Sea, Sun & Sex

byAurora Black©

Copyright Aurora Black, July 2006

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author's Note: This is a little something I came up with while on vacation. Enjoy.

* * *

I'm swimming in the sea, enjoying the cool water against my sun warmed skin. It feels glorious, and I feel as if I am one with nature. The sea never fails to turn me on with its beauty and power; my nipples are hard as rocks under my bikini top, and there's that special tingle between my thighs.

At first I try to fight it, but the urge is too strong. I really want to play and get off despite the presence of others in the water and on the nearby beach. I need to come.

I feel something brush my leg under the water and I jump. I look down and see his face, and my heartbeat goes into double time. He emerges from below the surface, his eyes bright with mischief. He smiles at me, and I grab him and kiss him. I want him so badly. He is so sexy without even trying, and that only increases his appeal.

When our lips part, my breath is ragged. "I need you."

He pulls me closer, and I can feel his hard cock rub against me under the water. So hard and thick. His cock is delicious; I want it deep in my mouth, my pussy. I want to suck it hard and fast, jack it off until the come pours down my eager throat like a river.

But we're in the sea, where anyone can turn around and watch us.

He squeezes my tits hard, just the way I like it, and I no longer care. I moan and bite his shoulder. I need to be fucked, pumped hard and fast. Right now.

I kiss him again, bringing my hand down to cup his cock through his swimsuit. It feels so good, and I slip my hand inside. He moans into my mouth as I stroke him, his hips jerking at the contact of my fingers on his shaft. I want to make him come.

We struggle to stay afloat as I continue pumping his cock with my hand. He reaches for my bikini top and pulls the cups up and away from my breasts, baring them to anyone who wants to look. The sun feels good on my exposed skin, but that's the last thing on my mind when he pinches my erect nipples between his thumb and fingers.

"Oh, God. More, give me more."

Pinching, tugging, rolling. It feels so fucking good. His touch is addictive, and I moan freely without even trying to keep quiet. I hear the swish of water as people turn to watch us, but I couldn't care less. All I want is for him to continue touching me.

Knowing that we now have an audience, he chuckles and bends his head to suck on my tits. I groan from the pleasure and thread my fingers through his wet hair, my eyes closed. I don't want to see them. I can feel the heat of their stares, and my clit throbs.

I open my eyes and look straight into his. I let him see my desire for him, and his cock twitches in my hand. I raise a leg and wrap it around his waist, never breaking the connection between my hand and his cock. Moaning, I reach down and push the crotch of my bikini bottom to the side, exposing my excited pussy to him and everyone else.

A loud gasp erupts beside us, and I turn my head to see a young man staring between my legs like he's dying to feast on my hot, pink pussy. He couldn't be much older than eighteen, and he seems to be enraptured by what he's watching.

I think I should give him a show.

My hand moves faster on my guy's cock as I lean forward to kiss him again, and I bring the other to my aching clit. I rub it for both of them to see, the droplets of water glistening on my bouncing tits as I play with myself. I lick my lips for the stranger, and I hear him groan.

My guy is very close, so he puts a hand over mine to stop my stroking. When I do stop, he brings his hand to my clit. He wants to take over, and I don't deny him. I spread wider for his large hand, silently begging for him to make me come.

He circles my clit with his fingers, and I arch up to him. I rub my tits against his chest.

"Suck me some more, baby. Make me come with your fingers while you're sucking me."

He takes my nipple into his mouth again while he plunges his fingers inside. I moan loudly and resume my stroking on his hard cock. I look at the young stranger, and I see that both his hands are underwater. He appears to be rocking back and forth while watching my guy's mouth work on my tits, and I know he's pumping his cock.

I wink at him before bringing my attention back to my guy. I squeeze him harder and move my hand faster, and he grunts against my chest. I'm almost coming; the combination of his hard sucking of my nipples and his long, thick fingers fucking me are pushing me towards the edge. It's coming, coming, coming...

The orgasm hits me like a mack truck; I stiffen in his arms, crying out for everyone to hear.

"FUCK! Oh fuck yes... ohh, baby..."

My hand is moving so fast on his cock that I'm churning the water around us. It's his turn. He lets go of my nipple and leans forward to whisper huskily in my ear.

"Christ, you're so hot... So fucking hot..."

Jets of white come shoot into the water as my guy groans and shakes in my arms, and I look over my shoulder to see the stranger's face contorted in climax. Yummy.

Not bad for a day at the beach.

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