Sea Sickness Ch. 08


She opened the door and almost closed it behind her, when she realized that her mother was resting in the tub. Behind her, she heard Ryan yell, "Alexis," in a tardy warning.

Sandra stared up from the steamy water of the tub at her daughter. She had heard enough from the other room to know that her children's chastity had only lasted so long. With a callous glare at her naked daughter, she stared back at the wall of the tub.

Alexis had reached something of a breaking point. The time was so close to her fading climax, sex with her brother had a significant meaning beyond the emotions of their relationship. And riding a wave of endorphins from orgasm, she was a little bolder then perhaps she should have been.

"Mom. You have got to listen to me. I won't leave Ryan. We won't stop having sex just because you dislike it. Society can say whatever they want, and you can say whatever you want. Just be warned, that if you can't tolerate it, we won't be around long and you'll be really alone again. Is that what you want?"

Sandra was stung by the scolding of her oldest.

"You think that just because you like it, its okay? You think it will last? You think this is anything more then a relationship built on physical pleasures? It just goes to show how naïve you and he both are! Obviously you haven't learned anything from what our family has been through. If you even cared about each other, you would know that this will never survive back in reality! You're just an immature fool!"

Alexis had not heard her mom let loose like that before but she was not about to back down. She heard Ryan quickly padding towards the bathroom door and knew that he would support her. She quickly approached the side of the tub and stood beside it. With a much more controlled voice she spoke.

"No one has to know that Ryan and I are brother and sister. We wear a pair of rings and people will just think we are married. I look like you, and he looks like dad. No one will suspect anything. Only you would know otherwise."

Sandra cut her off again. "But what about your friends from school? What will they think? They knew you both!"

"I rarely see any of them and I wouldn't have to tell them. Ryan and I should be able to decide what we want. Not you, not anyone else."

"What if you have kids? Do you really want to wish that on them? What would you tell them? Would you want them to fuck their siblings!"

"God, Mom. We wouldn't have to tell them anything. They would never know the difference and we would never have to explain it to them. Only if we thought they were ready. And before you even mention it, there is like a one in a million chance that a first generation child from a family relationship would ever have a genetic disorder. There is nothing wrong with it!"

With a deep sigh, Sandra surrendered. She didn't want to argue anymore. She had been fighting the battle in her mind from the moment she had found out, and she had found that she would rather accept them, then lose them. Sandra was a bit worried that the relationship would fall apart and that would prove the family's undoing, but she could do nothing if she wasn't there to catch them when they fell.

"Fine. I don't have to like what you two have going on. But I do love you. And I don't want to lose you. Just be careful," she warned. She felt her bottom lip tremble as she started to cry. She quickly became very self conscious as her daughter and son stared at her in amazement. Ryan retreated from the room as she curled to cover herself and one hand went to her face.

Beneath his hastily adjusted boxers, he felt his cock begin to stir. While his sister and mother had been arguing in the nude, he had ample opportunity to examine his mother's exquisite body. Ever since he had seen Alexis' attack on the beach he had wanted to look at her again. Feeling slightly guilty he went to watch television.

Alexis, feeling the deep female urge to console and have apathy for another woman in distress, stayed behind. She too began to cry, her dark mascara running lightly down the edges of her cheeks as she sank to the edge of the tub beside her mother. She allowed her mother to pull her head to her shoulder as they embraced and held each other. Their nude bodies were racked by gentle sobs of necessary release. They had pent up a lot of emotions and finally their individual walls began to crumble. For five minutes they would cry and apologize and forgive and then cry again. Finally, the cycle would be broken as Alexis stood and slipped into the tub with her mother.

It had plenty of room for both of them, but it was not really about getting clean again, it was about being close to one another. Sandra parted her legs as her daughter slipped between them. The two nude women pressed against one another in an intimate embrace. They talked about everything for the next ten minutes. There conversation always avoided Ryan and Alexis, but were limitless everywhere else. Alexis had soaped up her arms and stomach and had rinsed them by splashing water over herself (and coincidentally her mother). She handed the tube of soap back to Sandra and asked her to scrub her down.

"Sure, hon." Sandra fell silent. She had many more questions she wanted to ask her daughter, but was unsure if this was the right time. Her silence was a form of testimony and Alexis prompted her.

"What is it, Mom. Something's still bothering you? What is it," she asked again.

"Why Ryan? Why would you choose your brother? The girl I knew when we left for this vacation would never have considered it. So why, and how?"

Alexis wasn't sure how she should respond to her mother's question. She wasn't entirely sure herself.

"I think, I think it began as just realizing that he wasn't just my annoying little brother. Out on the boat and on the island and in all these foreign places, the little stuff that bothered me about him became irrelevant. And when I was poisoned by the plant, he was there. He didn't make fun of me or treat me weird or just be distant and let you or someone else do everything. I saw he actually cared for me for who I was as a person, and as a sister."

She hoped the explanation was enough but she knew that it would be inadequate.

"I can understand all that. But why not just be good friends? Why have sex with him? I mean, you haven't had sex with anyone else, have you?"

"No. There hasn't been anyone else. The other guys, I never knew if they were there just for sex or if they actually cared. Ryan will always be here. He won't go anywhere. That mattered to me," Alexis replied.

"That still doesn't answer the question. Why have sex with him?"

"He's attractive, strong, smart, and caring. What other qualification did he need? I just got caught up in a moment and it took me someplace I could have never imagined. But in the end, I am so happy I am here, with him, with our relationship being what it is."

"I know all those things about Ryan. Don't think just because I'm old, I've managed to miss all that. But how could you have sex with him?"

"I don't know. The day in the village," an exasperated Alexis answered. "We were there, alone, and there was this ceremony in the square. Ryan and I were dancing and there was a really intense music. The next thing I knew everyone around us was having sex and doing it, just everywhere. And I got turned on. And then all those emotions with Ryan, just got caught up in it. And so we did it."

Sandra was surprised. She hadn't noticed any change in their behavior, but Simone's quickness to cut her off from the inn in the square afterwards held a very new and interesting meaning.

"Did Simone know?"

"Yeah. She saw us in the square afterwards. And she acted like it was the most normal thing that could have happened. Everyone was so happy after."

"I didn't even know. I can't believe I didn't know. How many times have you guys done it?"

Alexis was a little uncomfortable by the line of questioning. But she figured openness was more important then discretion.

"Well. In the square was one, in the inn another couple, on the boat once or twice. And the night, when you know, when Allyson died. We did it under water. That was really cool," she gushed a little too quickly.

"Underwater? You guys are more adventurous then I am!"

Once again, Alexis found herself off balance. The comment had seemed almost bemused. It was a turning point.

"Ha. You've never done it underwater?"

"In the water, yeah. But never underwater. That sounds amazing!"

Alexis laughed in reply. "It was pretty good."

Feeling a little emboldened by the sudden warming between the two, Alexis brought up a situation familiar to them both, as her mother worked a sponge over her back.

"Remember the night when we did it?"

A suddenly apprehensive Sandra answered. "Yeah?"

"Well. When you were fingering me, and I was doing it to you, I, umm, I gave Ryan a hand job."

A surprised Sandra was quick to reply. "Right then? And neither of us knew! I can't believe you. You, little minx."

"It was dangerous and thrilling. But I knew that if either one of you figured it out, you would be caught in your own trap. It was probably the biggest turn on of my life."

"God, I bet. It definitely was very exciting. Once I started, I was intoxicated, by the experience. The eroticism was so intense. Like I said, I was never very adventurous. When we started touching each other, I couldn't think about anything else. I just wanted you to come and I wanted to come myself." Sandra had to take a moment to pause. The previous statement had just rolled out of her, and she was a bit frustrated that she had revealed so much. Her reaction only intensified as she felt her daughter lean forward in the tub, pushing her gorgeous posterior farther between her own spread thighs.

Alexis made sure the movement was subtle and not too out there. She knew her mother would not refuse her, if the actions were properly phrased. She let out a deep exaggerated sigh, as her mother's soapy hands slowed their swirling motion on her back. Alexis reached out and turned the jets and temperature dials up. Soon the water around her swirled in amoebic patterns and steam began to fill the air.

"At first I had been worried that you might figure it out. Or that I might make too much noise and give away the secret to one of you."

Sandra let her guard down a bit. "Did you tell Ryan ever?"

"Yeah. On the island when I was still mad at you for acting so condescending. I was just tired of the really big reaction. I had wanted you to be supportive. We were just doing what felt right. Is there anything so wrong with that?"

Sandra wondered if there really was anything wrong with that. Someplace inside her she knew that her daughter was leading her down a path with only one possible outcome. But the rising temperature in the tub, combined with the increasing vibrations of the jets, and the near contact between her sensitive folds and Alexis made her a little more oblivious and insensitive to such things.

"I have an itch Mom. Can you get it for me."

Sandra swallowed. "Sure hon, where at?"

Alexis leaned far forward in the water, nearly touching her head to the water. Her legs folded and curled beneath her, raising her torso above the water. Sandra had to control her breathing as water droplets slid down the smooth tanned skin of her daughter.

"On my back. About a third of the way up."

Sandra vigorously scratched her daughter's back, hoping that the itch would be resolved, and that her own growing itch would remain in check.

"A little lower, Mom."

Sandra watched as her nails slid downward, towards the partially distorted vision of her ass cheeks and the cleft that split them apart. Alexis leaned forward once more, her hands going out in front of her to help steady her weight.

"A little farther, Mom, you've almost got it."

Sandra slid the hand ever so slightly down the back and tried to keep her scratch regularly timed and under control. She had to remain in control.

"That's the spot, Mom, you're getting it," Alexis purred. "Its just a bit lower now."

She waited patiently as her mother froze behind her. She knew the evaluations that must be turning in her mind. So she took it one step further.

Alexis leaned farther forward, her upper body fully resting on her arms and her knees supporting her back end. Her feet pressed against her mother's crotch and vagina and she curled and uncurled her pruning toes ever so slightly against it. Her own backside was now quite clear of the water and her mons was exposed to her mother's debating eye.

What to do, what to do? Sandra was panicking. Her daughter was presenting her body as some sort of temptation and she was having a debate about the morality of it. Why was there debate? Why couldn't she just say no?

"Mom, please, my itch really needs to be scratched. I think you can see where it is now," Alex taunted.

See it she could. Sandra stared at the plump lips of her daughter's pussy, still slightly distended from her fucking of her brother. Sandra couldn't believe that change in her daughter or the wantonness of her behavior, but she couldn't say no to it either. She tried to excuse herself as her hand slid lower down her daughter's backsides to one of the smooth cheeks and began to lightly circle it, her palm flat and her nails ever so softly trailing on the skin.

"Is that it, honey," she asked, her voice catching.

"Mmmm, that feels good, but that's not quite it. Try again....." Alexis wiggled her ass beneath her Mom's caresses, continuing her teasing.

Sandra felt her resistance to her daughter's flesh begin to give way. Her other hand began the same soft semi-circular caresses on the other ass cheek. "Is that it honey?"

"No, mommy, but that does feel good. Maybe a little lower and to the middle a bit," Alexis played along helpfully.

"Okay baby, okay." One of Sandra's hands slid slowly over her buttock and down into her ass crack where a pool of white bubbles had gathered. Her finger tips trailed their way through the crevice, carrying away the soapy accumulation with them. Soon her nails hovered just over the backside of Alexis' vagina. The last vestiges of her struggle evaporated into the steamy air of the room.

Alexis looked back over her shoulder, her dark eyes searching her mother's face for some sense of decision making. A sudden chill ran through her pussy and up her spine as her back arched. Her mother's fingers begin a steady circular stroke over her labia and the surrounding area. Alexis thrust her ass even higher in the air and braced her knees farther apart, displaying her sensitive lips to her mother's touch.

Sandra could not believe she was here again, her hand exploring her daughter's most intimate of places while her other did the same to her own twat. Beneath the water, Sandra's spare was in fact churning up quite the storm of its own. But her eyes and ears and mouth were devoted to her daughter's body. She leaned forward in the large tub, her lips grazing over Alexis' upper thigh and she was rewarded with an intense sigh. Sandra continued to kiss and lick her daughter's lower body, avoiding her womanhood and its surroundings entirely. That area was her hand's to please now.

Alexis reveled in the skilled caress of her mother's hand over her pussy. She could tell that she had done this before or had it done to her. She wondered if Allyson had touched her mother in such a way. But any more sensible thought disappeared when one finger of her mother's right hand pushed its way between her lips and began a deliberate thrusting in and out of her tunnel. She felt her mother's wrist twist with the motion, corkscrewing the finger in her pussy.

"Yesss," she cried with the shifting movement. Over and over her mother finger fucked her twat, all the while worshipping her ass and thighs. Alexis continued to try and watch her mother over her shoulder. She could see her mother's dark hair trailing across her back and buttocks, the long locks caressing her in too many millions of ways.

Alexis could feel another orgasm mounting in the pit of her stomach, but she wanted something else first. She leaned her wait forward, her mother's finger popping from her pussy with a juicy "plop". Alexis swiveled in the water and slid up against the far end of tub. She climbed up onto the ledge and rested there, her bare bottom pressed into the cool porcelain lip.

"C'mere, mommy. I want you to taste me. You haven't done that yet have you. And I'll bet you want to. Crawl to me mommy. Lick me," she uttered through clenched teeth, her legs spread wide and her pussy exposed like some sort of sexual prize to be won.

Sandra wanted the flavor of her daughter's delight to fill her mouth and coat her tongue. She wanted her mouth surrounding another woman's snatch again. And so like an obedient pet eager for the treat, she dropped to all fours and crawled through the water to her daughter's parted legs.

Alexis leaned forward and grabbed a handful of her mother's hair and pulled her forcibly closer. She did not want any more foreplay. Leaning back into the tiled wall she thrust her twat out for her mother's inspection.

And Sandra liked what she saw. Her mouth immediately fastened over the three inch long pink gash and begin to slurp and suck on the loose outer lips. Her tongue fluttered to life between the two soft fleshy extensions of her daughter's pussy. Alexis' fingers remained buried in her scalp, holding her head in direct contact with her twat. Sandra fucked her daughter's pussy with her tongue diving it in and out, just as she had with her fingers. She would swirl it around loosely over the pussy's outer lips before twisting it down and inwards.

"Mommy, you're so good. So very good," Alexis whispered as her hips ground her cunt up into her mother's face. "Eat me, suck me. Fuck yes!"

Sandra was spurred on by her daughter's dirty mouth and delicious cunt. She couldn't believe that she was listening to her daughter swear encouragement down at her as she orally pleasured her. If she had seen herself there, she would have been startled by the performance she offered.

Her hand was buried back between her own thighs and highly raised ass, plunging two fingers into the sopping mess of her pussy. Her fit ass cheeks rode proudly in the air and her thin stomach flexed as it bent to allow the curvature of her spine. Sandra moaned into her daughter's flavorful folds as her own fingers fucked herself as quickly as they could.

"Ryan, c'mere. Mommy wants you to have something!" Alexis suddenly shouted.

Sandra tried to pull away, not quite ready for that, but Alexis' thighs quickly closed on the side of her head and her hands clasped even tighter. Her mouth was locked in position over her daughter's cunt. Sandra's hand would drop from her pussy lips momentarily as she tried to pull herself free. But when Ryan entered the room, she went still. He was naked but for his underwear, which were tenting heavily in the front.

Ryan's eyes went wide as he viewed the scene before him in the bathroom. His gorgeous sister was humping his mother's face in the bath tub. Her young breasts heaved proudly in pleasure, while his mother's larger fuller pair hung from her bent body, their width dragging through the water of the tub. And his mother's ass! He had seen it the entire trip in bathing suits, but naked, it was an honor to view. He paced around the room, examining his mother's body and pussy from every possible angle. At first she had tried to cover by crossing her legs, but the extended period of which her face was buried in Alexis' twat probably got to her.

"Gorgeous, mom, you're gorgeous," he muttered as he reached out and began to pet her trembling ass cheeks. At first he simply stroked them, but soon he wanted more and his fingers parted the softer flesh of her upper thighs and pressed against her vagina. He heard his mother whimper as his finger's probed deeper into the obviously aroused sex.

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