tagIncest/TabooScrewing Aunt Jen

Screwing Aunt Jen


It's a cold, late winter night. I'm at my job at the local airport. I'm employed as a baggage handler for one of the major airlines. A big storm in the Midwest has cancelled our last jet of the evening and I'm getting ready to leave early. As I walk out of the terminal, I see my Aunt Jen standing in front of one of the other ticket counters, looking at the arrivals boards.

Actually, what first caught my eye was this great ass in a pair of jeans. I chuckle to myself as I do a double take, realizing it's my aunt. Jen looks a little like Ashlyn Gere; the Adult film star. With brown hair that cascades just below her shoulders, bedroom eyes, and my favourite feature (besides her ass) a pair of great tits. After three kids, her 5'8' frame doesn't show any wear and has been the highlight of many fantasies since I was about 14 years old.

She sees me walking over and as I get a firm hug she explains that she's supposed to meet Uncle John, who's out of town on business. Turns out the same storm letting me go early, is delaying her husbands' flight 3 hours. Plus it was starting to snow here. The two of them are my favourite relatives and I visit as often as I can. She's the youngest in her family and is only about 7 years older than me. She invites me over for the dinner that was waiting for Uncle John. They just live about 20 minutes outside the city, so she was going to return later to pick up John.

She asks me to drive, because the snow was getting worse. The whole time this conversation is going on, I sneak glances at her sweater encased tits. She usually doesn't wear a bra around the house, which always makes for great viewing. Seems she left the house without one. We get to her house and all the kids greet me, the oldest of which is 7 years old. The lady next door had been watching them while mom was out. I'm saying my "hello's" as the neighbour goes home.

During all this, the phone rings. It's John and his flight has been cancelled. He'll return about noon the next day. The fantasy wheels begin to click in my head. We eat and watch some TV with the little ones. Jen puts them to bed, while I have a couple beers. I watched her ass go up the stairs to the kids rooms. Not a whole lot had been happening, socially, for me. The 3rd shift I worked had put a real cramp in the dating scene. Most of my friends had gotten married or were living with someone, so it was kind of slow. I kept seeing those tits swell under that sweater as she breathed. Great tits. When Jen returned, she grabbed herself a beer and we sat there on the couch just shooting the bull. She's real easy to talk to, and the beers flowed as it got late.

Eventually, the conversation turned to girls and what I was up to lately with the chicks. The beers had loosened me up quite a bit and I guess I started sounding pretty bummed about how things were going. Jen had gotten this concerned look on her face and I realized how pathetic I must sound. I made a couple jokes and changed the subject. We decided it was time to call it a night.

Jen was cleaning up the empties and as she bent over the coffee-table, I got a great cleavage shot. The no bra theory was confirmed. Beers and the snow decided I would spend the night. They had finished off part of the basement into a spare room, which was where I had stayed on past occasions. It was quiet, away from the kids and with a TV, it was a good a place as any to curl up. I said my good nights and Jen gave me a big hug, telling me to cheer up. Those tits pressed against me and I could feel the blood rush to my dick. She kissed me on the cheek and headed up the stairs. I went to the basement, got undressed and slid into bed to watch a little more TV.

I could still feel the hug and the way those tits felt against me. I was hard as a rock and started to stroke myself by the light of the tube. I was really starting to get worked up. I pictured Jen's tits wrapped around my dick, her looking up at me with those bedroom eyes. I closed my eyes, trying to slow down and make it last. I could feel her ass in my hands as I hugged her to me. I pushed the covers back to make room for a really good cum. Something makes me open my eyes and I see Jen standing in the doorway.

I gasped as I pull the blankets back over me. Trying to stammer out apologies and embarrassments, I sit up on the bed. Jen walks over to the bed, softly telling me it's alright and not to be upset. She is wearing a flannel robe, open in the front, over a T-shirt. One side of the robe is to the side enough that I can see her nipple is hard under the shirt. Despite the situation, I can't resist looking at that little bud, pushing out. Jen sits on the edge of the bed, telling me that everyone needs some kind of release. "Let's see what you're trying to release." she says as she pulls the covers down to my thighs. My semi-erect cock is laying against my stomach. "Hhmm.......not bad. I think I can help, if you'll let me." I was dumbfounded as she took hold of my cock and started to stroke me. "Just lay back and relax", she tells me as I pay attention, but my cock is wide awake.

After feeling my own hand for some time, her soft, knowing pumping of my cock makes me moan my approval. I reach out and fondle her tit thru the thin fabric. Those tits I dreamed about are right there, full and warm beneath my touch. I can feel her hardened nipple in the centre of my palm and I pinch it gently between thumb and forefinger. Now she does the moaning and presses against my fondling as her hand moves a little faster on my dick. She looks at me and says " Forgive me, but I got to suck this.", as if I'd have any objections!! Before I can say anything, I am in her mouth. The heat is incredible. She doesn't move at first; just swirls her tongue around the underside of the shaft. I pinch her nipple again and she starts to go up and down my dick very slowly. She cups my balls with her left hand and moves her hair out of the way with the other. I see her face in the dim light as my dick goes in and out of her mouth. One more fantasy down the drain!! Keeping my dick in her sweet mouth, she stops moving long enough to shrug off her robe. I notice her T-shirt has ridden up her thighs. Stopping my kneading of her tits, I slide my hand up her thigh. She parts her legs in anticipation. I can barely see her pussy in the light, but my fingers feel wetness. She's very wet as I play with her pussy lips. Her trimmed snatch is dripping with her juices. Stroking her lips, I spread them open and insert my finger part way. She grips my hand between her legs and slightly humps my hand. She's really working on my dick now. The sounds of her sucking seem almost too loud. I can't resist any more. It's too much. "I'm cumming!!" I warn her. She takes most of my shaft in her mouth and teases me with her tongue as I shoot my load.

Now my grunting that seems too loud, as she swallows me down. My hand is still playing with her pussy as she moves her mouth off me and strokes me a couple times. "Nicely done, nephew." she says with a giggle. "Ditto." Is about the least shocked thing I can say. She moves up along side me and kisses me on the side of the mouth. I return the kiss and it becomes a more heated exchange of tongues and lips and gasps. Jen swings her leg over me and straddles my hips. As she sits up I reach up to feel her mounds again. My now soft cock is nestled between her ass cheeks. "Would you like to see my tits now, since you've been staring at them all evening?" she asks. And with that she pulls the shirt over her head and tosses it aside. Her tits are just as I imagined. Full, with a slight sag from three kids worth of suckling, but firm as a 16 year olds. The nipples, that were so hard under the shirt, now point out from silver dollar size aureoles. The light from the TV makes little shadows behind the erect nipples. I hold them with both hands, massaging them. What was warm through the shirt is now hot flesh, pressing against my hands. My cock twitches between her cheeks and she wriggles back on me. I pinch her nipples harder than before. Jen sighs and reaches down to return the favour to my nipples. I'm completely hard now and press my hips up at her. We grind each other a little bit and with another one of those smirks, Jen lifts up her ass and my waiting cock slides into place, up into her hot cunt. We both gasp as the entire motion has taken about 5 seconds. Neither of us moves for a few moments. The feeling is just so incredible. Another of those fantasies gone. Her hair is in her face as I drop my hands to her hips. I urge her to raise up that ass and bring it back down onto my cock. An approving grunt from both of us. Up again and I thrust up as she returns to my hips. With both of us sharing in the humping, I feel like I could go forever. This beautiful woman is fucking me like I've only dreamed of. Those great tits are heaving up and down with our gyrations. I cup one with my hand while trying to keep the rhythm going. We miss our timing and my dick comes out of her pussy, just rubbing the length of my shaft. "I want you from behind, " I say as I roll her off me.

We trade places and she kneels in front of me. Getting behind her, she reaches back and guides my painfully erect cock back into her heat. "Yesss..."Jen gasps as I enter her. "Fuck me!!" Leaning forward, I can grab both her tits. I take short strokes into her snatch. I'm leaning on her back, breathing in the smell of her hair, her perfume, her sex. She wiggles and pushes back on me. As I release her tits to take hold of her hips, I fuck into her with long strokes as hard as I can. She grips the pillows and grunts into them as I slam her pussy.

Every fantasy, every daydream, every erotic thought I ever had is in each thrust. I feel like laughing out loud, because I'm having the time of my life. But I want her one more way before I cum again. I pull out and she half collapses on the bed. She turns onto her back as if she can read my mind. I get between Jen's thighs and my cock finds its way deep into her twat. We're sticking together now, as I slow down. I'm getting close again and want to feel this woman fuck as long as I can.

Jen is caressing my hair, wiping the sweat away and whispering for me to cum. To make us both cum. My slow strokes are becoming more and more deliberate as I near the edge. I feel Jen's tits against my chest, nipples hard and hot. Jen wraps her legs around me and locks her ankles.

"I'm cumming, don't stop!!" Jen cries. The combination of the heat in her thighs as they encircle me and her look as she orgasms against me, sends me over the edge. I thrust once, twice; and on the third stroke I cum like never before. We both groan in ecstasy as we hold each other. I can feel Jen's pussy gripping my cock and I bury my face in her tits. We both drift off asleep. When I wake up the next morning she's gone. We meet upstairs in the kitchen and exchange nervous 'good mornings' in front of the kids. After breakfast, while they are engrossed in cartoons, Jen hugs me and grabs me by the crotch.

"I hope this gets you off your ass and gets you out in search of that girlfriend" she says. "Fuck her like that and she's yours. But in the meantime, if the opportunity arises, save some of that loving for your old Aunt Jen!!"

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