tagCelebrities & Fan FictionScully's Private X-Files Ch. 03

Scully's Private X-Files Ch. 03


July-24-2002, Grover's Hollow, Virginia

Scully sits against an old walnut tree and looks up at the full moon rising over the rim of the hollow. The air was thick with the scent of wild flowers and pine. Crickets chirped with an uncaring easy. Unlike Dana would was scared out of her fucking mind. That afternoon she had learned from a Hill-Billy boy that the supposed Werewolf, that had raped a young girl the previous month, lived in these woods, She was all keyed up to find the person or thing that did the crime, but now she had second thoughts about being out here in the woods all alone. Alone with only her sidearm for protection. "What if there was a Werewolf?" she said to herself. Thinking of all the horror movies she saw as a kid. "Would her 10mm be enough to stop it?" Then she would say, "Come on Dana, there's no such thing as a Werewolf. You're a big girl now…you can handle this." She wished Fox or Doggett was with her. "Why couldn't I have waited until one of them got back from assignment before coming to this shit hole town?" She was just about to get her pretty little ass out of there when a light came on in the cabin she was staking out.

She stands up slowly and walks over to the window, her S&W automatic drawn, ready to fire. She stepped onto the front landing. A loose board made a squeaking sound. She stops and peers into the cabin to see a middle-aged man, in overalls and a chequered flannel shirt smoking a pipe reading what appeared to be a bible. She steps a little closer when, suddenly, she is grabbed from behind and tossed to the ground, her gun falls out of the hand and slides across the landing. The next thing she knew, she was one her back, her arms pinned to the ground and a big redneck sitting on top of her.

"Let me up you son-of-a-bitch! I'm an agent with the FBI. Get off of me!" The chunky twenty-year-old boy yells for his father to come see what he had. The middle-aged me comes out and laughs.

"Take her in boy…" was the only response.

Scully was manhandled into the cabin and bound to a wooden chair in the middle of the room. The chunky boy walked around her menacingly, inspecting his prize. Scully tried to reason with him, to let her go, but he just told her to keep still or he'd "put a whomp'n into her." The other man soon re-entered the cabin holding Dana's 10mm.

"She sez she's a fed, Paw!" the boy blurts.

"A revenuer?" he returned pointing the gun at Scully and cocking the trigger.

"Naw, she's wit tha F-B-aye. Look'n fer tha werewuff aye be suppos'n." the two men laughed.

"Honey, thars no werewuff…rat cheer. Nar any-whar in des here wauds. Uart be mand'n y'alls bidness cheer. And not be in des here wauds. Ah'll gett hurt! Real bad!"

"She's purrrdy Paw." The boy interrupted. "Good fer breed'n" Scully shoots a horrid look at the boy.

"Welllll, maybe…but datt don't matter. She have ta go."

"Ahhhhh, Paw, let me have some fun'n first?"

"Ahhhh, well boy…aye wongo to da still. And check 'er out. Yew have yer fun'n while aye be gone."

"Ok Paw." With that the man put Scully's gun in his pocket, grabbed a lantern, and walked out. The boy waved his Father off, then closed the door and stared at Scully.

She once more tried to talk to the boy, to reason to him, but he ignored her and walked over and grabbed both of her tits. Scully gasps and swares at him. He only laughes and begins to rub her nipples with his thumbs. She is embarrassed as they became erect, poking out from the cotton shirt she wears. She looks down at the huge bulge the masses it's self in his coveralls. "Fuck!" she said to her self, "Do all these crackers have big cocks?"

Then, without warning, the boy grips the collar of Scully while cotton shirt and tares it open causing the buttons to fly across the room. He flings the garment aside and once more grabs her bra-encased tits. Scully frowns and rolls her eyes at the lack of imagination her would-be rapist had. This whole thing was boring her to death. She wished he would hurry up and take out his cock or something, so she could have some fun too. The sight of her thick rubber-like nipples poking through the cotton material of her bra sends the boy off, he grabs the front of her white bra and pulled his hands down forcefully, tearing it off her body cleanly. Her heavy, full, boobs flops downward onto her chest. Her nipples hardened even more in the cold damp air coming through the open window. "Now we're talking!" Scully says to herself. The boy plants his face into Dana's chest and begins to wildly lick her blooming nipples and soft white flesh that ringed the outside her light pink areolas.

Dana leaned forward as she starts to enjoy her so-called rape. The boy's mouth was sending waves of naughty pleasure from her nipples down to her clit, which she knew was growing hard. She even let a sight moan or two escape…a fact the idiot red neck failed to notice.

Next, with fumbling hands, the boy pulls open the top of her trousers and ripped them down her legs hulling her shoes off with them. He throws them in a corner then steps back to stare at this glorious red head babe clad only in a torn shirt and a pair of cotton low-rise bikini panties.

"Well come on boy…have at it!" Scully says tired of these games. With that, that boy jumps on her, his mouth back on her nipples. She sighs and just lets him go for it.

His hand moves down her side, crossing her belly and down between her legs, pressing his finger against the tiny piece of cotton protecting her pussy. He uses his middle finger to lightly stroke her pussy mound. He can feel the temperature rising between Dana's smooth white thighs. His breathing gets faster as Scully moans in his ear. He can feel her pussy lips moistening, and her clit hardening through the material. Dana starts to squirm around trying to get his finger deeper of her cunt. Then finally he gets the idea and reaches under her panties and shoving his thick finger in her pussy. He twists and turns his finger around in her cunt. Ramming his finger in and out. Scully starts to get into it. Her hips juked forward to meet his thrusts.

"Ya that's it boy…a little harder now!" He humps and twists his finger deep into her cunt faster and faster. Paying careful attention to her clit, which upon her coxing, was being assaulted with firm strokes against the naughty thing. This sending closer and closer.

"That's it…ya…come on…do it yaaaaa!" Sully moans loudly, her ass and hips swinging from side to side. All at once there was the release. She is hit with a powerful orgasm, screaming, she rides the waves of pure pleasure overtakes over her body. The poor dumb boy just stands there, watching in amazement as her pussy walls collapsed around his finger, sucking it in, her juices, running down his hand, forming a little puddle in his palm.

As Scully came down from her orgasm, there comes a growling sound from the open window. The boy slowly pulls out his hand and turns around to see a large hairy thing watching them. He moves to his right slowly, towards a shotgun that lay in the corner. But before he could make one step, the thing launches it's self through the window catching the big lad square in the chest. The heavy boy slams into Scully who is sent flying off the chair, freeing her from her bonds.

Dana runs through the woods, her arms outstretched, pushing overhanging branches from her path. Her breathing is in desperate gasps, her heavy chest heaving from exertion. Clad only in a bikini panties and a torn shirt, she runs for her life, trying to escape the horror she left behind in the cabin.

She can hear him behind her now, his lumbering mass crashing through the green wood, and the dog-like panting that it makes as it followed her. Her bare feet would not maintain the pace of her oncoming pursuer. He was coming closer and closer. Then, an overhanging branch catches a piece of her shirt, tearing it in off. Scully is sent toppling over, nearly falling, but her outstretched hands seized the truck of a nearby tree. She rights herself and prepared to resume her run, but then, she hears a growl behind her. Two hairy muscular arms seized her bare middle and pick her up. She's flung across the thing's shoulder, struggling wildly from the shier, terror of it all. But as she settles on his shoulder, the thing gives her a sharp slap on the ass. She stops moving, confused at this very un-werewolf like action.

"What the fuck!"she yells. The thing only lets out this growling cuckle and heads off with her through the woods.

In a few minutes the thing enters a cave, which was lit with coal oil lamps. He tosses Scully on the pile of pine bows then goes to adjust the lamps. For the first time, Scully can see that the thing was indeed a typified Werewolf, with a head off a wolf, the furred torso of a man, but then the flanks and even the tail, again of a wolf. How he walked around in those tiny back paws, she could not understand. Yet there he was.

The thing turns back to her and looks down with his hands on his hips. Dana watches as his cock begins to slide from a sheath between his legs. It looked very much like a dog's cock, but was as large as horses. The cock kept growing as the creature sniffs the air, the scent of her fleshly finger-fucked pussy driving him on. The Werewolf walks over to her, his massive erection bobbing obscenely, and straddles her body. Dana bravely reaches over and strokes the thing's heavy muscular legs. He make no movement as her inquisitive hand slides up his long hairy leg, and rests next to the 12 inch red cock. Her hand touched the red throbbing organ. The creature make a low growling sound as she gently takes the cock into her soft fist, her fingers only reaching half way around the shaft.

Scully begins to slide her hand up and down the creatures large cock, a massive amount of pre cum oozes from the tip, dropping on her waiting tits. It feels warm and thick. She brings her other hand up and runs it long the oozing head then back to her mouth. It tasted to her just like any man's cum. That consoled her somewhat. So she rises to her knees, and stares directly at the creature's large cock. It is only inches from her face. She leans her head forward and lightly licks the massive red head with her wet tongue. It moans lightly as Dana slides the head of his large cock into her mouth. She spread her legs widely, and begins to slide her finger up and down her wet pussy slit.

"Mmmm, yes" Dana moans as she furiously rubs her swollen clit. She pushes her mouth deeper on to the pulsating cock. Her mouth is already full by the time the cock head disappeared behind her lips. The creature gently thrust against her, pushing more of his long thick cock into her mouth. Scully almost gags as the large head hit the back of her throat. She relaxes that she was taking about 7or 8 inches into her mouth now with a several more to go before the ending at the knot.

The precum oozes in great quantity as she moves her mouth up and down on the thick swollen shaft that was now getting even thicker. Soon her jaw was stretched to its limit. She has to pull off, licking the massive cock head with her tongue so that the thing would not get mad. She swirls her tongue it in circular motions across the hole. She can feel the precum as it seeps into her mouth. She was now finger fucking herself wildly with3 fingers buried deep inside her pussy. Her other hand was jacking off the creature with the same feverish delight. Scully groans loudly, as her first orgasm hits her, her body quivering frantically.

She feels the creature's huge cock begin to pulsate and throb wildly in her mouth. He suddenly twitches and hot cum erupt into her mouth. The creature shoots a large amount of cum in the first blast, with much more cum erupted from the monstrous head. Dana can't swallow it all, large globs of the creature cum drips from the corners of her mouth, some of it landing on her big, soft breasts. She rapidly rubs the hot sticky cum across her swollen nipples, causing another orgasm to rip through her,

The creature continues to shoot his jism against the back of her throat. Hungrily, Dana tries to swallow it all but has to withdrawn the large cock from her mouth, and let the rest cover her face.

The cock remained as hard as ever; as he gently takes Dana has her get on all fours before him. He moves behind her and begins to rub her wet pussy against his great cock. She softly moans as the monstrous head slowly started slid into her pussy.

"Oh God," she yells, "I want this so bad!" She thrusts backward, causing the things large cock slid deeply inside of her. She grunted as all 10 inches disappears between the folds of her pretty pink pussy. The thing pumps in and out, ever letting the knot get closer. Then it goes in. Scully screams. "Oh fuck, yes, I'm commming!!!" Her tight pussy clamps around the werewolf's large cock as the knot punishes her G-spot. She climaxes wildly, gripped the creature's arms as her entire body shakes uncontrollably. Her juices poured from her spasming pussy. "Ohhhhhh Fuck! Dear God!" she yelled.

She bucks her hips frantically, as she cums again. The thing's cock feels so hot inside of her, swelling. "Damn, you! Ohhhh fuck!" Dana moaned. The creature makes a soft moaning noise, and thrusts his hips upwards, driving his cock all the way into Dana. Her body quivers. "GOD, I am Cummmming Again!!!" she screams. She feels the creature's large cock pulsate wildly inside of her as it shoots it's cum. It felt as if the thing was pissing, as it's cum sprayed from its large cock. "God, it's so hot," she moans as she climaxes again. The creature bucks its hips wildly as its cock releases the rest of it's hot sticky cum into the girl's pussy. He collapses on top of her, her pussy still holding his cock firmly. She noticees that the dog-like panting the thing was making had changed. It sounded more like a man trying to catch his breath. She flips around to stare directly into a familiar smiling face.

"Hi Marvin." She said smiling back at him.

The next day at the Sheriff's Office.

"Soooo, no werewuff?" the Sheriff Potts says to Scully as she gathers up all her files to leave.

"No Sheriff, like you said, it was all just a product of an over active imagination." Dana says as she turns to walk out the door.

"Welllll, aye gess. Ah'll have a good trip back ta DC."

"I will, and thanks for your help."

As Dana was about to get into her car, she notices Deputy Marvin sitting on park bench holding hands with a very pretty blonde girl. She can only guess that she had to be Chloe McCoy. She smiles, and drives away.

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