tagMatureSea Cruise Pt. 05

Sea Cruise Pt. 05



Once again I like to remind everyone this is a continuous story presented in multiple parts so I recommend reading at least the preceding chapter (or part). As I explained before, each chapter usually starts where the last left off, but minus any background. Which the lack of could make the narrative difficult to follow, or understand.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


What seemed to become a regular routine, we found ourselves rushing again to be on time for dinner.

After a quick shower I fixed my hair and applied what little makeup I use before deciding what to wear. Since the recommended attire was "smart-casual" I picked out a black cocktail dress. It was relatively short, stopping just above the knees. The bottom was slightly flared with multiple layers of thin material. The top was clingy with a deep plunging V-shaped neckline down almost to my navel. My sides were bare as well as my back down to just above my sacral crest.

As I was inspecting myself in the mirror the phone rang. It was Elaine. She was whispering so I assumed she didn't want Ron to hear her..."Don't wear any under garments. Bra or panty. I'll explain later."

Then she hung up.

A bra was already out of the question with the dress I was wearing, but I had planned to wear smoky black thigh highs and matching sheer bikini panty. Elaine didn't give me an opportunity to object, or at least ask why no under garments, so I had little choice but to go along with her request. Since she didn't mention anything about hosiery all I would be wearing was the dress and stockings. Plus accessories of course, which would be 3 inch black high heels and a faux pearl necklace with matching ear rings. Finishing touch was Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. Of which I even applied a spritz or two on my pubic mound.

The phone rang again and it was Ron asking if we were ready, and if so to meet them at the elevator. Which we did and rode down to the dining room deck.

Elaine also had on a short "cocktail" dress, but it was bright red. Very eye-catching and she'd easily stand out a mile away. Simply put, she looked stunning in it.

It also had both a plunging neckline and open back, but the neckline didn't go as low nor was it as open as mine. Big busted as she is it would be impossible for her to wear the same dress. Otherwise she'd spend most of her time being careful how she turned, twisted or bent over so her boobs wouldn't fall out.

Walter and Ron wore sports jackets with long sleeve dress shirts and slacks, but no ties. They both looked exceptionally handsome dressed up for the first time on the cruise.

Dinner was excellent as usual, as well as the company. After what took place earlier had us all in a high state of arousal during the meal...and it showed. More so for yours truly since I was the only one that didn't orgasm.

All during dinner neither Walter or Ron could keep their eyes off our cleavage. I'm surprised they didn't poke their eyes out with a fork since they were constantly staring at our breasts...or what you could see of them. Which was a lot. No doubt both had a hard-on all during the meal.

Just before after dinner drinks and dessert Elaine and I made a trip to the restroom. Once there I inquired about why no under garments. She explained she wanted to give both Walter and Ron a thrill once they found out we weren't wearing under pants.

"And when do you expect them to discover that? Surely not at the dinner table."

"No, not in the dining room silly, but in one of the lounges after dinner. Unless I'm wrong they will get frisky for sure when we have more privacy and then develop a case of "roaming hands". When in the lounge, make sure you sit next to Ron while I sit with Walter."

When done with after dinner drinks Elaine suggested we relocate to one of the many onboard lounges for another round and some light conversation.

We found a small lounge with only a few other passengers and took a table as far from the bar as possible since most of the people in the lounge were seated at it. And as planned, Elaine sat next to Walter and I with Ron.

The lighting was very low. Almost too dark where seated. Once the waitress served our drinks, and Elaine was comfortable no one could overhear us, she asked if there were any misgivings about what took place earlier.

As expected there wasn't except for yours truly, but only because I botched things when Ron cummed in my mouth.

Everyone laughed when I mentioned it, but Ron was kind enough to say..."You did just fine Lacey. Seriously. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your cock sucking skills."

"Same goes for me Elaine. You were truly terrific."

"Thank you Walter. And so you'll know I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed sucking that long dick of yours, and how Ron enjoyed watching. As long as it is, I'm looking forward to taking it anally to fulfill Ron's other fantasy."

Walter's face lit up like a beacon when he heard that.

Next thing I knew, and without any encouragement, Ron put his hand on my knee. Then ever so slowly moved it up to my thigh, which he began to rub ever so softly. Elaine couldn't have been more right about them developing "roaming hands".

From the look on Elaine's face it was easy to surmise Walter was already feeling her leg(s). Only difference, he was way ahead of Ron and discovered she wasn't wearing a panty before Ron realized I wasn't.

When Ron did I heard him take a deep breath. Then he exhaled slowly. As he did I parted my legs so he could have better access to things.

Elaine had already done the same, and both Walter and Ron took advantage of it by fingering our vaginal openings. Due to us sitting side by side they were only able to stroke up and down in between our labia. Vaginal penetration of any kind was impossible, but both were nice enough to finger our clits.

As Walter fingered Elaine's clit I could tell from his expression he was mentally absorbing how enormous it was. The kind of look you see when someone discovers something they weren't expecting. When he did he couldn't help but comment on it.

"My God Elaine. You've got the biggest clitoris I've ever felt. Holy cow Ron, what a joy it must be to lick and suck."

"I was hoping you'd say something once you came across my "love button" as Ron calls it. And you licking and sucking it is just what I had in mind. Why don't we call it a night so we can go back to our rooms. That way you two can have at our pussies like we did with your cocks earlier."

One thing I learned about Elaine, she doesn't like to "beat around the bush". No pun intended.

"I don't know about you Lacey, but I'm getting impatient. If Ron and Walter don't take care of us soon we're going to have to take matters into our own hands."

"I with you Elaine. I'm afraid I might orgasm here in the lounge from Ron fingering my clit. Could be embarrassing if I do since I can be rather vocal."

With that said we quickly finished our drinks and headed for our rooms. This time we decided on ours. Once inside both Elaine and I quickly stripped except for our hose.

Before getting on the beds we posed together in our high heels to give Walter and Ron a little show. We even bent over with our behinds facing them. As we did we spread our ass cheeks so they could get a good view of our bumholes and already wet vaginas.

Just as they tried to grab us I said..."Sorry guys, it's pay back time and your turn to pleasure us."

With that said, we kicked off our heels and got on the beds with a pillow placed under our asses. Needless to say we were way beyond the point of needing our pussies eaten and weren't in the mood to dilly-dally around with any foreplay.

Once Walter and Ron saw how eager we were they quickly undressed and positioned themselves on their knees face first between our open legs and upraised pussies. When they did Walter's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he got a bird's-eye view of Elaine's already swollen clit poking out beyond her clitoral hood.

"WOW!"...was all he said before lowering his head and taking it between his lips.

The beds were close enough so Elaine and I could reach out and hold hands. Just as we did Ron lowered his face down to my pussy.

Ron started by snaking his tongue up & down between my labia. Nice beginning instead of going straight for my clit.

At first the only part of him touching me was his tongue. As it did, and where it did, caused goose bumps to break out all over my body. Occasionally he would pause from licking up & down between my labia to take one in his mouth and gently suck it. He kept repeating the process over and over, which caused my labia to become swollen and beet red as they became engorged. It also had me generating a huge flow of love juice. Most of which Ron didn't hesitate to lap up as it oozed from my cunt.

In a matter of minutes I was ready to orgasm, and Ron hadn't even touched my clit yet.

Just when I thought I would Ron abandoned my pussy in favor of my perineum, which he began licking intently. But not for long before moving lower to my anus, which he licked with a very stiff tongue up & down at first, then in tight circles.

Ron was moaning softly, a sure indicator he was enjoying himself. As he was, and while I wasn't sure, I thought I heard him mumble..."My God, what an irresistible asshole she has."

Just when I thought Ron licking my bumhole couldn't get any better he inserted his tongue in it deep as he could. He literally tongue fucked it next, which felt simply awesome. By now my clit was begging for attention so I began rubbing it furiously as Ron continued to tongue-fuck my asshole.

Just when I was ready to orgasm a second time he stopped again. Another false alarm. By now I was soaked from my vaginal fluids, as well as Ron's face, and I hadn't even cummed yet.

Then Ron surprised me by suddenly raising himself up and placing his fat cock at the entrance to my cunt. He also raised my legs so my calves were on his shoulders, which positioned my vaginal opening at a better angle. Then in one smooth motion he drove his cock straight in until his balls bumped up against my butthole.

Wow was all I could think to myself...and thankfully how soaking wet my cunt was. Ron's cock was the fattest dick ever inserted my vagina. So fat it made a loud squishing sound when it plunged balls deep. No way could I have taken it without lots of lubrication, of which most was forced out by Ron's cock and all over his groin.

His cock had my vagina stretched way beyond anything I ever experienced before. Including some pretty fat dildos. Felt simply incredible the way it filled me. My vagina never felt so full...and in an extremely nice way. Now I knew how an olive feels when being stuffed with a pimento.

When it comes to cocks, long is good, but only in your ass. Fat is definitely better in one's cunt. But not long since it can bump up against your cervix and be painful. Which sometimes is the case with Walter's long cock.

"My God Ron. I can't describe how good your fat cock feels filling my cunt the way it is. I never felt so full."

"I can't begin to tell you how tight your cunt is. Tightest one I've fucked since med school. This might sound "clinical" Lacey, but from someone familiar with the female anatomy you've got an incredibly tight vagina for your age...and pleasantly so."

Ron began to slowly but steadily fuck me all while I continued to rub my clit. Slow was good since as fat as his cock is I doubt I would have enjoyed a fast and furious pounding. The slow but steady rhythm was perfect. The sensation I was feeling was so good I felt like I was in another world in a galaxy far, far away.

Since I was on the verge of cumming twice before it wasn't going to be long before I finally did. As I was getting close I told Ron..."I'm going to cum soon. And just when I do I want you filling me with your hot load."

"Whenever you're ready Lacey. Just say the word."

That's when I felt Elaine release my hand and when she did her and Walter stopped what they were doing to watch us. Plus Elaine couldn't resist taking some photos with their digital camera, which she had in her purse. Close-ups too of Ron's fat dick embedded in my cunt.

Knowing they were watching I held off my orgasm as long as I could. Part of the exhibitionist thing. I was enjoying the fact they were while getting fucked as it added an extra erotic element to things. Even Elaine taking pictures was a big turn-on in some ways.

One thing about the cruise, besides it turning into an unexpected love boat, was becoming aware of how much of an exhibitionist I was. And how sexually invigorating it can be.

Hard as I tried I couldn't hold off very long. Wasn't another minute or so before I yelled..."Now Ron! I need you to cum in me NOW!"

Ron's response was almost immediate and we both cummed at nearly the same instant. And very intensely. Every muscle in my body shivered and shook as Ron's cock exploded in my cunt. My toes cramped from curling so tightly.

Ron drove in me deep as he could as his cumload shot out in multiple spurts from his throbbing cock. One hot cum stream after another. And as when he cummed earlier in my mouth, it was a huge load. If I didn't know better I'd swear he dumped a pint or more inside me. Seemed like it filled me more than a douche would. So much so a good share of his load squirted out while his cock was fully inserted. Along with my own orgasmic discharge, which squirted all over Ron's groin. We both literally doused each other.

Between Ron's immensely fat cock and his huge cumload it was one of the best vaginal fucks I had in a long time. Simply mind-blowing. So much so I became somewhat hoarse from screaming, and almost blacked out.

But Ron wasn't quite done. After he withdrew his cock, and before I covered from my orgasm, he got face down between my legs to lap up every drop of his cum as it oozed out my cunt. As well as generous amounts of my vaginal fluids. Elaine trained him well. And just as he finished I orgasmed again. Albeit not as intently.

Next thing I knew Elaine was kissing me. After which she whispered in my ear..."I can't tell you what a turn-on that was watching Ron fuck you and seeing you orgasm like you did. I almost did myself from watching."

She lovingly kissed me again before grabbing Walter by the hand and yanking him towards the other bed.

"After watching Lacey, I desperately need you to finish what you started Walter."

Elaine got back on the bed with the pillow under her ass after which she spread her pussy lips with her nicely manicured nails to fully expose her "love button." The reason I mention her nails is because the bright red color beautifully framed her fully engorged pink clit. What a great picture it would have made.

Elaine has the biggest clit I've ever seen. If you're familiar with "Dots" gumdrops, and how they're shaped, it will give you an idea of how big it is since it's almost identical in size and shape. Although her clit is a bit more pointed. The kind you see occasionally in pornographic pics or vids and look in awe at how suckable it must be. Which I had a tremendous urge to find out. Plus if size matters, I couldn't help wonder how sensitive it was.

Walter got back between her legs and as soon as he did he took her swollen clit in his mouth. The second he did Elaine let out a soft moan and started meowing like a cat as Walter intently sucked and licked it.

It was hard to tell who was enjoying it more. Walter or Elaine. Either way it was obvious Elaine was about to cum. Before she did, Ron made sure to get some pictures of Walter dining on her clit.

While he was, Elaine was pinching and pulling at her huge nipples. She pulled on them so hard they would stretch at least and inch or more. Almost looked painful, but apparently it wasn't.

I decided to get on the bed with them and when I did I bent down and kissed Elaine. Very passionately as she did me. Then I removed her hand from one of her breasts so I could take the nipple in my mouth. I sucked it first before carefully pulling on it with my teeth. I removed her other hand and while sucking one nipple, I pinched and pulled the other. All while Elaine ran her fingers through my hair and continued meowing like a cat.

Suddenly Elaine raised her cunt as high as she could and let out a loud scream. After which she frantically began humping Walter's face as her orgasm over took her. At the same time it seemed like a dam broke as a flood of pussy juice gushed out of Elaine's cunt all over Walter. She literally drenched him, but Walter wasn't complaining.

While still sucking and tweaking Elaine's nipples I could feel her orgasm rippling through her. Wave after wave of orgasmic contractions raced through her body like low voltage electrical shocks.

When they finally subsided Elaine went totally limp. I thought for sure she fainted, but she hadn't.

"My God Lacey. Between you sucking my nipples and Walter my clit it was one of the best orgasms I've had in a long time. I can't thank you both enough. WOW!"

At that point, the only one that hadn't cummed was Walter. Who decided to take matters into his own hands...literally. While on his knees upright in between Elaine's legs he began masturbating.

For someone with such a long prick, Walter masturbates using only three fingers instead of his hand. A full fisted masturbator he's not. He positions his index and middle finger on the bottom of his cockhead against the frenulum and his thumb on top along the corona. All while his foreskin covers the cockhead. It's pretty neat watching him masturbate since his large cockhead pops in and out of his foreskin like a "Jack-in-the-Box" while he fingers his dick.

Which he didn't need to do very long before he ejaculated. And when he did he aimed directly for Elaine's clit. Perfectly too as each cum shot splattered right on target. Not a big cumload like Ron's, but still a good size one for him. About five to six long streams of thick creamy white semen.

When done I nicely asked him to move so I could clean-up the "mess" he made. Once he did I got on my knees and forearms between Elaine's legs and went straight for her cum soaked clit.

I licked up every drop of Walter's cum, including any that dripped down on Elaine's labia. I also took the opportunity to lick and suck her clit afterwards. But not intently. I was concerned it might be too sensitive from Walter sucking it, and her orgasm. Not always, but sometimes mine becomes extremely sensitive after it's received lots of stimulation. So much so I can't bear it being touched afterwards.

But apparently it wasn't the case with Elaine, or at least nearly not enough to prevent her from having another orgasm. When she did she held my head tight against her cunt as a stream of pussy juice gushed out and straight into my mouth, which was open at the time. Purely accidental, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the fact it conveniently was. Elaine's love juice tasted simply delicious as it sprayed into my mouth. Way more than semen, and I swallowed every sweet tasting drop.

Only a few minutes earlier I had the urge to suck Elaine's enormous clit, but never imagined I would...and so soon. Plus her cumming in my mouth was an added treat.

After Elaine calmed down from her orgasm I got on top of her so we could kiss and embrace for a while. And very lovingly. While doing so Elaine probed my mouth with her tongue to taste her love juice mixed with Walter's cum. After which she whispered..."God Lacey, that felt so good the way you licked my pussy clean and gently sucked my clit. I hope I get the opportunity to return the favor."

To be continued...

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