Sea Sickness Ch. 03


Within two hours they had pulled into a small sheltered harbor and had lowered the boat's anchor and secured it. The family was given the opportunity as the raft powered them into the harbor town to appreciate the native beauty and the unfinished appearance of the town. It was as if the little place had been pulled straight from a pirate's fairy tale. Little fishing boats rowed by them, few with power, and the friendly operators waved eagerly and solicited the little tokens that they sold. The entirety of the town was built of a rusty colored mud that was readily available in the hills behind it. The stark contrast of the warm glow of the finished stone against the lush greenery was enchanting. Everyone was silent, except for Simone, who offered small details and points of interest at a semi-regular interval.

Ryan and Alexis eagerly pointed out the various things that caught their eye as the raft was tied to the dock and they disembarked. There was so much to see and there was no sign of the civilization that they had carried with them onto the yacht. No TV, no electricity, no automobiles were anywhere to be seen. Mules seemed to be the primary mode of load bearing and walking was the chosen method of transportation. Small tufts of dust would puff with any sudden movements, and the tourists quickly found their legs covered in a thin red layer of soil. The townspeople were extremely welcoming and excited to see the Americans. Alexis could not count the number of various chicken samples that were handed to her as they made their way inland.

For lunch, the group ate together, having a huge variety of ethnic dishes. The tastes were indescribable and everyone found themselves falling into the enchantment of the little island. By the time the meal was over, the party was barely able to move. Everyone had drank a little too much with the food and were a little more raucous as they headed deeper into the town's ancient paths.

It was late in the afternoon when the festivities first kicked off. Sandra and Allyson had separated from the younger crowd to visit historical and cultural sites in the vicinity. Simone was going to be showing the younger visitors some cultural sites of her own.

Alexis' ears had begun to recognize the deep booming beats of a drum echoing down the streets from somewhere ahead, and her heart responded to the alluring rhythm. She whirled on her brother and grabbed him by the hand.

"C'mon Ryan. C'mon!"

Ryan allowed himself to be towed onward by the wave of his sister's excitement and ran after her down the narrow roadways. Ryan had begun to develop some sort of hypnotic fascination with his sister's body and his slowly loping legs allowed him to keep pace with his sister without paying attention to his stride. But as they burst into a huge open square the noise level jumped to its peak and the vibrant life of the island tune overwhelmed them. In the square, hundreds of villagers writhed and danced to the ancient beat, around a large fountain. The music was primitive and raw, the kind that is irresistible to avoid moving too. Even as the young people slowed and walked further into the masses they found themselves setting feet to ground to the bass rhythm.

It was not long till the two found themselves occupying a small space together while people danced around them. Alexis and Ryan started dancing, at first facing each other a few inches apart. The movements were fast and intense and seemingly random. Some of the natives looked like they were bordering on having seizures. The first set of beats would last for another twenty minutes, until the whole crowd had been worked into a flurry of shakes and shudders. Then with a final powerful slam of the drum all went silent. Ryan and Alexis were the last ones to stop dancing at the final beat. Everyone else had seemed to be aware of the exact timing of the coming strike. All the people turned to face the central fountain.

It was difficult to see what was going on, until a young woman and man climbed to the primary spout of the fountain, several feet above the crowd. The siblings both did a double take as they realized that the glistening wet forms, raised above all others, were completely naked. The two turned to face each other, and a new beat started. A new dance began, with people breaking off into pairs and pressing their bodies close to one another. Ryan was a little caught of guard when Alexis followed suit.

Alexis had been inexplicably horny over the last day and was only growing more so with each passing moment. Having only been able to masturbate while watching her brother's encounter with Simone, Ryan had become the object of her sexual fantasies. Now being pressed close to her brother in the midst of the midday heat she felt her heart rate rising to the rhythm of the powerful native beats. Alexis slipped her smaller body between Ryan's spread feet and turned, her backside to him. At first she tried to maintain some semblance of just having a good time but as the crowd around her and the two exalted bodies in the fountain turned to more erotic dance moves, she found herself getting carried away.

It would start with a harder press of her backside into Ryan's crotch as she swayed and would continue until she was grinding on the growing erection in his pants. Through the thin material of the linen dress that she was wearing, she could feel the hard cylindrical form press deeper between her ass cheeks. There was a moment of concern about how Ryan would react, before she realized she already knew. Her dance movements became dry humping in a hurry. Soon she was rubbing the length of his dick between her ass cheeks, her eyelids pressed shut, and her lips pursed as she focused on the music and steady stroking of her ass.

The crowd around the siblings was too involved in their own gradual progressions to notice the tourists' activities. Simone had failed to mention that part of the harvest festival was also fertility rites. The ceremony in which they found themselves engaged was designed to incense and celebrate the beauty of sex. Much of the audience's clothing was already shed, and only Ryan and Alexis' western culture kept them clothed in public.

Ryan was dazed, confused, and intensely aroused. He had his sister willfully pressing her firm youthful backside onto his cock and hundreds of people around him were engaging in intense dances boarding on copulation. Ryan found himself unable to resist his desire to put his hands on his sister.

Alexis found herself pulled for a second back to reality when Ryan's hands slid beneath her arms and rested just under her breasts. His thumbs tested her resolve, brushing the sensitive bottom of the round globes through her light shirt. Her stomach did back flips as her lust began to culminate a previously forbidden desire. Her own hands found purchase on Ryan's flexed thrusting thighs. Her nails dug into the smooth weave of his board shorts and her head flung back against his shoulder. She knew Ryan had understood her surrender when his hand moved to fully cradle her breasts, their excitement betrayed in the strength of his grip. Alexis fought to keep this to an erotic dance, her backside working up and down his length, but she found that her need for more was too much. Ryan did not disappoint.

With abated breath, Ryan's right hand moved from its position beneath her breast and dropped to her thigh. There it began to bunch and gather the sweat moistened linen of her dress, one inch at a time. His left hand continued its rubbing and groping of her young breast while more and more of her thigh was exposed. His head hung over her shoulder, her ear lobe beside his and her smooth cheek pressed into his own. With the intensity of one long deprived, Ryan's gaze focused on each new revelation and promise that the bunched skirt presented. More and more of her tanned thigh was available and his penis twitched with delight. The last few inches crept beneath his hand and her panty-covered crotch appeared in view. For but a moment, Ryan's hand would linger at the meeting of her thigh to the white edge of her panties. But the moment would end quickly.

Alexis had been watching the same scene unfold on her own body as Ryan's hand had unveiled more and more of her lower half. She knew where Ryan's attention was as his left hand stilled over her breast and his right hand paused. For a second more they would stay pressed together unmoving. Alexis fought no more and her legs inched slightly farther apart. She knew it was a symbolic gesture, as did Ryan. Once again her eyes closed heavily on his shoulder as his fingers hurriedly snaked beneath her panties and found the moist craving of her center. She swallowed loudly as they slid over her lips repeatedly, driving her thighs into a shuddering frenzy. Ryan's hand was clenched firmly on her breast again as his hand manually pleasured her. It did not take long for them to dig deeper into her tunnel.

Over and over again, Ryan plunged his finger into his sister's pussy. He was amazed at the awareness his body had of the sensory experience delighting him. He was certain that he could take her temperature with his fingers, so deep was he. Alexis was soaking and he could think of nothing more than pleasing her. Soon he realized that he was practically carrying his older sister's weight as her legs weakened with each pass of his fingers into her pussy. For a moment he scanned their surroundings. They were the last couple standing, the rest of the people having collapsed to the red soil, busily engaging in hurried and passionate sex.

Alexis was being overwhelmed by the intensity of the stimulation her brother was delivering to a much needed location. But it was beginning to be too much and she knew that soon she would come at his touch. She feared the building threat of an intense orgasm and knew she had to take back some control of the pace with which they were proceeding. She whirled on him, his hand whipping free of her panties and her skirt falling to her knees. Ryan stared, still lost in his fantasy world, t the sudden movement. Alexis knew what had been going on around them- the sounds had been enough to tell her that they were engaged in a massive orgy. Her hands went to work at the string holding his shorts shut and his dick in. Her movements were nervous and full of need and she required Ryan's assistance to untie the simple knot. Once it was loose, his shorts fell to the ground, leaving him in a t-shirt alone. Ryan quickly shed it, but Alexis was too enraptured by the sight of his length.

Ryan stood naked before his sister in the square, wondering what would come next. He hoped she would act first, but she just stared at his cock. Ryan couldn't take it any longer, his cock already long tested for endurance. His hands went to work at the ties binding her shirt shut and once they were free he pulled it over her head. Alexis obligingly lifted her hands, allowing her full pert tits to pop free easily. Ryan crouched to tug the elastic waist band of her skirt down, along with her panties. His mouth covered one of her pink nipples and smothered it with kisses, licks, and small nibbles. Alexis' hands buried themselves in his hair, but he was too busy uncovering the much sought after twat. Once she was naked, Ryan took complete control, pressing her backwards into the dirt.

Alexis mindlessly followed her brother's forceful guidance. She was too horny to think of anything, including being helpful. Her body lay back into the hot soil, her knees parted slightly and pulled up against her buttocks. She looked down between her breasts and over the trimmed trail of hair that led to her pussy at her brother and his penis. She looked up at him questioningly for a moment, wondering why he stalled. But she would not have to wait long. Ryan's young hands grabbed her ankles and lifted them into the air as he slid forward, his dick wavering closer and closer to her pussy. He released her ankles only when his shoulders were beneath them. And for another moment, Alexis would ponder the promise of her brother's cock.

Ryan grinned haphazardly, finally receiving what he had so long lusted for. And then he pressed his wide phallus into her lips, his weight pressing steadily into her. Alexis squirmed beneath him, as inch after inch crept deeper within her. Ryan used every remaining nerve to control his desire to hammer into her, but he dared not hurt her. Within only an inch or two of his entrance, it became apparent that his sister was a virgin. The tightness of her inexperienced twat and a flexible barrier restraining him gave him that fact. Alexis reached up to his forearms and with a pleading look in her eye drew him farther in.

"Please Ryan. It has to be you. It has to be now," she begged.

Ryan simply nodded and pressed onward. She would wince as her hymen broke beneath the steady penetration of her brother's dick, but the pain would fade as Ryan reached his full depth. Each was given a brief opportunity to appreciate their situation, a brother and sister about to engage in full and intense passionate incest, amidst the furious fucking of a crowd of foreign natives. Then any moment for thought was gone.

Ryan began the first of the many movements, a slow withdrawal followed by a faster inward thrust. Alexis hissed beneath him, her chest heaving, as he began to steadily plunge his cock into her body. Ryan's thick long cock stretched her to her limit and the only thing keeping it from being intensely painful was the vast amount of her juices brought on by the intensity of her arousal. Over and over, Ryan hammered his cock into his sister's clutching pussy. Alexis's ankles locked behind his neck, and allowed him to bury himself fully into her. His hands gripped onto her breasts and he used her own body to leverage himself deeper into her.

Alexis groaned loudly as inch after inch of her brother's dick slammed into her. His heavy balls slapped against her backside, with each body rocking thrust. Her breasts bounced beneath his hands as he drove into her. Her pussy was pouring juices and she savored the graphic scenery of her spread pink twat clutching at his girth. The thick veins of his dick added an unique texture to the sensations spreading from her vagina. Her hips churned against him, adding a new element of pleasure as her clit buried against the top of his dick and the front of his body. She felt her breath catch in her chest as she reached the limits of her own ability to restrain her orgasm. And then she was gone into a different world solely built on her pleasure.

Ryan could not fight the intensity of his sister's orgasm. Her body writhed beneath him, her hips shifting against the sides of his cock, pressing juicy walls of pussy into him. Her interior muscles spasmed over his length and the heat of her vagina drove him wild. Soon her orgasm sent him into his own, and thick pulsating ropes of his semen filled his sister's pussy. His body collapsed forward between her thighs, his body draping hers. His hips were only capable of small thrusts as the powerful orgasm spread over him. As his cum emptied into her, he nearly blacked out. Alexis's fingernails dug into his back as his dick shuddered to stillness in within her. Soon the two siblings returned to the reality of the world around them.

Ryan rocked backwards, his sister's pussy still clinging to his cock, until he was sitting with her atop him. He cradled her naked body against him as he scanned the square. Some couples were still fucking, but not many. The intensity of the orgy had promised that most mating would be short lived. A fully dressed Simone strolled up to the young couple. Alexis was shocked at having been caught, but was a little relieved when Simone crouched beside them and dropped a pile of their clothes, along with the needle for her daily injections. She gave Alexis a brief shoulder squeeze then strolled lazily away.

Alexis turned back to her brother and stared into his eyes. Her lust temporarily satisfied, she tried to rationalize their situation. Unable too, she clutched the heat of his sweaty body to her own and gave into the emotional bond she now found for her brother. Ryan's arms encircled her and he held her close as she calmed down and fought the revile that society demanded of her. Once they had equally calmed, the two siblings quietly separated and dressed.

Alexis pulled Ryan from the scene of the orgy and cornered him in a back alley off the main drag.

"Ryan, we shouldn't have just done...."

"Who says! Who cares? Just you and I and Simone know and she won't tell anyone. I wanted you so bad for so long. Please don't tell me that it is wrong."

"Ryan, its incest! We can't, we shouldn't have done that."

"No. We needed that. Don't pretend like that was wrong. I wanted you and you wanted me. That is all."

Alexis found herself unable to deal with the strength of Ryan's conviction that what they had done was not wrong. Her eyes filled with tears and she collapsed once more to his shoulder. There, it seemed, she was safe from any of the judgments that she feared so greatly. In the still bright light of the tropical day, the brother and sister grew closer then they had ever before.

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