tagSci-Fi & FantasySea Foam Pt. 01

Sea Foam Pt. 01


*Usual disclaimers and copyright of names and characters and so and so.*


In this fantasy, mermaids are beautiful and gorgeous creatures, possessing a long lifespan and are exclusively mono-gender females (so no such thing as mermen) who have the ability to reproduce with a partner of any other race or species, though they mostly prefer human males to procreate since only with whom they can produce more mermaids. Longingly referred to by sailors and disdainfully by human women as "sea sluts", they're known to lure men at sea with their melodious voices, and once in sight, the men are ensnared by their beauty. Contrary to some beliefs, spread by women and the celibate, mermaids are not intentionally malicious nor do they have a taste for human flesh. A mermaid instead takes a man of her choosing to an isolated location and would spend the rest of his days having sex with her. He was essentially kept to fulfil her insatiable sexual appetite and milked daily of his sperm, subsisting mostly on her breast milk that could keep any man virile and ensure a steady supply of his cum for her.

Depending on the health of the mermaid's partner and that the mermaid managed to restrain her voracious sexual appetite to not exhaust him to death (happens more often than not), she would eventually give birth to another mermaid, inheriting some traits of the father but mostly resembling the mother in beauty and longevity. On certain ideal circumstances a man can end up creating a new pod of mermaids if he managed to do so with each generation.

This is partly due to mermaids having an accelerated growth period from birth to maturity compared to humans, transforming from a child to a fully developed and mature mermaid within half a decade, and by then their ageing process drastically slows to the point that they retain their youth and beauty for the rest of their long lives.

Mermaids are naturally and inherently promiscuous, having many sexual partners throughout their long life and have bisexual relationships among themselves in between. But customary of mermaids they are not permitted to have their first sexual intercourse with a human male until they've "come of age". And this is where Ariel's story begins.

Ariel is the youngest of her seven mermaid sisters. She has voluminous flaming red hair, big aqua blue eyes, fair skin with a smattering of freckles on her nose, cheeks, and shoulders and full ruby lips. Her breasts are exceptionally large for mermaids at her age but characteristically perky and supple, tipped with sensitive pink nipples. Her slim waist spills out to wide hips and a juicy peach bum. Like all mermaids, Ariel's sea green fish tail begins from mid-thigh joined together, leaving a sufficient pussy gap that allows her kind to be taken from the front or the rear. As customary of mermaids, Ariel wore no clothing except for a few bracelets and pearl earrings.

Ariel was close to her mating stage, and she had seen her sisters each time take men away from their boats or the seashores and, depending on how long the man lasted, be away for months and even years in their honeymoon lagoon or cove, only returning after their partner had expired but not before depositing all their seed into them. She had watched longingly as their bellies swelled with new life, as a thicker trail of milk flowed from their swollen breasts wherever they swam.

Like every mermaid, Ariel wanted her first time with her man to be special. On that day, as a powerful orgasm shook her awake and left her entire body tingling like she'd been zapped by an electric eel, Ariel could feel her sensations heightened by an overwhelming urge to procreate, her nipples sore and an itch in her crotch area that would not go away with self-stimuli.

Ariel swam to her Mother-Queen Athena, whom she found at her throne room. Of her many daughters Ariel resembled her the closest, if not rivalled her in beauty. Ariel swam up to and greeted her divine mother with a kiss, followed by brief suckling on her breasts which caused her to shudder with delight.

"Ariel, my most beautiful daughter, you're exceptionally perky today", Athena cooed, stroking the back of Ariel's head as she drank her fill.

"I feel it, mother! It's my time today!" Ariel bubbled excitedly, licking her lips as her mother's aphrodisiac-like breast milk aroused her further.

Ariel's mother gently ran a hand down to her nether region, gently inserting a finger into her which caused Ariel to squeal softly.

"Mmm, yes, indeed you are. I can feel how tight you are, by the way you squeeze my fingers."

Athena let go of her pussy, bringing her finger up to her mouth as she tasted her young daughter's juices. Ariel watched as she massaged her aching pussy, biting her lips as she watched her mother close her eyes as she savoured her taste.

"Mmm I'm truly happy for you, my sweet. I hope you find someone worthy of you, Ariel." Athena smiled broadly, leaning forwards as their lips met, giving Ariel a taste of her pussy juices mixed with her tongue in an exquisite cocktail.

"I remember my first. He was an old captain of a grand old ship, and he knew the waves as well as we know the under currents."

Ariel rested her head on her mother's bosom, watching Athena gaze to the past.

"His crew respected his experience, but some envied his wealth even more. And so his first mate caused a mutiny, leading half the crew that were just newly recruited and easily swayed, to take over. The old captain, choosing mercy for his remaining loyal crew over his own honour, surrendered and asked only that no blood be shed for him. And thus he was marooned on a lonely rock, with no means to leave nor did he have the strength to try. And there he sat alone, watching his last sunset and his sword ready to pierce his own ailing heart. But I stopped him then, breathing new life into him as our lips met. He thought me an angel come to claim his soul, but I was as real as he could feel my breasts pressed against him."

"I took him from that desolate rock and brought him some place nicer, to spend the rest of his days with me as I nurtured him with my breast. I remember watching tears rolling from his eyes as he beheld my face, his calloused palms running along my soft skin as his gnarled hands clutched my ripe breasts, his wrinkled cheeks nuzzled between them as his chapped lips were wetted by my milk."

"He ran out of words to describe me as I shushed him with my lips, as I needed no words to see what I could read from his eyes. He tried to thrust his frail hips to mine, but he needn't bothered as I whispered sweet kisses to his neck, calming him to relax all but his cock that I slid in and out of, urging him on."

"And so we lay there on that beach for days under the sun and stars, his cock when not pumping cum into my pussy was wrapped between my breasts or thrust inside my mouth. It was inevitable for him, and we both knew his time would come soon enough as I never left his side. In his last moment as I lay atop him, thrusting his cock ceaselessly in and out of me for what felt like forever even for me, I could taste his last sigh as it escaped into my lips, his chest rising up for the last time against my breasts. The soft but firm grip of his bony hands on my body fell slack as his cock gave one final spurt, passing the last of his life essence into me and as I tried to drain every drop that I could from him. Even as I felt his body fall still, his face was that of a man finally content, peacefully at rest forever with his soul at ease knowing his legacy would pass on long after him."

Athena looked solemnly at Ariel for a moment before she smiled, kissing her daughter's forehead. "I've had many loves and many daughters, and each one I've loved as I've loved you, Ariel. I gave my first love, the old captain in his twilight days, pleasure beyond his imagination; and while we do not bury them as they do amongst themselves on land, we honour them our way by having their daughters, your sisters, and enjoying the life and love and pleasure which we are blessed with!"

"Cherish your first, Ariel, and give all of yourself to him just as he will to you."

Ariel shared one last, long kiss with her mother, their breasts pressed against each other until their lips finally parted, her body tingling with excitement as she swam away, propelling herself up to the surface to seek her first man.

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another chapter

oh! you should have a chapter with a hot Ursula, with some double penetration or group action!

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I like this story and I cant wait of next chapters.

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A hot introduction!

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