tagMatureSea Cruise Pt. 12 - Final Chapter

Sea Cruise Pt. 12 - Final Chapter



Once again I like to remind everyone this is a continuous story presented in multiple parts so I recommend reading at least the preceding chapter (or part). As I explained before, each chapter usually starts where the last left off, but minus any background. Which the lack of could make the narrative difficult to follow, or understand.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After we freshened up a bit we returned to the pool area. When we arrived we found the chaise lounges we used earlier just as we left them. Janice once again used the middle one with Elaine and I on the other two. The only difference was the lounges were now in the shade of the upper deck so we didn't need any sunscreen.

As before, Janice made it a point to hold each of our hands closest to her, which she also gave a loving squeeze. No one spoke as we laid there in the after glow of our sex session together. Wasn't long before we dozed off.

Next thing I knew someone was shaking me. It was Walter, who along with Ron and Peter had returned from the fishing excursion.

"Welcome back, and how was your trip?"

"Could have been better. Out on the open water it was a bit rough. We still had a good time and fortunately none of us got seasick, although Ron looked a bit greenish at times. How about you, did you miss us?"

"Yes and no. No because it was nice for us to spend some time alone together."

Peter responded before Walter could..."I hope it was quality time and you got to know each other better. Although I can't imagine you needed to after last night. By the way, you all look terrific in your suits. I bet you spent most of the day beating all the men away. Maybe even another woman or two."

"Not really."...replied Janice. "But it was fun attracting some of the attention we got. I don't know about Lacey and Elaine, but it's been a while since I have."

"Glad you enjoyed yourselves."

"Trust me we did. And in more ways than you can imagine."

"I'm almost sorry we interrupted, but it's time to get ready for dinner. Plus we need to do some packing. Since it's the last night of the cruise we need to have our suitcases placed outside the stateroom by midnight."

With that said, we reluctantly gathered up our things and headed to our rooms. Reluctantly because we knew some preliminary packing was involved. Not a fun task anytime, especially at the end of a vacation/cruise.

Once the major portion of the packing was done, Walter and I showered together. As we were it didn't take long for him to get a rip roaring hard-on.

"Seems the fishing trip must have been better than you led me to believe for you to get an erection so easily. And without any help on my part."

"You might say that. There was some very nice looking women on the boat and most of them were in bathing suits similar to what you girls were wearing. Made it hard, no pun intended, to concentrate on fishing."

"Be a shame to let such a nice boner go to waste, or for you to have to wait until later to relieve your pent-up energy. Since we have time, how about we put it to good use. What's your pleasure since I'm in an accommodating mood?"

"Since I saw some mighty fine asses on the boat I'd like nothing better than to fuck yours."

"I was hoping it would be your preference. Your desire is my command."

Little did he know that earlier I was longing for a hard cock in my ass as Elaine was finger-fucking my bumhole, and here I was about to get my wish.

Since there was a small bench in the shower I turned around and bent over to place my hands on it while spreading my legs invitingly. After which Walter wisely turned off the shower before thoroughly soaping my anus and his cock. Then he proceeded to slip a finger in my asshole. First one followed by a second. After some very pleasurable fingering of my bumhole he asked..."Are you ready for some cock Lacey?"

"Most definitely. As much as I'm enjoying the fingering I'm more than ready for some cock instead."

He removed his fingers after which I felt his cockhead poking up against my bumhole. Walter has a huge cockhead in comparison to his slender cock shaft. A good half inch in diameter larger at the glan corona. But as large as it is, between the soap and him priming me with his fingers, it slipped in my anus easily. No matter how many times it has, and how easily, it always takes my breath away.

Once Walter's cockhead popped in he slowly inserted his entire nine-inch dick in one smooth motion until fully embedded in my bumhole. Then after I adjusted my stance and position so my ass was angled upward a bit more he began a steady humping motion. As was his normal style he would slide the full length of his cock in & out of my asshole on each forward and backward stroke. Thanks to the soap his cock glided in & out like a hot knife in butter. Occasionally he would withdraw his cock entirely and it would make a small popping sound before he reinserted it balls deep. Which would gently bump against my pussy.

It wasn't long before I was humping backwards every time he'd thrust forward. All while the pace of his humping gradually increased. As it did his balls banging against my now soaking wet pussy made a sound as though someone was slapping a wet towel. Plus our combined moaning and groaning sounded even stranger in the confined space of the shower. Almost like two wounded animals.

"I know you heard me say this before Lacey, but I can't tell you how much I enjoy fucking you in the ass. You've got one of the finest assholes there is and it's a pleasure beyond belief seeing my cock inserted in it. Let alone how good it feels wrapped around it."

"While I don't have a front row seat view of things, I can assure you it feels just as good on my end. Now like it or not, I'm about to orgasm and when I do I want you dumping your cumload in me."

That's all Walter needed to hear after which his grip on my hips tightened and he started plowing in & out of my ass like a powered piston. No sooner than he did I orgasmed...and big time. As is the norm for me when I orgasm from being ass-fucked my cunt farts. Spasms actually, but very noisy ones and each accompanied by a gush of vaginal fluid.

Right in the middle of my orgasm I felt Walter's cock stiffen more than it already was after which the first stream of hot cum shot deep inside me. When it did my cunt let loose with a spasm that was as noisy as any I've ever had along with a huge squirt of love juice. Then a second load of hot cum shot out of Walter's cock, followed by a third, forth, fifth, and even a sixth one. All of which caused my cunt to spasm in tandem with each load that shot into my ass.

"God Walter...that's one of biggest cumloads you've ever deposited in my ass. It felt so good. I simply love the feel of your hot cum shooting deep into my rectum."

Walter at best can be described as average when it comes to the size of his cumloads, but this time he out did himself by literally flooding my ass. So much so that if I didn't know better I'd have thought someone else like Ron, a true cum master, was dumping a load in me. Regardless, it felt wonderful the way his hot cum filled me...and so deeply. Then again, he's never disappointed me, and from my limited experience from the few cocks that have butt-fucked me, has to be the best when it comes to anal.

"Damn Walter, that was one of the best ass-fucking we've had in a while. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's the first time we've done it in a shower. Plus there's no doubt I have the cleanest rectum on the ship from the soaped up cock of yours."

"You probably do, and as for doing it in the shower, I think you're right. The bench made a world of difference. When we get home I'm going to see what it takes to add one in the master bedroom shower."

Once we were both totally spent Walter withdrew his slowly shrinking cock. When he did it initially left me with an anal gape. Unfortunately with Walter's long cock as deep as it was in my ass when he cummed, none of his cumload followed his dick out my asshole. Which meant only one thing. It most likely wouldn't ooze out until later...and probably when I least expected it.

After a long passionate kiss we finished washing before drying off to get ready for dinner. Since it was the last night of the cruise, dress was casual. After blow-drying my hair and applying some make-up I put on a frilly summer dress, which was very short as well as skimpy on the top. No bra of course which allowed for plenty of visible cleavage. Unfortunately with my rectum full from Walter's bigger than usual cumload I wore a sturdy cotton panty in case it decided to ooze out at dinner. Plus I made sure to put a spare one in the small hand-bag I'd have with me.

Just when I finished getting ready the phone rang. It was Elaine telling us to meet them at the elevator. Which we did and rode down to the dining room.

Peter and Janice were already seated at the table. After we all greeted each other with big warm hugs & kisses we settled in for our last dinner together. Which as a result was a solemn affair. Amazing how good friends we became in such a short time, as well as very intimate, but sadly we'd probably never see each other again after tomorrow.

Just about the time we finished dinner, but before dessert, I felt the inevitable happen. As Murphy Law would have it, Walter's cumload started oozing from asshole. At which point I excused myself to go to the restroom.

Both Elaine and Janice decided to join me. Once there I used one of the stalls to remove my cum soaked panty and replace it with with the spare one I brought. Plus I used the commode to make sure Walter's cum had fully drained from me. I know...a very embarrassing predicament, but it could have been worse.

Afterwards I disposed of the cum soaked panty in the trash can, but unfortunately Elaine saw me.

"Did you have an accident Lacey?"

"Not really." After which I explained the situation.

She laughed before saying..."How funny is that. It'll teach you to never have anal sex with Walter just before dinner. Janice, guess who got their butt fucked as an appetizer?"

Thankfully there wasn't anyone else in the restroom.

Janice also laughed. "What a coincidence. That makes two of us Lacey. Peter and I also had sex before dinner. How about you Elaine?"

"No such luck. Ron must have been still a little queasy from the fishing trip. He even refused an offer for a blow job, which is not like him."

"Speaking of a blow job, we're not going to have time tonight for another sex session like we did last night. If any sex at all. We need to finish packing and then get a good night sleep since the cruise ship will arrive in San Juan at the crack of dawn. Tomorrow will be a very long and tiring day with traveling and everything."

"I know Peter is going to invite everyone back to our room for one last drink together. How about when we get there we offer our husbands a blow job as a way to thank them for a wonderful vacation. You know, we suck their cocks together at the same time. Plus since I've already sucked Walter's cock, and obviously Peter's, I'd be disappointed if I didn't get to suck Ron's."

"Sounds like a plan to me although I think it would be better if we do the blow jobs consecutively versus simultaneously. That way we can watch each other. Let's face it, you have to be somewhat of an exhibitionist and voyeur to take part in group sex. Besides, it's half the fun. And since you've already sucked Peter's cock Elaine, if you don't mind I'd like to do him since I haven't. Which means you'll have to do Walter again. Not that I'd expect either of you to mind. Especially Walter. That way we can say we got to suck each of their cocks."

Once we agreed who's cock we were going to suck and to give them their blow jobs one at a time we returned to the dining room. During dessert, Peter as expected invited us all back to their room for one last drink together. But before we did we exchanged phone numbers and addresses, including email. That way we could stay in touch after we went our separate ways tomorrow. We also promised if any of us was ever in each other's neck-of-the-woods we would make it a point to visit.

Plus while I didn't elaborate on it much, Ron took a slew of pictures of us having sex. I can't fathom how many memory cards he filled. Of which he promised once he got the time to download and edit them he would send us copies. Most likely on CD's since he took so many.

When we got back to the room Peter got everyone a drink from the courtesy bar. Beer for the men and wine for us girls.

After Peter made a toast Janice came straight out and explained how we agreed since it was our last night together we would like each of them to get a "cum as you please" blow job as a way to say thank you for a wonderful vacation. The "cum as you please" part was a surprise, but I didn't see anything wrong with it.

At first they reacted like they didn't hear her right. But once it sunk in all three smiled like Cheshire cats.

She then informed them who was going to suck who's cock.

"When you say a 'cum as you please' blow job, what exactly do you mean Janice?"

"Simply put Peter, you're free to do whatever you want when the time comes to ejaculate. You can cum on your partners face, in her mouth, or down their throat if they're so inclined and can manage it. It's your decision, but it would be nice if we know ahead of time so we can be prepared and react accordingly."

"If that's the case, and if you don't mind Lacey, I'd like nothing better than to cum in your mouth and down your throat."

"I don't know about the 'down your throat' part Peter, but I'll see what I can do for you."

Walter also decided he'd like to cum in Elaine's mouth while Ron opted to shoot his load on Janice's face. Which was a wise move on his part when you consider how big his cumloads are. No doubt Janice would have the same problem I had when Ron cummed in my mouth. So while I'm only guessing, Ron deciding to cum on her face probably had more to do with his consideration for her than his own personal preference. No sense in having another embarrassing and messy experience as he did with me. Especially since it would be the one and only time Janice would get to suck his cock.

After we all quickly undressed Walter and Elaine decided to be first. Walter sat on the middle of the sofa with his bum on the edge and legs spread out straight. Needless to say his cock was already fully erect in anticipation and from the way he was positioned it looked as long as it ever gets.

Elaine first gave Walter a big passionate kiss before kneeling in between his legs on a pillow I got from the bed. She then took Walter's long dong in one hand before she spit a large dollop of saliva on the top of his cockhead. After which she spread it with her tongue all around and under the glan. Once satisfied it was fully lubricated she slowly lowered her head and took Walter's now throbbing dick straight into her mouth. Not just the cockhead, or half, but the whole thing as she lowered her head down in one smooth motion until it was entirely embedded in her mouth. So deeply her nose was nestled in his pubic hair. Now I knew why she took great pains to lubricate his cockhead with saliva. So it would easily slide into her throat.

I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but Walter's cock has a slight bend or curve to it when fully erect. Downward versus upward. Which is probably due to its long length. The downward curve makes it relatively easy to suck when you're kneeling in front of him as it aligns perfectly with your throat. Which in Elaine's case, she took full advantage of it.

After pausing for a second Elaine released about half of Walter's cock of which she firmly grasped at the base with one hand. Then she began a steady mouth fucking motion all while sucking furiously. So much so she made loud slurping sounds. Slowly but surely her head motion quickened and as it did Walter began to moan steadily.

As for the rest of us, we were all gathered around watching them very intently. More so Elaine as no one in my humble opinion sucks cock better. While it might sound strange, she's so good it made me wish I had a cock just so I could experience her oral skills first hand.

Wasn't long before I found myself rubbing my pussy and clit. Janice couldn't refrain from fingering herself either. Plus both Peter and Ron were fondling their pricks. Quite a sight it must have been with Elaine sucking Walter's cock while the four of us were playing with our genitalia.

Walter's moaning and groaning began to increase significantly both in frequency and volume. A sure sign he was close to cumming. Which was no surprise the way Elaine was expertly sucking his cock. Elaine sensing it released his cock with her hand before gradually going deeper and deeper with each forward head motion.

As soon as she was taking his entire length in her mouth and down her throat again Walter let out a loud moan. After which he gently grabbed Elaine's head with both hands and ejaculated.

Their timing couldn't have been more perfect as when he did his cock was fully inserted in Elaine's mouth. Walter grunted and jerked repeatedly as one cum stream after another shot down Elaine's throat. Of which see took each one easily. Not that she had much choice.

How Elaine held her breath so long was beyond me, but she did until Walter was totally spent. Then she backed off until only Walter's cockhead was in her mouth, which she lovingly sucked until she got every last drop.

As for me, I was rubbing my clit so furiously while watching I orgasmed just as Elaine released his cock from her lips. When I did I let out a loud screech and gushed all over the carpet.

Apparently I startled everyone since when I looked up they were all staring at me.

"Sorry about that. I got a little carried away."

Everyone laughed before Janice said..."I guess you did Lacey. I think I enjoyed watching you masturbating as much as Elaine sucking Walter's cock. You were right about the voyeur aspect of things. I can't wait to watch you suck Peter's cock."

Next up was Ron and Janice. It was going to be interesting to see Janice suck Ron's insanely fat dick. Ron replaced Walter on the sofa while Janice knelt in front of him on the pillow. Ron was already super hard and as Janice lifted his fully engorged cock in one hand she couldn't help say..."My God Ron, what a heavy piece of man meat you have, and it's the fattest cock I've ever seen up close and personal. Going to be a mouthful for sure. Ready or not here we go and I hope I don't disappoint you."

After which she started by sucking Ron's cockhead, which unlike Walter's isn't large in comparison to the shaft. Maybe a bit smaller in diameter actually. Janice had no problem mouthing it, but once she started to engulf the rest of his cock her lips were stretched to the maximum. Saying it was a mouthful was an understatement, but she was managing it better than expected. Eventually she was able to mouth about two thirds of Ron's modest length, but not a millimeter more.

Once comfortable with his girth she began a slow but steady up & down head motion all while sucking as hard as she could. Due to her mouth being as full as it was there was a steady flow of saliva oozing from the corners of her mouth as she bobbed up & down. Nearly a steady stream, which all but soaked Ron's pubic hair.

I had to give Janice credit, she was doing a better job sucking Ron's cock than I did the first time. She seemed more comfortable with his fat dick in her mouth.

It wasn't long before Ron announced he was about to cum. As if on cue Janice's head bobbing motion increased significantly all while she attempted, but unsuccessfully, to take more of his dick in her mouth. For a second I thought she was going to try to take Ron's cumload orally, but just before Ron was ready to ejaculate she released him. After which Ron took his saliva soaked dick in hand and jerked it furiously.

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