tagGroup SexScuba Vacation Turns Into Sex Vaca

Scuba Vacation Turns Into Sex Vaca


My cell phone rang in the hotel and since I was in the shower my husband answered it. We were beach front on the azure waters of Grand Turk in the archipelago of the Turks & Caico's Islands so I did not expect it to ring. We were on the island for a week of diving and chilling. As busy professionals we just wanted to unwind and have a good time.

"Who was it honey," I asked curiously.

Tim replied that it was a wrong number and that it was strange that it would ring away from the States. I turned my attention back to the warm shower caressing my body and gently sweeping the papaya scented soap from my tired body. Ahh, nothing like a hot shower after a day in the boat diving and snorkeling. I was scrubbing my pussy with soap and watching for any cum that may have oozed out. I wanted to be clean for the evening festivities particularly since Tim knew nothing of the activities that filled me up with cream this afternoon.

I came out of the bathroom wrapped tightly in a clean white towel and saw Tim on the deck overlooking the ocean. He was relaxing and it looked like he was watching a YouTube video on my phone. I didn't give it a second thought as I dressed for dinner.

It was a beautiful evening as I pulled on my tight, white dress that grabbed my hourglass hips and squeezed my 36DD breasts tight. I decided tonight was a no bra and panties night and I would allow the sea breezes to dance on my bare skin. I slipped my high heels on, touched up my makeup, and looked in the mirror. I looked damn good for a 57 year old MILF. At 5' 3" and 120 pounds, I could be a dynamo when I turned it on. I had allowed my hair to grow to shoulder length and my husband told me it made me look ten years younger than the short haircut. I sprayed a bit of perfume on my neck and wrist and hit a quick shot up my skirt.

I floated over to Tim and started rubbing his shoulders as he watched something on my phone. I noticed he had a raging hard-on protruding proudly from his khaki shorts.

"You look like you want to pass on dinner, babe. Should we just crawl into bed and you can fuck my brains out," I whispered in his ear.

"No hon, let's go grab a nice bottle of wine and some fresh fish. Besides, you look amazing tonight and it looks like we need to give your pussy a rest for a few more hours." Tim replied.

Hmm, what did he mean by giving my pussy a rest, I wondered to myself? He was diving when I was getting filled up on the boat. I snorkel so I stayed top side when the group did a deeper dive. I stepped around the chair he was resting in, hiked up my skirt, and crawled on his lap facing him with my legs straddling his hidden manhood. I grabbed his hard-on with my right hand and leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Babe, my pussy is always ready for what you got. You are the best." I hit him with a little sales pitch.

"Oh fuck yeah, Don't stop, Yes, yes, yes. Keep pumping." I heard my voice coming from my phone that Tim was holding. Apparently he just turned up the volume. He tilted the phone so we could both watch the video, and there I was completely naked on the boat.

"Oh shit, that feels so good. Fuck me baby. FUCK ME!" I heard myself telling the young black man. I was laying across the cushioned seats at the front of the boat. I was spread eagle with my legs in the air. My big tits were flying all over the place as Stewart slammed his sleek, black cock into my dripping wet pussy. From the camera angle I could see the long black landing strip that I carved into my genitals before we got on the boat this morning, in an effort to curb the hairy pubes that danced below my bikini line. And of course, the black erection disappearing into my wet, pink folds. We couldn't miss that for trying.

"Oh god Stewart. That is sooooo perfect." I was blushing now and squeezing Tim's dick harder as we watched together. I've never been in a porn video and did not know that someone recorded this one, but the camera did not lie.

"Fuckin A, Stewart. That is so perfect." The video was getting hotter. From the camera vantage point we could see Stewart's cock perfectly going in and out of my pussy from above. We could also see James standing by my head on the opposite side, dick in my face. I had my hand on it but was having trouble sucking it as Stewart slammed into me. It looks like I gave up licking it in favor of using it as a grab rail to hold on to as the boat rocked among the waves as Stewart rocked my hips, sending waves of pleasure from my pussy to my toes.

I had never fucked a black man and I was taken with watching his very dark skinned dick plunge into my slick pussy with the landing strip as guidance. I'd never seen myself from this vantage point and I continued to squeeze Tim's cock hard as we watched the action in the video. I had stark tan lines so his dark penis was made all the more hot when contrasted against the milky white skin where my bikini had covered up to keep the sunlight away.

The whole thing was surreal. I was sitting in my husbands lap squeezing his dick and we were watching me getting fucked by a guy on the boat while I attempted to suck off another guy on the boat at the same time. I've been married to Tim for almost 25 years and had not had sex with another man but there I was on my camera, getting banged by a stranger half my age. And the crazy part was how into it I was at the moment. I was loving the strange dick in my pussy and it was apparent on the video.

I didn't know if I should be embarrassed with my husband but I was captivated by the video. Who recorded it anyway I wondered? I don't remember seeing anyone record us. Tim was staring at the video and now we saw Stewart readjust my ass by lifting me up about a foot and he slid his body closer. My ass was now in the air and he grabbed both of my hips with his hands and was slamming into my wetness.

"Yesssss, Stewart. That's the spot. Fuck me baby, fuck me." I moaned in delirious pleasure. I noticed Tim was smiling at that point and my bare pussy was now wet again. I unzipped Tim's shorts and unleashed his raging dick. He is very large and very thick and I slipped my body up and impaled my pussy right on his thickness as we watched Stewart and James work me over on my phone camera.

Tim's dick met my pussy as it slid down his shaft and he started to grind very slowly. I remembered why I married this guy. He knows how to fuck. I had to be careful not to hammer down on him because his thickness was stretching me tight. The waves of pleasure from his familiar penis were so comforting as we watched Stewart fuck me on camera. And Tim fell into a very slow, deep, counter-clockwise motion with his cock and it was amazing.

"Holy shit Stewart," I reached up and touched his balls. "Here I cum baby." I squeezed his balls hard and fucked him hard. The cum waves swept across my body as I screamed out loud. "Oh yeah, Fuck yeah baby, make me cum." I exhorted Stewart on camera while Tim swam in my pussy right on the chair. Tim's dick was working its magic as we watched Stewart get me off on the camera.

I pulled my white dress down allowing the girls to escape. My nipples pointed right at Tim's face, teasing him and Tim was a sucker for my tits. Normally he would take them into his mouth but he was mesmerized by the action on my phone camera.

Stewart moaned loudly and pulled out as he screamed. I grabbed his blackness and squeezed it hard and he shot a huge stream of cum across my stomach. I milked two more cream shots directing them on my tits.

Watching myself cum on camera and having Tim slowly grind in my wet pussy was too much for me. As I flipped my body over on the camera to take James from behind, Tim's dick worked it's magic. I leaned into him hard, planted my lips on his and came hard to his nice, rock-steady motion. Tim kept grinding nice and easy and I came again as we watched the hot action on the video. James, was now on his knee's and I was on all fours, tits swinging in the air. My tits found his rhythm and were swinging back and forth as he plunged into me from behind. I think James' cock was thicker but shorter than Stewart's but I was enjoying it all the same, or at least it appeared that way as we watched the video.

James was holding on hard with both hands squeezing my hips and I was slamming into his dick meeting it as it came forward. "Fuck yeah, James. Fuck me baby. Oh yeah. Fuck me." I implored him. Truth be told we were fucking each other and I felt another cum rising in my clit. Stewart had disappeared from the camera now and we didn't see him in this video again. I have no idea where he went.

At this point with James fucking me from behind I really didn't care. And Tim was still swimming in my pussy on the chair. He made me cum twice and still hadn't launched his load. On the camera, I reached my right hand back and underneath to rub my clit. Oh man that felt so good. I rubbed hard and James fucked me hard. After about a minute of rubbing I had a screaming cum and collapsed my head and tits on the cushions. James was right on the edge so I reached back and grabbed his balls with my hand.

"Oh fuck yeah honey, you horny MILF." James encouraged me. Suddenly, he exploded pulling his thick cock out of my pussy and shooting all over my ass and back. I was moaning in serious pleasure as the video suddenly went silent. Wow, I fucked two guys on the boat today I thought to myself. And if I combined their ages they probably didn't add up to my 57 years. That is surreal.

But Tim's steady dick was still splitting my pink box wide so I placed both hands on his balls. As I leaned in he moaned loudly and took my left nipple into his mouth. I massaged his balls and he couldn't hold on. He loudly erupted spewing his warm cream into the back of my pussy and I could feel it leaking out and down my leg. Damn. This day was now officially out of hand.

Tim looked right into my eyes as I sat in his lap with his now receding hard on dwindling inside my wet pussy. "That was amazing," he said and laughed.

"I love to fuck you babe," I promised him. "I love to ride you."

"I'm not talking about your ride hon." He said. "I'm talking about you fucking the two mates on the boat while the rest of us were down on the reef. That was amazing."

"I have no idea who recorded that video but it must have been the Captain of the boat. I don't remember seeing him at all." I thought out loud to Tim.

"Damn, you are an amazing porn star." Tim responded. So are you now a Cougar, a MILF, a Porn Star, a Hot Wife, or all of the above?" Tim laughed.

"I have no idea what I am and I was not expecting that," I whispered to him. I could feel more of his cream leaking down my leg as I sat facing him on his lap. Suddenly, he noticed my tits, still staring him in the face. He gently sucked one nipple into his mouth and started softly caressing my other nipple with his thumb and forefinger. God I love this man.

"Well, that is a video worth saving," Tim whispered back. "Words don't do it justice and look at what all the divers that were with me missed when they went down,"

"It all started innocently enough. I just asked Stewart to rub SPF 50 on my back. The next thing I knew my bikini bottoms were off, and his tongue was walking up and down my slit. I think I told him this was a bad idea in public and he said the group would be gone long enough that they would never know. A couple flicks of his tongue on my clit and I was lost in the pleasure. "

"Damn, I guess I need to rub suntan lotion on you more often," Tim mustered.

"I was lost in the pleasure of his tongue and I remember James at some point coming over already naked. He was semi-hard and he simply removed my top and started rubbing lotion on my tits. You know how much I hate that?" I laughed.

Tim laughed and I continued. "I grabbed James dick and started stroking it with my hand. It jumped to life as Stewart was licking me. He was good at it and I didn't complain, except to tell him to spread my lips wider. As he did I spread my legs wider and my pussy was wet and begging for cock."

"I know it's over with you when you tell me to spread you wider." Tim agreed.

"He had me right on the edge with his tongue and I got a good look at his dick. I think I scared him as I demanded that he put it in me." I told Tim sheepishly.

"Dick slut." Tim thought that was very funny.

"He didn't hesitate when I demanded that he put it in me. He stepped up, spread my lips wide, ran a finger into my pussy just like he was checking the oil, and he slammed it into me. He took off like a jack rabbit and I told him he had to slow it down a bit."

I laughed and waited. Tim laughed and assured me he had seen that and the rest of it on our All Star video. We looked at each other and laughed and Tim said, "I love you, you little Cougar, MILF, Porn Star, slut wife."

Wow at least he wasn't pissed off that I fucked two strangers today. We had not planned that as part of this vacation. I was still sitting on his lap while he played with my busty titties. His manhood had slipped out of my soaked pussy and I continued to leak juices down my leg and on to his lap.

He suggested that I rinse off again before dinner and he said he could hardly wait to get on the boat for our dives tomorrow morning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

We rolled out of bed on the second day of our scheduled dives to the coral reef and enjoyed our chicory coffee overlooking the water from the balcony of our room. The view was stunning and we were both glowing in the aftermath of a crazy sexual experience from our first day on the water. We simply enjoyed the view. Not a word was spoken about my sexcapades on the boat yesterday.

I finished my coffee, and went inside to grab my bikini. I thought about the thong bikini but at my age I didn't have the confidence to wear it this morning. I settled on a two piece bikini in bright coral pink with dark blue accents. The bikini bottoms highlighted my curvy hips, and highlighted my best feature, my 36DD's. Of course, my husband always tells me my best feature after my breasts is my smile.

It was hot so I did not add a beach wrap to hide my body as we climbed on board the 28 foot dive boat. I greeted my "fuck toys" from yesterday and met the eight other divers that were going on this trip. We got an overview from the Divemaster about this mornings trip. As we headed to the reef I remembered my conversation with my husband as we walked over to the marina.

He had congratulated me on my fun from yesterday and for the video recording and he encouraged me to do it all again on today's trip, but only if I recorded it so he could watch it later at the hotel. I blushed and flashed him my tits. I thought that was a great answer. My tits are his kryptonite.

It is always so relaxing heading out to the reef on the boat. I surveyed the group. There were three couples between ages thirty to sixty and two woman that were together, but I was not sure if they were a couple. There were a couple cute guys, a couple ladies that were hotter than me, and the two women together looked like they did well in the bedroom.

The day was gorgeous. The sun was heating up. The water was like glass as our bow sliced through the azure blue sea. The engine droned on and one of the mate's had turned on some music; Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty. How prophetic I thought as I hummed to the music. Several people were joking about when the guys would break out the Rum Punch that the crew had made for the guests. I was just chilling thinking it was too early for Rum Punch.

Tim was on the back of the boat talking to a couple as they leaned against the dive tanks. He stepped away from them laughing and headed towards me. One of the ladies from the female couple said something to him as he walked past and he stopped, had a quick laugh, and then pointed in my direction. He was like the mayor of the boat on our second day even though we were the only repeat divers from yesterday. There was a whole new group of divers and Tim was meeting them quickly. I was just chilling and listening to the music......

"Yeah runnin' down a dream That never would come to me Workin' on a mystery, goin' wherever it leads Runnin' down a dream I felt so good like anything was possible............................"

That is just how this day felt. I felt so good like anything was possible. My husband was Mayor of the boat. He had encouraged me to repeat yesterday but I really didn't know if I could make it happen again. Yesterday was so unplanned and I wasn't sure I could repeat it again....

"working on a mystery, going wherever it leads, Runnin' down a dream"

What the fuck. I will run down our dream or at least our fantasy today. Tom Petty ran down his dream and I closed my eyes to listen to the music as the warm sun enveloped my body and the drone of the motor cutting through the sea had me fading away in a slumber.

"Oh, my, my, oh, hell, yes Honey, put on that party dress Buy me a drink, sing me a song Take me as I come 'cause I can't stay long"

The riff to Mary Janes Last Dance snapped me out of my nap as I wiped a bit of slobber from my mouth. How embarrassing I thought, but no one noticed. I noticed some of the ladies had broken out the dive boat rum punch courtesy of my "fuck toys" from yesterday.

".........Oh, my, my, oh, hell, yes You got to put on that party dress It was too cold to cry when I woke up alone I hit my last number and walked to the road........" The music just washed over my senses as I breathed in the salt air.

What a relaxing morning I thought as I pondered just the opposite of the lyrics. I don't want to put on a party dress. I want to take off this bikini again, just like yesterday, but I'm really not sure how to make that happen. Well, lets just let things unfold and go with the flow, I was thinking........

........"So let's get to the point Let's roll another joint Let's head on down the road To somewhere I gotta go And you don't know how it feels You don't know how it feels to be me........" The music blared and the party girls were getting ready to have fun on this boat.

That song had the rum punch drinkers fired up and getting wild. I love Tom Petty and so does this group on the boat. This looks like a fun bunch to party with today. For the first time as I watched the ladies getting crazy, I was hopeful that I could best yesterdays memories. The "fuck toys" really know what music gets their crowd of divers going on the water. And it looks like the Rum Punch doesn't hurt either.

Mayor Tim finally made it back to me and he snuggled in close as he sat next to me. He was humming, "honey put on that party dress," and he greeted me with a "shit eating grin." The Mayor of the boat had a devilish side and it was cute to see him having fun. He ran his left hand from my left knee, slowly up my soft, suntanned leg to my hip and let his hand quickly and softly scrape my pussy area. Tim was finding his groove this morning.

"Hey pretty lady, Can I rub some SPF 50 on your back," he joked. "Rumor has it that tequila, ahem, I mean sunscreen makes your bikini fall off, he said playfully."

"Aren't you having fun on the boat this morning." I smiled back at him. And suddenly the thought hit me that I would love to see him pounding one of these ladies. Why should I have that amazing sex machine all to myself. Wow, I haven't even had any Rum Punch yet and at times I have been the jealous type, especially when he travels for business. I don't know where that thought came from.

"I think that the Rum Punch will make their bikini's fall off." I nodded in the direction of the ladies that were whooping it up to the music.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that event." Tim smiled back.

We watched the ladies and the music took over again.

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