tagIncest/TabooSea Sickness Ch. 05

Sea Sickness Ch. 05


The following day, there was a tension that persisted throughout the atmosphere aboard the luxurious yacht. Sandra had been trying to slip away with Allyson the whole afternoon, and Ryan and Alexis had been trying to inconspicuously reassure one another about their previous day’s activities. Simone and Allyson were the only ones who fully understood the reasons behind everyone’s edginess. Allyson was not quite ready to try and bring Sandra round to the idea of her son as a sexual partner and wanted to have another go at the mother’s pussy before turning her over. She called Simone to the bridge to arrange for some alone time.

When the young woman entered the doorway, Allyson quickly gave her the instructions.

“I need you to take Ryan and Alexis diving. They seem to want the opportunity to be alone and I want Alexis to be more open to the idea of having another woman around during their escapades. Take them scuba diving, but go without the wet suits. Show them the sights. That is all.”

Simone was a little angered about being so quickly dismissed. Despite her subservient role in the relationship with the older woman, she still felt more than a bit of ownership towards her. And she had been less than thrilled when she had been told that Sandra had been the recipient of Allyson’s tongue lashings. And now she was to baby sit the fucking siblings while Allyson took advantage of their mother. She paused momentarily, thinking of offering some word of challenge to the plan, but her resistance folded before it even began.

She returned to deck and relayed the information to the family. Ryan and Alexis both shared a knowing glance before responding in the affirmative. Sandra felt her stomach do a nervous back flip as she realized she would once again be alone with the woman who had pleasured her the day before. Some part of her wanted to resist the excitement which filled her stomach, but it was weak and could not battle the natural urge of her pussy.

Ryan and Alexis had slipped below decks to gather the scuba gear when Simone reminded them to administer the injection prior to diving. The young couple shared the same glance that they had above the deck and retreated to the cabin. Alexis entered first and held the door for her younger brother. Once he was inside, she pressed the door shut and coyly leaned against the door. Ryan’s body crushed into hers and his hand hastily roamed over the many curves it had longed for throughout the night. The couple broke apart seconds later and Alexis flung herself face first on the bed.

She wiggled her hips suggestively as she unnecessarily pulled her bathing suit bottoms down. With her ass raised in the air, she waited for her brother’s touch. Alexis would not have to wait long for Ryan. Standing by her side, Ryan slipped one hand between her thighs while the other prepped the needle. Alexis hissed as she felt the caress of his fingers against her naked pussy. They gently stroked over her sensitive outer lips in a slow circular motion. The sensation was so enticing she did not even feel the needle press into her skin and deposit its load into her tissue. She did notice however when the fingers abandoned their teasing approach and she was left with her ass in the air and a very warm sensation emanating from between her legs.

Frustrated she rolled over onto her side as she fished her bikini bottoms back up. “Jerk,” she muttered for Ryan’s benefit. He gave her his cute lopsided grin and licked his fingers clean. Then he pulled her from the bed, a noticeable tent in his shorts. Together they nonchalantly returned to deck. Their mother was no where to be seen and Simone was waiting for them off the rear of the yacht.

Alexis was a little peeved to see that Simone was wearing a very revealing white bikini that was really more string then fabric. She let her body language do the talking for her as the scuba tank was hoisted onto her back and Simone covered the basics of diving once more for their benefit. Then the siblings and their escort slipped beneath the waves into the silent alien world of the ocean.

Ryan’s erection would fade as they swam deeper into the clear water. They were still not far from the island and were anchored over a shelf that extended from the island’s base. They were down about fifteen feet when they first saw the beautiful dark blots of the coral reef beneath them. Alexis whirled to her brother, one hand frantically pointing at was already obvious. The world beneath the waves was entirely foreign to the one above it. Strange and beautiful fish swam amongst the abstract growths of reef and sea life. For a while the trio forgot the other desires they had hoped for and enjoyed the uniqueness of this new frontier.

Their path took them back towards the boat and soon the party found the anchor and its chain as it shot from the sandy floor towards the glistening azure of the world above. Alexis grabbed onto the chain and with a hearty kick of her fins, pushed her body in a looping circle around it. When she came round, she ran into Ryan’s chiseled form, lazily kicking beside her.

The brother and sister’s bodies pressed to one another as a single hand extended from each of them to the anchor chain. The other hand had more interesting things to hold onto. Ryan’s hand slipped behind his sister and inside of her bathing suit. Alexis found her crotch pressed to his, as his hand caressed her buttocks for the second time that day. Her own hands waved in the water, slowly, as she kept herself at the same height as her brother.

Ryan pulled his sister as close as possible and pressed his hand farther down into her bathing suit, his fingers feeling for the familiar hole which longed for them. Alexis moved just higher than him with a small flutter of her fins and his fingers slipped into the warmth of her opening. Alexis’s arms wrapped around the back of his head and pulled his mask to her chest as his fingers churned within her. Her legs now hung limply in the salt water as the small extremities of his hand twisted inside her.

Ryan was not in a patient mood and wanted his sister’s warmth on his penis and not on his hand. Once he was certain that she was wet and wanting he worked to pull his shorts down beneath his balls. Alexis caught the motion and walked herself back down the chain with her hands until his penis was trapped between her thighs. Ryan’s hands pulled the bikini bottoms to the side and gave his phallus the opportunity it needed to hit home. For a moment the dark red of his tip and the light pink of her pussy stood out against the light blue of the water and sand beneath them. Then the tip disappeared into her body and the brother and sister were united in body once again.

Everything was slowed underwater. Ryan’s strong urgent thrusts were slow and patient. Alexis’ twisting hips proved to only be softly gyrating. The world shut out all sensory experiences but for the echoing water’s embrace and the exploration of Ryan’s cock within Alexis’ pussy. The young couple braced themselves against the chain as they tried to fight the water’s subtle strength and truly enjoy the freedom of passionate sex. Alexis’ pussy was much warmer than the surrounding water and that became the focus of Ryan’s mind- the return to the heat of her clutching walls. The same was true for his sister, her mind could only focus on the heated burrowing of his length within her.

Below them near the ocean floor, a jealous and highly aroused Simone circled. The two young people above her had been completely ignorant of her presence from the moment their skin made contact. Now she was the unwanted voyeur. The part about being unwanted bothered her; Allyson had dismissed her and Ryan had ignored her. The voyeurism and the strange ethereal effect of the water was profoundly arousing. Now she swam around the chain like a predator, her gaze never faltering from the union of the siblings’ intercourse. From ten feet below she could make out the slow wave like rock of Ryan’s balls against his sister’s thighs and the disappearing of his white shaft into her pink depths.

It did not take a great deal of time for Simone’s body to demand treatment of its own needs. She returned to the chain to which the brother and sister clung, wrapping her own thighs around the heavy metal links and pressing her body into its stiffness. Her pussy ground into the cold steel surface, the flat portion of a single link tracing her pussy lips through her bathing suit before another would slip into place. Her labia embraced the rough chain between it and soon her hips were jerking quickly over it. From her new vantage point even more details of the siblings were available and she devoured each of them.

The young brother and sister soon discovered that pleasure was most readily achievable if their movements were less pronounced and more focused in the region where penis and vagina met. Alexis’ hips cycloned in the water as Ryan rocked his penis in and out of his sister’s twat. The swirling motion of her pussy on his cock was intensely arousing as pressure would become pronounced in one area and then in another. Some form of suction had come into being within Alexis’ channel as a small bit of air fought the invading force of Ryan’s phallus and the salt water it brought with each thrust.

Ryan came first this time, his semen spewing volcanically into his sister’s womb. Load after load of his body’s liquor squirted forth. The addition of this new liquid heat would bring Alexis to join him beneath the waves, their embrace tighter than ever before as their bodies celebrated their sexual union. The water around them warmed at the sudden introduction of Alexis’ fluid to the environment and they relaxed in the bath of their own creation.

Simone had reached her own orgasm at that moment. It had not come until she had seen the spreading halo of Alexis’ juices in the water above her. The new mixture of fluid to the salt water filtered light differently then the rest, and some form of sanctimonious ring appeared around the meeting of their sexes. The cold unfeeling touch of her chain link lover would bring her to the point she had longed for, and soon she was wandering in a black and familiar world of sexual delight.

Ryan and Alexis realized that they had been observed and enjoyed by their guide from their position above the sea floor. Alexis had arched one eyebrow and her cheeks had pulled back in an attempt at a smile within the diving gear. Simone was on the outside now and she possessed Ryan solely. That added another warm and fuzzy sensation to her already fluttering stomach. Sweet victory.

Above them another sexual meeting was in process. As soon as the divers had flipped overboard, Sandra stripped naked and boldly strode up the cool hallway to the bridge. The short walk gave her the brief opportunity to evaluate what she was doing and who she was becoming. But the ability she had to arouse Allyson was an intoxicating strength, and one she wanted to revel in once more.

Her large breasts bounced with every step as she padded eagerly towards her destination. The air condition circulated cold, pure oxygen all around her body and it helped to bring down the heat which had been flaring up within her. Her nipples stood proudly from her chest as she mounted the last steps and pushed open the door. Her goal sat facing away from her, staring out into the horizon. Sandra waited for a moment for Allyson to turn upon her entrance, but no reaction was apparent. She walked closer and closer, waiting for her partner to turn upon her and ravish her. But nothing happened. Finally she stood directly behind Allyson, her pussy soaking and body aching for her lover’s touch. When Allyson still did not respond, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She leaned into the back of Allyson’s chair and slid her palms down to the woman’s breasts. She caressed them for a moment before she came to a startling realization. Allyson wasn’t breathing!

Sandra panicked and spun the chair back towards her. Allyson’s head slumped backwards but a ruby red hole in her forehead dripped a crimson liquid down her pale and lifeless skin. Sandra’s hand went to her mouth and she let out a scream of terror, whirling on what she had thought was an empty room.

Two men leaned against the bulkhead behind her, a snarl on their face. They had obviously enjoyed Sandra’s little show, their erections apparent in their pants. Sandra stumbled backwards into the controls as they moved towards her. One was tall and the other was shorter and stockier. The tall man was with long unkempt black hair and a deep tan that was natural to his genetics. A bright red scar pulled his mouth back into a perpetual sneer. It traced from the corner of his lips to the bottom of his ear. The short of the two was heavily built, thick cords of muscles layered upon more muscle. He was shorter than Sandra and his completely shaven head and face glowed beneath the bright cabin lights. They were both covered in grime and grease and wore pistols on their hips with a nonchalant swagger.

Sandra found herself stuck. There was no where for her to go as the two murderers approached. They conversed amongst themselves in a strange foreign language that she could not understand. It sounded similar to Spanish, but not quite the same to her untrained ear. The taller man’s long limb reached out and grabbed for one of her wrists. She pulled away and slapped at his hand. In return he pelted her across the side of her head. Sandra whimpered as the long fingers curled once more around her wrist with a steely grip and pulled her to her feet.

The tall man appreciatively eyed the capture they had made. He had not wanted to kill the captain, but she had pushed too many of his little friends buttons. His partner had a tendency to violent outbursts and she had suffered from one of them. He was glad to discover that the captain was not the only beautiful woman on the ship. Now they had an attractive tourista with a great figure to play with before they stripped the yacht and sunk it.

Sandra watched their eyes as they traced over her cleavage and her crossed legs, pondering the possibilities of what she hid there. They were not patient men and soon she would give it to them. The shorter one turned her around and pushed her face down onto the communications panel. Sandra clung to the strange knobs and cold instruments as a gun barrel pressed into the base of her neck. The two men began their journey over he body there.

Two different hands found their way to her ass cheeks. They petted and scratched, pinched and squeezed every available inch of her well toned buttocks. Then the taller man’s long fingers found their way into her pussy. His first contact brought a string of foreign exclamations which she did not understand. The other man’s stubby fingers replaced the tall man’s on her lips.

The two robbers and murderers were excited to discover that the American woman was wet. Very wet. Obviously she had been hoping for a moment with her lesbian captain and had not been prepared for them. Both men were quite eager to take advantage of that. Sandra felt the long man’s pointer finger began to stroke and rub over her aroused pussy. She shuddered as she felt her body respond to the touch of the hand guilty of killing Allyson. The finger pressed into her opening and dug a little deeper, up to a single knuckle. Finding her center wetter and hotter than the exterior lips, he continued deeper.

Soon Sandra found herself the victim of a vigorous finger fucking. She knew the lecherous men would find her body’s depths very hot and inviting and she could feel the pleasure beginning to struggle to overcome the terror which was currently foremost in her mind. The stubby man’s little fingers swatted aside his partner’s and two of the fat digits pressed into her opening. The stretching sensation of being filled made Sandra’s hips squirm and the criminals correctly took it as encouragement. The fat man forcefully shoved the fingers into their full length, admiring his dirty dark skin’s contrast to her pink clean pussy. He drilled his fingers back and forth, twisting against her pussy’s sensitive walls. The jerky circular motions of his fingers brought out another shudder from Sandra.

She was tired of this, tired of being molested, tired of enjoying it and she tried to push up off the control board. The pistol butt descended on one of her shoulders causing her to cry out in pain. She slumped back down, beaten and scared.

The two men had grown tired of toying with their fingers. They really didn’t care whether or not Sandra enjoyed it. The sex was all for them. Sandra heard them unzip through a hazy numbness which had overtaken her conscious mind. Within seconds, she felt the first broad head of one of the men’s cocks press against her lips. The man leaned into her, pushing past any initial resistance and paused to savor the tight grip of the unwilling pussy. His desire to linger would not last long and soon Sandra was being pummeled into the console of the bridge’s communication equipment. Through a haze of tears she could see the dirty blue t-shirt of the taller man.

Like him, his penis was long and slender and slightly misshapen. In her already sensitive and aroused state, Sandra could do little to fight the sensations of pleasure which filled her crotch. Her wetness was evidenced in the slurping noise her cunt made around the man’s cock as he neared the back of his strokes. She closed her eyes and tried to block the feelings out but the stimulation and the left over wanton lust proved impossible to restrain. The man was almost hitting her spot, but was just missing it each time.

Sandra wanted him to fuck her, but she did not want him to know it. In an instinctive move she tried to squirm away and found in doing so, that his long rod would hammer home on the most sensitive of her interior walls. Little explosions of pleasure would respond to each brush of his head against her G-spot. So she squirmed again and again. The man could tell that she was faking trying to get away. If she had really been putting up a fight she could have hurt him, but her upper body remained still and only her ass and hips shifted around.

He also could sense the growing spasms within her pussy and could feel the moisture beginning to accumulate over the surface of his cock and on his balls when they slapped into her labia. The other man was cheering him on, while stroking a short but very wide cock. He would soon be ready to join in the fray, but was still getting used to the idea of having a chance to take such a beautiful foreigner for a ride. The taller man with the long cock gripped her hips more firmly as he felt himself nearing his orgasm. He let out a shuddering groan as he came in her pussy, his dirty seed filling her. It had been a long time since his last go round with anything other than his hand and the repeated bursts of his fluid evidenced that quite aptly.

Sandra was disappointed that he had reached his limit so quickly, despite the trepidation she felt of being trapped with the men. If she was going to die, she wanted to at least die pleasurably. The short man had finished waiting and his ape-like arms grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head into his lap. He had taken a seat in the chair beside Allyson’s dead body, his cock protruding five inches over a heavily haired crotch.

Sandra gagged at the smell and taste of his cock as her mouth was forced down over its wide circumference. The dick was not too long, but was much wider than normal, and her jaw was painfully stretched. The man fucked her mouth, his hips driving forward and his hand pressing down on her head. His short legs braced against the metal foot rests of the chair as he pummeled the head of his penis into her orifice. Sandra felt the effects of her fucking and arousal wearing off as the semen cooled within her, and the second rapist grew more violent and urgent in his treatment of her. He yelled at her, his words indecipherable to her, and slapped her on the back of her head. The hit jammed her mouth down to the base of his cock and put a thatch of hair inside her lips. By the time she withdrew slightly, she had the dirty taste of unwashed cock mingling with loose pubic hair.

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