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Today was the day of the big meeting my friend, Chris, and I had about our script to hopefully get it produced into being a film. We had been stressing over it all week, not letting anyone interfere with our lives.

Chris didn't even see his girlfriend for over a month. We worked ourselves over every last detail for two weeks straight, not getting any sleep until the meeting.

It was a nerve racking morning, and it was easy to tell that both of us were very stressed out and sexually frustrated with the size of our morning wood.

It was almost as if you could hear our balls screaming for a release. But there was no time for pleasure, at least not until after the meeting.

When we got to the studio, we met with our agent to go over the terms of our script with our potential buyer. We had never met with the buyer before, so Chris and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The meeting went smoothly. Chris and I talked up our script so well, that the buyer was immediately set on getting our script into further pre-production. We've never been more ecstatic, that we went out for drinks immediately after we got out of that meeting.

Chris even called up his girlfriend, Ashley, to tell her to join us. He must have been so excited to see her. We got to the bar a little before her, a place we always go to for drinks.

When Ashley showed up, both of our jaws dropped to the ground. She walked in sporting a low cut sundress, with thigh high gray socks on, and her famous black combat boots. At that point, my cock was instantly trying to bulge out of my pants, and my balls were again aching for a release.

After a few drinks, and celebratory shots, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, and Ashley was getting horny. She kept kissing up and down Chris' neck, and even glaring at me at some points. It wasn't helping my case, because I was too drunk to start a conversation with any girl there.

After Ashley got Chris all riled up, he decided it was time to take her home. The bar we were at was only about a five minute walk to our apartment, but I let them leave a little early to have some alone time.

I hung out by the bar a little bit, and then closed off our tab and walked home. When I entered our apartment, I could hear the roars of Ashley's moans coming from Chris' room.

I wasn't tired, so I just threw on my headphones and watched some netflix. Thank god for noise cancelling headphones.

The episode I was watching was just ending when I saw movement in the corner of my eye. I looked up, and Ashley was standing there staring at me, in nothing but her glasses and her thigh high socks.

I looked at her, and couldn't help but stare at her naked body. Her tits were perfect, and just stared me in my face. Her pussy was all trimmed nicely, except for a little landing strip, and I thought it was super sexy.

She noticed me staring, and giggled as she bit her lip and did a quick spin for me. At this point, I caught her glaring at the bulge in my pants and continuing to bite her lips.

Usually I would never fuck one of my friends girlfriends, but I think I got the message when Chris walked out behind her naked with a still hard cock and told me we deserved to have some fun tonight. I think she was more excited for this than I was. I needed to get laid, or at least release this load I had in me for a month.

Chris told Ashley to get down on her knees, and she did so, willingly, and started to crawl her way over to me, not breaking eye contact with me. When she got over to me, she unzipped my pants, and my cock came shooting out, smacking her in the cheek. Her eyes lit up when she saw that I was significantly bigger than Chris. I looked over at him and gave him a little smirk, because now that bet was settled.

She didn't hesitate for one second before she had my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. I was holding her head down there for as long as she could, until I heard her gag on it, and she flung her head back, bringing a huge strand of spit with it that just dripped down onto her double-d sized tits. She let out a little smile as she looked at me, running her hands down my cock, and then put it back in her mouth.

Chris walked up behind her, and started to play with her clit while she sucked me off. I could feel a little breath on my cock as she let out a slight moan when Chris' fingers went inside of her. Chris took control of her head, and slid it up and down my cock repeatedly, making sure she took all of my cock every time on her way down.

I stood up now, and Chris stopped playing with her clit. Now we both had our cocks in front of her mouth, and she went back and forth on them, getting each cock sloppier than the last time. There was an abundance of spit running down her chin and into the crevice of her tits. She started rubbing it all over them.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and followed it down to her tits, and began to titty fuck her, while Chris rammed his cock in her face. We kept going and going until she begged for one of us to fuck her in her dripping pussy. I decided I would go first. I slid my cock in instantly, and felt her pussy stretch over the thickness of my cock, and then squeeze itself onto it. I pumped in and out of her, while she sucked Chris' cock. Ashley kept getting louder and louder with every thrust I put into her, and then she came all over my cock, squirting all over it. There was so much that it was dripping down my thighs.

She instantly took Chris' cock out of her mouth and glared at me for the orgasm I just gave her, and then switched positions so she could lick all of her cum off of my cock. Chris began to slide his cock in her, faster than I was, and he even slipped a finger into her ass. This made her erupt with cum, squirting all over Chris as he came in her pussy as well. The continuation of her moaning made me release all in her mouth, but there was so much cum, that she couldn't contain it all, and she had to take my cock out of her mouth as I shot the rest of it all over her face. Ashley's entire face was covered in my cum, and it was gushing out of her mouth, while her pussy was dripping with a mixture of her's and Chris' cum.

Chris and I looked at his girlfriend in amazement for the release she allowed both of us to take out on her. Later on that night, we decided we should try and sell another script soon and celebrate in the same fashion.

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