tagMatureScrewing My Sister-In-Law

Screwing My Sister-In-Law


When I was younger I used to go visit my sister-in-law at her home. Her name was Shaista. My parents would send me there often since she lived so close. Sometimes I would be all alone with her for the entire afternoon. I was a fairly good-looking kid so most of the women in my family loved me but most especially my sister-in-law Shaista. She was always happy to see me whenever I came over. She loved my boyish face a lot, and she would always say how cute I was.

My attraction to her was also enhanced because of her great personality. She was extremely nice a very friendly and personable person. I always liked her because of that and because she was always so kind and friendly toward me. We used to talk about everything together.

I had a friend who lived in my sister in law's house. He was her husband's nephew (his elder brother's son) but that was not my real motivation for going to visit. In fact, I couldn't care less about him. He was just a stupid kid, only interested in games. For me he was just an excuse to go visit my sister-in-law and admire her beauty. Shaista was the most graceful woman I had ever seen. I was a skinny little boy when I was nineteen, which is when this incident happened. Shaista, my Bhabhi (sister-in-law), had four wonderful children; three sons aged 14, 10, and 7 and a young daughter, only six months old.

Shaista was not a ravishing beauty but she had been a beautiful woman. In all, she was a typical middle-class, middle-aged Indian woman. She was a dark, and somehow sensuous, big woman. Her face was oval with dark toned color, large black eyes, thin lips and a tiny mole on her upper lip that looked so nice. My sister-in-law had a vivacious personality and a spectacular body. She made no pretensions about trying to be a diet-conscious, trim lady; nor was she a frail teenager. She was a natural middle-aged lady who was not underplaying her age or the maturity that came with it.

She was a little heavy but had a tantalizing round ass and an adorable face. In all, she was a typical middle-class, middle-aged Indian woman. She was big, soft and cuddly: a Big Beautiful Woman. She was short; her head would only reach to a little below my shoulder now. I would say she was 5'-5" at most, but also she was fine all around. Her chest was very ample and welcoming. Her arms were twice as thick as my arms and her thighs were gracefully large.

My sister-in-law had a rather unique body. Despite being short in stature she had huge, wonderful tits. Her hips were wide and curvy. She had the shape of a typical Indian middle-aged woman, but it was really her ass that got my attention. It was perfect; so round and proportionate with the rest of her. I often hung back in the house, just to watch her walk. Her butt swung around, especially when she was walking. She was exactly my kind of woman, all woman. I enjoyed my visits there, if only to see Shaista Bhabi walking around.

I could not help myself; all I could think about was what she would look like without the clothes that she was wearing. In my imagination my fantasies went even further than that. I imagined the kind of absolute pleasure it would be to have her on top of me, slowly penetrating her, sinking my cock into those folds, my slim body surrounded by the rich elegance of my sister-in-law's curves. I could have buried my entire body between those wide hips. Looking back on my teen years, I could have been so much more sexually active, knowing now how desirable I really was back then! She was object of my secret desire. But I was trying so hard to be a good boy for her.

It often seemed to me that Shaista and my cousin were having marital problems. I think it was because my cousin was much older than Shaista. She was just out of school when they got married. My cousin was a nice man, but it didn't seem like he cared about their marriage. In our culture men never think about women, and they think that women have no desire for sex.

It all began rather innocently; the first time it happened I was eighteen. I was there at her home while she was feeding her daughter. One huge breast was bare while she was feeding her. I was in shock, as I had never seen a woman's bare breast and I couldn't believe someone could be so outrageous. My eyes were stuck to her breast; it was so creamy I thought she was full of milk. I licked my dry lips, trying not to groan. I knew it was really indecent to look but I couldn't help myself. I was at that age when anything sexual really caught my attention. Even a photo of a woman's breast was enough to get me to cum in a short amount of time.

The view my Bhabi was offering me here was rich. Her ample, naked breast was making me hard and uncomfortable. I enjoyed the sight of her nude breast but I was also trying not to look lecherous. I had to control myself because I really felt like licking that overflowing breast. She couldn't see me and so I stared at them for few minutes like a complete pervert. It was like I was seeing my Bhabhi for the first time. I still can't explain it but she looked completely different to me. I couldn't stop myself from wishing it was my mouth instead. My cock was hard now and I hoped that Shaista Bhabhi wouldn't catch me.

This amount of unwitting and unplanned voyeurism was enough to make me feel as though I wanted to grab her and fuck her hard. I wished I had her breasts in my mouth. I wanted to take Bhabhi's nipples in my mouth and suckle her breasts. I wanted to grab both her tits in my hands. I came back to my senses when Bhabhi noticed my persistent staring, and my beautiful sister-in-law quickly covered herself but not fully. Little was left to exposed to my eyes, although I could tell she was still hiding a lot inside of her dress. It was like a bell went off in my head. "I've got to find a way to fuck that woman," I said to myself. Her half breast was still in my gaze, while she laughed out a sort of embarrassed, "Oh you!"

She didn't care much about what had just happened and continued to feed her daughter in front of me. She was looking at me with a foxy smile on her face, and she didn't stop feeding. It was at that time that I first realized just how beautiful she really was. The sight of her breasts fascinated me. At night, I held my cock in my palm, my fingers stretched along the length of it and rubbing ever so delicately. And then I closed my eyes, imagining what I was doing to Shaista Bhabhi. Unable to control myself, I sighed whispering loudly bhabhi's name, "Shaista." I would come quickly, spurting hard into my own hand, imagining it was Shaista Bhabhi 's cunt.

That night, I couldn't sleep until I had relived those few minutes I enjoyed my sister-in-law breasts. In bed under the sheets, I couldn't stop myself from masturbating, images of Shaista Bhabhi obsessing my imagination, fuelled by my strong souvenirs of that interlude, which seemed so long ago but so fresh in my memory. After that incident I casually followed her whenever she was feeding. I went to sleep thinking about her. I woke up thinking about her. When I awoke, I was hard again -- for Shaista Bhabhi. Shaista Bhabhi, the object of my eternal desire, though I knew that was remote from reality, young and fanciful as I was.

I was crazy! Crazy for my older sister-in-law Shaista Bhabhi! Crazy in love, crazy in lust, I couldn't tell which, but I knew I wanted her more then I ever wanted anything in my life!

She noticed my glances since that day when I had seen her feeding her baby. I couldn't help sneaking lustful looks at her every time she was around. I know my Bhabhi caught me looking at her a number of times, and even though I would just about die of embarrassment, she always smiled and gave her dark oily hair a toss, as if to say, "look at me some more!" Don't get me wrong; I am in love with my Bhabhi, and of course I felt guilty at first about my sudden interest in my sister-in-law, but I couldn't seem to stop myself.

I suppose that was the first time I realised that I had really strong feelings for my sister-in-law but I'm not sure when I actually began looking at her in a sexual way. It may have been from the day I saw feeding her baby or it may have been before then, but she had me ogling her and having impure thoughts in no time at all. From Shaista Bhabhi's side, there was only a small change in all this, but it was a very important change. When I was at her home, she occasionally touched me. It was almost nothing, but it made my heart leap and my already hard cock jerk too.

At first, she seemed oblivious to my sudden attraction, but after we spent more and more time together, it started to look like she was going out of her way to get my attention. I began to notice many times that she was flirting with me.

I realized that Shaista, my Bhabhi, had become the lady of my dreams and I these urges to see more of my beautiful Bhabhi grew stronger. She was always throwing herself at me, flirting with me at every opportunity, telling me in a suggestive manner that her husband and she did not have a good relationship. When a sexy, mature Bhabhi is putting herself on a plate for you the way Shaista Bhabhi was with me, well, I would have had to be an angel to resist.

I secretly wanted Shaista to notice my hard-on, so obviously sticking out through my shilwar. I was completely fascinated by her luscious, superbly feminine body, and when she was around I couldn't stop staring at her. Whenever she walked I always had to tear my eyes away from her ass as it swayed delightfully from side to side.

I always thought, "How big are those breasts? How nice and wide her hips are! How much flesh she has down there; how soft and tight her flesh would be!" I fantasized about having those great thighs wrapped around my head or fucking that great ass. It bothered me at first that she was my sister-in-law but those thoughts soon faded. My physical attraction to her was too natural and too real and I couldn't deny it.

She was more graceful than any other woman in our family, or any others that I have met. Her presence always excited me sexually. I sensed that she felt the same in my presence. I wanted to lick and suck those breasts so badly. I wanted to adore them. I could almost feel their rich texture melting under my tongue. I spent more time trying to find excuses to be around her as much as possible.

She was a mature woman who had a lot of experience. Soon she noticed my frequent stares and frequently displayed coy glimpses of her cleavage. She would often bend over before me, giving me a nice view of her ass, just to make me my cock hard. She started to show off herself, and she had a lot to show. When she was feeding her baby, whether for her own comfort or for teasing me, she sometimes would wear a qameez and nothing else underneath it. Her swollen tit globes, unconfined in a qameez, capped with their dark nipples, jiggled temptingly. The most erotic part was that she wasn't directly trying to tease or seduce me.

I flirted with her constantly, sometimes rather obviously, especially when she encouraged me. What surprised me, however, was that my sister-in-law was flirting back. She was very sweet and playful, especially when we were alone in the house. Every time she caught me staring, she would start laughing, asking me what was wrong. I would always play dumb, contain my smile and then say something funny. It always started very innocently but with that kind of complexity it could lead to something else.

I wasn't sure, but it really seemed like she was flirting with me as well, because I always found her looking at me with interest. Whenever our eyes met I found her blushing and looking at the floor. She was trying to send me a message. It was not until she started giving me those looks that I really began to believe that this woman wanted what I wanted.

I started to feel more confident around her. I could not stop myself from masturbating at least twice a day when I had seen her. By a magnificent stroke of good luck I got my chance one day when it was mid-afternoon and I was at her house. She had something cooking on the stove. I made my way to the kitchen to ask for water. She was busy cooking something and she asked me what I'd come in for. I told her that I needed water. "One moment," she said, turning away from me and bending over to open the fridge.

She wore a shilwar; (a trousers-like baggy garment, extremely loose at the top but narrow at the bottom cuffs. There is no fly in the front and a woven string and a shoe-lace-knot is used to fasten it. Over this she wore a qameez a knee-length shirt without a collar or cuffs.

I stared at her perfect ass as she did this, her shilwar tight against her skin as she stretched them over her tight ass cheeks. Her heavy hair covered her back like a blanket on her shoulders. Her silky shilwar could barely contain her bounteous ass. I couldn't stop staring at it and wondering how my cock would feel shoved between those luscious ass cheeks. Immediately my throbbing erection grew larger as I stared at her ass crack. She fumbled around, allowing my cock to grow enormously inside my shilwar before she straightened and handed me a bottle of water.

"Take it and get the glass yourself," she said and smiled. When I looked where the glass was sitting on the counter in front of her I realised that there was no way I could reach the glass without touching my Bhabhi. I slowly stepped up behind Shaista, inches behind her. I reached for the glass, struggling to keep a distance between us. I felt my erect cock nestle between her ass cheeks. I felt her press back against me as this happened, and I heard her sigh slightly as I took the glass. Finally, grabbing the glass, I was able to remove myself.

She gave me a suspicious look and her best friendly-but-not-too-eager smile, and pretended nothing had happened. She hadn't said a word, so I was a little disappointed. I assumed she had just been teasing me. I blushed and attempted to hide it by turning around and took a long gulp from the glass. I asked her, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No thank you, I think you'd better go to the living room now", she replied.

I was too embarrassed and I was afraid that she had minded when I touched her, so I said, "Bhabhi if you want to be alone and want me to leave then I can go?"

"No, no, you can stay if you want. Actually I wouldn't mind a little company," she said. I went to living room and waited impatiently for the next occasion I would touch her, and it became soon. The house was still and quiet around us. We both knew we were alone together.

Soon she came into the living room with a tray of tea with two cups for us. I'm sure that I must have blushed, because as she leaned down to place the tray, I was afforded a wonderful view down the front of her dress. She was being careful that the drink didn't topple over and took her time about it. I felt like I was in heaven! Lace cups were restraining her big breasts.

She sat upright by my side after she set the tray on the table. As she sat down I could clearly see her soft globes temptingly swell out of her qameez tops and her duppata (a piece of clothing that comes with qameez, which is undoubtedly the most preferred Indian garment that women wear almost everywhere, and the dupatta is suppose to cover their breasts and head to protect it from prying eyes) had fallen down as she was now more informal.

We sat there and talked, catching up with each others lives while drinking the tea she had prepared for us. Her golden chain hung precariously in the valley formed by her soft sloping breasts. My eyes dropping to her chest every few seconds as my cock continued to push on my shilwar. Just the sight of her breasts made my cock hard. I was sure if I stood up then she could see the tent projecting out between my legs. I felt each throb and twitch my cock made and was hoping my sister in law didn't look over and see my shilwar move.

I crossed my legs and squeezed my cock hoping to get it down. But it was only making it harder with the constant pressure and rubbing. After some time she changed her position and I could see between her legs as she was crossing them to see her crotch, how full the cloth of her shilwar looked being tightly fit around her plump pussy.

I found myself wanting to hug her. I have always had thoughts of Bhabhi like this ever since I could remember. But since I had seen her breast during feeding it became stronger. It seemed we have gotten closer now than we ever have before. I kept imaging her body pressed against mine with fiery passion in her eyes. I wanted to make a move, but all I could think of was, "what if she didn't want me to make a move? What would happen?" I knew it wouldn't be anything but trouble, so I just sat pretending to watch TV, while sipping tea.

I took a long sip of my tea before focusing my gaze on my sister-in-law. She saw where I was looking, and her eyes quickly looked down at her own breast. But without making any move to lift her dupata back to its position she looked straight back at me with smoldering eyes. It was exciting to be sitting so close to her. I could feel the slight movements of her body each time she took a breath.

Our bodies were so close to being together and my mouth was aching to be close to her beautiful tits. She knew I was watching her breasts and she was clearly challenging me to squeeze them. I was mentally stripping her, cloth by cloth. "You look a little uncomfortable there" she said. She could see my breathing was a little short and my face red, not just from embarrassment, but from being hot as well. "No, I am fine, thank you." I tried to catch my words before turning towards my tea. Taking quick sips, trying to avoid eye contact and talking for the time being.

Then I thought, especially in her company, "some action is better than no action," so I asked her, and surprisingly my voice had become a little hoarse, "Bhabhi you have put on a bit of weight and it is not good for your health."

"I know, but I am still gaining and I can't help it. I was born chubby." She replied.

"But let me say the truth Bhabhi, it doesn't look bad, it makes you look more gorgeous," I said.

She smiled back but I saw her face go red too in appreciation and embarrassment. Still, she had been carefully watching my reactions, and laughed when she saw my startled reaction. She must have known exactly what was going through my mind.

She asked me playfully, "You like my fat?" she smiled. "I have so much of it, look here, on my tummy, look how much I've got." She placed her hand and moved it over her fat belly.

"I think you have a beautiful tummy," I replied. "What do you think? Have I become fat?" Shaista Bhabhi asked shyly, as she moved her body closer to me. "Of course not! You're not fat! You are even more beautiful now, I think your body is beautiful," I assured her in all sincerity.

"You like it?" she asked me with a smile. My heart screamed, I did not know how to answer her and so I just stammered, "yeeess."

Then I asked, "Is your tummy soft Bhabhi?" Bhabhi's eyes sparkled and she laughed merrily and the jiggle of her well-fed breasts was a real sight, "Yes! Smooth, like smooth silk." She replied, while fluttering her eyelashes.

"Smooth like silk, huh? Things were going well, I thought, and I boldly continued. I urged myself on, forcing myself to look in her eyes. "I want to feel it. May I touch it Bhabhi?" I asked quickly, afraid of the answer and nervous about asking my sister in law a question like that.

She placed her hand on her tummy and gave it a nice squeeze and laughed, "Yes! Why sure, if you want to," saying this, she presented her tummy to me, looking me over with those mascara-running black eyes. I heaved a sigh of relief, and my eyes lit up, relieved she wasn't angry or anything with me about it. "Really, Bhabhi?" I asked. "Yes! Surely," she replied.

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