have gotten some of the huge estate she's going to inherit. But that wasn't soon enough for that greedy bitch, Delaney.

"You went along with her plan to suck a bunch of money and convertible assets out of both Mia's and her parents' accounts and hide everything in offshore accounts. Delaney worked it out so well that you would have gotten away with it if Liz hadn't recorded your conversations.

"Liz found out Delaney went so far as to look into life insurance policies for your wife. There's no recording of her telling you about that, so Mia thinks you didn't know, but Liz is convinced the two of you were preparing an accident to make things easier for them.

"Anyway, all your plans to screw Mia are history. They've been replaced by a plan that totally screws you. Delaney gets the shaft, too. Think of it as karma."

Chad's head was on the pillow. As Kyra stopped speaking, he heard her moving around again as the room became lighter. Lifting his head slightly, he saw a bright light shining directly at him. When he moved his head from side to side, he saw lights in every direction.

Suddenly, there was a hand at his mouth pulling out whatever had been stuffed in there. Before he could speak, he heard the hissing sound again. As contact was made, he bellowed, and this time there was no gag to stifle the sound.

Kyra didn't stop with one stroke. She continued lashing him with all her might. At first, the crop tore into his butt cheeks. But as she went on, his body moved and twisted to avoid the strokes, even though his mind knew he was trapped. As a result, many of Kyra's strokes landed on his upper thighs.

He continued to scream and writhe as the crop scourged his flesh. After about a dozen strokes, one of his contortions put his testicles directly in Kyra's trajectory. As soon as the crop connected, Chad felt a different kind of pain. His scream was even louder and more piercing.

The room began spinning around him. As he passed out, he noticed that Kyra had stopped whipping him. She gazed at him intently.


When he came to, he heard her voice.

"You're with us again, Chad. How do you feel between your legs?"

Chad sputtered and tried to think of what to say. Before he could reply, Kyra spoke again.

"That was a rhetorical question. I don't want you to say anything. If you try, I'm going to stuff underwear into your mouth again. So listen."

Chad stopped trying to talk.

"That was part one of your epic screw finale. Before part two, I need to tell you how much you've already been screwed.

"Liz not only got back all the money Delaney stole, she also managed to get hold of all your assets. That includes money you had prior to your marriage. The house doesn't matter since it's still in the name of your wife's parents. She got all of Delaney's money, too. That Liz is a real firecracker.

"The original plan was to leave you with nothing when Mia moved away and hid from you with a new identity.

"But then your Liz persuaded her to change the plan. Why should Mia leave her friends and home? So, you lucked out. You're getting alimony.

"When you sign the divorce papers, you'll get enough money to move across the country. You and Delaney can find a town where you can get an entry level job at the local bank. Don't count on any references from your current employer, though, since all anyone at the office will know is that you decided to leave without notice. There might be enough money to buy a junk car and pay the first month's rent on a crappy apartment.

"The alimony you will receive is actually your and Delaney's money. Mia isn't going to touch it. After you've moved, you'll get a payment every month, even after the court let's Mia stop. You'll get all of it because she's not a double-crossing, cheating thief.

"Liz is sure that Delany would abandon you as soon as she finds out you've been screwed, but this way, she'll stick to you like glue until the alimony stops. She hopes the two of you will make each other miserable.

"If you, or Delaney, are stupid enough to fight this settlement -- or if either of you returns to this state -- not only will the alimony stop, but the recordings Liz made will be turned over to the district attorney. They aren't admissible in court, but they'll spark enough interest for the DA to look at a lot of other evidence that your wife now possesses. A top criminal defense attorney went over it and said it's more than enough to convict Delaney and you on federal charges, and it's all admissible.

"If that's the route you choose, you and Delaney can live wherever you want -- once you've served your prison sentences. Delaney's inquiries into life insurance might even garner a conspiracy to commit murder charge. You could end up in the slammer for a long time.

"Your wife thinks you're smart enough to take the deal, but just in case, we've been careful. I flew in to an airport far from here, and Liz friend picked me up before we both picked up your wife.

Chad's head jerked up and turned left and right.

"Yes, they're both watching, but I'm doing all the talking. Wait a second."

Kyra turned off one of the floodlights on the left of the bed.

"Blink your eyes a few times and then turn your head to the left."

Chad followed her instructions and saw a form sitting in a chair. He squinted until he could focus. It was dark, but the figure looked like Mia. He narrowed his eyes. Yes, it was Mia's face, but he couldn't see well enough to make out her expression. Then the bright light went back on, and he turned his head away quickly.

"Where was I? Oh yes, your wife is visiting her parents by herself because they don't like you. She told them you were separating. You can imagine how happy that made them. They never understood why she stayed with you.

"She took her car in for servicing yesterday, and it's locked up at the dealer's. Her parents went to the annual fireworks party at their country club. Mia sent them to celebrate Independence Day without her because she didn't want to run into any old friends. They left her without a car and won't be home until nearly midnight.

"When I sent her the one-letter text signal that we were outside and the street was empty, she snuck out of the house. No one knows she's here. When we're done, we'll take her back, and her friend will drive me to a different airport for my flight home. So, you may think you saw her but there's certainly no evidence to back up that claim.

"It's almost time for part two and three of this Independence Day celebration. First, I'm going to turn off a couple of lights up here on your right side. If you lift your head and look that way you'll see something."

The lights went off and Chad raised his head. He saw a large monitor. A video began to play. It showed a naked man on a bed, with his arms stretched in front of him. It was him.

He wasn't moving. The video must have been made when he had passed out. A hand appeared close to the camera, temporarily blocking his body. It held a spool of what looked like shiny silver thread. Then, the hand disappeared and his unconscious body filled the screen again, as Kyra spoke.

"That was strong metallic filament used for sewing luggage."

In the video, hands were Chad's legs and pulling them apart. One hand reached between his legs, grabbed his balls and pulled them back and up. The other hand came in, covered his balls and then moved away. The camera zoomed in and Chad saw a loop of the shiny silver thread around his ball sack. The silver line extended from his balls to the spool.

"I put a slip knot around you like a Yo-Yo, and now I'm going to pull it tight."

Chad watched the video and saw one hand pull his balls. The other hand pushed the loop of cord down to where the ball sack was attached to his crotch and then pulled it tight.

The first hand continued pulling his balls away from his body, and his sack became very narrow and thin. Chad's eyes widened in horror. Finally, the hand stopped. It looked like the balls were more than a foot from his crotch. His sack was stretched so thin you could almost see through it.

While one hand continued to hold his balls in that position, the second hand began moving around the stretched sack. It moved so quickly that at first Chad couldn't see exactly what was happening. Then, he saw that the hand was winding the filament tightly around his scrotum.

It didn't take long until a few layers of the thread completely covered the stretched-out sack. It looked like long, shiny silver tube was attached to his crotch. Sticking out of the end of the foot-long tube were his balls. The cord was cut and tied; the hands disappeared.

"Now you know what you're feeling," Kyra said as he stared at the monitor. "It's my silver cone with two small scoops of pink peppermint ice cream. But, I prefer large scoops of purple plum.

"When I whipped you with my crop before, I came straight down as hard as I could with both hands. This time I'm only going to use one hand for greater accuracy. The strokes won't be quite as powerful. I wonder if you'll notice the difference.

"Your shiny silver sheath will be my target as your body moves around. Whenever I get close, the crop will kiss your little pink balls and leave some red marks that will grow and turn purple. It'll also make the balls start to swell. When I'm finished, I'll have my giant scoops of yummy purple plum at the end of my silver cone.

"Your balls are getting off easy. Liz had some really horrible plans for them, but Mia wouldn't hear of it. So they'll hurt when they rub against anything for a week or so. In a month, you won't be able to tell anything ever happened."

"Oh, and Chad, there's one more thing. Can you see it?"

While she spoke, Chad watched the video as two hands appeared in front of the frightening image of his balls sticking out of the long silvery tube. The hands held a long, thick, shiny, red cylinder that tapered to a narrow rounded tip. Just below the tip, wide ridges began to wind around its length, all the way to the bottom. The other end was a slightly wider, flat base. He heard Kyra's voice from above.

"It's nearly a foot long and three inches wide. Below the red plastic covering is a firm elastic core. I suggested it, because it's appropriate. It's called a screw dildo. See how the ridges go down and around it, just like threads on a screw?

"I'm showing it to you now, because the next time you pass out, I'm going to screw the whole thing into your ass. Don't worry. I'll use lots of lube and do it slowly and carefully, so there won't be any tearing or blood. When it's in, it won't feel good. Your stretched asshole will give you a pain unlike any you've ever known before. That's when you'll realize you've been totally screwed."

The screen went dark, and he heard Kyra take a few steps away and then return. Before he could think, the crop whipped through the air and ripped into his ass. He screamed and his head jerked.

He focused on positioning his legs to hide his balls. As the strokes continued, he managed to get his testicles-on-a-stick between his thighs and out of sight. He tried to block out the pain of the strokes and focus on keeping his thighs together.

His plan worked for a while. But the crop came down over his butt and thighs repeatedly, hitting the exact same spots. Large welts formed and small cuts opened, splashing specks of blood as they were hit again and again. When the crop hit those areas, it felt like a blowtorch was burning his skin, and he lost control of his body. It began to turn and flop all over the bed.

That's when he felt the first direct shot to his balls. It was a magnitude of pain beyond any that had come before. He screamed at the top of his lungs. But by that time, he was out of breath and only a small noise came out.

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